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More than four decades ago, Crouse Hospital introduced our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Today, we’ve grown to become the premier—and highest level—NICU in the region. And we continue to grow, with a dedicated staff of renowned neonatologists, nurses and pediatric specialists who care for more than 1,000 infants annually from an area that stretches north to Canada and south to the Pennsylvania border. Together, we’re celebrating 40 years of intensive caring for the region’s tiniest premature and critically ill newborns and their families.

Baker Regional NICU Share your little fighter’s story or make a contribution at


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“Evaluate Your Thoughts” By: Molly Lizzio, MA, LPMFT “Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without need for conscious reasoning” This is what pops up when you goggle “Intuition”. We often refer to this as our “gut”. Advice everywhere is to “trust your gut” and “follow your intuition”. It sounds like good advice but there is a major flaw, and that is that trusting your gut exclusively is like saying “make decisions with your pancreas”. Intuition is important; it cannot be the sole ruler. Particularly in the US we put a strong emphasis on making logical and rational decisions. More than I’ve heard “go with your gut,” I’ve heard “use your head”. These are both worthwhile pieces of advice and in a perfect world the guidance we receive from each would be in alignment with the other, but as we know sometimes the gut and the head can be fierce adversaries. At times the two conflicting messages from the gut and the head can leave people feeling paralyzed with indecision and doubt. Both have good arguments, and undeniable evidence of either working out well for some people. It’s obvious to see how making a solid plan and checking facts and all variables, and moving when the time is right can be beneficial. And yet we’ve all heard the stories of people who have followed their intuition against all odds, against all reason and logic and came out the other side with their wildest dream realized. Just as much as either of those routes can lead to success, they can also fail spectacularly. Because someone can make all the plans in the world, and their best laid plans fall to pieces just as simply as taking a big risk from the depths of the gut can fall short. That’s part of what makes the decision so hard, because as good as what each is saying, each can also be completely wrong. The best hope we have is that knowledge will serve intuition. Knowledge and intuition are actually friendly companions. We can and should listen to our guts, but also fact check with our heads. At the end of the day it’s a coin toss of how it could shake out. What makes it hard to see the gut as reliable as the head is that it’s this thing that we don’t quite understand how it works. By definition it doesn’t appear to have “conscious reasoning”. We speak about intuition like it’s an old friend: “My intuition told me not to take the highway today”. It seems like this external and foreign being- as opposed to a part of our own. The danger to seeing intuition as separate from ourselves is that means we can lose it. Intuition can never be lost, remember it’s actually attached to knowledge, but the gut has a different and sometimes mysterious process for translating thought. And, so often, if understood correctly it’s dead on. This is why it’s important to have a solid understanding of our own personal selves. To sit quietly at times and listen to how we process things, big or small. Play around with your own intuition, so you can recognize and understand how it speaks to you. Evaluate your thoughts, and see if they’re actually logical, or if they’re based in feelings of fear and worry. At the end of the day whatever decision you make, whether you pull from the head or the gut, or find some middle ground between them- you have a chance to really get it wrong. There’s always a chance of failure, that’s never going away. But you could also really get it right. I have a hunch that when we make decisions that feel good to us and we can stand firmly behind them that is what actually determines our success.



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Is Chilly Weather hurting your teeth? W

E MAY FEEL the dropping temperature in our toes, but we shouldn’t be feeling it in our teeth! Some of us experience a shock of pain as we breathe in the crisp air, or sip some hot chocolate. Tooth sensitivity tends to manifest in temperature extremes, so we notice it more during the winter season. Sensitivity maybe a Cry For Help Tooth sensitivity is fairly common, but that’s no reason to ignore it. Tooth sensitivity could be your mouth’s signal that something is wrong. For the most part, solutions are simple. As we have seen over the years with most dental concerns, sensitivity is best dealt with early on. Some Causes of Sensitivity Can Lead To More Severe Problems Healthy teeth are guarded from extreme temperatures by the tooth’s enamel layer, and by your gums. Sensitive teeth may signal receding gums as a result of gum disease or over brushing. Sensitivity could also be caused by damaged enamel from a cracked tooth, acid erosion, or decay.

We Can Help You Find a Solution Whatever the cause may be of your sensitive teeth this season, it’s important to get it checked out by a dental healthcare professional. We can help you determine the cause, and find the right solution. It may be a simple change in your dental care regime or a dental procedure that will relieve your discomfort. No One Should Suffer From Tooth Pain We believe that no one should suffer from dental problems without the hope of a solution. Please talk to us if you ever have questions about your dental healthcare. We consider it an honor to be your trusted dentist, and to keep your teeth healthy for life. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Brent A. Bradford, DDS contact our office at 315-458-8844. We are conveniently located at 5100 W. Taft Road, Ste 4N, Liverpool, NY. Like us on FaceBook.



HIGHER TIGHTER PERKIER Without Implants Breast Rejuvenation By: Kristen Penfield,with Beth Phillips, RPAC


ll you want for Christmas is not your two-front teeth, any more…it’s two tight, firm and perky breasts! Most women long for their breasts to look like they did when they were young: full and shapely. As we age, most of us fight the look of our sagging breasts with what Victoria’s Secret promises their bras will do. It works. However, only when we’re dressed. At the end of the day, we release our breasts from constriction, and now we’re ready for the National Geographic photo shoot. Is it possible? Can we fight gravity? Can we have perky breasts without implants? YES! And it’s easier than you think! Phillips tells us that approximately 60% of the overall patients they treat come for breast rejuvenation and that surgery is typically performed in their outpatient center. A rounded, perkier breast is exactly the look most women want back. What does breast rejuvenation do for a woman, besides the obvious? Hundreds of women have reported countless benefits. It is a tremendous boost in their self-esteem. They are no longer self-conscious about their sagging breasts and are elated to wear the dress they have been avoiding prior to a lift. They happily put on their bathing suit and head to the beach because their breasts are no longer giving away their age, causing self-doubt. They wear the blouse in the back of their closet because their breasts no longer dictate their wardrobe! They are beautiful and fabulous, and most of all, confident! They insist that breasts do not have to be an indicator of age. By undergoing a breast lift, women not only look so much younger, but surge in self-confidence, making it worthwhile for life. Phillips said, “Many women like the



size of their breasts. A simple lift, called a Mastopexy, can obtain the look they had when they were younger. Aging, having children, breast feeding or weight loss change the look of breasts; causing them to ‘droop’. A simple lift can give a dramatically different appearance.” While implants improve the look of our breasts as well, we can also achieve a more youthful look without changing the size of our breasts. Phillips added, “Many women enjoy the look and feel of athletic breasts. They are their own breasts and keep the same size. A breast lift places the breasts in the position they once were before breastfeeding, weight changes and the natural aging process. Repackaging breast tissue in a small envelope gives a woman a much-improved look,” she added. Phillips said that women of all ages visit their Syracuse practice for breast enhancement surgery. It is a popular procedure that can enhance the breasts in a variety of ways: • Lifting breasts to a youthful position • Restoring a firm, rounded breast shape • Repositioning breasts that are not aligned • Reducing the size of enlarged areolas “There are three classifications of breast lifts, known as mastopexy that can improve Breast Ptosis (sagging of the breasts),” Phillips explained. For women with little to moderate breast ptosis, the Circumareolar Mastopexy is a perfect option. “This technique changes the size of the nipple areola and removes excess areola and breast skin, allowing the nipple and breast to be placed in a more desired position with minimalscarring,” claimed Phillips. “The Vertical Mastopexy, also known as a Lollipop Lift, is performed on women with moderate breast ptosis as

well as medium to large breasts,” Phillips said. “This lifts and repositions the bottomed-out lower portion of the breast. This technique removes the same tissue surrounding the areola, but also removes a portion of the breast skin below the nipple further tightening the skin around the existing tissue. This enhances the shape and contour of the breasts as well as lifts the breast,” she added. Patients with severe breast ptosis and large breasts might consider a Full Lift, or Anchor Lift, Phillips told us. “This is similar to the Vertical/Lollipop Mastopexy, but also excises a larger amount of lower breast skin down to the fold to further tighten and reposition the breast tissue, improving the shape at the bottom,” noted Phillips. “During your consultation, Dr. Deboni or Dr. Baum and our team will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that considers your improvement goals and lifestyle,” Phillips said. They can evaluate your condition and classify you in the appropriate breast ptosis category. Based on the degree of breast ptosis, Dr. Deboni and his team can recommend the best technique for you. So educate yourself, your husband or significant other…open the magazine to this page and place in front of them! You can visit CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center together and determine which procedure is best for you! For additional information on breast rejuvenation, including a 3D video animation of the process and all other procedures offered at CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery visit:

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Walking down the aisle with

Marie Victoria Leslie Gilbeaux is bringing classic back to the aisle...

“For an of-the-moment take on traditional, Marie Victoria offers a variety of sleek gowns with dynamic details—an ideal look for the contemporary bride with classic style.” —The Zoe Report By: Amari D. Pollard

We’ve all dreamt of the day. Slipping beneath the soft fabric to watch it fall beside you like an old friend in the mirror, holding onto your father as he helps you take your first steps towards a new future, the love spread across his face as he soaks you in. And although we know the love exchanged that day is the most important...we also know so is the dress. Women spend months, some even years, flipping through countless magazines and tearing through bridal stores trying to find the dress. But now, with the help of Marie Victoria Designer Leslie Gilbeaux, the search has gotten a whole lot easier. Named in honor of her influential grandmothers, Gilbeaux founded Marie Victoria in 2013 with a love for everything fashion, bridal and romance. Her designs offer a variety of fresh, sleek gowns for the modern bride searching for a classic look. “The collection embraces all the exciting emotions of a bride. It signifies an age of innocence; a time of breathtaking, young love,” said Gilbeaux. From a young age the designer showed an interest in fashion. Watching her mother and grandmothers' great sense of fashion evolve through her childhood, Gilbeaux was taught the importance of style and presentation. Fashion wasn’t just putting on a t-shirt and calling it a day, it was fun, playing with colors and textures in a way that transformed your body into a piece of art to be admired. During her years at Jamesville DeWitt High School Gilbeaux’s art teachers, Mr. Wenzel and Mr. Benedict, took notice of her natural talent and taught her techniques in painting, sculpture and drawing. As her lessons went on, a future in fashion became more and more appealing. So Gilbeaux spent a lot of her junior and senior year in high school building a portfolio for art school applications. And then came the letter from The Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD): Yes. Fashion was always the goal, but when it came to finding an area to focus on, bridal presented itself to her. Gilbeaux has always loved romance and attending weddings, seeing the love surround a ceremony and laced within the intricate details of a dress. “It’s such an exciting time for a bride and a beautiful way for a cou-



ple to make a lifetime commitment,” said Gilbeaux. “That’s really why bridal was the area I chose to pursue. I believe a bride deserves to look her absolute best on her wedding day, one of the most special days of her life.” Though her friends and family were never surprised by her desire to enter the fashion world and were always supportive of her dreams, like any other person pursuing a career, she did have some doubts. But that doubt gradually dissipated the more time Gilbeaux spent on SCAD’s campus and then after one special project, she couldn’t find it anymore. During her Introductory Foundations class Gilbeaux had to design a dress made out of paper. At first she began designing a simple knee length dress, but as she spent more time designing, it evolved into this intricate gown, overflowing with delicately pleated tissue layers—almost resembling the smooth waves of the ocean. Creativity just overtook her body, and in that moment, she knew a career in custom design was her future. People always say a similar moment happens when you realize you’ve made it, when your career is solidified in some way. Gilbeaux says she hasn’t had that feeling quiet yet and isn’t sure it will ever come, but she’s okay with that. “I’m just grateful that I have the opportunity to follow my passion and pursue my dream career,” said Gilbeaux. For her it was never and will never be about “the moment;” it’s just about waking up everyday and being exciting to work, challenging yourself and striving to get better. And maybe the moment or a moment may occur along the way, but as long as Gilbeaux is able to make each client happy by surpassing her expectations, she’s happy. All the other stuff—the awards, being named one of the five upand-coming bridal designers on The Zoe Report—is just extra. Gilbeaux is currently in the production process for her new collection and is looking forward to revealing it soon. Her focus is on providing the ultimate service in custom bridal design for brides in any city, and maybe that means moving back to Syracuse to open her own store one day….Who knows? But for now, Gilbeaux is happy where she is now: designing wedding dress and still dreaming big in Atlanta.


Follow Your Dreams Fashion was always the goal! “On the way to pursuing your dream, there will be countless challenges and naysayers, but never take ‘no’ for an answer.

Keep looking for your passion and when you find it, or it finds you, go for it.

-Leslie Gilbeaux WOUNY.COM • DECEMBER 2015



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• Two WOMEN’S ONLY Workout Rooms • Over 50 Group Fitness Classes Per Week including Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Women’s Kickboxing, Spin, Yoga, Water Aerobics, Strength Training & More. • National Certified Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, • Physical Therapy, Chiropractics, Massage • CrossFit and CrossFit Kids • Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna, Steam-rooms, • On-Site Child Care

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By: Tory Russo

ustomers crowd around the tables located on the left half of Syracuse’s downtown Funk ‘n Waffles. The house band finishes a tune as Melissa Gardiner, a local musician and jazz trombone instructor, approaches the mike to invite two of her students to play alongside the band. The boys step on stage, armed with trombones, and converse with the musicians before positioning themselves at the front of the bluish-white stream of lights. One of her students, Jacob Lawless, a seventeen-year-old with black-rimmed glasses, has come to play every week since Gardiner started hosting the Jazz Jams in May 2015. Thirty or forty people attend this Sunday’s session, which gives members of the community an opportunity to perform with local, professional musicians. As an active and influential member of Syracuse’s jazz scene, Gardiner creates and seeks events for enjoying live music. She will help CNY Central Jazz to celebrate its 20th anniversary as a performer in several of this seasons’ series, including Jazz at the Plaza, Jazz Vespers and Jazz@Sitrus. She played as a member of Aretha Franklin’s band at the 2015 Syracuse Jazz



Fest. She also leads MG3, a jazz organ trio featuring Gardiner on vocals and trombone, an instrument she started playing at 9 years old. She moved to Syracuse in eighth grade, graduated from Liverpool High School, attended the University of Michigan as an undergrad and earned a master’s degree in jazz performance from The Juilliard School. After completing her education, Gardiner stayed in New York City for less than a year and came back to Syracuse five years ago. The music scene in New York City differs from the one here by level of competitiveness, community support, and the amount of questions left unanswered. Gardiner often wondered if being female affected the decision to hire her or not. Although being surrounded by so many talented musicians served as a source of inspiration and motivation, at times she felt like people didn’t take her seriously. “Try not to lean on excuses or unfair practices,” Gardiner says. “Instead, try to be the best you can so that you can prove your point in a different way and have more power over it in the future.” She decided to move back upstate to live closer to her family and has become a member of a musical family, made up of Syracuse’s jazz performers.


Melissa Gardiner events like weddings and festivals, Gardiner and the group also walk through the streets to play music for the people in her neighborhood. However, most often, the crowd comes to her. Gardiner grabs her trombone, joining the house band and three students on stage. Together the group plays the last song of the Sunday jam session. The crowd stands up to leave, talking among themselves as the musicians pack up their instruments. One woman approaches Lawless as he weaves through the dining room towards the furthest table from the stage. She compliments him before following her kids out of the door. “I used to be a caterpillar,” says Lawless, explaining how shy and timid he used to feel about performing. However, after a year of lessons with Gardiner, he has the confidence to stand on the stage and play music beside peers, professionals and his teacher. “Now I’m a butterfly,” he says, a transformation he attributes to the teacher who makes him sing song lyrics at practice, even though he plays trombone.

Gardiner feels a responsibility to provide younger musicians in the community with the same support and opportunities that she had. She teaches lessons and is the first female jazz instructor at Syracuse University. At the beginning of the summer, Gardiner started the New Orleans-inspired brass band Second Line Syracuse. They played at the Westcott St. Cultural Fair. “The whole premise behind the brass band is to play music outside for the community, for all, to not make music an exclusive thing, rather to bring music to people where they’re at,” Gardiner says. In addition to performing at local’s WOUNY.COM • DECEMBER 2015


Tis’ the Season By: Jennifer Nastasi Guzelak ere we go again! Another holiday season has arrived and so has endless meals, parties that fill up every weekend on our calendars and food that seem to show up in every room of our house. It seems like it’s almost impossible to avoid gaining a few unwanted pounds.


As we sit slumped over in our chairs post-holiday meal, we wonder if there is ever going to be an end to the madness. Why do we continue to do this to ourselves every year?

Don’t skip meals. Eat your regular meals at their regularly scheduled times. You will be less likely to eat everything in sight if you keep yourself satisfied throughout the day. Go easy on the alcohol. Sorry guys, but alcohol can increase your appetite and lower your resolve to resist overeating. In addition, many holiday drinks have as many or more calories than a dessert. Try to limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage per occasion.

Since most of us already struggle with our weight and the will to exercise daily, this is something we just can’t sweep under the rug. Here are a few ways to keep your weight and your waistline in check: Sign-up for a weight loss contest! A little friendly competition will help keep you motivated and really light a fire under your butt. If you don’t want it, why are you eating it? How many times have you eaten something because you’re trying to be polite? Bah Hum Bug! Politely say, “No Thank You.” End of story. Have a plan before you go to a party! Know what you CAN and what you CAN’T have and stick to your guns. If you said you were going to pass on dessert, skip it.



Try something new! A good option is TRX Class packed full of strength exercises for your entire body on the TRX Suspension Trainers! Great for all ages and levels this class develops core stability, balance, strength and flexibility simultaneously while using your own body weight. Champions Fitness Center in Cicero has recently added TRX to its extensive Group Fitness schedule. Our sedentary lifestyles and lack of self-control are the real culprits for our holiday weight gain. You can still enjoy the holidays with family, friends and the ones you love. You just need to remember to make healthy food choices, eat in moderation, and stay active. Remember, it’s your day-to-day habits that will have the biggest impact on your weight-loss efforts. Happy Holidays

Move! Even if you only have thirty minutes a day, it’s better than doing nothing at all. Go for an early-morning jog, hit the gym after work, or go for a walk after a big holiday meal. Stay active to reduce stress. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the stress associated with the holidays. Go sledding, build a snowman, ski, or have a snowball fight with the in-laws.

Jennifer has been a personal Trainer at Champions fitness for over seventeen years. She is Certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), Apex Fitness Group, and the National Sports Conditioning Association (NSCA). She is also CPR, AED and First Aid certified. If you are looking to achieve your fitness goals, contact Jennifer at Champions Fitness Center.

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At CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we offer the latest cosmetic and aesthetic procedures with an impressive combination of extensive training and experience. Dr. Gregory Baum, Dr. Anthony Deboni and their knowledgeable staff have an uncompromising commitment to helping patients achieve a balance of natural-looking beauty and self-confidence.

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On Stage with Kara Lindsay


By: Tory Russo

n stage, she wears a baby-Blue Ball gown and a crystal-encrusted crown on top of her curly blonde hair. But when Kara Lindsay takes off the wig, she doesn’t feel like the selfish and superficial Glinda, her character and one of two female leads in the Broadway musical Wicked. Instead of forcing herself to fit the description defined by the role, she applies her quirkiness to Glinda. “If I bring my own heart to each role, I feel like I’m being the most honest,” Lindsay says. “I feel like I’m letting the audience see me and see the story, and have a real experience, instead of something that’s false.” She strives to make her characters relatable and to create a connection with the audience, because she recognizes how it influences their response. Having this opportunity to impact a crowd caused her to pursue a career in musical theatre. Lindsay made her Broadway debut four years ago as the reporter Katherine Plumber in Newsies, a Disney production based on the New York City Newsboy Strike of 1899. After playing this smart, “real-girl” role for two years, Lindsay joined the cast of Wicked for its second national tour in 2014. The acclaimed musical, which has won a Grammy Award and three Tony Awards, tells the story of what happened to Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West before Dorothy visited Oz. Lindsay continues to perform as Glinda at the Gershwin Theatre in midtown-Manhattan. The Rochester-native received her first role in sixth grade in Pirates of Penzance, a two-act comedy. She had danced for several years and decided to audition as a tapper to spend time with her friends, who also tried out for the musical. Although Lindsay had performed in front of crowds before, she remembers her shyness showing when she got on the stage in front of hundreds of people. “I felt more vulnerable, so it sort of scared me,” Lindsay says. “But it also opened up a whole different part of me that I never knew I had.” She discovered she could sing. As she got older, she continued auditioning for musicals and landed some lead roles, which meant she had to perform solos. She also participated in show choir, raising money with the group to travel to competitions, and attended a summer conservatory program at Geva Theatre Center in Rochester. Every time touring shows made stops in her city, she tried to attend the master class, a workshop for students led by the cast members. The shy sixth-grader grew to love musical theatre. When she saw the performance of Ragtime - a show that follows the three lives of an upper-class mother, a Jewish immigrant and a Harlem musician living in




Wicked Munchkinland Tour

Photo by: Joan Marcus



“I never thought that I’d be allowed to play this role” New York City at the early twentieth century - she decided to pursue performing as a profession. The range of emotions she experienced as an audience member, from weeping to laughter to anger, helped her to confirm it. She thought: “I want to do that for people too. I want to make them feel like they’re not in this world, [like] they’re in a whole other realm.” She started applying to colleges, which required her to attend auditions. Her mom took her to everyone. Although she visited many schools, only a few accepted her. Lindsay decided on The Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, the number-one program for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre in the country. It trains the best performers in the business, including Stephen Schwartz, who wrote the musical version of Wicked. Studying among students who already had years of intensive training, from places like the Interlochen Arts Academy boarding high school in Michigan, caused that shy girl to resurface. She was scared. About halfway through her freshman year, Lindsay began to seriously doubt herself. She wasn’t sure if a public school education had prepared her as well as the other students. She didn’t know if she wanted to study musical theatre any longer. However, her mom convinced her to continue. After graduation, Lindsay moved to New York City. She managed to pay a low rent by sharing an apartment with five other people. She survived by eating peanut butter and jelly, skim milk, and broccoli. Her mom later told her that she worried about her daughter when she lived like this. Nevertheless, Lindsay’s hard work,



ambition and sacrifice started to pay off in 2009 when she was cast as Laura in Little House on the Prairie, the musical adaption of the children’s books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The show played at Paper Mill Playhouse over the river from NYC in Millburn, New Jersey. Melissa Gilbert, who starred as Wilder in the Little House on the Prairie television series, was cast as the mother. Lindsay was excited and nervous to work with the well-known Gilbert, who she now knows as friendly and supportive. The two became very close and still keep in touch.

In 2012, Lindsay finally got her own big break. She made her Broadway debut in Newsies as Katherine Plumber. Harvey Fierstein, who wrote the book, or the narrative structure of the musical, invented Katherine. Since the character did not exist in the movie, Lindsay created the role. “I got to be the first to say those words and sing those songs and really make this character my own,” Lindsay says. She sang on the musical’s original Broadway cast recording, an opportunity that still amazes her. The cast also performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Lindsay loved the role of Katherine because it fulfilled her childhood dream of being a Disney princess, although she’s

not included on the stereotypical list that many people would know or recognize. “She was the best version of a Disney princess,” Lindsay says. The character is real and relatable, unlike female characters that only wear sequined, sparkling dresses. Katherine gives young girls a different type of role model, one that is smart, brave and attainable. Unlike playing Katherine, the role of Glinda was already created. She’s written to have a very active and involved stage presence. “I never thought that I’d be allowed to play this role,” Lindsay says, as she warns that she might start to cry. “I’ve been asking to go for it since I graduated, but I was really more of a Nessa, who’s the brunette in the show.” Nessa, or Nessarose Thropp, is the younger sister of the Wicked Witch of the West. She becomes the Wicked Witch of the East. Because brown-haired Lindsay looks more like Nessa than Glinda in real life, she didn’t think she would ever get the part of the Good Witch. She also worried about how to hit the high notes written into the role of Glinda. The character has to sing high C’s and Lindsay always had trouble in the soprano range. She has turned down auditions in the past from being too scared to sing that high. Luckily, she didn’t have to sing these notes at the audition for Glinda, but when it came to rehearsal, she could only get them on her best days. With the help of a voice teacher, who Lindsay calls a scientist, she has trained herself to do it everyday. “With Glinda, it’s a totally different sort of accomplishment. I am doing something I never thought I would be able to do,”

Wicked with Kara and Caroline Bowman Photo by: Joan Marcus

Disney’s NEWSIES Kara with Jeremy Jordan Photo by: T. Charles Erickson

“We are all in it together”

Lindsay says. “I feel like I’m proving myself wrong and proving other people wrong at the same time. It’s a challenge everyday that I feel so lucky to be able to do.” Her career raises several concerns that most people don’t consider on a day-to-day basis. One comes from working in front of an audience. The cast relies on the crowd, which can be difficult when spectators cause disturbances, like looking at their cell phones during the show. The light from the screens reflects onto their faces, which can create distractions. However, the audience’s reactions are usually positive. “That’s the beautiful thing about live theatre in contrast to a movie. We’re all in it together. They’re a part of the storytelling, and they don’t realize it,” Lindsay says. “They’re giving us energy, and they’re giving us the rhythm of the show.” Sometimes performers loose that momentum and forget a line or can’t remember what to do next. When this happens to Lindsay, she often repeats her line until she recalls it, which can get confusing for the other actors. It’s even more difficult to recover if she messes up while she’s singing, because the orchestra continues to play the music. “I have such stage fright, and I think that stems from back when I was younger, and I was really shy,” she says. “I’m really scared of messing up.” She’s devised a method to calm herself down, which involves centering herself, finding herself in that moment and rationalizing the mistake by reminding herself that it’s just a play, and she’s allowed to make a mistake. The time commitment required by her career also presents a unique set of challenges. She only gets one day off per week and is allowed two vacations per year. Currently Lindsay and her husband Kevin Massey, also a musical theater actor, maintain a long-distance relation WOUNY.COM • DECEMBER 2015


“My family has been extremely supportive of this career choice”

ship while Massey tours with A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. When she does have time off, it’s hard to choose between spending time with her husband or visiting her family in Rochester. She tries to visit upstate as much as she can because of her close relationships with her mom and her sister. They talk to one another at least once per week. “My family has been extremely supportive of this career choice, especially around the holidays. That’s when we work the most, because we’re generally the Christmas gift for people - tickets to a show on Christmas Day,” Lindsay says. “So we have to work. That means I don’t get to be with my family.” When she finishes with Wicked, Lindsay plans to spend time with them. Although she feels blessed and humbled from the last four years of continuous work, she needs a vacation at home. Lindsay loves getting back to Rochester. She uses every excuse to go to Wegmans as often as possible. “It’s a magical place,” she jokes. However, the city also has access to opportunities in the arts that are not available everywhere. Its proximity to New York City means artists can come Upstate to teach. Between the school system and local programs in the arts, young students in Rochester can graduate with impressive educations and experiences, which can lead to success stories like Lindsay’s or that of Donna Lynne Champlin, a star on The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Champlin graduated from the same high school as Lindsay and even wrote her a recommendation letter for college. She’s someone Lindsay admires. Looking back, Lindsay realizes she received an amazing education at her public school in Rochester. It was a waste of her time and energy to compare herself against her peers at Carnegie Mellon. She knows now that it doesn’t help anyone to analyze their talent or success against other women in the industry. The best advice she has comes from her mom, who told her to always be yourself and be the best you that you can be. “What’s so great about Wicked is it’s a story about two girls supporting each other’s strengths,” Lindsay says. “I think that’s what we need more of in our society: women supporting women. It does exist, but we always need more of that.”

Kara and the Cast of NEWSIES Photo By: Deen van Meer




Meet Margie Hughto By Audrey Levinson

Margie in her studio

NYC Subway NYC Subway



Margie Houghto


By Audrey Levinson

Cruise Boat Reflection

Primordial Sunset




rtist/Ceramicist Margie Hughto is one of Syracuse’s crowned jewels. Margie is Professor at Syracuse University School of Art, Ceramics. She grew up in Endicott, NY, the daughter of hard-working Russian immigrants. I asked her “When did you realize that you wanted to become a ceramicist?” She said when she was an undergraduate at Buffalo State University. When Margie was in high school, she loved art and produced paintings that won awards but did not have the opportunity to learn how to create with clay. Her parents, encouraged by her talents and interest in art sent her off to Buffalo State University. There was one stipulation, get an art education degree. Her love for clay came when she created a painting. She included things into the paint such as a leaf dipped in gesso, then she would lightly brush over it with watercolors leaving a texture. So, when she discovered what she could do with clay it was a natural fit for her creations. She became fascinated with not only the textures she could embody in the clay but what she could produce with the glazes and the surprising results after firing her work. She said that every time she opened the kiln, it’s like Christmas to her. “It’s like working with a secret collaborator.” Maggie graduated from college a time when the field of fine art was still a male-dominated field. However, she could show in galleries in her early twenties with other artists that were men. At that time, women’s art was not taken as seriously. So this was another tribute to her talent as an artist. She was unique. Margie created what she still calls to this day “Clay Paintings.” She relates her work to the female situation, using quilting as an example. She explained that it was hard for a woman to be an artist as far back as the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in this country so women would save pieces of fabric, ribbon and other

scraps of that sort and create these wonderful quilts. This was acceptable in their world as a way of being artists. It was a domestic skill. Margie creates all of those parts and pieces in clay, fused together and becoming her incredible clay paintings. Her studio is filled with tables that have the many interesting pieces, parts, and in progress projects. However, during her time in Buffalo, she knew an art dealer who told her about a project slated for the Buffalo Subway Stations. It was the largest public art project in the country, and they received one point two million dollars for it. Seventy-five artists applied for the project, and Twenty-one were chosen. Margie was one of the Twenty one. When she submitted her ideas, she then was asked to make a model to be placed in the local mall, to get public reactions. Margie complied, and she won her first venue. She was assigned the walls of the Utica St station to beautify with her artistry. She created giant slabs of texture and color, 14’ x 32’ that covered the original walls from floor to ceiling and selecting the theme “The change of seasons.” They are still there today and every bit as gorgeous as the day they were installed.


I asked her about her most famous public art, and she said it was originally beneath the street at Twin Tower II. She explains, “One day; I got a call from a woman who told me I was in the final four.” Unbeknown to her someone submitted her name. She was asked to go to NYC to look into the project and see the space. She had one month

to create a model of what she would do with it and a half-hour to present the project. Margie said she walked into the meeting where twelve people from the director to custodians were waiting to see what she came up with. Margie won the job and said, “I felt honored. I love these projects. It’s a lot of problem solving. It’s a lot of fun.” Her idea was to create the feeling of a treasure room. With Wall St. being so close, this area was saturated with people who work in finance and this would be her general public. She created twelve ceramic murals with images of coins and dollars to the bull and bear. Her inspiration was taken from the great Egyptian tombs and the ancient Babylonian Gates of Ishtar. Then, the worst happened. The twin towers were struck down by terrorists, and destruction was everywhere. Three days after the horrible event, Margie received a call from the Metropolitan Transit Association expressing sympathy for the loss of these great works. Three months later, workers finally made their way down to where the murals had been installed. Like a scene from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, they found murals dirty from debris with metal doors laid against them. Things looked dim, but once they cleaned the area up. They found not a scratch on them. The director of the MTA called Margie and told her the good news. Margie says, “the power of clay!” The station was to be shut down so the murals had to come off of walls. The task was difficult, since they were meant to be permanently sealed. Onethird of the murals were damaged in the removal. So, in 2009, Margie began work on the replicating package. She duplicated them and sent them back to join the others. The mural now adorns the Cortland St. Station, which is where you get off to go to ground zero. All the murals are surrounded by glass and granite offsetting the murals like jewels. Margie likes to go to that station and watch the reactions of people as they walk by. “Hundreds of thousands of people walk by the murals everyday. It’s very satisfying to me.” Margie is inspired by Jean DuBuffet because of the textural qualities of his paintings. “He is like a mad scientist” she said. Henri Matisse, especially for his paper cuts. She loves the way Matisse said that cutting into the paper was like cutting right into the paint for him. Margie’s latest works will culminate in a show in NYC. There will be, among other clay paintings by Margie, three long clay paintings called Ponds at Sunset. They look as if Monet may have had a hand in these creations.


Margie was invited and recently attended the reopening of the Renwick Gallery of The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC by First Lady Michelle Obama WOUNY.COM • DECEMBER 2015



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I’ll be home forChristmas By: Christine Vickers, MLS,CAS


olidays and traditions are intertwined. According to Webster, a tradition is defined as a belief or story relating to the past or the handing down of information, beliefs and customs. Central New York is an area steeped in holiday traditions. From the celebratory lighting of the Christmas Tree in Clinton Square on Thanksgiving weekend, the annual Erie Canal Museum Gingerbread gallery, the lighting of the Menorah in Hanover square, Syracuse City Ballet’s presentation of The Nutcracker, the extravaganza that is lights on the Lake and the list continues. Visit any popular watering hole around Upstate NY in December and you’ll hear talk of seasonal events and remembering of holidays’ past. A few readers shared memories of holiday traditions and events that are meaningful to them. Former Booneville resident Gretchen Valentine shares that her family’s favorite tradition is the red and green egg casserole that’s on the table every Christmas morning. Stephanie Sindoni, from Jamesville shares, “The tradition that stands out most for me is from childhood. On Sundays during advent, we would go ice skating then enjoy sweet rolls and hot chocolate. After that we would light our advent candle, red candles, as is the German tradition.”Kathy Hardy reflects, “I remember going to the Teddy Bear Tea with my Mom. It was an adorable event where little girls dressed up in their holiday attire and brought their favorite teddy bears to tea.” Jennifer DiBianco notes that the visiting the Everson Museum’s Festival of Trees is a not to be missed holiday tradition she shares with her Mom. Janice Harvey from

Liverpool heads out to Skaneateles each December to take in the revelry of a Dickens Christmas. These traditions are particularly special to those of us who have left the comfortable confines of CNY and return home around this time each year. For all the talk of blizzards, lake effect and whiteouts, December gives us the Syracuse that truly sparkles. The air stings with its cold crispness, and faces are flushed. The brownish ugly snow banks are at least a month away, and the white stuff glistens on porches and roofs. Add some Christmas lights and ordinary homes become like gingerbread houses. Even Santa might be fooled into thinking it resembles the North Pole. The cold-weather blues have not yet set in, and most folks are downright cheery. There is something about the anticipation of a New Year that brings hope and excitement. Traditions that are meaningful for me revolve around, faith, family and food! For as long as I can remember we have had a big celebration on Christmas Eve with a large cherished group of extended family. Keeping with the Italian tradition we celebrate with the Feast of the seven fishes. We haven’t always had all 7, but it’s a smorgasbord of seafood nonetheless. The centerpiece dish was always the salted cod or Baccala with olives. My Dad prepared the meal assisted by my mother. Preparation was meticulously planned and would take weeks, buying the food, soaking the cod, stuffing the squid, stuffing the artichokes, making the sauce, all of these tasks done ahead of the big day. Christmas Eve was devoted to cooking the pasta and frying the codfish fritters and basically cooking anything that needed to be served fresh. My father had it down to

a science and years later we continue to be amazed at how he managed to do it all while battling a chronic illness. It really was the most important day of the year for him, and he took great pride in maintaining the traditions of his family. The other tradition we had was attending midnight mass. At Christmas my sister and I, both sang with the choir. Though I recognized many, there were some faces of my youth, people who were important to me, who were not there. Former rector Father Joseph Champlin, music director Duane Sutton and my Dad are all enjoying the holidays with the angels now. If I closed my eyes while listening to the music, it was Duane playing the organ, and I could almost hear my sister’s strong alto ringing in my ear. As I scanned the congregation, I caught myself looking for my father who stood taller than most in a crowd in his long camel hair coat. I still go home every Christmas. We celebrate with family and friends though the venue and time have for mass have changed to more child-friendly hours. My brother in law, a non-Italian but a masterful cook and patient fellow, prepares most of our feasts. In mid December, I’ll listen to my children sing for the first time at their Christmas pageant at our church in Northern Virginia. However, before we begin our annual 7 hr seasonal trek north, I’ll be cranking the holiday tunes on my iPhone. My favorite one “I’m I tonight of a place I love even more than I usually do, and although I know it’s a long road back. I promise you” What are your Holiday Traditions? Sometimes they will get lost with time, maybe it is a great time to start new ones or pick up the old ones. To all, Warmest wishes this holiday season and peace in the New Year! WOUNY.COM • DECEMBER 2015


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he Holidays can bring joy and hope to people around the world. The problem for me is the commercialism. Maybe it’s the Christmas decorations that come out at Halloween. Or the music that starts before Thanksgiving. The television screaming, “buy this, buy that”. And then the parties with all the cookies, cakes and chips and dips. I know so many people just revel in all this but I keep hoping for January. Our entire culture goes through this annual merry go round where we all eat, drink, and shop like there is no tomorrow and then wake up on January 1st with resolutions. It’s always interesting to me that we keep doing it over and over and somehow seem surprised when we are heavier in the waist and leaner in the pocketbook at the start of every year. It reminds me of the quote by Tony Robbins, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. Traditions are quaint but change can be so liberating. If we are not happy with what we wake up with on January 1st, then we need to start making changes now. How can we enjoy the Holidays without losing all our good intentions? How can we change when our whole country is stuck in this dynamic? Think bold. Let go of what doesn’t work for you. Be true to yourself. Start New Traditions. Close your eyes and think about what your perfect holiday would look like. Think about what matters most to you and do that. Often times it’s the simple things that mean the most. When we try to do it all, we get overwhelmed and stressed. Make your holiday special by doing less. It really works. To keep your health goals in check, modify your holiday menu. Try more vegetarian dishes. Check out recipes on line that decrease the amount of cream and butter. Although the old recipes may be tradition,




By Linda Quinn, MS, RDN the new recipes can leave you feel lighter. Add more seasonal fruit to add flair and nutrients. Live in the moment. When we are rushing around we can often miss those magic moments. Slow down and take it in. Plan your day to include your meals, workouts and loved ones. These are the things that matter most. The rest is just stuff. Overspending can lead to overeating. If you go over your budget to buy all the things you and family want, you might find yourself stressed out when the bills start rolling in come January. Many of us are stress eaters. If you’ve overindulged over the Holidays, increased stress can make matters worse. Think before you spend. More stuff never made anyone happier. A 2009 study conducted by Dr. Eva Munster of the University of Mainz in Germany found that people who are in debt are at a much higher risk for obesity than people who do not over spend. Researchers noted that “In the situation of over-indebtedness, eating can become a compensation and gratification.” Make treats special by keeping them infrequent. Think quality over quantity. Although an occasional cookie can be a sweet treat, many of us are eating them every day. When the Holidays come we seem to need to eat more, to make it feel different. Realize this in yourself. If you can’t resist a Holiday treat, then cut back or eliminate daily treats. Focus on fruits and vegetables instead of energy bars and drinks. You may find your sweet tooth will lessen. Then when you do indulge make it count. Pick what you love and savor every bite. Buy Local. During the Holidays we rush around for gifts for everyone. Often times they are items that people don’t want or need. Instead of filling our lives with more

“stuff ” think about food and health focused gifts. Think about local retailers that sell dark chocolate, coffee, olive oil, fresh baked goods and soup mixes. I am always amazed at all the fun things I find at the Regional Market and Armory Square. One year I gave my relatives bags of apples and they were so grateful. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to share a special gift. Buying local helps your community flourish and will make you shine. Honor your body, your greatest gift of all. Whether you are religious or spiritual, your body is your temple. As we age the importance of good health magnifies. Make time for yourself, whether it is 10 minutes or 2 hours. Don’t skip meals or your workouts. During this time of year staying on schedule is the surest way to stay sane and reduce stress. Eat breakfast every day. Skipping this important meal can increase your weight. Researchers in Israel found that overweight women who ate more calories at breakfast and fewer at dinner lost more weight and reduced inches off their waist. Even when eating the exact same amount of calories throughout the day, those that ate more in the morning lost more weight. Be Grateful. We are so fortunate to be in America living in warm homes and able to obtain all we need. We often think we want more, but striving for more material things will not improve our lives. Being grateful for our amazing lives can help us cherish what we already have. This Holiday Season, start your own traditions. Less is more. Linda Quinn, MS, RDN is Chief Happiness Hero for Island Girl Living, LLC. Look for her “Island Girl Living Diet” in our January 2016 Issue.

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What you may not know! By Leah Wolf

any young people see it every day. There is a dramatically skinny girl, sitting across the table from you at lunch. She picks at her salad, saying that she isn’t hungry even though you can hear her stomach rumble. Her hair is falling out, and her skin is sallowed from malnutrition. An epidemic of eating disorders is sweeping the world.


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder, and one of the most well-known. When one has anorexia, they severely restrict their eating and tend to exercise constantly, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. NEDA includes symptoms such as dehydration, osteoporosis, and the fear of gaining weight. One may take laxatives, and become extremely preoccupied with food. Extreme thinness, irritability, and being cold often can also be indicators. Anorexia has become an epidemic in America. Since the late 1990s, eating disorders has increased by close to 120%. This staggering number has many causes, yet no one is positive which traits or influences make a person more susceptible. However, there are some good guesses. When teenage girls and women see stick-thin models, the standard of beauty in the west, paraded around on magazines and TV it is bound to create some feelings of inadequacy. This applies to young men as well. While they may not want the extreme thinness that it seems many are after, a culture that lauds chiseled biceps, pectorals, and abdominals also add to a sense of failure. Males often seek an obscenely muscled body. Although these two reactions may seem to be the exact opposite, they are both eating disorders.

The Mayo Clinic states that doctors also believe that there is a psychological component to anorexia nervosa. Some personality traits, such as perfectionism or obsessive-compulsive disorder, make it easier for one to focus on an extreme diet or exercise whereas a different person would find it too arduous to stick to the plan. It is important to remember that having those characteristics does not mean that you will fall victim to an eating disorder. Furthermore, some doctors attribute certain genes to an increased risk of anorexia. The exact genes are not known, but there is a possibility that the two are linked. Every teenager has at least one friend who is anorexic. It is hard to go through school without knowing someone that has been touched by this disorder. Anorexia, or any eating disorder, is going to be harmful to your body. People are hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration, but those are not the only complications. The National Eating Disorders Association says that the extreme thinness associated with the disorder can cause other problems, such as osteoporosis. Someone who is 20 could have the bones of an 80-year-old. This eating disorder can cause more long-term problems, such as infertility. When a female gets below a certain weight, she ceases to menstruate, according to NEDA. In the future, that may make it hard for her to come to a full term with her child no matter what her weight is when she tries. Anemia, causes loss of testosterone in men, and kidney complications are all risks associated with anorexia nervosa, says Mayo Clinic.

People suffering from anorexia can be helped. It is often a matter of getting someone to realize that they have an eating disorder, and then to get them to the proper professionals. Unfortunately, many people with anorexia do not realize that they have a problem, or that it is having a negative impact on their lives. They may see it as positive, because they are on their way to a “perfect” body. Of course, if someone is dangerously underweight, then they need to get to a hospital before all else. Counseling and having a controlled diet will help them, but only with time. If a life is endangered, then the hospital is the best place for them at that moment. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, five to-20% of those with it will die. Anorexia nervosa is becoming incredibly widespread. The first steps to recovery are making them realize that they have a problem. The best way to do this is to talk to a trusted friend or adult. Simply speaking about it will do wonders for the mental state of someone who is anorexic. By spreading the word about anorexia nervosa, we are slowly helping people realize that eating disorders is not the answer to a culture that demands the perfection of our bodies. Letting it become an issue that can be talked about without judgement is an important step to eradicating this problem from the world. For more information go to locally, www. 315-671-2202 or 315-451-5544.





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