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Photo: Alec Erlebacher

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One Word Breast Augmentation Myths Spirit of Syracuse Fresh Faces - Sarah Hamilton Improving Quality of Life In Music- Taryn Surprenant Cover -Marci Erlebacher IN ART- Joan Applebaum D’s Beauty Bar Healthy Scalp Plant Based Foods

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By: Mary McCandless


we look f we back look in back history, in Ihistory, mean really I meanfarreally backfar to back the ancient to the philosophers ancientmany philosophers of what we many believe of what andwe have believe developed and came from have them. developed Herecame were from a bunch them. of guys Herewith wereno a bunch cell phones, ofcomputers guys with or noTVs cell phones, to influence computers their thoughts or TVs to or day to influence day existence. their thoughts Can youorimagine day to day looking existence. up at Can the night you imagine sky and looking wondering up at the how night thissky all and camewondering to be? That how is what this all they came didto and be? That with isit what camethey influential did andphilosophers with it camesuch influential as Socrates, philosoPlato, Aristotle, phers suchand as Socrates, Hermes, Plato, just toAristotle, name a few. and Hermes, just to name a few. Many of their works were quite interesting and at times hard to follow. Many of I thought their works thatwere manyquite times interesting the logic and was at nottimes therehard or for to me follow. at least I thought went around that many in circles. times the However, logic was as Inot grew there older, or Ifor could me at see leasthow went it all around fits into in circles. life. However, as I grew older, I could see how it all fits into life. From Ethics, Mathematics, Physics and more, they were the forefront From Ethics, of who Mathematics, we are today. Physics One bit andofmore, philosophy they were really thedrew me forefront in, is the of who Hermetic we areprinciples. today. One bit of philosophy really drew me in, is the Hermetic principles. Hermes was a philosopher of sorts and came from ancient Egypt. He Hermes was also was considered a philosopher somewhat of sorts of and ancame occultist. fromAancient book pubEgypt. lished He wasinalso the considered early 1900ssomewhat called TheofKybalion an occultist. is based A book on Hermetpubic lished philosophy in the early – physical, 1900s called mentalThe andKybalion spiritual is planes basedofonHermes’s Hermetteachings. ic philosophy The–book physical, also covers mentalhis andseven spiritual principles; planes Mentalism, of Hermes’s Correspondence, teachings. The book Vibration, also covers Polarity, his seven Rhythm, principles; CauseMentalism, and Effect and Correspondence, Gender. (TheVibration, Hermetic Polarity, Philosophy) Rhythm, Cause and Effect and Gender. (The Hermetic Philosophy) For this story, I am going to touch on the Principal of Polarity. Which For thisin story, shortI am states going thatto“everything touch on the is Dual; Principal everything of Polarity. has its pair Which of opposites; in short states opposites that “everything are identicalisin Dual; nature, everything but different has its in degree.” pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.” So where is all this going? It is going to words that we use and feelings So wherethat is all wethis have. going? We take It is our going words to words for granted that weatuse times and and feelings use them that we loosely, have. which We take ends ourup words changing for granted how weatreally timesfeel. Hate and use is one them ofloosely, those words. whichThere ends up is so changing much ofhow it inwe thereally worldfeel. today Hate isthat oneI of thought those words. this was There a great is so time much to talk of itabout in theit.world today that I thought this was a great time to talk about it.

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To Hermes’s love and hate are opposites but are identical in nature. To Hermes’s A person lovecan andlove hateand are do opposites it in different but aredegrees. identicalFor in instance, love the way this dress on me, and I loveFor my nature. AIperson can love and do itlooks in different degrees. children. instance, IHere love the the word way this “love” dress is the looks same, on me, but it and hasI love two different my meanings. children. Here Now,the when word we“love” hate,iswethe can same, hatebut theitway hasatwo dress different looks, and we canNow, hate when someone for what theyhate did.the These meanings. we hate, we can wayexpressions a dress looks, also usecan the hate samesomeone word andfordo, in fact, different meaning. and we what theyhave did.aThese expressions The difference between Love and Hate what it can do to also only use the same word and do, in fact, have aisdifferent meaning. you. The only difference between Love and Hate is what it can do to you. The word hate in itself is such a terrible word because we associate withhate disdain, and isimmense anger that actually we changes us. Theitword in itself such a terrible wordit because associHave you ever thought about howanger you felt you have usedus. ate it with disdain, and immense thatwhen it actually changes the word? It is thought something thathow churns inside can lead Have you ever about youon feltthe when youand have used you the word? to hateIteverything is something andthat everyone churnsaround on theyou. inside It can and make can lead you feel you ill, to hate and disrupt everything yourand life,everyone with everyone aroundaround you. Ityou can sensing make you that feel ill, feeling. and disrupt Sure there yourare life,things with everyone we dislike,around but doyou we sensing really need to hate?Sure Do there we want live our lives feeling awful because that feeling. are to things we dislike, but do we really that needword to hate? is eating Do we uswant fromtothe live inside our lives out? feeling awful because that word is eating us from the inside out? If we take those things that make us feel hate and look hard at it, should If we take we those really things hate? Ithat don’tmake thinkusso. feel Wehate should and start look by hard using at it, different should wewords, really such hate?asI “don’t I dothink not like so. this.” We should Additionally, start byifusing we show different lovewords, wheresuch thereasis“ hate, I do not I believe like this.” that Additionally, it will give inner if we peace and help to resolve theI believe feelingsthat thatitmake us hate. show love whereusthere is hate, will give inner peace and help us to resolve the feelings that make us hate. Who wants to feel bad everyday? I don’t. Smile and enjoy life. Let the Who little wants things to feel go, bad resolve everyday? those issues I don’t. that Smile cause and you enjoy to feel life.hate Let and the little focusthings on thego, good! resolve Finally, thoseuse issues the five-minute that cause you rule: to iffeel it is hate not and going focus on to affect the good! you in Finally, five years, use the givefive-minute yourself fiverule: minutes if it isand then not going “Let it toGo.” affect you in five years, give yourself five minutes and then “Let it Go.” Read more about Hermes and The Kybalion; at www.sacred-texts. com/eso/kyb/kyb03.htm Read more about HermesSource and The or visit Kybalion; www.kybalion.org/kybalion. at www.sacred-texts. php com/eso/kyb/kyb03.htm Source or visit www.kybalion.org/kybalion. php

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Breast Augmentation Myths


By: Beth Phillips,RPAC

s springtime arrives in Syracuse, I have an increasing number of patients coming to our office for breast augmentation consultations. As we discuss the information regarding the procedure, I seem to hear a lot of the same misinformation. I feel it would be beneficial to discuss some of the most common myths or misconceptions surrounding breast augmentation.

Myth: Breast implants need to be changed every 5-10 years. Breast implants only need to be exchanged if there is a problem with the current implant or a desire for a change in implant. As the old saying goes, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”! The implant companies currently have a 10-year warranty on most implants, which is where I believe the misconception stems from. I tell my patients that the usual expected life of the implant is 15-20 years. There is a lifetime product replacement on most implants. Myth: I will not be able to breast feed if I have breast augmentation. The placement of breast implants does not significantly impact the ability to breast feed. The incision used to place the implant is the biggest factor in affecting nursing. Implants that are placed through the underarm or in the crease under the breast allow the implant to be positioned without disturbing milk glands or ducts. Implants placed via an incision along the border of the areola will disrupt a number of the milk ducts. Myth: Silicone implants are unsafe. For the most part, silicone breast implants appear to be safe. Most breast implants being used are FDA approved. According to the FDA, “Studies to date do not indicate that silicone gel-filled implants cause breast cancer, reproductive problems, or connective tissue disease. However, no study has been large enough or long enough to completely rule out these or other rare complications.” Myth: Placing a bigger implant will fill up my breast skin if it is droopy. Implants are placed to increase the volume of a breast. One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you put enough volume in the breast, it will eventually fill in loose skin and provide a lift to the breast. We frequently see patients who have had

augmentation done by physicians who have encouraged them to go larger to avoid the scars which are associated with a lift. If a breast has a moderate to severe droop (ptosis), it is necessary to remove skin to be able to elevate the nipple position. Placement of a larger implant will just make the breasts larger and droopy! Myth: Breast cancer surveillance is not as dependable. Patients with breast implants should still undergo routine breast screening. Studies have shown that implants can potentially obscure some of the breast tissue during mammography. Patients with implants require a few additional images to obtain effective screening. Studies also show that cancer detection and prognosis did not appear to be affected by the presence of implants. Myth: Breasts with implants always look fake. Patients very frequently come in and are very concerned about having a natural-looking appearance following breast augmentation. I reassure them that almost always a natural appearing result can be obtained as long as they are willing to work within the parameters of what their natural anatomy will allow. Choosing the right size and shape in conjunction with a surgeon who is experienced in the procedure should allow for a natural appearance. There is plenty of information available on breast augmentation online. I always caution patients to be sure there information comes from a reputable site. Remember, just because it is on the Internet, does not make it true! I also suggest that the best way to know if breast augmentation is best for you is to speak to a trusted health care provider with experience and credentials in the field. For more information contact us at www.plasticsurgeryofsyracuse.com or call us 315-663-0112

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The Sweet Sounds of The Spirit of Syracuse Chorus Passionate Women Pushing Barbershop A Cappella to New Popularity


lown away. That is what you will be when you listen to The Spirit of Syracuse chorus. Noticeable to-a-glance, this group of women from all walks of life, belt out tunes and show no mercy; they clearly love what they are doing - their avant-garde sound proves it. Who is this fabulous group of women? They are The Spirit of Syracuse Chorus. A 4-part a cappella, barbershop harmony group consisting of 72 plus diverse women. They are Region 15 (of 35) of Sweet Adelines International, and every single member is dedicated to empowering each other through singing, fervor and modernization. They are in their 60th year, compete regionally and internationally their NY/NJ Region consists of almost 900 members, 20 choruses and dozens of quartets. Sweet Adelines International, consists of 600 choruses worldwide, including Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, to name only a few.

By: Kristen Penfield practice. Manley, an Emmy award-winning TV Producer and now Communications Manager for Syracuse University, was quite hesitant to join, back in 2001. “I was not a good singer. I was persuaded to attend a practice by my aunt and several other women in the group,” said Manley. “I decided to give it a try. It was intimidating at first. The women, however, were incredibly kind, generous and wanted me to succeed. I stood on the risers, sang with the group and instantly felt a physical reaction. It’s

Of course, this dynamic organization requires innovative and spirited leadership and Sweet Adelines International is governed by the best and brightest women leaders from around the world who excels in musicality and leadership. The Spirit of Syracuse has the honor of leadership by powerhouse Master Director, Kay Crawford, a title well earned by leading The Spirit of Syracuse to extremely high scores. Competing regionally and internationally, The Spirit of Syracuse has received as high as 15th in the country, out of 600 total. The scores speak for themselves.

extremely moving. A magical feeling overcomes all of us on the risers, and our bond is incredibly strong. Fifteen years later, I feel it even more so,” Manley noted.

I sat down with Amy Manley, Team Leader for The Spirit of Syracuse, before their

“I would not be the person I am today if not for this group of women. They have

10 wouny.com • May 2017

empowered me and taught me to be courageous,” Manley boasted. “It is an escape for us. We step out of our average lives, give it our all in performing and become superheros,” she said proudly. “Watching people jump to their feet after our performance is truly incredible,” she added. Manley added, “All of us meet once-aweek, and we are all so different. We are doctors, mothers, federal agents, journalists, business owners, cashiers and more. Our backgrounds may differ, but our desires are the same – we all want to sing, keep learning and get better. We are under amazing leadership, and we also learn from experts, helping with musical style and performance practice.” Manley noted that nobody walks into their group an excellent singer – they all learn and grow together. “If you can hum, you can sing, and you don’t have to know how to read music,” encouraged Manley. They are always welcoming new members. They have an open-door policy. What’s more, Manley noted how close the women become. They all experience the empowerment of performing, and that brings them together. They all have become the best of friends. They share in hard work, love of the craft and a really excellent music team. Manley told me that they even have a youth group for younger women and girls locally called Scarlet Youth Chorus/ Young Women in Harmony. They focus on young women in CNY, aged 12-25 to develop their singing technique and to experience 4-part a cappella harmony in the barbershop style, competing with

other groups. Manley said, “They are led by Kathy Zubal-Strang and in their first debut at the International Youth Barbershop Chorus Festival in San Antonio, TX, the young group of 32 girls earned ‘superior’ rating and took top honors!” Manley said, “We also host Lakeside A Cappella Harmony Camp in the summer for male and female singers under the age of 23. It’s a weekend of a cappella singing and performing under the direction of some of the best in the business! It’s right on the lake at Cazenovia College and young singers from all over the country come - last summer we had over 100 young singers stay with us!” Barbershop singing is not what we think it is. We may envision four older men or ladies with top hats. But The Spirit of Syracuse sings Queen, The Beatles, Toto – to name a few, in barbershop harmony style. Manley told me, “Today’s Barbershop is really progressive. We are bringing in the next generation and relating to it. Barbershop is all about ringing the chords. It is a distinctive four-part vocal arrangement consisting of lead (singing the melody), bass (lowest note in harmony), baritone (above and below the lead and tenor (highest note). It is a huge win to have barbershop recognized around the world.” Manley noted that The Spirt of Syracuse usually has a couple of big performances a year along with themed performances throughout the community. They recorded their first ever holiday CD last September that was nominated for a Sammy (Syracuse Area Music) award! These fabulous women are unstoppable! The Spirit of Syracuse invites you to join their group of women who share in the fun of singing and performing a variety of a cappella music in 4-part barbershop harmony. You can join them any Tuesday evening and discover the magic of their group. Sweet Adelines International, is a highly respected women’s singing organization that competes worldwide. Awaken your passion for singing and become part of something truly incredible. The love between these women was noticed and felt. They are “Real Women,” having “Real Fun,” singing ‘Real Harmony”! Anyone is welcome to visit a rehearsal on any Tuesday evening from 7pm – 10pm at St.Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, 325 Warning Road, Syracuse 13224. If you have a young lady interested, contact soschorusemail@gmail.com for more information! Certainly call at 315.944.5385 and follow them on facebook or visit them online at www.spiritofsyracuse.com to find out more about this dynamic group of women! We urge you to join these women for their annual send-off performance to their regional competition. They are headed for Las Vegas in October! Family. Friends. Community – come see them!

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Sarah Hamilton Achieving Goals Beyond Imagination!


,639 miles separate Sarah Hamilton from her hometown of Webster, NY. Following her dreams of becoming involved in TV production; this 19-year-old sophomore film and television production major at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, California) is dangerously determined. Becoming a published author before her high-school graduation is just the first shiny award on a shelf of many others… Hamilton is a woman of several trades. “I just remember, before I could form full sentences I was always writing, listening, and making up stories. I just liked being involved with art and all those different avenues,” says Hamilton. After speaking with her on the phone, I can sense never-ending determination that runs through her young veins. As determined as she is, Hamilton knew Los Angeles was the right fit for her. Loyola Marymount University ranks 8th nationally for their school of film & television. They also have an award-winning newspaper, yearbook, and television network, all the creative outlets Sarah has interests in. Hamilton says, “I liked it (LMU) since I first visited. It’s really perfect. It’s why I chose here in the first place.” Her dorm room views include everything from the Hollywood sign to the Pacific Ocean. “And the sunsets, let me tell ya. It’s nice until it takes up my entire camera roll,” she says to me. I can almost see a smile through the phone. Hamilton’s first taste at stardom was the release of her novel, titled “The Enchant

14 wouny.com • May 2017

By: Abbey Adams ress.” A fairy-tale inspired story about a 16-year-old stuck in a new world seeking her way back home (Hamilton’s favorite TV show is ABC’s Once Upon A Time). Published in early 2015, ahead of Sarah’s high-school graduation, it was something she couldn’t ever fathom happening. Nevertheless, her determination led her there. “It was something I always really wanted to do. I remember in 3rd grade. I had come to this realization of ‘of course I want to write a book one day’, but I was so inspired to have one out before graduating high school. I wanted to be like ‘you don’t have to follow all these, you’re too young you’re too old’ rules.” This Upstate NY-native has never limited herself. Her creativity is so natural; it practically flows out of her. Besides taking classes in college, she continues to write, and has recently become more involved with her YouTube channel (Sarah Hamilton). She documents some of her exciting adventures in LA to show friends and family what she’s up to. Not only is it enjoyable, but she also gets to play around with her filmmaking skills during the process. “It’s fun to be able to be a storyteller through so many different platforms,” she says. Relocating halfway across the country can be nerve wracking, especially for a teenager. We’ve all seen California in the movies; the palm trees and beating sunshine, not to mention celebrity sightings. The two of us bonded over our shared love of the movie La La Land; a story of two people following their dreams in Los

Angeles learning valuable lessons along the way. “My favorite thing about being able to watch that (La La Land) is walking out of the theatre and still kind of being in that world.” Sarah’s friends and family have been extremely supportive throughout all of her creative endeavors, including her big move. “I wasn’t really expecting to like it here (LA) as much as I do. I knew I would, but when I got here I realized this is truly the best decision.” Hamilton mentioned to me that when she arrives home to Webster, NY, she visits with a new perspective on life. Something she learned from being thrown into a brand-new place with all unknown faces so far away from home. She also told me how badly she missed Wegmans… I don’t blame her. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Sarah, it’s that she is far from slowing down. When asked where she’ll be five years from now, she said, “I just hope I’m really happy, and I can keep doing the things I love. I’d love to keep directing and writing and just keep telling stories. Hopefully, the stories can keep reaching out to people.” If you want to follow Sarah’s journey, take initiative and do whatever you want. If you want it bad enough, and work hard, it will happen. “Don’t forget to believe in yourself,” she says. To keep up with all things Sarah Hamilton, visit her website: www.lockerstyler. com

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Dr. Riná Davis and Dr. Mary Trusilo Improving Quality of Life

Passionate Doctors Dedicated to the Well-being of Their Patients


rowing up in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Riná Davis was always fascinated with the musculoskeletal system and how to manage pain. “The whole system always interested me. I did my research in spinal cord injury medicine,” said Davis. “As a physiatrist, I am able to focus on conditions affecting the spinal cord, brain, nerves, bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. We are seeing so much evolve through regenerative medicine and we are on the cutting edge of these new therapies. What we see happening in large cities such as Boston and New York with many resources, we do right here in our practice,” she added. Davis received her medical degree from Hahnemann Medical College, in Philadelphia, Pa.; the perfect fit for Davis is her focus of pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation at New York Spine & Wellness Center. Their target is a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes. Their medical team consists of eight doctors, only two of whom are women. They also have over twenty-four other providers. Their team includes board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assis-

16 wouny.com • May 2017

By: Kristen Penfield tants, nurses, medical assistants, licensed massage therapists, licensed acupuncturists, chiropractors and more. The range of choices makes New York Spine and Wellness Center, with 160 employees, an obvious first stop before making decisions. Unfortunately, many of us know the world of spine and back pain. It affects over 31 million Americans and the answer is not always surgery. In fact, more and more of us are considering a multidisciplinary approach first, leaving the last option as surgery; most of us prefer a more holistic approach to care. Davis added, “It simply makes sense to see us first. We consistently see patients who have experienced a failed surgery elsewhere, want to avoid surgery or at least delay surgery and discuss other options first.” Dr. Mary Trusilo specializes in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology. Trusilo said, “Growing up in North Syracuse, I knew by the age of 4 that I wanted to be a doctor. When I was in completing my undergrad in Russian Literature at Cornell University, my true test was be-

coming fluent in the Russian language. I knew if I could master that, I could handle being a doctor,” she laughed. Trusilo, a soccer stand-out at Cornell, continued on to Pre-Med at Syracuse University. Trusilo attended medical school at Upstate Medical University. Davis and Trusilo realized early on that in situations related to pain is where they could make a difference as a doctor. Davis, a mother of three (ages 21, 19 and 17) has always received tremendous support from her husband. As well, Trusilo, mother of one son (age 4) receives much support from her family. What else makes Davis and Trusilo special? “We are compassionate and easy to talk to,” said Trusilo. In a world that is pressed for time and lacks compassion, Trusilo and Davis see to it that their patients are heard. “We listen to our patients in order to better identify their pain. We don’t ever turn our patients away,” said Davis. “We understand they are in pain and we don’t make them wait. We like to get them in our office usually within a week of calling,” she added, noting that most of their pa Continued on page 17

Dr. Riná Davis and Dr. Mary Trusilo tients stay with their practice and continue seeing their providers, as necessity dictates over the years. Uniquely, New York Spine and Wellness Center offers a psychology staff as well. Davis insisted this is essential to treating some of their patients as chronic pain can lead to anxiety, sleep disruption and depression. Davis said, “With the combined expertise of our staff, physical and behavioral therapies as well as medications and blocks, we are able to give our patients a unique evaluation and treatment plan; our patients receive an individualized approach.” Trusilo added, “We use a strategic approach in order to get to the root of the problem. We conduct nerve conduction studies, electromyography testing, diagnostic injections, order MRI’s and more in order to determine where the pain is coming from. We compose a treatment plan designed specifically for each patient with attention on comprehensive wellness.” “Feel Better, Live Better.” Both Drs. Davis and Trusilo stated the importance of making sure their patients are helping themselves, as well. “It is imperative,” said Davis, “That our patients sustain their wellness. Exercising, eating right and not smoking are pertinent to pain treatment,” she added. Through their plethora of services, Dr. Davis and Dr. Trusilo have the same goal as does the rest of their team: To improve quality of life. To find a solution for your pain, contact New York Spine and Wellness Center. They are waiting for you. Visit their website at www.nyspineandwellness.com. Three convenient locations: North Syracuse 5496 East Taft Road 315.552.6700 Dewitt 5719 Widewaters Parkway 315.703.3480 Camillus 5417 West Genesee St., Suite 1 315.432.4900

I had already started writing this month’s article when some information resurfaced in the mass media regarding a rare form, but treatable form of cancer (lymphoma, not breast cancer) that usually develops as a fluid build-up around breast implants. This was initially described in 2006 and has been once again finding headlines in the news. There has been ongoing research since then to better understand the disease process and options for prevention and treatment. As the information was reported in the news, we had many calls to our office inquiring about the relevance to our patients with breast implants. I felt I should shed some light on this topic along with the planned discussion about breast augmentation myths. This disease is extremely rare. There are 10 to11 million women worldwide with breast implants. The FDA states that there have been 359 reports received, but only up to 160 cases, which have been verified between 15 countries over a ten-year period. The cancer, referred to as Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) thus far, appears to have been verified with textured implants only, but data continues to be collected from new case studies. The implants have been both saline and silicone filled. The common denominator appears to be the textured surface. The prevalence is estimated to be 1 in 30,000 for patients with textured implants. Most patients are cured by simply removing the implants and surrounding scar tissue. These patients often have smooth implants replaced with no recurrence of the cancer. At the current time, there is no call to exchange textured implants, unless there is an obvious problem. The FDA suggests regular self-exam and encourages patients to contact their physician if they have any concerning changes. For additional information about BIA-ALCL, there are websites provided by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons: www. plasticsurgery.org/alcl and the FDA:https://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/ProductsandMedicalProcedures/ ImplantsandProsthetics/ BreastImplants/ucm239995.htm

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I lost 85 lbs. and found my strength and spirit. Overweight with diabetes, Nerissa wanted to get — and stay — healthy to be around for her young son. Since her weight-loss surgery at Crouse, she’s found a pursuit that’s built her own strength and spirit. She’s also found a caring and compassionate team to support her every move. Down 85 pounds and off medications, Nerissa’s on to an active new life. Hear Nerissa’s story at crouse.org/weightloss.

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itting down with Taryn makes you feel a sense of comfort, like meeting up with an old childhood friend you used to build tree forts and swing on swing sets with. There’s a sense of wonder in her eyes - like she’s always yearning for more. Her wide bright smile mimics the relaxed feel of most of her music. What she describes as, “alternative folk with a blues infusion.” I ran into Taryn at a friend’s gig. Her stage presence was nothing short of “chill.” Making subtle jokes here and there, responding back to every “woo” or yell her way with a sweet as honey, “Thank you!” Her eyes closed in a whimsical daze as each finger plucked a guitar string just as beautiful as the next. The voice immediately drew me in; it was convincingly superb, tugging at every speck of emotion in my being. After hearing her play, I knew I had to talk to her. I pulled her aside and confessed my need to interview her about her life and journey to music. Taryn Surprenant says, “I owe a lot of it to my Dad.” A karaoke DJ that let his daughter entertain the old folks whenever the talent grew stale. Music has always been running through Taryn’s blood (her grandfather sang while her mother played the violin). As she got older, it became more of a reality. Writing songs by 12 years old, Taryn was able to harness her songwriting skills and soon started a band with her best friend that lasted throughout her high school career. The two went separate ways after graduation leaving Taryn with only one choice; to finally teach herself to play guitar. “I realized I only knew how to sing and write. I needed to find someone

By: Abbey Adams who could play guitar, or I needed to teach myself. So I just did the latter,” she says laughing lightheartedly, “I wanted more control over what I wanted to create.” It thus began her solo music career. The 24-year-old started playing local gigs’ just last year and has already made some valuable connections in the music scene. She says, “I never really took music seriously. It was just a fun thing – a hobby. Then I saw what my friends were doing… it was amazing. Being around people who were pushing themselves made me more motivated to take it more seriously.” When asked about the Syracuse music scene, Taryn describes it as “Cool, collaborative, and supportive” something she hasn’t seen much of in any other area. Attending college in Oswego (majoring in teaching English as a foreign language), student teaching every day at a local middle school, and playing gigs every weekend only prove her go-getter essence. Taryn half jokes with me saying, “I wanna cry half the time, but I don’t have the time.” She thanks me for acknowledging her newfound sense of artistic independence. The struggle between music and career is something many young artists encounter early on. Taryn very much enjoys her teaching career and values everything she can do for the students. She says, “I like the diversity that comes from bringing together 13 different religions from 11 different countries. There was one class where I had 12 different languages in one classroom. It was amazing and so supportive. It was beautiful. I really want to get involved in that.” Although teaching is close to Taryn’s heart, music is ultimately what she is going to focus on after her college

graduation. “Music gives you this feeling that is so powerful. You feel like you’re doing good things.” Down the road, Taryn knows she can always go back to teaching, but right now, music has to be her number one. She uses music like a therapy tool, as many musicians do, to find the underlying root of every emotion . “In a way, a way it’s like embracing vulnerability and raw emotion. I think society has this thing where sadness and anger aren’t seen as beneficial… what is making me feel this way? Then I figure out a way to work through the pieces to get out of it.” I toyed with the idea of Surprenant’s future success in the biz, by asking her what the name of her first official tour would be. After complimenting my intriguing question, she explained her bizarre answer that only made me more aware of her innate sense of creativity. “I just learned about this stuff called Terracotta. It’s the clay stuff that you would make Chia Pets out of. It’s one word, and it’s just such a cool name. I like the mysterious essence to it,” she confidently says to me. Surprenant means “surprising” in French. Something I think Taryn will do soon; surprise those around her. Her advice to young female artists? “It’s really important to own your sound and not feel like you have to fall into anyone’s specific category. I have to remind myself that I don’t have to abide by anyone’s idea,” she says, “I’m not in any category, and I can go anywhere I want.” For more info on Taryn and her music, visit: http://tarynsurprenant.com

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o one likes thinking about death, especially their own. It is for this reason that many people avoid the simple, inexpensive and necessary step of drawing a Will. Unfortunately, many people believe because their bank accounts are “joint” and that they hold title to their house with their spouse and have designated beneficiaries on his or her life insurance that they don’t need a Will. They believe the law will transfer their property automatically to their surviving spouse, and probate can be avoided. While this may be true, it fails to address many matters you should be cognizant of. First, you should consider what happens to your estate if you die without making a Will. In that event, the State of New York will distribute your assets in accordance with applicable State law. A simple search of the “Laws of Intestacy” in New York will provide you with a chart that will explain to you what happens to your estate should you die, breaking it down as single, married or unmarried with or without children. Reading that chart should be enough to make you call your Family Lawyer and start drawing a Will. Once you begin this process, there are many issues for you to consider. Do you want to make any charitable gifts as part of your Will? Do you have any specific items of property that you want to go to a specific person? To whom do you want

By: Jeffrey Lee Drimer, Esq. your assets to go? Your Will at its core is essentially for this purpose. For many of us, a Will is written to protect your children. More importantly, if you have minor children, your “Will” will name a legal guardian to be appointed in the event of your death. If you don’t do this, the Court can and will choose who will care for your children. This is a serious and important matter and should not be left to strangers. It is helpful if you, and your spouse are in agreement on this and name the same persons as guardians in your respective Wills. This is such a personal and important designation and should be made with great care. Your Will should also create a Trust for your children to hold your assets and ensure that they are used appropriately for the benefit of your children. It will as well determine the age at which your children will receive the proceeds of the Trust when they become adults. It will also provide for their care, security, well-being and education. You should also consider the possibility that if you leave all of your assets to your spouse (assuming your spouse will use these assets for the children) or that your spouse may remarry and leave his or her estate to a new spouse. That spouse might then dispose of the Estate to the exclusion of your children. Clearly, this is an undesirable result and can be avoided by the creation of a Trust, as part of your Estate planning.

Designating a Trustee to manage the Trust is a crucial decision that should be discussed and considered with your family and your attorney, which is helping you create the Trust in your Will. To ensure that the intent of your Will is carried out you will also have to designate an Executor or executrix. That person will offer your Will to the Surrogate’s Court and be appointed the legal representative of your Estate. This person would then be charged with the responsibility of paying your debts from your estate and to see that your estate is distributed as you intended. You will also determine whether or not the Executor will serve with or without Bond. Depending upon the size of your estate you may want to discuss your Will with a specialist in Estate Planning because of tax consequences. If you have your own business or have an interest in an existing trust, an Estate Planning professional is advisable. Proper planning should also include a Durable Power of Attorney, a Health Care Proxy and a Living Will (so that your treatment at the end of life is known to your Doctor and family). Finally please remember that making a Will is not just filling out a form and transferring a bank account it is your last expression of your concern, love and respect to your family and friends and should be drafted with that in mind.

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t e e M

Marci Erlebacher

Promoting and strengthening values in our community through proven leadership. By: Kristen Penfield PHOTO: Alec Erlebacher wouny.com • May 2017



Marci Erlebacher and Senator John DeFrancisco

rowing up in the foothills of the Catskills, Erlebacher and her family felt a sense of belonging…but, a bit differently than their neighbors. The landscape of rolling hills and winding valleys suggested a community of likeness. Erlebacher was popular in the town of Youngsville, NY; she was well-liked in school and enjoyed many friends. She also knew she was different than her friends. It was something she felt on a daily basis from an early age. At times, she had to learn to fight for her dignity, about which she could speak with authority - she was the only Jewish student in her entire class. The result? The strong, powerful, outspoken and passionate leader she is today.

comments about Jews would quickly be covered by claiming I was ‘not that type of Jew’, insinuating Orthodox Jews practicing traditional Judaism were different than I was,” she added. Erlebacher never let it go, either. She would think nothing of putting people on the line when she heard statements such as that. “I always stood my ground, and I was always feisty. I demanded to know exactly what they meant in any negative

“Be part of the solution, not the problem”

“Growing up, I lived in a community of enormous anti-semitism. There were no community centers for Jewish kids, and our family had to go outside of our town to attend a temple. We experienced the essence of being Jewish at home on the chicken farm and as a teenager, I would go outside of my community to attend activities at a Jewish center. My classmates did not have experience with the Jewish community and treated me differently,” stated Erlebacher. “Any derogatory

26 wouny.com • May 2017

situation,”said Erlebacher. “In my community, I blended, sang Christmas carols in chorus, enjoyed my friends, but I always felt different. At the very young age of 3 or 4, I remember asking my brother what the work ‘kike’ meant,” she added. A term she heard being discussed. Erlebacher’s experiences were not all negative; her pugnacity was balanced with strong friendships. It was merely the beginning of understanding who she was. In fact, growing up in Youngstown formed her into the effective front-runner she is today.

For the past thirty-one years, Erlebacher has stood strongly with the Jewish Community Center ( JCC) in Dewitt. Her leadership has promoted growth, awareness and education, among many other things. “We wanted to be sure there was something for everyone here,” said Erlebacher, “We have programs and services for children, teens, adults and seniors.” Erlebacher saw to it. So how did her JCC journey begin? A life-changing event hurled her into her present-day success. Erlebacher moved to the Syracuse area where her husband grew up as a Jew. His experiences were quite different, given there were many more Jewish people in his neighborhood. “We were beginning our family when I had a near-fatal car accident. I was not able to walk for months and had to slowly learn to walk again,” said Erlebacher. She was bringing her two boys to the Jewish Community Center and noticed there was absolutely no handicap parking. Immediately, she approached the Assistant Director of the center who said to her, something that remains with her to this day, “Be part of the solution, not the problem.” And that, she was.

“The JCC made its way into my heart” “I was volunteering at the center, and felt a strong sense of being part of their community,” said Erlebacher, “right away they noticed my strengths and asked me to join the Board of Directors.” Erlebacher had a two-three-year term as President of the Board of Directors and continued to volunteer her time at the center, where she was needed. It fulfilled her, immeasurably. Erlebacher had what it took to be a successful President - she had zest, drive, passion, power and integrity to lead by example. She also had the initiative and wherewithal to recognize what needed to be done. “In 2001, I was chairing the search committee for an Executive Director. Amidst

from her husband and sons (now 31 and 27 years old). She knew she had an opportunity. “We all have opportunities, whether we see them or not – we have to take risks. Before I began my journey at the JCC and almost dying in a car accident, I remember pondering what my obituary would look like. It was then I knew I wasn’t done. I had to make my mark. I was a survivor. I will mourn the loss and celebrate what’s next. Not just for me and my family, but for my community,” said Erlebacher. Erlebacher stated, “Without a doubt, I was nervous going into this position. But, I received overwhelming support from major businessmen with whom I had worked as President and that gave me even more affirmation and strength to persevere.”

Marci with the Early Childhood Development Program Director, Pam Ranieri

the search, the members all turned their heads towards me and insisted I would be a perfect fit for the position. I became the Interim Executive Director of the JCC. I told them I would ‘try’ it,” said Erlebacher. The 2nd day on the job, was the fateful 9/11. Immediately, her building had to be evacuated. It was all very new. “Parents were coming in to get their kids. They were scared, but there was no chaos here. We all remained extremely calm, helped every single person, cleared out the building and closed down,” said Erlebacher. “Later, parents approached me and said they were thankful it was me here because I know the building, and I know the heart of the JCC. They were relieved.” “That...,” claimed Erlebacher, “was my Aha moment and when knew I wanted this job.” At home, she had a great deal of support

After a year, Erlebacher did her own review of her progress, where she needed to grow and the path, the center was on. She said, “I had fabulous leadership and support from those who were there and stood behind me with tough

bossy’. By the time I was a senior in high school, my teachers told my parents that I would be leading a 3-ring circus! In a way, they were right,” joked Erlebacher. Needless to say, Erlebacher’s parents were extremely proud of her work accomplished. Fast-forward to 2017, Erlebacher continues as a strong leader of JCC. Are there always new situations that arise? Absolutely. Most recently, The JCC received a bomb threat in January of this year. “I have been through tough times and knew immediately what I had to do. We feel we are the safest and most secure location in our area as we plan, practice and execute every single week. We regularly practice evacuations,” said Erhlebacher. “Emergency plans and protocol are practiced in conjunction with law enforcement and other agencies each week. In addition to ensure safety and security, JCC practices four bomb “sweeps” a day as well as with K9 coming through our facility two times per week.” Typically, there are 200 to 250 children, adults and senior citizens in the building on most mornings participating in various programs.

decisions. It was a huge learning curve for me. Moving from one side of the desk to the other is a lot of work and there was a lot to learn.” “The JCC made its way into my heart” Erlebacher added, “I Marci with Board President Steven Sisskind received phenomenal help from strong women who mentored me. Corrine Smith, Ma- Erlebacher added, “We are currently teele Kall and Jill Palmeter were extraorraising money to add additional security dinary women who taught me everything features to our building. We are consisI needed to know about this position. The tently evaluating ourselves and discussing JCC made its way into my heart.” how to better improve ourselves and our building.” Looking back, Erlebacher admitted that perhaps the writing was on the wall. This is the world we live in; it has an “When I was in kindergarten, my teacher impact on us, and the JCC is continuously told my parents that ‘Marci can be a little improving security measures.

wouny.com • May 2017


You don’t have to be Jewish to be a member of the JCC. Read more at jccsyr.org and to learn about upcoming events and programs that they offer, or call 315.445.2360. Additional photos courtesy JCC

Marci with Director of Operations, Alan Davis Erhlebacher said, “I am extremely impressed with the Dewitt Police who were on location within 2 minutes, back in January. The New York State Police and FBI have been phenomenal in working with us. Our staff treat our children as their own. When the bomb threat happened, I and my staff remained calm. Our focus is the kids, getting them out of the building and onto the bus without alarming any of them. We love our kids at the JCC and are dedicated to their safety.” Erhlebacher agreed that it is sad when this happens in our world, noting the ironic fact that most of the children in their center are not Jewish. Many enroll their children because the JCC is the best childhood care facility in the area. The JCC is a pillar of unity and peace for Jews and non-Jews. Our nation and our President agreed in saying that we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its ugly forms.

“We do not take this lightly,” said Erlebacher, “I am always in learning-mode and always looking to improve. If life throws you lemons, self-evaluate and make the best lemonade you can!” To meet Marci Erlebacher, is to walk away a better person. Want to learn more? Come for a visit and a tour. Learn about their programs - children or teen services, adult or senior services, come check out their fitness center, learn about their vacation camps, Health, Physical Education and Recreation programs.

Marci speaking with two seniors as they wait for the senior lunch program

Share in a long tradition…a place where the Syracuse Jewish community has come together for generations to celebrate, educate, organize and have fun.

“We are a Jewish facility, but we believe in diversity. We reach out to the greater community and promote inclusive environments. As well, we have many strong women who lead in our organization who are always critiquing, noticing, improving. We are professional; we are multitaskers, nurturers, and business women. We are leaders,” exclaimed Erlebacher, “The JCC is part of me. It’s in my blood. I listened to my universe and am so thankful that I did,” she added. Proudly, Erlebacher stated that the Dewitt Jewish Community Center is the second oldest center in North America, formed during the Emancipation Proclamation.

28 wouny.com • May 2017

Mark and Marci Erlebacher



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Joan Applebaum Artist, Educator


here is plenty of room for artist, Joan Applebaum to teach her students the art of painting watercolor at Eye Studio in East Syracuse. Joan loves to teach, but she did not take the typical route. She attended college at SUNY Potsdam at first to become an art teacher. However, she decided along the way that this was not for her. So, she managed her life in a different direction, work and art became her focus. Fresh out of college, She was hired by Dey Bros, as a visual merchandiser (display, mannequins, windows.) Eventually, Joan married and moved to Camillus. That was twenty-seven years ago. Here, she created a studio that had open walls, so she could work and watch her three small children. It wasn’t easy she told me. During this time, she could accomplish many things and to create art in Syracuse. She told me that her favorite job was as the assistant director of art with the YMCA. She stayed in that position for ten years. I asked Joan when she knew that her life’s path had to be creating art? She replied that when she was little, she was encouraged to be creative by her parents. Both her father and grandfather were artists, and therefore, it was natural for Joan too. Her parents set up a spot in the basement along with the spiders, so she could create her magic. She said that it seemed like her first studio. Little Joan was forever given art supplies for birthdays and other holidays. Joan worked very hard as many women

30 wouny.com • May 2017

By: Audrey Levinson do to juggle her job, her kids schedules, her household duties and creating art. As one can imagine not as much artwork could be produced. She decided to work for the after-school programs for Syracuse City School District teaching art. One day, while working at Van Duyn Elementary School, she recognized an old friend whom she knew from Roaster Cafe in Fayetteville, Ilene Layow. Ilene is the owner and one of the teachers at Eye Studio. Joan decided to take a class from Ilene in glass slumping. She showed me some of the beautiful glass pieces she created. The series of plates using blue and green glass were outstanding and gorgeous. Ilene asked Joan to teach painting at Eye Studio. Joan was thrilled and took the job where she is currently teaching. I asked Joan about her teaching style. How does she manage a room of people that could range from age 15 to 85 for example and with many different degrees of talent and experience? She indicated by showing me her grid system. Some artists use this easy method to keep the proper proportion when looking at a photo or picture of what they want to paint. She gives her students autonomy so that her students can go at their own pace in learning. I asked her who her inspirations were. She began to answer the question in the regular way. I really like the Impressionists she said because I paint using strokes of my brush. Then she stopped and instead of telling me which Impressionist painters

she loved the most she said, “I think there are a lot of very talented women around here and they all really inspire me.” I loved that answer and believe it to be quite true for me as well. Most of Joan’s work are landscapes in either watercolor or acrylic paint. She strives to create scenes from places that are beautiful, and there are many in Central NY. The scenes that she paints have an iconic feel for the people that buy them, and that’s her audience. Just as a rock star has to play what his fans want to hear, an artist needs to know what her patrons want to see in her work to be successful. In 2007, Joan and her husband bought a camp in the Indian River Lakes area. She paints incredible iconic scenes from these places, as well as the Thousand Islands, Alexandria Bay, and even Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She has an innate and highly skilled eye for her subject matter and her materials. She said to me “you can’t paint a place until it gets under your skin.” You can see the work of Joan Applebaum at Eye Studio, East Syracuse, Cazenovia Counterpoint (7/9-23rd), Arts on Genesee (6/17-18), Sackets Harbor Arts Center, and Bay House Artisans, Alexandria Bay this summer.


Summer Afternoon


When Trees

After The Rain Cardinals

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love the month of May. The golden sun, azure skies and chirping birds are sure sign summer’s magical glow is merely a month away. May is perfect time see what’s trending on the style boards for the summer…and this year’s going to be so fun!

Sparkles, Bubblegum and Lotsa Nail Art Prepare for a summer of fun nails! The runway is bustling with bubblegum sheers and loud geometric designs. Light pink or nude summer sheers are always in style, but this year, add a splash of glitter or metallic lines. Expect to see lots of matte blues and greens with stark stripes, sparkles, nautical, geometric styles and Bullseye dots. If you’re a bit the conservative, like me save the patterned look for your sand-drenched toes!

Beachy Hair with a Twist!

If your current hair style works for you, keep it! Low and go is the trend this summer with a tousled sun-kissed, bohemian-waved, 70s-vibe ombre. It’s the summer show-stopper of 2017. Oh yummy! Gradient Hair Color The ombre, sombre and balayage are still popular, lasting far longer (happily) than anyone thought. The biggest difference with gradient hair color is women are adjusting base colors that are more natural-looking to complement the sun-kissed highlights around their face and lower strands. Gradient coloring is the perfect option when you don’t have a lot time and money and still want a sleek ‘I care, but I don’t, but I do, grown out, slightly unkempt’ look that boasts of confidence. Who doesn’t love that? [Tip: Always bring in a picture to your colorist of what you want. She/he will let you know if it’s possible. The color you see may not be the color they see. Talk it out.] Style(s) A messy bohemian beachy wave is ‘bigly’ this summer, and very much accessorized with a clip, halo, baby’s breath, wreath or hair chain twist. The 70’s hair vibe could be the thing to – ahhhhh – slow time down with its easy, breezy lay ‘low-and-go maintenance’ style. Add some ombre and its fantastical. Now, if you’ve been thinking of chopping your locks for a fresh summer vibe, go for it! A wavy just-below-the-ear bob is ‘the thing’ this summer, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. And the good news is, it’ll grow back to your shoulders just in time for a fall pony tail and cooler weather.

Microblading is Brow Magic Microblading is here to stay and is only getting more popular. A form of tattooing that makes your eyebrows Audrey-Hepburn-Hollywood-fabulous; the artist uses a handheld tool to draw hair-like strokes; within your natural eyebrow structure, that mimics natural hairs in your brows. So just like a tattoo, the color pigment is implanted under your skin. (Really discuss with your artist which color is right for you, and it’s better to go lighter than darker.) To prepare for the procedure: avoid drinking, taking aspirin and using retinol in the eyebrow area one week prior to the procedure to decrease bleeding, pain and irritation. The procedure is mild to moderately painful and takes about a couple of hours to do. Just like getting a tattoo, you may experience mild Itching and redness in the area which can be alleviated with Vaseline. Keep in mind, brows will look slightly darker, at first, then fade up to 25-40 percent. The cost will set you back about $800-1000 but usually lasts up to three years. The real payoff is your eyebrows will look divine.

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Bird Feeders - Houses - Suet Holders & more. Large variety of Dog and Cat Food. Rt. 57, 3/10 Mile North of Moyers Corners

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Kingsley Street at The Canal Barn 7070 Cedar Bay Rd. Fayetteville, NY 315. 480-3211

How Healthy

Is Your Scalp?


hen it comes to maintaining your health, many people associate being active and eating healthy with weight loss. It’s easy to assume that if someone is thin or in shape, they are healthy. Chances are they are healthy on the inside as well but there are multiple health factors that go beyond what the human eye can see and often remain undetected until it’s too late. Even our hair can give the appearance of being healthy. We assume that if we wash our hair several times a week, we are doing enough to keep it that way, and if it looks clean, then our scalp must also be healthy.

free DHT Blocking Bio-Therapy Shampoo and topical treatments.

Unfortunately, most shampoos on the market today can do more harm than good. Toxic ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, polysorbates, or polyethylene glycol are all components that can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp. These chemicals will give the appearance of healthy robust hair but again, looks can be deceiving.

Hair-loss experts recommend combining this approach with Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) in order to obtain the best results. Combining these patented formula hair products and Nutritionals with Laser Hair Therapy, men and women all over the world has experienced continued successful hair growth. By adding the laser light therapy hair growth will be accelerated. LHT is a non-surgical, medically tested, non-toxic, and painless hair-loss treatment. This treatment is used to prevent hair loss, thinning hair, and treat scalp issues, and could be done in the privacy of your own home.

We expose our locks to the outside elements on a daily basis. Everything from air pollution to the sun damages our hair and scalp. Because the damage typically goes undetected for so long, most people aren’t aware of any damage until they start losing their hair. In some cases, this can lead to baldness. How often do you think of the health of your scalp? What if you could reverse some of the damage and prevent this type of hair loss from occurring? At Genesis II, they offer a Multi-Therapeutic approach designed to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair. The products are developed by doctors and hair-loss experts and are made for men and women combating damaged hair and scalps, thinning hair, and hair loss of all types. The Multi-Therapeutic approach is made up of proven growth activators, hair Nutritionals, complete supplements and sulfate

38 wouny.com • May 2017

Most of us are familiar with Minoxidil, an FDA proven hair regrowth topical with a fairly high success rate. Well, Genesis II has found a way to use Minoxidil and make it more effective. As part of the approach, they mix the Minoxidil with a Carrier Enhancement Agent which keeps it in a liquid state longer in order to penetrate down into the follicle and have a maximum effect on the growth of the hair shaft.

According to Jeanine Stevenson, consultant at Genesis II, one of the most important things you can do is question your hair loss as soon as you notice it. If you’re interested preventing future hair loss from occurring and learning more about Genesis II’s Hair-Loss Treatment and Prevention options visit their website at www.genesishair.com/ hair-loss-treatment-prevention/. Or call Genesis II at (315) 458-1074 to schedule a free hair and scalp analysis and learn more about your overall hair and scalp health. Genesis II offers all proven hair replacement solutions for both men and women in the Central New York area.


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WEGMANS DEWITT PLAZA 6811 E. Genesee St. • Fayetteville, NY • 315.565.5586

Apricot Lane Fayetteville

Soul Soothings

Mother’s Day Sho w he r y o u c a re t hi s

A Unique Boutique For Body, Mind & Spirit

131 W. Seneca St., Suite 1 Manlius, NY 13104 (Next to UPS)

Open: Tues - Fri 11:30am - 5:30pm Saturdays 10:00am - 5:00pm








Offering the finest floral arrangements and local artisan creations. 211 N. Main St. • N. Syr., NY 13212

315-692-2290 • www.soulsoothings.com


www.the curiousrose.net


Self-Care Tip -

Dry Brushing


Brought to you by the Staff at Rasa Spa

ere at Rasa Spa, we recommend dry brushing once to twice a week, before bathing or showering. Over time, dry brushing will help tone your skin. And from your very first brush, you’ll feel rejuvenated and energized.

Use a dry, soft, natural bristle body/shower brush (you can find one in our spa boutique!) on lotion-free skin. For added benefit, add a drop or two of grapefruit essential oil (also found in the spa boutique) to help with detoxification and cellulite elimination. The general idea is to work from your feet up, always brushing toward your heart. Start by brushing the soles of your feet, then work up your legs using long, firm, sweeping strokes. Next, brush your arms starting with your hands working up toward your shoulders. Then do your upper torso, front and back. For your abdomen, brush in a clockwise fashion using circular strokes to follow the natural pathway of the digestive system. You will notice a warm, rosy glow all over your skin. This is the goal, because dry brushing is stimulating your circulatory system. If you would like to try dry brushing during your next spa experience, considering adding this service to your next Rasa massage!

Whipped Coconut Oil Moisturizer This is a simple “whipped” coconut oil moisturizer to slather on after dry brushing and a shower. You can add in your own combo of essential oils, but we recommend using cardamom, lemon, and lavender for a fresh and zesty spring scent. Ingredients: • 2 Cups Coconut Oil • Your choice of essential oils Equipment: · Stand mixer or hand mixer 40 wouny.com • May 2017

Directions: 1. Scoop coconut oil into bowl 2. Break into chunks 3. Turn the mixer on high to whip 4. Periodically scrape down the sides of the bowl and continue to whip until all the coconut oil is soft and fluffy 5. Add essential oils toward end of whipping 6. Scoop coconut oil moisturizer into storage container and store at room temperature

TAWN MARIE’S Open House June 5th 5:00-7:00

4 Week Summer Dance Session starts July 17th Preschool and Kinder Dance session is “My Favorite Color Themed!”

Salina Family Dental “The Smile Makers”

•Dentures •Partials •Root •Canals •Crowns •Bridges •Extractions •Whitening

Now Offering Digital X-rays Accepting Medicaid, Most Major Insurances & Care Credit Evening Hours Available Monday & Thursdays Saturday -Every Other Week - 8 am to noon Closed Friday

6846 Buckley Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212


Selected in the top 20 Dance Studios in the US by BDancewear.com

Ballet, Tap,Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatics BeginnerAdvanced levels

1216 Morgan Rd Liverpool,NY 13090 www.Tawnmaries.com Call 315-457-3151


We’re all about families and the community coming together to share, celebrate and live well. With programs and services for all ages, there’s something for everyone at the JCC! Adults & Families • Classes, social, entertainment

Outdoor Heated Pool • Swim lessons

After School & Children’s Programs (K–6) • Vacation camps, snow days, school breaks, before school care (J-D)

Seniors • Senior meal program, Neighborhood Advisor

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Sports & Fitness • Basketball courts, exercise classes, gym, indoor track, personal training Summer Camps Teen Summer Camps & Programs

Spring Forward into Plant-Based Foods By: Stefanie Heath - Higgins Heart Association recognizes the role of plant-based foods in a healthy dietary pattern, as evidenced by our recommendations that emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts.” She continues, “Use Meatless Monday as another opportunity to eat a well-balanced diet.”


ith spring just around the corner, upstate New York will soon be showered with decadent fresh produce. The anticipation for zesty radishes and sour rhubarb is great as many of us flock to local farmer’s markets to check out the abundance of seasonal offerings. What better time to try plant-based meals when you have these fresh vegetables and fruits to fill up your plates? Add some whole grains and nuts for a nutritious and wholesome dish. Adding more veggie-centric meals like this to your diet can make a world of difference for your health, the health of the planet and for animals. Taking a holiday from meat one day a week by participating in meat-reduction plans like Meatless Monday is more important now than ever. Cardiovascular disease continues to be the number-one killer of both men and women in America. According to the State of Obesity Report, “Nationally, 37.7 percent of adults consumed fruits less than one time a day and 22.6 percent of adults consume vegetables less than one time a day.” Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association, says, “The American

42 wouny.com • May 2017

Shifting plants to the center of our plates could not only support heart health, but weight management, too. While plant-based foods are a good source of fiber, which leaves you feeling full with fewer calories. Alternatively, meat and dairy products contain no fiber. Many plant-based foods are rich in protein and contain essential vitamins and minerals. For example, chickpeas contain protein, fiber, calcium and iron to help keep your bones strong and your heart healthy. Chickpeas and other legumes can easily be transformed into meals like savory falafel sliders. An extra benefit: chickpeas and other beans cost a fraction of the price of meat and have a longer shelf life. Some people are choosing the flexitarian lifestyle, which means eating more plant-based meals and less meat overall. In addition to the health benefits, many people choose to cut back on their meat intake to reduce the number of animals subjected to inhumane conditions at factory farms, where the vast majority of meat comes from. With millions of animals suffering on factory farms right now - for example, pigs who spend the majority of their lives in gestation crates, not even able to turn

around - it’s not surprising that demand for plant- based meals is skyrocketing. Eating more plant-based meals also helps protect the environment. It takes massive amounts of natural resources such as land, water, fertilizer and oil to maintain America’s demand for meat. Most people are shocked to learn producing two pounds of chicken meat requires 1,100 gallons of water, enough to fill about 25 bathtubs! Not only is this system wasteful and resource intensive, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reported that the factory farming industry is the number-one contributor to greenhouse-gas emissions. Consumers have taken notice of the benefits of a plant-based diet. According to a leading food-industry research group, three out of five Americans are consuming meat-free meals at least once a week. Restaurants are highlighting plant-based options, and the fast-food industry has followed suit. Taco Bell and Burger King offer veg-friendly foods. Even celebrities are highlighting the importance of less meat and more plants. Oprah Winfrey encourages her fans to take a Meatless Monday and Dr. Oz said, “Vegan will be the biggest movement of 2017.” The easiest path to better health for us, the planet and animals is to follow the Three R’s of eating: “reducing” or “replacing” consumption of animal products, and “refining” our diet by switching to products that support higher animal welfare standards. Conscious consumers can make the world a better place. With an open mind, I encourage you to break from your old food routine and dive into the world of plantbased foods. Stefanie Heath is the New York food and nutrition coordinator for The Humane Society of the United States.

Chickpea of the Sea Salad Sandwiches Recipe courtesy of Kristie Middleton, from her book Meatless and brought to you by Stefanie Heath-Higgins. visit www.kristiemiddleton.com

Move over, tuna! The surprise ingredient in these sandwiches? Chickpeas. This versatile legume takes on the taste of the sea while delivering a protein punch. SERVES 2 TO 4 TIME: 10 minutes active, 1 hour to chill, optionally 1 15-ounce can chickpeas ¼ cup egg-free mayonnaise (I like Just Mayo) 2 tablespoons pickle relish 1 stalk celery, finely diced 2 green onions, finely chopped Squeeze of fresh lemon juice Salt and pepper 1 teaspoon nori flakes, optional 4 to 8 slices bread or 2 to 4 whole wheat wraps Tomato slices, optional 4 large romaine lettuce leaves

Drain and rinse chickpeas. In a medium bowl, mash chickpeas with a potato masher or fork until crumbly. Combine remaining ingredients and mix well. Serve immediately by making sandwiches or wraps, or refrigerate for 1 hour or overnight. Makes 2 very stuffed or 4 lightly stuffed sandwiches or wraps. PRO-TIP: Mix in ¼ cup roasted, unsalted sunflower kernels to give the salad a little extra crunch and a blast of vitamins B and E. wouny.com • May 2017





Marny & Co.

Why Now?

Hair Studio

10 Rules for HER Retirement


A program for women designed by women. Retirement planning for women is crucial to maximize your chances of achieving financial security and maintaining it through retirement. Whether you’re just beginning to think about retirement or getting closer to your retirement date, join us for a networking event that includes a light fare lunch and refreshing drinks as you connect with other women from our CNY community and learn!

Wed, May 17, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM River Vista Center 810 South 1st Street Fulton, NY 13069

Register Here:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/whynow-10-rules-for-her-retirement -road-tickets-33487576242


For Mom or For You!

27 Cut


with Cassie or Kate


FREE Haircut

with any Color Service with Cassie or Kate Offer valid until May31, 2017. Cannot be redeemed after this date. One offer per customer. Not redeemable for cash.

Gift Certificates Available

Kimbrook Plaza 8395 Oswego Rd, Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Central New York’s Best Kept Secret




is a family owned and operated company that has been secretly providing your neighbors with resort vacations right in their own backyard since 1986.

Liverpool Pool & Spa has stayed focused on what we have been doing well for over 30 years. With over 25 Hot Tub Models on display, we have the largest and best selection in CNY. Discover the possibilities and affordability within our Hot Tub Superstore. Our highly trained, low pressure associates will take you through a guided tour to demonstrate all we have to offer. Let us help you with Making Every Day Better!

Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 9-7 • Fri. 9-6 • Sat. 9-4 • Sun. 11-4 315-414-0741 | 6804 Manlius Center Rd., E. Syracuse | Liverpoolpoolandspa.com


If you’re facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, turn to the experts at the Upstate Cancer Center. Each patient receives personal care, tailored to individual needs. Our multidisciplinary team is powered by radiologists (imaging), surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and pathologists to plan the most effective diagnosis and treatment. Upstate now offers the area’s only 3-D guided biopsy done while a patient is seated in a comfortable chair. This minimally-invasive procedure uses x-ray imaging to target areas which cannot be seen with standard mammography. The new procedure reduces biopsy time by more than half. As with all digital mammography, low-dose radiation is used.



Born to non-conform Progress is never blending in. The Audi Q5 represents everything we’ve learned from building one of the world’s most progressive vehicles. So we’ve loaded our groundbreaking SUV with technology and features that can deliver beyond the norm. Like standard Audi smartphone interface for simple connection with compatible devices,1 and available rear cross traffic assist2 that can sense approaching vehicles and apply brakes when needed. Equipped with our 2.0-liter TFSI® engine that can propel you from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds, the all-new Q5 leaves the status quo – and the competition – in the dust.3 The all-new Audi Q5 is here. audiusa.com/Q5

Audi Cicero 5885 East Circle Drive Cicero, NY 13039 315-233-5383 audicicero.com At The Crossroads of Central New York the intersection of Rt. 81 and Rt 481

¹ Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. See Owner's Manual for further details, and important limitations. ² Driver Assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner's Manual for further details, and important limitations. ³ Always obey local speed and traffic laws. “Audi,” “TFSI,” all model names, and the four rings logo are registered trademarks of Audi AG. ©2017 Audi of America, Inc.

Profile for Women of Upstate NY Magazine

Women of Upstate New York May 2017 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York May 2017 Issue

Women of Upstate New York May 2017 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York May 2017 Issue