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Ragnar Relay

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It’s 2:14 a.m. You’re being dumped out of a van on the roadside, wearing a neon reflective vest, running shoes, and a headlamp. Your eleven closest buddies yell, as they slam the van door, “See you in a few miles,” and drive into the night. By early afternoon the next day, all twelve of you are crossing the finish line of a Ragnar Relay together, smiling and aching from all the miles you ran, ready to party with other

runners that evening—after a nap, of course—and start planning next year’s relay. Limit-testing Ragnar Relay events take place all around the country and in beautifully scenic locations. Choose to run on a 12-person crew or get together an ultra team and suffer with six of your closest girlfriends. Each team member runs three legs of varying distances and difficulties to complete the 200-mile overnight relay. Try one of this summer’s races, including the challenging Wasatch Back course from Logan to Park City, UT, on June 15-16. Costumes, pranks, and smiles encouraged.

Master cameraman Brandon McClain digitally captured and documented all three parks for the Nature Valley Trail View platform using a 360-degree backpack camera.

Nature Valley Trail View Preserving nature is at the top of the to-do list for Nature Valley, maker of the famous granola bars. “As a brand that loves the outdoors, Nature Valley’s goal is to inspire consumers to enjoy all that nature has to offer, especially our national parks,” the company explains. With this vision in mind, the company captured hiking images on trails all around the United States’ national parks and created the Nature Valley Trail View digital platform, which provides 360-degree views of the parks on Camera crews hiked endlessly, collecting footage for the initiative, founded on the hope to inspire people to enjoy the parks in person and ultimately preserve them. Through ongoing exploration by users, Nature Valley Trail View technology will evolve and continue to educate and excite people. The site features beautiful footage from the Grand Canyon, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Yellowstone. —Jill C. Wigand

Yellowstone National Park’s Mt. Washburn, as seen on WAM • SUMMER | 2012


Summer 2012 Women's Adventure Magazine  
Summer 2012 Women's Adventure Magazine  

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