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5 Insights on Why Aging Shouldn’t Be Disconcerting Presented by

Growing old is a natural phenomenon that occurs to everybody. It’s easy to say age is just a number. After all, how old we are does not affect the beauty of our life – only our outlook does. Here are 5 insights on why aging shouldn’t be something to fear of.

Experience And Maturity Bundled with experience is the maturity to handle the different aspects, good and bad, of anything that comes our way. As age increases, so does our perception of things. As we go farther in life, we know and learn more about what we like and what makes us feel special. Doing these things to make us feel more radiant and alive is the best way to unarm oneself from the anxieties of aging.

The Natural “Soul Age” The notion of a person’s true soul age endorses the fact that it’s usually not how a person looks like that reveals how old they are. Ultimately, it’s how they act. Some teens may behave like mature adults, while some middle aged persons may act like kids. In reality, we all have the ability to generate youthful energies. It’s all a matter of seeing what life still has to offer.

Contemplating Goals Rather than feeling upset because of getting old, it is the feeling of not having what we want at a trivial time of our lives that makes us feel incomplete. Benchmarking oneself against others and comparing what they have that we don’t is an easy cause for worry. Then again, goals are objective. Stepping away from the spectrum society has set and being honest about our desired ends lets us clear our minds from our “fears” of getting old.

Mental Attitude and Health A positive mental attitude on getting old has a lot to do with our physical health. This is a given. When we feel stressed and melancholic, our body responds by being unenergetic and queasy. When we are happy, our body releases endorphins and hormones that helps our immune system combat illnesses and keeps us healthier and happier. What you feel about aging is reflective on how you look, so wear a smile and always keep a positive mind-set.

What Oprah Says “People get all screwed up and afraid of aging when, in fact, every year should be a celebration. You should be celebrating every year that you are given. I don’t understand women lying about their age and everybody dreading getting older. It means you’re still here! [...] To deny your age is to deny your life. I stand here 59 years old and so happy to claim every single part of the journey of those 59 years. All of death reminds us that aging and moving forward is so important.” (Interview by Extra for O Magazine)

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Know that aging is a natural process that everyone will go through. As a woman over 40, aging represents the accumulated wisdom and experien...

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