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Beautifully Sculpted Dr. Anthony Deboni and Beth Phillips, RPAC, have over 50 years of combined surgical experience. Together they provide a compassionate approach with unparalleled skills for impeccable results. Trust yourself to Syracuse's Dynamic Surgical Duo. • Tummy Tuck • Liposuction • Buttock Lift • Arm Lift • Breast Lift • Breast Augmentation • Botox® & Dermal Fillers • PRP Injections • And More! Call for your free consultation: 315-329-6602

Dr. Anthony Deboni is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Crouse Hospital. Beth Phillips, RPAC in addition to being involved in all aspects of patients’ surgical care, is an Allergan Certified Master Injector. Together they possess years of specialized training, decades of combined experience and an outstanding dedication to patient care.



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Tolerance Out There Productions X-mas, New Years -Taxes Parking Lot Overdose Cover- Kaleigh Legosi Holiday Finds In Art - Maria Wiklund Game Night D’s Beauty Bar Fresh Faces - Jordan Arnold

Cover: Luciano Miceli

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“We are how we treat each other when the day is done!” Nothing More by: The Alternative Routes



Tolerance By: Mary McCandless


funny thing happened the other day; I was driving down the road and noticed a bumper sticker that said, “Exercise Tolerance.” I looked at it and said, “Very true; we all should be a little more tolerant.” What surprised me was this very car did the unexpected they were intolerant and honked their horn at a car in front of them and then sped round the corner. I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head.

We as a society deal with tolerance in our everyday lives. We have to tolerate things, actions or people that we may not agree with. As parents, we need to exercise a lot of patience for our child who may become unruly and throw a temper tantrum. We will tolerate for a short time, but we have to put a stop to it. If we do not, then we are telling the child that it is ok to act out, and that will only reinforce their bad behavior. The same can be said to the boss or person who is just getting on your last nerve, whether it is their insensitive actions or opinions that may not agree with we try to ignore it. Sometimes it is difficult to ignore, so what can you do? Tolerance can be hard especially when you keep it in or do not change your situation to avoid it. It can lead to stress and high blood pressure and who needs that? It is okay to let that person know that their actions are unsettling, and that you would prefer they keep opinions or actions away from you. In the situation of a boss, if it is that unbearable, find another job or try to avoid contact with your boss. We are in a less tolerant world today. Our impatience and need to get everything done in a millisecond has led us to it. Who or what is to blame for this? Have our opinions become so fractured that we cannot agree to disagree and move on? Can we slow down just a little and realize that everyone cannot be like us? Has technology taken us too far? For me, as an Aries we are the least tolerant people. We are impatient and move at warp speed and expect everyone to be at the same speed we are going. Aries expects people to know what they are thinking and to be acting on it before we even say anything. I know that is crazy, and It has always been hard for me to be tolerant since I have those traits. So what have I done? I have to stop myself and realize that I need to slow down. Not everyone is moving as fast as me nor can they read my mind. When I do stop myself, I find that I can get more done in less time. The stresses that I put on myself made me waste time. What can all of us do to be more tolerant? When we find ourselves losing our patience, stop yourself and think through the situation. If you are in a traffic jam, put on some soothing music because there is nothing you can do about it, and it may make you feel better. Do you have a person who is always getting on your last nerve? The best thing to do is explain to that person why you feel that way. It could save a friendship or make your work enviroment much better. In the end, if we are all a bit more tolerant, it might become contagious and who knows maybe we can help change the world! Heaven knows we need it. Now that would be wonderful! Happy Holdiays!



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Booty Call


hen it comes to butts, times sure have changed. I laughingly discuss with my contemporaries how hard we tried to decrease the size of our derrières back in the 70’s and 80’s. Those were times of Jane Fonda workout tapes, hard-core aerobics classes, and thin woman with minimal curves seemed to be the ideal body type. Not anymore! Curves are the current fashion! Over the past several years, I have heard so much more about women (and men), wanting a little more “junk in their trunk”! Terms like “Bootylicious” have become more than just widespread slang. So much that the word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004. A procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift has gained much popularity and the increase in numbers of that procedure are impressive. We have seen a significant increase at our office locally. This is no longer a procedure that performed only by a few surgeons in areas like Miami and LA. It has become quite commonplace throughout the country and throughout the world. The ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) states that the number of Buttocks lifts performed in the US is up 252% since the year 2000. The ASPS statistics show that buttock implants were the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery in 2015. They called this another “year of the rear” because when tallied, overall, there was on average, a buttock procedure every 30 minutes of everyday! There are 3 main buttock lift procedures. Buttock implants, traditional butt lift by surgical resection, and butt augmentation using fat, aka the Brazilian Butt lift. Buttock implants are silicone implants

By: Beth Phillips,RPAC that are made specifically for the buttocks. A pocket is made via an incision that will likely blend with a natural crease and the implant is inserted and closed around it. The implant is either placed within the gluteal muscle or above it. The implant is permanent and will not change in size. Traditional Butt Lift, sometimes called an upper butt lift, is where an incision is made across the top of your buttocks and skin and underlying fat is removed and/ or repositioned. This is most commonly performed when there is a significant amount of excess skin. We tend to use this technique most commonly in patients that have had a significant weight loss. While this is the most effective in some patients, it also is the most invasive and has the longest healing time. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that employs liposuction to take fat from unwanted areas on the body and reinjects it into the buttocks to make them more full and lifted. Liposuction is commonly performed from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and back (often known as the dreaded bra rolls!). By thinning these areas and augmenting the buttocks, an otherwise “squared-off ” appearance of the butt can be made to look more shapely and youthful. A bonus of this procedure is that it gives a patient the added benefit of liposuction which helps to get a more balanced result. The incisions are usually very small, approximately half of a centimeter, and therefore, they tend to heal very rapidly. The downside of using fat is that there is no way to be sure how much will “take”. Most surgeons are finding that the surprising majority (on average 60-80%) of the fat remains viable.

modest amount of volume to create the desired effect. Not everyone interested in this procedure wants a booty like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce or J Lo. Based on the body type of an individual, one of these options may yield the best outcome. It is always important for someone who is considering a Buttock Lift to be evaluated by a provider that has experience in all of these procedures. Together they can make a decision on which one would be the best option for them. So, Women of Upstate NY...Bottoms Up!! The ASPS has an animated informational video: For more information contact CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at 315-663-0112

I think many people believe that buttock surgery is for people that want excessively large buttocks. That is not always the case. Much of the time the expected results are just to improve contour by adding a



Collaborating for a Better Future


ollaboration is an important element of the entertainment industry these days. Mesh together two talented groups of people and who knows what can happen. I spoke with Erin Miller, the Founder of Out There Productions; a creative agency, production house, and squad of motivational speakers rolled into one package. I also got some insights from Iara Rogers Benchoam and Sarah Grabman of Etc. Pictures. All opened up about how and why this new project. “No Nuts” was able to successfully get off the ground and into the world, and what it’s like to start such an ambitious journey. Tell me how this all got started and why? Erin Miller: “There are two awesome lady-run production companies in Syracuse. My co-founder, Losa Amara Meru, and I run Out There Productions. Sarah Grabman and Iara Rogers Benchoam run, Etc. Pictures. This summer, we all decided to collaborate on producing a script written by Sarah, a story that took two years to complete. When you’re passionate about making movies, you gotta make movies. So we made ‘No Nuts.’” Iara & Sarah: “People don’t tell you much about your founding year, what it takes to form a company and figure out how to feel fulfilled as people while doing work you care about. We sticky-noted our apartment and printed out inspirational quotes and developed our mission, vision, website, launch party, and vlog with a small team.



By: Abbey Adams Many said “you’re very young” when told that this first year we worked at a YMCA filmmaking class in New Hartford, created a Kickstarter video, created a Fitkids promotional video in Oneida, produced three (3) thesis films… and much more.” What has this been like for Etc. Pictures? What does the future hold? Iara & Sarah: “We are breathing in the past year to hone into our wants and dreams as individuals and as Etc.. Currently our 501c-3 is processing while we flesh out our five (5) and ten (10) year business plan, learn how to run a sustainable org in the Syracuse community in The Learning Classroom at The Community Foundation with Erin Miller, Marie Pfeiffer, Losa Amara Meru, and Tory Russo in an 8-month program, and are producing Blue Toes, a Syracuse Thesis Film and our 2nd Etc. Project: Getting Out There workshop and short film with local youth.” Why focus on the youth? EM: “Youth need mentors. On a film set, young people have the opportunity to learn leadership skills in a very unique way. Our two-day workshop taught young people about filmmaking on and off screen, as well as how to develop their own characters to communicate them onscreen for ‘No Nuts.’ We also collaborate with The Media Unit in Downtown Syracuse with the Executive Director, Walt Shepperd. One of our four tiers of the Etc. Project is ‘Youth Empowerment: We believe mentorship and

learning to tell your own story are two key paths to growing young leaders.’” What is your stance on the entertainment industry in Syracuse? EM: “The film industry in Syracuse is emerging right now. There’ve been strong efforts for technical film set education through the CNY Film Professionals. Their goal is to provide classes and workshops for people to obtain gainful employment in the film industry in Central New York. When it comes to modern filmmaking, we are on the rise. The city of Syracuse is evolving, and filmmakers are making more and more movies here. High-quality productions can be made outside of New York City and Los Angeles. We got this up here.” Explain the funding process for this and how/why it was successful for your team? EM: “Our seed funding for pre-production came from private sponsors. The rest of our funding came from our successful Kickstarter campaign, where we raised $3000 over our goal. We are actively looking for an executive producer to help us finish the post-production process of this film. How was the casting process? What was local talent like? EM: “Our local talent consisted of 11 young people from the Central New York area. Some of them came from connections from a previous Etc. Pictures film called Kalyse. Some were relatives of Iara. We continued on pg. 14

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N Crouse’s breast healthcare team (l-r): William Schu, MD; Tammy Congelli, MD; breast care nurse – navigator Katie Tindall, BSN; James Sartori, MD all from from CNY Surgical Physicians; and of Stephen Montgomery, MD, medical director tal. the Falk Breast Health Center at Crouse Hospi

o two women are alike. And no two breast imaging results are alike, either. That’s why our breast care team puts a continual focus on what matters most — you. A nationally designated Breast Center of Excellence, Crouse offers the latest in 3D imaging technology and the region’s leading radiologists, surgeons and nurse navigators. Together, they provide breast healthcare that’s compassionate, comprehensive and customized to your individual breast health needs. 315-470-5880

found our professional talent from online databases. Most of our castings were through community connections and personal networks.” What was your favorite moment during the whole “No Nuts” campaign? Iara: “The first day on set with the entire cast and crew. It was the lunch scene. My nerves were flying while I clenched my eternity necklace in one hand and binder of notes in the other, but then I looked around. I saw a crew ready to work professionally, respectfully, and resourcefully, and a cast of professional and nonprofessional actors harvests energy in an improv circle. This gave light and life to the production that I only ever imagined in my fantastical visions of set culture. Never would I have thought that my dreams for what it would feel like on set would become reality.” Sarah: “A 3:00am meeting with the executive creative team during filming to figure out how to make an ambitious project work. That moment you realize when you’re in too deep to go back, but the team’s passion and drive to finish the project carry it through. That moment you realize the team cares about the project because they are personally



invested and are getting something out of the experience.” What do you hope to accomplish with this project? EM: “With ‘No Nuts’, we hope to shine a ray of light of happiness and love through film during the dark times that are taking over the news right now. We want more young people in Syracuse to find a creative outlet through film and to tell more awesome stories. We want young professionals to know that it is never too early give back to future generations. We hope to put Syracuse on the map as a place to make festival-worth films with a bootstrapped budget. We hope to continue Etc. Project at least every summer. We hope to spread this project’s curriculum worldwide.” What are your future plans for this? EM: “I fell in love with fundraising this process. Asking for money is a daunting task, but honestly it’s not that hard if you’re pitching an amazing project with a lasting impact. I am using the Etc. Project to build my passion for producing and to empower artists to create without the monetary restrictions that compromise the quality of their final product. Every good artist needs a business person to help get their ideas out there. That’s me.”










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Xmas, New Years. . . Taxes!


By: Jeffrey Lee Drimer, Esq.

e are getting ready for the holidays. Gift wrapping, party planning is our focus but on the horizon is our responsibility to file our tax returns on time and pay our Federal and State obligations. My advice, avoid the stress, and start preparing as early as possible.

unemployment, partnerships, and S-Corp income. You should also be aware of any forgiven debt which is also a taxable event. Gambling wins and losses, lottery and contest winnings could be taxable events that you should be prepared to report. You must report all your income, even if you didn’t get a reporting statement.

You can begin by checking the IRS interactive website “Tax Assistant” to determine if you have to file. Begin the process with your Social Security Number, as well as your spouse’s and dependants’ numbers, if applicable. Remember, your filing status will be determined by your marital status as of December 31, 2017. The possibilities are single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household, and qualifying widow or widower with a dependent child.

Should you itemize? The rule is itemize if your itemized deductions exceed your standard deductions. If you itemize, you should know your 1) charitable deductions; 2) mortgage interest; 3) unreimbursed business expenses; 4) medical expenses; 5) Real Property taxes; and 6) moving expenses to name just a few of your allowable deductions. There are circumstances under which you may have a medical deduction so if you had a significant year of medical expenses you should look at this deduction (Don’t forget travel for medical treatment as part of this calculation). Political contributions are not deductible.

Get a hold of last year’s Federal and State tax returns. A lot of the information on this year’s return will be the same so it is a good reference guide. What significant life changes occurred in this calendar year? Did you get married or divorced this year? Did you have a child? Are you going to school or did you change jobs? This information may cause this year’s return to be changed or amended from last year. Among the documents you will need to complete your returns are your W-2s, 1099s and your brokerage statements if you have investments. You have to report earnings from royalties, work as an independent contractor, social security,



If you think you are entitled to an Earned Income Tax Credit because of your moderate income, you can check with the IRS on-line for assistance. If you adopted a child this year, you might be eligible for an adoption credit. This is by no means a complete list of income documents and deductions; but you get the idea. Get everything together in a neat and orderly manner. It will take the pressure off in getting ready to meet with your tax preparer or trying to do your tax returns yourself. There are many CPAs in Central New York, and you should not hesitate to call

one. Many people are also pleased with commercial Tax Services while others are content to do it themselves. When you or your tax preparer is done with your return, it can be filed electronically or by mail. So know your filing deadline. The IRS has several options for payment of your taxes. You can pay by check, money order, or you can pay direct on the IRS website. If you don’t have the money you owe on hand, you can set up an installment plan. If you don’t have the money to pay at all, you can try to settle with the IRS in what is known as an “Offer in Compromise” (Hard to do and complicated paperwork, and It may be worth the effort in an emergency, and if you qualify). If you don’t file your return on time or pay any taxes due, there can be serious consequences (potentially asset seizure and even incarceration). The penalties and fees that apply to past-due taxes are interest compounded daily and accumulated on the owed amount, a late payment of .05% of the amount owed, and an increase each month on the amount unpaid. The combined penalty for both filing and paying later is approximately 5% of the tax owed (Sometimes the penalties can be avoided for reasonable cause). So be prepared, be accurate, be timely, and you can make this process simpler and easier than it has ever been. Enjoy the Holidays and on January 2, 2018 start getting organized to file your 2018 tax return.

The most comprehensive PRP Therapy Program from CNY’s Leader in Hair Restoration w w w. ge n e s i s h a i m

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Andrea Parros of The Red Fern

Good Vegan, Good Gluten Free Food!


wner Andrea Parros opened the doors to her innovative vegan restaurant in September of 2013 recognizing a void in good vegan and gluten-free dining options. Over the last four years, business has just boomed. She has assembled a staff of twenty-five and is open six days a week. The Red Fern offers wedding catering, wholesale options and most recently food delivery via Grubhub. Additionally, the restaurant makes menu adjustments to be both celiac safe and allergy friendly. Parros notes, “We can serve almost every person, even those with multiple allergies. I know the menu inside and out and know where we can make changes to accommodate our guest’s dietary needs. Parros’ own journey to veganism began with a food allergy. “I was already a vegetarian, but I developed an allergy to dairy and adopted a vegan lifestyle due to that.” Vegans like Parros eat only plant based foods and no animal products or by products in contrast to vegetarians who do not eat meat, fish and poultry. In opening The Red Fern Parros was looking to creating a dining option for herself and others. A self-taught chef and “Greek girl,” Parros grew up watching her mother cook soups and other Greek foods. She began experimenting with food at a young age enjoying the opportunity for creative expression while nourishing the people she cooked for. Now, in her own restaurant, she continues offering that nourishing spirit to others and values the collaboration that occurs with her culinary team. “We test every-



By: Christine Vickers thing together, tinkering until we create what we like. We end with a final product that is better than something any one person could come up with on their own.” Menu Stars As Parros describes it, her main goal was to take popular comfort food options, foods that were familiar to people such as cheese steak, mac and cheese, quesadillas etc. and recreate them with a vegan version. “I wanted anyone who came into the restaurant to say, Wow that was a great meal! Not, it was a good meal for being vegan. I wanted to blow their mind in the hopes that they might start to be more open to different food options.

Parros shares that many menu selections have their own cult following. “My staff and I joke that we really can’t get rid of anything from the menu without someone getting very upset!” Some of the most popular options include the Compost Plate- a version of Rochester’s popular

albeit artery clogging “garbage plate” entree. “The regular version has about 1000 calories, two cheeseburgers, fried potatoes and so on. “ Parros and her creative team have redesigned it to include mac salad, sweet potato salad, balsamic field greens and choices of protein that include buffalo tempeh, lentil burger, Italian sausage or seitan steak. Other popular menu choices include the Buddha bowl, steak bomb

and buffalo bleu sandwiches. The restaurant also bakes almost all of their sweet confections in-house with many of these selections being found at local coffeehouses. “We are adding to our wholesale business, and about six or seven area places now carry our cookies and pastries. It’s another nice way to get our name out there as people who have tried our baked goods will often come check us out for lunch or dinner.”

If breaking bread brings people together, Parros has created a warm venue for just that. As she explains, “Consuming meat puts a huge tax on the planet and it’s gratifying to be able to say that we are doing something that helps. There are so many like minded people that feel at home here and they meet others while dining. It feels good to be able to offer something positive to our community.” Check out the complete menu at Connect on Facebook & Twitter @ redfernrochester

Buffalo Califlower, Potato & Celery Mash

Scrambled Quinoa Bowl w/squash, kale & Tempeh


Pumpkin BBQ Seitant mushrooms w/roasted brussels sprouts



SOFA COMPANY Handcrafted Sofas & Recliners Nelson, NY 315-815-4112 Owner: Shawn Gilmore WOUNY • DECEMBER 2017



European Hair & Spa

Let our Great Staff give you Beautiful Ombre Colors for the Holidays. Full Service Salon Cuts | Colors | Manicure/Pedicures Facials, Also Wrinkle Free Facials Waxing | Massage Color by Fortunato’s

217 First Street • 451-7892 • Liverpool, NY

Parking Lot Overdose The Opioid Addiction! By: Renata Husted, ACR Health Student Intern


n 48 separate occasions during our last fiscal year ( July 2016June 2017), ACR Health staff or someone they trained reversed an opioid overdose. More than once the scene was our parking lot. Here is one of the stories: Shortly after lunch, Justin Snell came running through the Prevention Department yelling “I need a Narcan bag! I need a Narcan bag!” He got everyone’s attention and one, then two, and three co-workers flew down the hallway, Narcan kits at the ready. Narcan, also known as naloxone, reverses heroin and opioid overdose. Justin and his co-worker Amanda Stenson were on their way back from lunch when they came across a young man passed out in the front seat of his car. It was someone we all know – a vibrant person who used ACR Health services in the past. Inside, in response to Justin’s shouts for Narcan, Hillary Warner rushed alongside him toward the parking lot, with the Narcan kit in hand. When they got to the vehicle, the young man remained slouched in his seat, his skin a shade of grey. Amanda, as trained, called 911 as Justin tilted the man’s head up from his chest and, with his knuckles, rubbed his sternum hard. There was no reaction. When this test for consciousness failed the three knew exactly what they had to do next: get Narcan into his system fast. Hillary assembled the first Narcan dose, piecing together an intramuscular injection precisely as she was trained. She drove the thick syringe into his quad muscle and watched for a sign of improvement. Nothing. Hands shaking, but thoughts focused, she pushed another shot home. Still nothing. Hillary then assembled a third dose, this one a nasal spray, and swiftly administered that. This time the young man began to come around, just as an ambulance arrived upon

the scene. What seemed like an eternity to those watching was over in a matter of minutes. The young man was alive, in the hands of medical professionals, and the crisis was over. “It all happened so fast,” said Hillary, “but I’m thankful for all the training I have done over and over and over, otherwise I would not have been as confident.” Justin called the incident “a real team effort, if someone From the left, Amanda Stenson, Justin Snell, and Hillary Warner, was nearby they were worked together to prevent an overdose from becoming fatal. putting together the selves and those we love with potentially naloxone injection or the nasal pieces.” lifesaving tools. “It was nerve-wracking but we knew the signs of an overdose and were aware of our surroundings,” said Amanda. “I’m just glad he’s okay.” The parking lot overdose reversal is one of many, saving countless lives by our staff and those we have trained. And, until our community figures out what more to do about the heroin epidemic, there is a crying human need to learn how to use Narcan. Julia LaVere, Assistant Director of Prevention Services for Syringe Exchange Programs and Narcan Training, recommends that people, who are actively using opioids, as well as their immediate contacts, should be a priority in providing training and kits. “I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone who is close to an opiate drug user to be trained and carry a naloxone kit,” said LaVere. As the heroin epidemic in Syracuse rolls on, the very least we can do is arm our-

Last year, ACR Health provided free services to thousands, including training 898 to use Narcan. We provide Care Management Services for hundred s and, for those with significant needs, we offer the Holiday Angel Program which pairs community members (Angels) with a qualified ACR Health client and their family. The Holiday Angel gets a list of needs the family has, and then makes holiday purchases based on the list. If you would like to be a Holiday Angel, please call 800.475.2430, or email and thank you. LEARN MORE



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A Place for Healing Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay By Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay, MS, RN, Chief Clinical Officer Nascentia Health


ealthcare is undergoing a fundamental transformation – driven by the rapid growth in older age demographics (65-year old +), extended life expectancy rates, exploding advances and adoption of technology, and a mounting shortage of skilled clinicians to care for this expanding population. Healthcare must transform care delivery models to respond to these changes. Hospitals are not always an appropriate platform for healthcare delivery. Often, patients can receive the same high-quality care delivered with cutting edge technology right in the comfort of their own homes. “When can I go home?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions by hospitalized patients. Hospitals are great when necessary, but patients recover best at home where they have the support and comfort of family, friends and familiarity. Hospital environments can often add to the fatigue and confusion of patients who are already compromised. At home, patient-centered care is a lived reality. Relationships are developed with patients, families and caregivers who come to trust and rely on their homecare clinicians to educate and support them as they face decisions about their care and lifestyle changes. By providing care in the home, clinicians garner greater awareness of a patient’s social and cultural needs where they are more at ease, better rested, and able to focus and retain information that is taught.

Every patient has unique and individual needs; clinicians come to know patients in their own environment and understand the complex living and health situations that exist for them. Especially for patients with chronic conditions, it’s imperative that clinicians use not only their clinical expertise but also their vast knowledge of home and community-based services to help support patients in their own environment.

Healthcare professionals and specifically nurses have been lauded as the most trusted profession. This stems from the genuine care and competence demonstrated by these clinicians who stand in the gap for patients everyday…as educators, medical-ease translators, advocates and skilled care providers. There is greater continuity of care for patients at home and this helps facilitate effective, honest communication and meaningful interactions. Patients often experience significant

improvement in their health and quality of life when clinicians take the time to help patients engage in their own care. It is those accomplishments that feed the passion driving home care clinicians to battle the elements and challenges within the community environment to ensure patients receive the best care possible. Nurses reflecting on their career choice, will often share feelings of being “called” to nursing. Moved by the care they experienced or witnessed, they recognized that they have a desire to provide that same compassion, caring and healing to others. Homecare offers an opportunity for nurses and other healthcare professionals to actualize that calling in very meaningful ways. Homecare practice is often an unknown option to clinicians because they have limited, if any exposure to homecare as a career choice. As one of the most comprehensive approaches to care, homecare requires not only clinical competence but also the ability to problem-solve and work collaboratively across all lines of care delivery. As healthcare continues to evolve, it is imperative that we use our resources wisely and focus on providing the right care at the right time where patients want it most…at home. For more information, visit our website: or call 1-888477-HOME



A community healthcare system built with exceptional people.

Nascentia Health – a shared commitment to providing exceptional care. VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, LLC, Home Aides of Central New York Inc., and all our respective affiliated organizations and foundations are now unified as one new healthcare system – Nascentia Health. This new system reflects our continued commitment to providing the best possible care to those we serve.

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Kaleigh Ligoci

The Little Cake Artist By: Abbey Adams Photos: Luciano Miceli JJ Woods




eddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays... What do all these events have in common? CAKE. No one knows cake better than Kaleigh Ligoci. Starting out in the kitchen with her mom, this young girl soon turned into a cake queen. Not everyone has the courage to follow their dreams and be successful at it, but Kaleigh is doing just that. The 28-year-old said, “I ended up deciding that I wanted to go to school for baking (Alfred State). I really liked it, but I didn’t know I wanted to go into cakes until later in the program.” After working at Mario’s Bakery in North Syracuse for two and a half years, Kaleigh knew creating cakes and pastries is what she really wanted to do. She loved the intricacy of it all, the meticulous handwork, the artistic designs, and everything that encompassed the process. Mario’s was the place where she got her start, the place that really taught her the basics she needed to progress further with her baking career. Her next professional move was to the Turning Stone Resort & Casino managing all of their wedding cakes, orders, tastings, as well as working in a team of decorators to make sure everything ran smoothly. The Syracuse-native describes the experience saying, “Pretty intense, but I loved it. It just kept you going.” Ligoci was in charge and often watched YouTube videos and other bakers to learn more about her craft and how she could continue to get better over time. It wasn’t easy, but her perseverance and drive to be the best at what she does overshadow all of her doubts. Ligoci is now tackling a new job as the Pastry Chef at Sugar and Co. A hip wine and dessert bar located in Armory Square in downtown Syracuse where friends and family can enjoy the sweeter/finer things in life. The fairly new establishment opened just this year. Kaleigh explained to me how involved she was in the process from the beginning” I helped them design the menu. I love it,” she says, “It’s a little different, because I do plated desserts, which I am not used to, but it’s a good learning experience.” She also takes care of cake orders for weddings, bridal/ baby showers, etc. When I ask Kaleigh about the stress of it all, she explains how much she loves the chaos. You can hear the



passion in her voice; she loves her job, and loves her art. She seems proud to be where she is today. If anything, the craziness just pushes Kaleigh to be more creative and to fine tune her craft even more. The Power of Social Media: One thing Kaleigh did not expect to come with her job is a little slice of fame. Over the years, she’s gained quite a following on Instagram. With over 40,000 followers, she indulges her fans with dreamy cakes, expertly frosted cupcakes, colorful macaroons; the list goes on... “I never thought that I would get to the point where I am now, which is cool. Before, it was people from all over, and now it’s a lot of people in Syracuse,” she says. The spike in popularity has helped Kaleigh interact with other businesses as well as connect with customers on potential orders. People are coming up to her in the street, and saying, “You’re the little cake artist!” I can hear the smile on her face and she talks about how cool it is that people are recognizing her and acknowledging her work. Social media has impacted our society in so many interesting

“Start to finish a wedding cake takes about 4 or 5 hours” ways. Food is definitely one of them. Instagram accounts like, Buzzfeed Food has three million followers, Food & Wine has 2.1 million, and the Food Network has 4.7 million followers. There’s no denying that food has become increasingly popular with the current generation. Tiny food, food & dogs, food & babies, pizza, Chipotle, and any fast-food chain has managed to step up their social media/marketing strategy over the past couple years. Ligoci has some inspirations as well; “I look to social media for a lot of inspiration…Ron Ben-Israel is a big cake decorator in NYC, and his work is insane and absolutely gorgeous to look at. Maggie Austin also does really life-like floral work.” Paying attention to nature helped her make her pastry flowers look as realistic and beautiful as possible. Being as young as Kaleigh is, she definitely has a handle on the power of social media. “It’s cool, because everyone likes to eat so it’s enticing to a lot of different people. I definitely think social media has helped evolve pastries

Stefanie Heath, Laura & Wayne Mahar Recycle-A-Bull, Bully she Breed and has brought new ideas from different areas,” says,Rescue “If you look at Australia, Asia, Russia… they are doing crazy things and then people from here see that, and they want to try it and it helps everyone push themselves a little more.” It’s easy to see the passion behind what Kaleigh does. This isn’t a hobby; it’s her occupation, her dream, her life. Now having such a large following on social media, I asked Kaleigh if there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that territory. She hesitates for a second and says, “I definitely try to focus on making sure all the details are perfect… You have to make sure you have a clean background and things like that.” She’s right. The pressure to put out quality content is growing more and more each day. Instagrammer’s are now becoming influencers that are paid to post pictures on the Internet. That could be Kaleigh one day, and she knows that. This is all just the beginning for her. The Baking Process: “For a wedding cake, we do a tasting with the bride, and she’ll pick what flavor she likes. Then I have to bake all of the cake and make the fillings. Then I try to figure out what the design is going to be so a lot of times I work with the client. Some people are relaxed, and some are particular and allow me to just go with it.” “Start to finish a wedding cake takes about 4 or 5 hours depend



“You have to multitask in this field” ing on how many people. Just between the baking and making the fillings. You can definitely do other things during that time to utilize your time. I’m constantly baking a cake and having something else on the stove, etc. You have to multitask in this field. I like being driven by constantly having to get something done. I don’t think I could ever do a desk job, because I’m always on my feet. But always getting that end product is what you’re always driving for.” The Future: Since Kaleigh is so young, I asked her where she sees herself five years down the road. Her own bakery? A cooking show? She said, “I don’t know. I always kind of toy with the idea of having my own shop, but I really like what I’m doing right now. If we could expand and make that have its own bakery front too, I think that would be really cool. I definitely want to do more weddings than what we’re doing now, so probably just specialize in weddings and get better that way.” Chopped, Iron Chef, Cake Wars…we’ve all seen the Food Network shows that keep the foodie drama alive, but Kaleigh isn’t knocking it quite yet. “I think I would do a show that was competition based rather than drama based. I’d rather do a baking challenge than Chopped. I don’t think I would like something like that. It’s too intense.” I couldn’t get enough of Kaleigh’s positivity and wisdom when talking with her. Her smile and happiness seem to radiate off her. She gave me some advice for other women out there who are trying to follow their dreams” I always tell girls who want to do cake decorating, you have to really put your heart into it and you have to commit to whatever it takes to get it done. You have to put the time and effort that’s needed, no matter what it is and eventually you’ll get to where you want to be. But, that takes a lot of practice, a lot of learning, and failing too.” If you would like to try Kaleigh’s wonderful cakes, stop by Sugar & Co. they are located on Fayette Street in downtown Syracuse.




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Meet Maria Wiklund By: Audrey Levinson


hat do you get when you mix natural wool fibers with the luxurious feel and look of dyed silk? You get stunning wearable art made by fiber artist Maria Wiklund. She allowed me invitingly to visit her in her home studio in the Sedgwick neighborhood of Syracuse. As I entered her studio, I could feel the happiness in the room. Maria told me she loves spending time in her happy home studio. If I remember correctly the walls were a light sunny yellow, with a banner of simple pastel flags hanging up across one wall and a giant table that filled the center of the room with a huge sheet of what looked to me like blue bubble wrap over it. It turned out to be pool covering used in part of the process. The more I looked around at the details;I noticed the delicate curtains of white silk, and one of the walls displayed hanging pockets that burst with colorful skeins of hand dyed raw wool. Maria said this is her palette. Maria has many steps to complete to produce her one-of-a-kind fabrics, from dying the wool and silk into beautiful bright colors to finishing her unique fabrics. This was all new to me, so she went through the process and I was excited at the possibility of trying my hand at this one day. Then I thought about all those



steps and decided to leave it in Maria’s hands. She begins by making a pre felt which is a very loose felt. There she can mix colors of dyed raw wool together and add ribbons by running it through a small machine just for this purpose. It reminded me of mixing new colors in paint. Using the pre felt she can cut shapes and

straight pieces to add character and style to the final product. The interesting part, she explained is that silk will not shrink in water while wool shrinks quite a bit when wet. Another fact is that once Maria has laid out her silk with felt strips and

cuts out shapes, she rolls the two fabrics and agitates them together while they are wet. Wool, being a natural fiber has small scales that open up and work themselves through the silk gauze. This makes one piece of fabric once she is done agitating the wool and silk together like magic. Actually, there are many instances in all kinds of art where science plays a part in the creation. Maria told me that felt was the very first fabric that man ever created. The new fabric is very strong. It will not separate or fall apart. Her scarves, shawls, and over dresses are elegant and versatile. You can wear them in many different ways. Maria tends to gravitate towards bright colors but has made some of these in dark and neutral tones as well. Her work is sold at a gallery called Cazenovia Artisans in Cazenovia, N.Y. Maria also works with just felt that she has felted. When I walked into her studio she was working on a collaborative project with the soap maker from Cazenovia Artisans. One artist makes wonderful natural soaps and Maria wraps them in felt. No washcloth necessary! She has made gorgeous items from felted bags to ornaments to hang. She and her family moved to Syracuse, N.Y. in 2009 from Sweden. Her husband is a professor at Syracuse University. He teaches entrepreneurship in the school of business. I mention this because the

Photos Courtesy Nils Wiklund business side of creativity is also Maria’s interest. She counsels women who are trying to begin or grow their businesses as artists or otherwise. She works through WISE Women’s Business Center in Syracuse, NY. I asked Maria what advice she would give to someone who is just beginning her business in Art. She replied “Approach with an open mind and take help from someone. Find out what the market looks like. Make a business plan.” Maria is also a member of the North East Felt Maker’s Guild. I left Maria Wiklund‘s charming home feeling very educated about something I never really knew much about. My mind was stirring with ideas.

You can see her entire collection at, or visit the Cazenovia Artisans.

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re you looking to add a little excitement into your life, while strengthening (or rebuilding) your family’s bond? It’s time to bring back family


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game night! Put all the cellphones in a drawer and gather around for some friendly family rivalry. Remember how much fun you had as a child, playing your favorite board

games? Why not pass on the tradition to your kids? Here is a little information about some of your favorite games that you might not already know.


Before Words With Friends and other cellphone apps, board games like Scrabble (which also became popular in the 1930s) challenged our egos, expanded our vocabularies and made us stick to acceptable words.



With its first patent filed in 1929, and modeled after the ancient game Pachisi, Sorry! is designed for up to four players and features new rules since its 2013 edition.

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D’s Beauty Bar with Donna Adamo


he holidays are here, and we’re all feeling the love. Family, friends and food fill our wish list for a great holiday season. November and December really are the most wonderful time of the year and having special people to share our holiday cheer. Whether you’re staying close to home or traveling, I’ve got some tips and trends that’ll help you breeze through what can often be a stressful time.

Midnight blue magic:

Midnight blue velour and crushed velvet are hot, hot, hot holiday fashion items this holiday season (deep maroon is also!). The news gets even better. Midnight blue is a show-stopper that looks good on everyone regardless of your hair color or facial tones. Dab on some cheek highlighter and red lipstick and you’ll wow the crowd, whether you’re big, small, short or tall. It really is a wonder color and surprisingly; many stores even have midnight blue shoes! You’ll see maroon, green and midnight blue in most stores this holiday season. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in retail, warm up your mouse and do some online shopping. The options are endless.

Put your hair in lights.

A few years back, a viewer called WTVH one night to tell me I needed to fix my hair. They said -and I quote, “Hair color is a commitment. You need to pick one.” Now I know the ombre (French for shadow) and balayage are still very popular today, and when done right, look stunning! However, there’s a big difference between a professional-grade shadow root and what’s known in the business to be skunk hair. To make things easier on yourself, ORGANIZE!!! Try to schedule your hair appointment in November for a week or two before Christmas so you don’t feel frazzled because your favorite stylist, the only one who understands your locks, can’t fit you in. Your poor planning doesn’t constitute someone else’s emergency. (If he/she does fit you in, extend an extra tip!)

Get a facial or give yourself one.

If you can spring some extra cash, get a facial or consider giving yourself a home facial. There are so many products out there to help you help yourself. TJMaxx and Marshalls have great steamers ($10-20) that let you steam away worry and stress lines. Top it off with a Clarisonic gentle scrub. I use my Clarisonic Mia about three times a week. This will help your moisturizer to nurture your face with joy and people will notice your skin looks fresh and dewy. That’s a tall feat for the cold winter months.

Have travel? Leave this item home.

On a recent trip to NYC, I had a catastrophe. I was going to be gone for 12 days so I made sure I packed everything but the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, when I got to the hotel room, I realized my luggage was sliced, and the force of whatever sliced it caused the zipper tag to stab the can of hairspray, which leaked all over my clothes, ruining my $125 professional blow dryer, the dress I was to wear at a dear friend’s wedding, my shoes and other items. What a mess! Delta made good on the mistake, and I hustled to get new clothes, shoes, a blow dryer and a new piece of luggage. But why not avoid the potential hassle and leave the hairspray at home and buy when you get there. #lessonlearned Be a DD or call a DD. We love you and want you to make it make it to the new year! Please be sure to Uber your special self-home this holiday season. Or call a friend. Or be that friend!

Happy holidays, stay beautiful and we’ll see you next year!



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Jordan Arnold: Behind the Lens, At the Desk, and Holding the Frisbee By: Abbey Adams


hen I first approached Jordan and asked her if she’d like to be featured in our magazine, she happily obliged with a wide smile, then later said, “I’m going to take this way further than you probably wanted, but I have a lot to say about women specifically having passions and creative outlets so gird yer loins!” And that’s just a testament to whom Jordan is; a real woman with a real spirit for what matters. This 29-year-old Fulton, NY native spent her college years at SUNY Brockport and SUNY Oswego where she obtained her degree in Public Relations. Arnold is now an employee at Terakeet, an influencer marketing company located in downtown Syracuse, but that’s not all… She’s also managed to become a wedding photographer, somewhat- interior designer, and owner of an adorable golden retriever that’s making his way into the Insta-fame world (@thegolden_griff ). How does she do it all? What keeps her inspired and always ready for more? What do you do at Terakeet and how do you enjoy your job there? “I run a team called the Product, Innovation, and Training team. We’re a small, eclectic group of six and have agile, ever-changing responsibilities. We’re constantly innovating and helping people across the company to problem solve on the fly. I can honestly say that I love my job Walk me through your creative side. When did you start doing wedding photography? What inspired you? “Creativity is, without a doubt, the thing that drives me. I’ve always had a ton of



creative energy inside me, so I’ve managed to collect my fair share of hobbies, partly because I get bored easily, and partially because of this innate need, I’ve always had to create things. This energy has manifested itself in countless ways throughout my life; for the last three years or so, it’s been sparked and satisfied by photography. It all started when my husband bought me a camera as a gift. I’m completely self-taught, so I’m sure I’m probably doing something wrong. I never had any intention of becoming a photographer; I just started playing around with the camera, taking pictures of my family and friends, and downloaded a few editing programs. It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels for the world of photography. It was one of the few things in my life that just came naturally. One day, an acquaintance asked me to step in and take some family photos after their photographer canceled last minute. They were pretty happy, because the word of mouth has helped me book many shoots since then. It’s been a whirlwind of an adventure, and I never saw it coming.

reason I started that account was so that I could post as many dog pictures as I wanted without blowing up my personal Instagram and pissing off my friends. I had no goal in mind, but it’s grown quite a following in the few months I’ve had it. I think Griffin is up to around 3,500 followers now, which is, like, 5 times what my account has! He’s much cuter than I am, though, so it makes sense!” How do you make time for the things you love/what advice can you give to other women who want to follow their passions? “I never feel the need to make time for my side endeavors. On the contrary, I don’t know what I’d do with my time if I didn’t have these ways to release my creative energy. I really can’t imagine living a life where I don’t spend my hours finding a home for it all.

I’ve been shooting weddings for a year now. I have two in Syracuse coming up, actually, which means I’ll have six weddings total under my belt at the end of the month.”

As far as women following their passions, I feel like people are held back by this belief that they have to turn their passions into something that’s going to generate money for them. Or they think the effort they put in won’t be worth it if there’s no monetary payoff, or that they don’t feel “passionately” enough about something to try it. In my experience, anything I’ve ever pursued has always been for the sake of my own fulfillment.

You recently bought a golden retriever and started a successful Instagram account for him. What was your goal with that? How has it changed your thinking of modern-day technology and the power of social media?

My advice would be to get started doing whatever it is that fulfills you, or that you’re even the slightest bit curious about, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have someone else’s idea of a good reason why.

“If I’m being completely honest, the main


“It all started when my husband bought me a camera”

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Women of Upstate New York December 2017 Issue  
Women of Upstate New York December 2017 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York December 2017 Issue