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Molly Lizzio - Background of Addiction

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Background Noise

of Addiction By Molly Lizzio, MA, LPMFT


s a society, we tend to view addiction through the lens of the person who is suffering with substance. You don’t have to be an expert to be well versed on the devastating effects of addiction. It’s shown all around us, in movies, the real lives of the celebrities, the guy down the street, your grandfather, your daughter. Addiction doesn’t recognize status, fame, wealth, religion, or education. And because it’s so prevalent, we see it everywhere in our society. We are deeply familiar with people who face addiction and their story, their journey to recovery, their relapse, and never-ending struggle. For as many people that face addiction, the reality is each of those people has a circle of support around them who suffer equally and often silently right along with them. The lesser told story is about the family, friends, and supports of people facing addiction. Even in big movies where substance addiction plays a central focus, the story is almost always about the person who is using. When their family or friends’ struggle is shown it is often the “B” story, and serves as a backdrop to the central focus of the plot. This isn’t a story about the daughter of an addict, who is exposed in a strategically dramatic way to show what the drug addict stands to lose, and the heart break is then re-directed to him. His losses, his heart break. Even in stories like “When A Man Loves A Woman” where the title would indicate the story to be about the people of support, the narrative of the movie is pretty evenly split between Meg Ryan (the addict)and her struggles and Any Garcia (the husband) and his adjustments.



There is a reason this dynamic plays out over and over again. When you speak to your best friend, who is the mother of a son with addiction, she reports on him and his journey, or where he’s at in his story of addiction. When you press to see how she is doing, she may give some acknowledgement to her feelings, but she is more likely to focus on how it affects others. This is no accident. It’s the nature of addiction that the focus, attention, and energy are surrounding the problem, and usually the person it happens to. And this is actually some good progress, as this can only be achieved if the family is dealing with the addiction head on, acknowledging it in the open. More likely these conversations aren’t happening to begin with. Why would a family keep something secret when bringing the issue to light is proven over and over again to be the first step on the road to healing? The answers are complicated, and they derive from one central idea that addiction thrives with two main components: The first is silence, and the second is co-dependency. Co-dependency is when people’s needs are intertwined very deeply. People in a relationship of any kind become reliant on each other. However, every person in the dynamic is reliant on different things. For example, an addict is reliant on not only the substance they can’t live without, but also on another person, to pick them up when they fall, to be there when they need, to bail them out, to make things easier, etc. The supportive person is just as reliant on the other person, in this case the addict. Their identity becomes taking care of the other person. They no longer have free will around their decision, boundaries, their finances, their time or energy. It

becomes compulsive; the unquenchable need to tend to and fix this other person. They hate it, and yet they can’t get out of this pattern. This begins to form a vicious cycle it can take lifetimes to understand and change. To escape this dynamic some people will go to extreme measures and do a cut-off of some kind. They find it intolerable to be so intricately connected to something that demands so much with so little pain left in return. This is where broken families and relationships come into play. It seems addictions bring out the big extremes, for the addict and for their support team. Addiction takes; therefore, it needs to be surrounded by givers. The story and struggle of these givers are too often glazed over and put aside. It seems that one way to break a cycle of any kind is to start to do something different. What I hear from support systems is that they have “tried everything,” and I whole heartedly believe them. But I’m reminded of the other crucial element to addiction thriving: and that is silence. Not just silence about the addiction, but silence about the family’s struggle; the support system that is overloaded with this burden. It’s not selfish to shine a light on these struggles and to see them as equals to the struggle of the actual addiction. It is not weakness; I assure you. On the contrary, it requires great strength and fortitude to be real about the struggles we face. And only when we shine a light on them, get educated about them, lean into that discomfort are we able to finally understand and dismantle them.



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Breast Augmentation Basics


pringtime in Syracuse. To many people this means the beginning of the baseball season, or gardening season...but in the world of plastic surgery- it’s Breast Augmentation Season! As women are shedding their bulky sweaters for tank tops and sun dresses and realizing that bathing suit season will soon be upon us or that their unexpected tax return can help to fund a long desired procedure, the number of patients being seen in consultation for breast augmentation increases dramatically. Working at a busy plastic surgery practice, I find myself frequently explaining to nervous or excited patients what I consider to be the breast augmentation basics. Breast augmentation typically means increasing the size of a breast using implants, although there are some techniques that can provide a small increase in breast size using your own fat. Augmentation increases volume in breasts that are small to begin with or can restore volume that has been depleted following pregnancy, weight loss, or from aging. Augmentation can increase the projection of breast tissue, but will not provide adequate lift if a breast is significantly saggy. When patients come to our office for a consultation, there are four areas of decision making that the patient and the surgeon need to agree upon. Whether the implant should be placed above or below the muscle, the placement of the incision, the type and size implant, and whether the patient will require a lift or not. Placement of the implant can be either above the muscle (sub-glandular) or below the muscle (sub-muscular). While I think the majority of surgeons prefer a sub-muscular or dual plane placement

By: Beth Phillips, RPAC of the implant, there are arguments for both. Placing the implant under the muscle allows for extra tissue coverage to camouflage the implant, often creating a more natural appearance. However, this procedure is somewhat more uncomfortable in the early post-operative days. Also, there can be “animation” or movement of the implant when the pectoralis muscle is flexed. Placing the implant in this position decreases the incidence of “capsular contracture” which is a rare occurrence of scar tissue build-up that can cause the breast to become hard to touch. The pros and cons should be discussed and placement decided on an individual basis. The three options for incisions include: infra mammary which is placed in the fold under the breast; periareolar which is along the lower edge of the areola at the color break; or transaxillary in the underarm. These are each placed to minimize visible scarring. The choice is affected by choice of implant and patient’s native anatomy. Your surgeon will share with you any preference based on the planned procedure. Choosing the right implant is often seems stressful for a patient, but your surgeon should be able to make you feel confident in your choice. The three basic styles of implants are saline, traditional silicone, and highly cohesive silicone gel (also known as form stable or “gummy bear” implants). All of the implants have an outer covering that is made of solid silicone. This is an inert substance that the body cannot “reject”. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel that is very sticky and viscous. “Gummy bear” implants are filled with more solid silicone that if you were to cut into the implant, would look much like a gummy bear candy...thus the name.

Traditional silicone implants are thought to feel the most like a natural breast and are the most commonly used in breast augmentation. Implants will break down over time and all will require eventual replacement or removal. I usually estimate the implants to remain intact for 15-20 years. Most implants carry a warranty from the manufacturer. Finally, an implant may help the appearance of a breast by adding wanted volume, but it may not be enough in cases of severe amounts of excess skin or droop. Sometimes a breast lift is needed to restore the breast shape. Often a patient comes in and has not considered the fact that she may require a lift as well as an implant. Probably the best indicator is that if you place a piece of paper under the breast against the crease, if the nipple sits below the top edge of the paper, then you should be prepared to discuss the possible need for a breast lift. It is important to point out that scientific research has found no link between breast implants and autoimmune or other systemic diseases. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that breast implants do not impair breast health. Breast cancer screening is not negatively impacted by the presence of breast implants. While this article briefly touches on some of the basic points that are reviewed during a breast augmentation consultation, nothing can replace the one-on one interaction between you and a health care provider. As always, if you are considering plastic surgery, be sure that you are seeing a board- certified plastic surgeon. For more information, contact 315-663-0112 or visit WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016


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A Mother’s Message of Hope The Morgan Axe Story By: Christine Vickers


eanna Axe’s beautiful daughter and only child lost her battle against Heroin on November 7, 2015. She was twenty-four years old. Long before her death, Deanna herself had been fighting for her daughter Morgan, to win and survive this crippling disease. It is a fight that she did not want or choose. However, through her experience with her daughter’s addiction, Deanna has become an incredible advocate for drug education, awareness and reform, specifically targeting the heroin epidemic that is pervasive across New York State and the country. As Deanna somberly shares,“My story may have changed but my message remains the same; no borders, no socioeconomic status, no school district will protect you. Heroin has no mercy. “ Morgan Axe grew up in a loving family in the west side of Syracuse. She was an animal lover, a competitive cheerleader and volleyball player. She was both compassionate and funny with a vivacious, outgoing spirit. Deanna notes that as a little girl, Morgan was the child who would play with the kids who were different or whom no one wanted to be with. Prior to her death, Morgan found her passion, working with animals. In her position at the Dewitt Animal Hospital,



she took special care to make sure those pets in her charge felt comfortable and loved, returning at the end of her day to tuck each animal in and kiss them before she left for the evening. Morgan’s disease began with an acute trauma that occurred when she was 16 years old. Her high school boyfriend recovering from back surgery and under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs/pain killers committed suicide while talking with

her on the phone. Morgan was devastated and began to experience night terrors, flash backs and extreme anxiety. At this point, she began taking prescription drugs to help relieve her PTSD symptoms and then began a descent into more potent drugs that would numb her feelings and attempt to silence the noise in her head.

As Deanna went to work desperately trying to help Morgan, she encountered an insurance system that was broken, treatment methods that were outdated and just a general lack of education on the insidiousness of heroin itself. “Heroin is so misunderstood. I think it is the worst of any drug out there. It just takes over your brain, screws up your brain chemistry and your dopamine receptors. All that frontal cortex of your brain is completely manipulated by heroin. Your brain stops growing. After her trauma and subsequent drug use, Morgan became a 16-year-old in a 24 year olds body. “ Deanna shares, “You’re not only addicted, but you become clinically depressed. You are already in this dark hole, and it’s so difficult for these kids to climb out.” Deanna cites this generation of children lack of coping skills as a contributing factor to the hold that heroin can have on them. “They all have in some shape or form a need for immediate gratification and tend to lack problem-solving abilities. This combined with highly addictive heroin makes this disease a real beast to conquer. “

At the time of Morgan’s death, she was clean for 8 ½ months. She was also 5 ½ months pregnant. “Morgan became clean by taking the drug Vivitrol. Vivitrol is truly a miracle drug. It is a shot that is given once a month, and it prevents the cravings that addicts have.” Deanna said, “When Morgan found out she was pregnant. She made the decision to go off Vivitrol because she was concerned for the health of her baby. She had been taking the drug for three months not knowing she was pregnant and did not want the baby to be born in withdrawal. There have not been studies done on the effect that the drug may have on a fetus, and Morgan didn’t want to put the baby at any more risk.” According to Deanna, this left Morgan in a very vulnerable position, as post acute withdrawal can last up to a year. Deanna said that Morgan’s death was completely unexpected and shocking. “I always knew she could have a relapse, but I did not see this coming at all. She was so full of hope at the prospect of being a mother and loved her baby so much. I’ll never know what was going on in her head, but she must have had a weak moment and… it got her. Heroin took her. “ Prior to Morgan’s death, Deanna began speaking out about the perils of heroin addiction. In January, she gave a presentation at a Drug Task Force Coalition

Public Forum at West Genesee High school. Doctors, Educators, Law Enforcement, Mental Health and Support group professionals were also presenters. Morgan knew about this presentation and had encouraged Deanna to attend. “She was all for it, she said if you can save one kid from the hell I have been through, Mom, It will be worth it.” Deanna continues to speak at school districts throughout upstate New York, most recently sharing her message at Batavia High School. A message that includes the following critical pieces of information in understanding this disease and addiction: Heroin addiction is a disease not a moral issue. “People think it is a matter of will and that is not the case. Morgan’s story is a testament to this. She thought she could will herself to recovery because she loved the baby so much. However, it is like someone with cancer saying that they don’t need chemo because they can get better on their own. It doesn’t work. ” Insurance Barriers to appropriate, effective treatment need to be addressed and changed. Deanna said that local legislators and in particular, Senator John Katko has been instrumental in beginning to reform the current broken system. This includes longer treatment stays in facilities, because outpatient therapy doesn’t work with this type of addiction. Patients need to be in a controlled environment. In conjunction with that, methods of treatment need to

change. “Many times, people told me to let Morgan go, let her hit rock bottom. That is an outdated treatment method that has worked in the past for alcoholics. For a heroin addict, hitting rock bottom means death. “ Through Deanna’s grief and pain, she continues on offering hope to other parents fighting similar battles. “I’m humbled that people come to me for help. This role is part of God’s plan for me. It is not about having the strength, but about doing the right thing. Morgan and I aspired to do this together one day. She wanted to help other kids come through this. I feel that I’m carrying on her legacy. “ Deanna says the most important thing for families to understand regarding heroin is that it does not discriminate. “Everyone thinks that it won’t happen to them that could not be their child. There tends to be a stigma and a shame involved. It’s time to stop judging and start loving so that we can save these children. You’re not a bad parent if you have a child who has this disease!” A recent post on Deanna’s Facebook page states, “I thought I would have to teach my child about the world. It turns out; I have to teach the world about my child.”.” She encourages and implores families to share Morgan’s story. “Tell your children… She was just like you. “





By: Tory Russo

n a freezing day in mid-November 2014, a group of people driving through a parking lot in Camillus spotted a twenty-one-year-old man lying on the ground. They approached him, realized he needed help, and called the police. Members of the Camillus Police Department arrived and revived the man, who had overdosed on heroin, with Narcan, the brand name of Naloxone, an opiate antidote. They had installed the Narcan kits in their cars only one day prior to this incident. The medication enabled the police to save the young man’s life. A few weeks later, in early December 2014, they revived another male in his early-twenties, who overdosed on heroin. He also survived.

last November. Few calls during her 20 years of service with the Camillus PD, a milestone Afarian reaches this April, affected her as much as that one. She remembers hearing screams as they drove, when they were still a block away from the home. Inside the house, she focused on doing her job, but she noticed the ladders and buckets of paint for preparing the nursery. “That’s what heroin does,” Afarian says. “It takes life and it just destroys it.” Axe was in recovery, with the help of medication, which she possibly stopped because of the potential effects to her unborn child. Then she relapsed. After an investigation, the detectives determined the person that sold the heroin actually delivered it to her house.

Throughout 2015, the Camillus PD received calls about 25 individuals, almost an even number of males and females, ranging from 17 to 67 years old, who had overdosed. Most had been using heroin, but some had taken Xanax, horse tranquilizers, cocaine, oxycodone, spike (synthetic marijuana), or a combination. In 23 of the cases the officers administered Narcan with a 100 percent survival rate. Unfortunately for the other two individuals, it was already too late to use the medication. They were deceased when the police arrived. “I wish there was something that we could do to stop [drug use] because it’s killing people. It’s killing families,” says Kristen Afarian, a sergeant and daytime supervisor with the Camillus PD. “It’s taking peoples’ lives away from them.”

Afarian still struggles to tell the story, breaking her near-constant eye contact as she recalls the details of that night. “I think it’s a misunderstanding that the public thinks the police don’t care,” Afarian says. A lot of the police staff live in Camillus and work closely with the community. About a year ago, the police chief and other community members and organizations, like the Prevention Network and the West Genesee Central School District, formed a Community Coalition to raise awareness about substance abuse. The department also operates the CODE (Community-Oriented Oriented Drug Education) program, which it implemented in schools nearly two decades ago to teach youth how to make positive decisions in their lives.

One of those situations took Afarian to the home of Morgan Axe, a 24 year old who passed away from a heroin overdose



Although the Camillus police have used Narcan five times in the first two months of 2016, compared to just once during January and February of last year, the increased use of Narcan doesn’t necessarily indicate an increase in drug use. Afarian believes that these educational sessions and media coverage have encouraged more people to call when an individual overdoses, especially if they know that they are protected from consequences under the Good Samaritan Law. “The time frame [for Narcan to work] is really rapid, and I think that’s also why we’re saving people,” Afarian says. “I think it’s a combination of everything: a good 911 system, properly trained EMS and police officers, it all comes together, plus people who aren’t afraid to call.”

All Tummy Tucks are Not “The Same!” BEFORE


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Lose Your Fear of Fat By Linda Quinn, MS, RDN My “go to” nutrition advice is to eat a salad every day. A very important part of that salad is high-quality olive oils and vinegars. Adding more oil has been a source of extreme pleasure. I like different flavor combinations and adding specialty oils give me a delectable variety. There are now olive oil stores popping up all over America, including three in Central New York. Although the prices are higher than you may be used to in typical grocery stores, the quality and health benefits are worth it. Fear of Fat I have given extra-virgin olive oils as gifts to friends and relatives only to find them using these wonderful products sparingly. In fact, after a year they still have the same bottle! What is the problem? Americans have grown up with a fear of fat. I only have myself to blame. As a young dietitian in the 1990s, I too was under the mistaken impression that fat calories needed to be reduced for good health and weight loss. Recipes, meal plans and magazine articles all focused on low-fat eating. This fear can be traced back to The 1990 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Food Guide Pyramid that listed fats and oils at the top of the pyramid with the words “Use Sparingly.” After years of snacking on dry cheerios and rice cakes preaching the lowfat message, I realized there was more to the story. The Back Story Dr. Ancel Keys was a famous researcher that published the landmark “Seven Countries Study” for the first time in 1970. He had been following 12,763 men since 1958 and found that men in some countries were experiencing a lower incidence of heart disease and cancer than Americans. Southern European countries appeared to have the most robust health. Dr. Keys postulated that saturated fat was the culprit



since the countries that fared the worst was eating butter, cream and red meat. Based on this and other research, the Dietary Committee determined that if Americans limited all fats, this would reduce saturated fat intake. Thus began America’s foray into low fat living. The food industry followed suit and creating hundreds of low-fat products. Many dietitians went along for the ride. While America went “low fat,” Dr. Keys went “Mediterranean.” He moved to Italy and enjoyed the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle until his death at 101. Today, many US researchers and nutritionists call Dr. Keys “the Father of the Mediterranean Diet.” The real turning point for me was attending a Mediterranean Diet Conference in Boston hosted by the Oldways Preservation and Trust ( in the late 1990s. The speakers at this conference were the most prominent nutrition researchers from the US and Europe. Not only was I attending a meeting with them, I was eating with them. One evening I met Walter Willet, Chair of the Nutrition Department at Harvard School of Public Health (www. along with Dr. David Jenkins, the originator of the Glycemic Index. I can remember joking with the two icons at a wine reception when Dr. Willet suggested I eat more fats and oils. I of course, looked at him and said, “Easy for you to say, you are tall and thin, and I am 5’2”!” After years of low fat living, I was afraid to eat more fat. During that conference, we noshed on nuts, seeds, dried fruits, fresh seafood, ancient grain dishes with beans, vegetables, quality extra-virgin olive oil, oil, fresh salads and wine. I knew then that this was the way I would eat. I was not only convinced by the amazing scientific data presented but

tasting the real Mediterranean diet was the clincher. When I finally moved away from low-fat eating and started to eat more Mediterranean, I lost weight. I started adding more fat and actually became thinner. I was snacking on nuts, seeds, and olives. My digestion was running more smoothly, and my health indicators and lab work continued to improve. Now my cooking typically consists of sautéing, roasting and grilling with liberal amounts of oil. Not only does the food taste fabulous. It is filling and satisfying. I am more energized and good-natured.

Hundreds of studies are still pointing to this delicious time-tested eating style. The latest landmark study published in 2013 called PREDIMED followed 7447 people at high risk for heart disease. They found that those that added liberal amounts of olive oil reduced their risk of heart disease, Type Two Diabetes, Stroke and breast cancer. The study authors recommend four tablespoons of olive oil a day. So go ahead and add some high-quality oil to your life and see for yourself. Lose your fear of fat and see your health improve. Linda Quinn is the Chief Happiness Hero for Island Girl Living LLC. Contact her for a speaking engagement this summer at





otorcycling and bicycling have historically been regarded as activities for men. But the truth is that many women enjoy both. And women’s participation in two-wheeled sports is on the rise. Ben “Bike Lawyer” Rabin is a local attorney who helps people, including women, who have been hurt by someone else while on two wheels. Ben is an avid bicyclist and motorcyclist and regularly rides both. Q: What percentage of the time do your cases involving women? A: When I first started doing this many years ago, the women’s involvement was usually as a passenger on a motorcycle. Now I see so many more women on bicycles or driving their own motorcycles. It is awesome to see women taking control, feeling the freedom and power and enjoying themselves. Q: Is there some advice you have for women who are just starting out on the bicycle or motorcycle? A: For cyclists, I think the key is knowing that we have an absolute right to be on the road, and treated like all other vehicles. It’s spelled out right in the New York Vehicle and Traffic Laws, Section 1231: “Every person riding a bicycle. . .shall be granted all of the rights. . . applicable to the driver of a vehicle. . . Q: Does that mean that bicyclists should ride just like cars? A: No. We have a whole bunch of rights that we get, but we also have restrictions. The list of rights and responsibilities that apply to bicyclists is long. Some of them are almost silly, like the section that prohibits people from riding a bicycle with their “feet removed from the pedals.” But many rules that support cyclists are not known, and make many situations very



confrontational when they need not be. And I am not talking about dealing with the police or law enforcement; I am talking about the angry car operator who suggests that we are doing something wrong just by riding our bikes on the road. When confronted by something like this, I think it is important for bicyclists to be able to respond, using applicable law, to defend our right to be on the roadway. Of Course, there are ways you can get in legal trouble by not following the rules too. Everybody should familiarize themselves with the rules that apply to lights, riding in groups, helmets and other things that can get you a ticket. My number one rule that I think cyclists need to know is that you may never ride more than 2 abreast while out on the roads, and when a car comes from behind to pass, you MUST travel single file, no matter how far right you are or where the shoulder is. Not only is it illegal, but if there was an accident while you are riding next to someone while a car passes from behind, the insurance company can claim you were riding illegally and deny you benefits. Besides the legal stuff, I think it is important to be very comfortable with your bike handling skills. Cars and trucks can startle a new person on a bike, and if you are not very practiced in stopping, riding close to curbs or vehicles or in the wind, it can be difficult. This is especially true when you start clipping your feet in – getting unclipped in a hurry needs to be second nature, or you may find yourself falling over in the street from something unexpected. For motorcyclists, the key is to ride differently than you might in a car. Think about how much less visibility there is when you are “small” and when normal driving habits for cars can be dangerous for motorcycles. For example, imagine you are driving along a 2 lane road (1 in each direction) and

the car ahead of you stops to make a left hand turn. If you are driving, you might just go around that car on its right (which isn’t really legal but everyone does it) and continue on. But, on a motorcycle if you do that and there happens to be another car coming from the other direction also turning to its left (across your path) that car may not see you and turn. That doesn’t end well, and worse, the motorcyclist could get blamed for passing on the right and the insurance company could try and deny benefits. Q: Your business deals with accidents, right? A: Yes, and that’s all we do. I believe in learning one area of the law and learning it well. I’ve practiced law for well over 20 years and almost all of it has been working on accident cases. Q: What kind of factors come into play after an accident? A: It gets very complicated. There are certain expenses like medical coverage and lost wages that are covered automatically if you are on your bike and hurt by a car, but those same expenses are not covered if you are hurt while on a motorcycle. Property damage can also be a fight – if you don’t have specific insurance to cover your bicycle or motorcycle, you have to fight with the insurance company for the driver that caused the accident to get reimbursed for that stuff. But the biggest battle is usually for the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Many times insurance companies just don’t want to pay a fair amount, and I have to fight to make it right. I think one key for new riders is to make sure you go to a knowledgeable insurance broker who will work with you not to just save you money but provide the proper coverage to you if something happens.

Q: Are there other issues you think bicyclists and athletes should know about before they get out on the road? A: The biggest tragedy I see is the bad insurance coverage carried by the drivers that hurt my clients. The minimums in NY are very low. You should not rely on someone else’s insurance to compensate you. It is imperative to make sure you have your own coverage so that if something bad does happen, you know you will be covered. I don’t sell insurance,and don’t have a preference for which company people use. The important thing is the kind of coverage that bikers get to protect themselves. I just want people to make sure they have the right kind of insurance before they head out on the road. Contact: I am always available to help anybody with any questions they may have about the legal aspects of riding, but you may find yourself on the phone talking to me about bikes and racing and riding too! Phone: (315) 448-BIKE(2453) Ben Rabin Law Firm, LLC. 5900 N. Burdick Street, Ste 200A, East Syracuse, NY 13057 Email: WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016


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Sitting Is The New Smoking Is Your Sedentary Lifestyle KillingYou? By:Jennifer Nastasi-Guzelak What if I told you that sitting is the new smoking and your chair is out to kill you. What if I told you that sitting may have more to do with obesity than lack of physical activity? No, really. I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now. Thanks to our increasingly seated existence that’s spent parked behind a steering wheel, hovering over a keyboard, or slouched in front of the tube, we are at an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even depression.

Are you looking at your chair with a scornful eye? The truth is we simply aren’t walking, running, or even just standing enough to counteract all the harm that can result from sitting around all day.

That person who’s spending a few hours a day at the gym is doing everything they need to do, right? Well, not exactly. New data is telling us that being sedentary for nine, ten hours a day at the office is bad whether you are morbidly obese or marathon-runner thin. It appears that what is even more important than being a frequent gym-goer, is breaking up all that sitting around were doing throughout the day. Among the solutions being taken into consideration are walking meetings, ‘active sitting’ (on a resistance ball) and the standing or treadmill desk. Believe it or not, in the United States, around sixty thousand treadmill desks have been purchased. It is estimated that walking at a super slow pace burns one hundred to one hundred and thirty calories an hour. There are small changes that you can make every day that will make a big difference in your overall health down the road. Here are a few easy habits to get you up and out of your seat: •Change Your Mindset. First off, stop taking the damn elevator! Take the stairs whenever possible. You should never be sitting for more than a half hour at a time. Stand up while using your phone, writing text messages, checking your email, on Instagram, or Facebook. •Be an Active Couch Potato. Stand up while playing your video games, during commercials, for a conference call, or for segments of your favorite TV shows. •Stay active throughout the day. Get out of your chair and do some heel raises or a few push-ups against the wall. Stretch every chance you get and do a few minutes of shoulder rolls to keep your neck and upper back muscles relaxed. •Walking meetings. Whether it’s from one place to the next or walking outdoors for an hour, schedule meetings that allow you to walk. Walking will not only increase brain activity, but it will also and minimize the amount of sitting and often eating (because meetings usually have food) you will do.



Are you scared straight out of your chair? Good. Remember, self-care is a divine responsibility. Whichever way we do it, for the good of our health, our backs and necks, and our bottoms perhaps, it’s time we make a change. I am currently certified by the National Sports Conditioning Association, Apex Fitness Group, and the International Sports Science Association. LIKE us on Facebook @ www.facebook. com/Championsfitness! If you would like to set up a Free Consultation with one of our certified personal trainers call Champions Fitness Center at (315) 452-5522.


Sunday Mornings with Mimi Griswold



Behind The Mic with Mimi Griswold


imi sits at the kitchen table, quietly bobbing her head to the smooth voice of Stevie Wonder as she concentrates on her homework. Eyes tired she lifts them from the page, instead choosing to watch her mom steadily sway back and forth to the music while she stirs dinner over the stove. Feeling Mimi’s eyes bore through her back, her mom turns around and gives her a small smile. Turning back to the food, she sets the stove to a simmer before putting the spatula down. She reaches across the counter, her eyes shining slyly at Mimi as she turns the knob on the radio, right as Stevie hits his stride in the chorus. She holds her hand out towards Mimi, exposed and vulnerable as she waits for her daughter to take it. When she does she twirls her around, and they move thoughtlessly through the kitchen, the lyrics and salty smell mixing around them, guiding them through a labyrinth of tables and counters and cabinets. In their little kitchen on the South Shore of Boston, the outside world seems to dissipate into nothingness. It’s just them and the kitchen radio. Those are the kind of moments that madeup Mimi Griswold’s youth: dancing and talking with her mom in the kitchen as the music vibrating through the radio caressed their ears. Music always filled the house, and consequently; It started to fill Mimi, until



By Amari Pollard she was made up of notes and lyrics and rhythms. And as she grew up her “music hub” transitioned from the kitchen to her bedroom where she blasted music for hours at a deathly volume. Frustrated by the constant noise leaking from under her bedroom door, Mimi’s dad told her she couldn’t just play records for the rest of her life. Man, was he wrong. For almost 25 years, Mimi and her song selections have filled the cars and homes of thousands across Central New York. Inspired by traditional radio, where more music is played than talking and advertisements, Mimi’s Sunday morning show “Blue Moon Cafe” on TK99 and WOUR gives listeners a break from the monochromatic sounds of modern radio. Instead of looping the same five songs throughout the day, Mimi keeps it fresh, giving her audience different and well-crafted songs to jam out or chill out to. “It [Blue Moon Cafe] harks back to the kitchen radio. When you listened, you never knew what was coming up next, and you felt like you knew the person you were listening to. And after almost 25 years, I feel like I know my listeners,” said Mimi. When Mimi first got into radio, she was under the impression that all she had to do was sit in a studio, slip whatever record she wanted out of its sleeve and played it. Simple. But the years have taught her there is a kind

of science, a kind of art that goes into deejaying a show. Those listening to the array of music playing during Blue Moon Cafe may think the song selection is random but there is a lot of thought that goes into choosing a playlist. The weather can have a great influence over what songs get picked, even Mimi’s mood that day can dictate which artists get playing time. If it’s warm out and the sky is clear, uptempo songs that compliment the breezy day will see more time than slower songs Mimi might play during a rainstorm. Although Blue Moon Cafe has a specific kind of sound—according to the website, it’s described as acoustic and comfortably, eclectic—the deejay says you can’t really pin down her taste. Some of her favorite artists include Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young (in whatever phase he’s in) and Bonnie Raitt; but she also loves artists like Toby Keith, Adele and Jennifer Lopez. The only genre of music Mimi refuses to listen to is bluegrass. The sounds of the mountain just aren’t for her. But for the most part, she believes good music is good music, and you can’t put limitations on that. “I love them all. And I think it goes back to the kitchen radio. When I was listening to music then—when I was a teenager—you didn’t separate it,” said Mimi. “Country music was played next to singer-songwriters, which was played next to rock ‘n roll, which was played next to the Beatles which was played

“Radio involves alot of writing everyday” next to The Four Seasons…. It was all on one radio station.” From folk to disco to auto tune, Mimi has been there for all of it—well not all of it, but some of it. Either way, the music lover has seen a lot of evolutions within the industry, and she has embraced the transition. She has accepted the fact that change is inevitable, and while it can be intimidating that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be viewed as bad. Mimi has kept this same outlook when it comes to the way radio has progressed over time. A lot of people hold the idea that radio is dead because of streaming and youtube, oh and let’s not forget illegal downloading. The truth is 91 percent of American’s ages 12 and older still listen to the traditional AM/ FM radio according to a survey taken by the Pew Research Center in 2014. The numbers may seem to contradict personal experiences and observations, but think about it; although we don’t always hear the radio, it’s available everywhere: from in our cars to online.

there is nothing better than when a dedicated listener recognizes her in the grocery store or at the mall and introduces himself/herself. Mimi says she has met people who have listened to her for 20 years and will tell her how her show, her music, has gotten them through difficult moments in their lives. She says that one on one the connection with her listeners is one of the most important things, because although they can’t always see each other or even know each other, they have played a huge part in each other’s lives. This summer will mark 25 years for Mimi in

The camaraderie within the station was palpable, even more so were the relationships Mimi had and still has with her fans. She says

There was a time when Mimi did take a break from radio. She actually intended it to be a full retirement from her day-to-day programming responsibilities at Syracuse Company Galaxy Communications, so she could take care of her son, who had survived a serious accident. At that time in her life, nothing mattered except her son’s health. But as Mimi was helping her son recover she was doing a little side work for the company from home— just a little here and there to help out. As time went on the company kept coming back to Mimi, and at first she was a little reluctant to take back on all the work because she liked spending time with her family and having her freedom. The “free spirited stuff ” as she called it was a nice change of pace, but once her son started to get better Mimi broke out of retirement, and now she’s back full time. She even admitted, “I’m probably a bit young to retire.”

“So it’s not like traditional radio has gone away, it’s just used in a different way,” said Mimi. “It’s the delivery that has changed, not the radio, at least for companies like mine. And what we have to do, as those in radio, is continually evolve and find a combination of entertainment and delivery. We still like to be entertaining we still like to be spontaneous. We like to be there, and we like to be live. All those things that real radio can deliver we still do.” One of Mimi’s favorite things about being in radio is bringing it to the listeners and seeing it come alive outside of the studio. Early in her career with KRock she remembers getting ready for the KRockathon and being in awe of the artists and crowd that would show up. “I would look out from backstage at the sea of people and think, ‘Look at this. We did this. We brought these artists. We introduced these listeners to these records, this music,’” said Mimi.

“Yeah I can do other things, and I do other things on the side, but I still love music. I’ll never be tired of it,” said Mimi. “So radio is a part of my life, not just music but radio. I love radio, and I love listening to local radio when I travel. It’s just a part of who I am, and I blame it on the kitchen radio.”

Having passions outside of radio is probably what has helped Mimi maintain her love for it. She recommends that to anyone looking to start their career: love what you do but make sure that is not the sole focus of your life. The more things you’re involved in the more well rounded of a person you’ll become, perhaps even a better one.

the radio industry. Wow. To dedicate yourself to an industry for such a long time can seem incredulous to some people, especially those of the younger generations who often have a hard time imagining themselves in any job for more than five years. When asked why she continues to choose the radio over and over again, it took no thought for Mimi to answer: the music. Even after all this time. And yeah, she’s aware that she can do something different, but she just doesn’t want to.

Radio isn’t who Mimi is; it’s what she does...but she also does a lot of other things. She loves to write. In fact, her first dream was to become a writer for Rolling Stone, kind of like William Miller in Almost Famous. A part of her would still love to do that. To hop on a tour bus with Bob Dylan and chronicle his adventures, to ask all the right questions and get all the information. Before she was all about radio, Mimi was all about writing. She wrote all throughout her time at Syracuse University and freelanced afterwards, and somewhere in between all her writing the music started to resurface. WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016


Having such a strong background in writing actually ended up benefiting Mimi’s radio career. You wouldn’t guess it, but radio involves a lot of writing, every single day. Besides writing and holding onto her childhood dreams, Mimi’s basically a modern-day renaissance woman. She loves the outdoors, hiking and canoeing with her husband in the Adirondacks whenever she can. She’s on the board of the Cortland Free Library, and she’s on her second year beekeeping with her husband. They turned their hobby into a company named after their youngest grandchild Violet, Queen V’s Bees. “I raise bees because the art and science of beekeeping is so opposite of what I have been doing for 25 years. I wanted to try something completely different, something that I had to learn from the ground up.” This for Mimi is something quiet and solitary, with a positive effect on the environment. The honey and the beeswax are the by-products. “I took a class. I read, and I connected with other beekeepers, including a wonderful 90-something year old man who made a living from bees for over 40 years.” He has been invaluable. I can ask him anything, and he’s willing to share his experience. They went from two hives last year to 10 this year. Mimi loves her bees. She says they’re so fascinating that she could just set up a lawn chair in front of the hives with a glass of wine and watch them go at it for hours. When you have more time on your hands, Mimi says, “you start to think of all sorts of interesting and different things to do, and instead of questioning them, you just go for it”. But all her fun new hobbies lack in comparison to spending time with her family, especially her three little grand babies Davis (4), Reed (3) and Violet (1 ½). Whether she’s on the radio or not, they’ll always be there for her, just like music. And as long as she has them, life is good. Tune in every Sunday Morning for Blue Moon Cafe on Tk99 and WOUR from 7am to noon.



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Losing a Child, Giving Respite,

Restoring Hope

Providing Refuge for Others


David Pfohl

By: Kristen Penfield Photo: Elisha Stasko

osing a child: An unspeakable experience, of pain and devastation that can be completely overwhelming. Receiving help and support is what parents need amidst caring for a special-needs child or dealing with such heartbreak. Brenda and Warren Pfohl, unfortunately, know this pain too well.

150 families this year alone. Brenda stated, “We originally operated out of our home in Manlius. We considered building an addition, but our view coupled with so many parents in need; we decided to partner with other Bed & Breakfast locations and now reach many more families.” “In only a few years we have grown throughout Central New York as well as Rochester and the Finger Lakes region. We have partnered with fifteen

Brenda and Warren Pfohl lost their son David, at age 20, to Batten’s disease, a rare progressive disease in which he lacked an enzyme necessary to break down and remove the waste that occurs from cell activity in his neurons. He died on October 22, 2009; he fought for thirteen years. They know the turmoil that parents face in crisis. Thus, they formed David’s Refuge in Brenda & Warren Pfohl honor of their son to encourage parents to keep pushing forward. Their hope is Bed & Breakfast locations, and currently to help parents keep fighting and keep the have thirty three people who work with faith for their child. us as hosts, most of whom have walked this journey as well.” David’s Refuge has “We know what a difficult time it is for extended to Western New York, Pennsylparents,” said Brenda Pfohl. “We want to vania, Massachusetts and other locations provide a place of respite, free of charge along the east coast. for parents of children with special needs or life-threatening medical conditions David’s Refuge eligibility policy can be where they will be refreshed, restored, viewed on line. No referral is needed and and renewed in their role as caregivers. once accepted the caregiver can pick a date We want to love on them as heroes,” she and location for a ‘getaway’ that will work added. The Pfohls recognized that the need with their schedule. The host couple will for help was great. They began a refuge to meet them at their destination. Brenda provide care for the caregiver. They opened said, “When the host couple meets with their doors in 2011, helping another couple the caregivers, much bonding occurs. It in need. Their first year they helped 43 is so good to hear of others’ journeys and couples and since then, they have helped to gain a new perspective in their own over 100 families each year and expect over situation.” Lifetime friendships have begun

here, and families are able to meet again during the two events that David’s Refuge supplies: a family picnic as well as a date night at Eastern Hills Bible Church that has been an enormous success. How They Thrive: The success of David’s Refuge is due in large part on the support from many individuals, organizations, and companies that believe in their mission. The Pfohl’s are developing relationships with interested partners who will offer products and services at minimal or no cost. David’s Refuge thrives on volunteers, donations, fund-raisers and grants. The Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation has continuously helped them grow, along with other large fund-raisers that the Pfohls rely upon. The Pfohls Mission: “We understand how extremely exhausted the caregiver can be. We teach them to take care of themselves, and get the oxygen they need to restore strength and hope.” Brenda said that some caregivers had not been away for 15-18 years and so desperately need some time to themselves. “Warren and I watch the transformation of these parents; their amazing growth, and it lift our heart,” They want to lighten the heavy heart of the caregiver. Brenda said their goal is to provide a quiet place to get away and be refreshed, a healing place where hope can be restored and a safe place where their vision can be renewed. What the Pfohls Want Caregivers to Know: They are not alone. What they do matters. There is a God who loves them. For more information, please visit their website at or call 315.682.4204. You can email Brenda or Warren Pfohl at Like them on Facebook to learn more about them at www.facebook. com/DsRefuge or follow them on twitter @ davidsrefuge WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016


Relax & Enjoy your Backyard Escape Specializing in Remodeling & Accessorizing your existing pool.

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Meet this month’s Realtor:


Holly Kane of Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

Taking Real Estate to New Heights


t’s been established that technology changes things. This is no different in the real estate business. In fact, the addition of drones has only made buying and selling homes easier. Holly Kane is one of the realtor’s in Central New York that uses drones. She has been in the industry for six years, deciding to break into it after being a stay-at-home mom. “I love what I do. It makes me a better realtor,” said Kane. She started using drones when her husband’s company got into them. After seeing how they operated, Kane thought that they could be utilized in real estate. “[It is] better than pictures. With the interior video it shows you everything, great effect to space, to where things are located,” she said. “Drones will give a buyer a perception of an area.” Even though Kane believes that drones are a huge part of the future of realty, she still advises potential buyers to visit the homes themselves. The experience of physically visiting a possible location to live is irreplaceable. Of course, drones cannot be used in every location. “We are all about rules and regulations,” said Kane. Places near airports or

other restricted locations cannot be filmed. Regardless, drone videos are a great way to get a better sense of the area, “especially for places with acreage,” Kane said. On her website, Facebook, and LinkedIn account, Kane puts up videos that she takes of the houses she is selling. When shooting an interior video, she often does voice overs. She says that it allows her to give a steady view of the inside of a house while providing information about key points. Marketing on social media has become one of the most important aspects of real estate. The National Association of Realtors says that 90% of people are looking online for houses, in comparison to the 4% that are looking in newspapers. Kane is clearly passionate about her work. “Buying a home is an incredible experience,” said Kane. “[I] love dealing with people.”

Her overall tone was that “I got this … I would succeed.”Kane’s story of survival and success is an inspiration to others. One piece of advice that she gave was to push all the negative out of life, and to be surrounded with positivity. Her husbands and kids are her biggest supporters. Nothing will stop you from doing what you want to do. I didn’t let anything get me down,” Kane said. Her attitude towards success fully shows in her sales. When it comes to sales, Kane is the woman. Although buying and selling a home is not easy, she says that buyers should always look into get prequalified and to talk to a mortgage lender. “Just be patient,” Kane said. One piece of advice that she could give to people looking to buy or sell a home is “There’s a home for every buyer and a buyer for every home.” Contact Holly at 315-671-3668 For more information about aerial photography Feather in Flight Productions 315-399-2408

In fact, Kane is such a successful realtor that she was named the top agent at her firm in May, 2014. She sold over $1 million in real estate. This award came one month after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer survivor said that she “surrounded herself with positive people, a positive environment.” WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016


Saving money never felt so good.

315-479-2886 2735 Erie Blvd. E, Syracuse Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or in all GEICO companies. See for more details. GEICO and Affiliates. Washington DC 20076. GEICO Gecko image Š 1999-2015. Š 2015 GEICO.



pring, a time when we start heading outside to soak up the warmth that we yearned for all Winter long. There are so many ways we look to have fun during the summer months, from four wheeling to boating, we still need to make sure that we are safe and more importantly covered for any unexpected events that might occur. If you decide you want to purchase a boat most people are not sure about what is covered or think that their homeowner’s policy will cover it. Most homeowner policies will have size, horsepower and damage limitations. Boat insurance will cover you and your boat against liability and damage if you should have an accident. Some of the other typical coverage is damages to the sails, furnishings’ ,trailer and more. Medical bills and salvage are included too. Additionally, another coverage that you should be aware of is that if you have an accident with your boat and damage someone or their property you are covered. Policies will differ based on the type of boat that you have and the coverage you select. Are you an off roader? Four Wheeling sure can get your blood racing and is a lot of fun. When you are riding on trails and through the woods, you can get to see many great things. One thing to keep in mind that others like ATVs too and many get stolen. If you are not insured, you run the risk of liability especially if someone gets hurt or something should get damaged. It is important to have insurance not only to protect from theft but to protect you if you have an accident on or off your property. If you want to ride on state-owned land, insurance is a requirement.

If your summer fun is cruising around on a motorcycle, whether you enjoy riding a scooter or a Harley, you need to have insurance. Plans are customized especially for your experience. A good habit is to read up on riding tips, which should be a priority. Even if you are a seasoned rider make sure that you are protected while riding. When choosing a motorcycle helmet you might want to consider a full-face helmet with visor, these are great for protecting your head and eyes. Many helmets today are made of lightweight materials and are more comfortable. Before you buy, check to make sure the helmet adheres to the DOT Safety Standards. Now that your head is protected, how about the rest of your body? Many shops offer pants, gloves and jackets, especially for riding. The special padding helps to minimize any injuries such as road rash should you have an accident. Unlike a vehicle that protects you, you need to have clothing to help minimize any injuries. Remember, we all want to have fun and enjoy the many different recreational vehicles but we must always keep in mind safety. The safety of yourself, family, friends and others is important so make sure you take courses, maintain your vehicles, and be sure that they are equiped with safety gear, vests and other accessories required. We want you to enjoy your spring and summer, equally we want you to be safe. If you are looking for a quote for any of your insurance needs, give us a call at GEICO. We have over eight agents in our Syracuse Office at 2735 Erie Blvd. E, to help you or call us 315-479-2886.



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eal Estate closings from the Sellers side are simple pro forma transactions that require little more in the way of legal assistance than someone who knows how to draft a deed and a closing statement; that is until they’re not! Closings can develop serious consequential problems before the contract can be considered binding. Between the time, you sign the Purchase Offer on the advice of your broker and when the contract is binding on both parties (that is when all the contingencies have been met) a lot can go wrong. It is for these occurrences that you will want an experienced Real Estate Lawyer to assist when you try to sell your house.


By: Jeffrey Lee Drimer, Attorney at Law purchase yours as required in a mortgage commitment or doesn’t qualify for a mortgage your Real Estate Lawyer will know how to extend the contract to address these problems if that is what you want to do or extricate you from the contract if that is necessary. These are just a few of the things that go wrong early in the process, and you will want experienced legal advice when you get that phone call that tells you the well doesn’t flow enough or the Radon number is through the roof.

A Real Estate Lawyer will know who to call to remediate a failed radon test and will know how to adjust the contract to accommodate this expense. He may also know reliable contractors for repairs required by a Home Inspection. A failed purity and flow test can be addressed. If your Buyer can’t sell his or her house, so he or she can

It is not uncommon for mortgages that were paid off at closing when you bought your property to “not be discharged” of record in your County Clerk’s Office. Your lawyer will know how to search out the proper documents so that you can clear your title and close. When your “re-dated” survey comes in you might be surprised that your neighbors fence or retaining wall is built 3 feet on your property. That is a surprise that only your Real Estate Lawyer will know how to handle. In some instances, your previous attorney might have made an error and failed to extinguish or prove that another party does not have a legal interest in your property. The resolution of this problem and problems like it can be resolved so you can pass “good title” to your Buyer.

First and most important make sure that you never sign a Purchase Offer that does not have an Attorney Approval Clause. This is your first line of defense, and you should always use it. The other most common contingencies in a Real Estate contract are Home Inspections, Water flow and purity tests, Buyers’ proof of mortgage financing by a certain date, Sale of a Buyers residence and Radon Testing. It is possible that any one of these contingencies may not be satisfied and the contract voidable. An experienced Real Estate Lawyer will be able to help you negotiate modifications to the contract. Changes to the purchase price and adjustments that will accommodate repairs that might be necessary for the property to pass an inspection can be negotiated by your attorney.

your closing on schedule.

Problems can also develop in regard to your title (the ownership of your property). Do you know where your Abstract of Title is? Do you even know what that is? And where is your survey and does it match your deed. Do you have receipts for our paid taxes? Your lawyer will have this under control and will know hot to replace that lost abstract at the least cost to you. Your Real Estate attorney will also check your title to determine whether you have a clear unencumbered title to your home. If you have a judgment against you that judgment creates a lien on your title that needs to be cleared before closing. Your attorney will know how to do this to keep

In addition to problems with contingencies and title, closings generally have scheduling problems. Especially when you are trying to move somewhere else, close on another transaction and have made commitments to movers, etc. Resolving scheduling conflicts and making sure that everything the Seller needs to do to ensure a timely closing is done is your Lawyers job. Your Real Estate Lawyer will know how to handle these situations and be familiar with the laws that protect the Seller when the Buyer is trying to take advantage of the Seller because the contract closing date is no longer convenient. In other words, retaining a competent Real Estate Lawyer is very much like insurance. When there are surprises or problems, you are prepared in advance to deal with them. You will be glad you did. Expect the best for your closing but be prepared for the worst. You don’t want to be “Almost Closed.” WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016



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Are You Ready For Your Dream Vacation? Pt. 2


ave you chosen your vacation destination? I hope that part one of “Are you ready for your Dream Vacation” has given you some basics of getting started. As you learned from the story last month, our destination was Italy. We arrived in Rome around 6 pm and were greeted by a woman holding a sign with our name on it, something you see in movies or reserved for special people. We were very impressed! Our driver hustled us into our taxi and we traveled the congested roads that amazingly seemed to flow smoothly. It is a wonder that these taxi’s are not all dented they weave in and out of each other, cross lanes and make quick turns. But they always seem to reach their destinations unscathed.

By: Mary McCandless Story - Photography We reached the Best Western Art Deco which was reasonably priced, clean, with a restaurant and great staff. All of this is included in the $942. Rome has so much to offer and much of it can be seen on foot. However, The Termini (subway) is great for getting around and only 3 Euro round trip. Our first stop was the Colosseo. As we exited the Termini, this beautiful yet imposing stadium was right in front of us. Imagine all the people gathering to see gladiators fighting to their deaths. To our right is the Arch of Constantine. In this immediate area, we toured Circo Massimo, Palentino, Areo di Tito and Domus Aurea all of which are completely breathtaking.

It is incredible to walk on the paths of the first actual highway system, ancient gardens that still exist, view the aqueducts and the remnants of buildings where the Romans conducted everyday life. From Romulus to Augustus, the architectural wonders live on from its beginning of over 2500 years ago. A sight everyone should experience. There is much more to see. We also saw the Trevi Fountain and of course tossed our coin over our shoulders and made a wish. We took in the scenery and mapped out the many other sites to see such as the Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, Repubblica, Templo Adriano, Piazza Novano, Del Popolo, Foro Triano and more. The streets are sprawling with residents and tourists WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016



Arch of C onstantine Colosseum

View of the Ruins

Ceiling of The Pantheon all taking in the sights with its splendor. I am always amazed at how the streets and alleys wind from one piazza to another with many shops, café’s and restaurants to choose from. As we walked through the cobble stone streets, we could imagine what it must have felt like to have lived here over 2,000 years ago. The people of Rome must have felt that this was the most grand city of the ancient world. The towering structures, with doors that sprawl over 40 feet, high exude the strength within the city. It is truly breathtaking and we found a true appreciation for what the city offered. There are many shops with Italian leather



Ancient Palantine Gardens

The Pantheon purses in dozens of beautiful colors for 20 to 42 euro. If you want a new outfit, we found clothing from 5 to 15 euro, Lemonchello and more. Every shop we passed had “Sconto” (Discount) in the window. We found Grano Café not far from the Piazza del Popolo and they had a wide variety of pizza to choose from. It is packed with people ordering their slices that are cut with scissors, weighed and served. Once you gather your food you needed to capture a spot at one of the five round tables in this very small venue. Although it was a bit crowded the pizza was delicious. Then top your meal off with creamy cup of Gelato filled with your favorite fresh fruit making your meal truly Italian.

Inside the Colosseum

Carrie & DeDe at Grano’s

Piazza Novona If you travel to Rome you must tour the Vatican. The best way to see and learn about everything is to take the reasonably priced guided tour. The guide will lead you through halls that are lined with statues, relics and tapestries that once were alive in ancient Rome. The guide will educate you on Michaelangelo and his reluctance to paint the Sistine Chapel. What you will see at its highest part of the ceiling, are nine scenes from Genesis, that include “The Separation of Light From Darkness” at the altar end of the chapel to “The Drunkenness of Noah” at the other end. His most famous panels are “The Creation of Adam” ,“The Fall of Man and the Expulsion from Paradise.

At A Glance

e View of th


Spanish Step

Piazza Del Popolo

Piazza Venezia

Shopping in Rome

Trevi Fountain


View of Rome from Piazza Venezia

As promised here are this month’s tips: What to pack: Be sure to check the weather so that you can bring the right clothing. Travel kits are great for Deodorant, Toothpaste, Contact solutions, etc. Many hotels have shampoo and blow dryers so no need to pack. Rolling your clothes makes more room in your suitcase and pack a pair of sneakers or comfortable shoes. Another good idea is to have at least one change of clothing in your carry-on along with your laptop, chargers, glasses or snacks. (We brought a lot of snacks to have in between flights and dinner) A great way to keep your costs down! Before you leave check the weather. We had days that were

between 55 and 60 degrees so all that was necessary was a light jacket or sweater. Essentials: When traveling abroad you will need to get adapters or converters for your electronics. If you want to save on the cost of purchasing them, ask friends who have traveled outside the states to see whether they have them and will loan them to you. Power packs are also very useful, and you can find them for about $5 at Five Below. They are about the size of your cell phone, and will recharge your phone and small electronics anywhere. Tip: Do not bring flat irons or curling irons without the converters. Check with your

an City

St. Peter’s Square, Vatic

Best Western Art Deco hair care provider to see if they sell these items with adapters. Kenra offers flat irons with adapters and they work great. I found mine at Marny & Co. Speak the Language: Translator Apps are perfect learning basic languages of the land or bring a book for Dummies. Most Italians speak English. However, it is my opinion that when you are a guest in another country, it is good to know basic phrases. The smallest gestures of respect go a long way. Next month, I will share the final leg of our trip and wrap up everything and summarizing what you need to know to take your own trip. WOUNY.COM • APRIL 2016




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• Pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care all through one practice • Comprehensive healthcare for you and your family • Our physicians are part of St. Joseph’s award winning obstetrical services • Evening and Saturday appointments available • On-site laboratory services


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Meet Jo Buffalo


s I peek into the thoughts of Central New York’s female artists, I am always amazed at the similarities and differences between all of them. I have found that the path in which they have established themselves as artists wherein lies the similarities. It’s typically a recipe of one part luck, eight parts talent, five parts focus, and a heap of free spirit. The differences are what I love to write about. One of those people is Jo Buffalo.I was very curious about her name. I thought maybe she was of Native American descent. I never expected to hear what I heard. “Buffalo” is her chosen artist’s name. Many moons ago, she wanted a new name. She had just divorced and wasn’t about to use her ex-husbands name on her artwork, so she took back her maiden name but decided that didn’t suffice either. She was talking to a coworker about this, and they decided to use animal names to see what fit. She was almost Jo Marlin and thought about Jo Giraffe, which was too silly. Buffalo just seemed to fit because a Buffalo is strong and mighty and that had the right connotation for her at that time in her life. It stuck. I don’t know any other woman who would choose a name out of the sky like that.


By Audrey Levinson Jo’s childhood was spent in Ohio until her father moved the family to Pennsylvania. There in a small town, she found herself not challenged in high school and with few friends who related to her way of thinking. She graduated and ended up at Syracuse University receiving her undergraduate degree in Ceramics. There she met an adjunct professor, Margie Hughto. She and Margie got along famously. This began her adventures as a young artist. They had

Clay.” Famous artists, like Helen Frankenthaler, for example, came to Syracuse to build in clay. The artists were not ceramicists, and so it was Margie and Jo’s job to help them with technique, getting clay, and anything else they required. Jo became the Assistant Director of the show and in the end, she made a life-long friend, Margie. The show was celebrated with a gala event. Margie and Jo went on to direct two more shows of its kind. In the third show, Jo became one of the focus artists and had someone else running for her. This was an artistic highlight of her life. Jo left SU and decided a change of scenery would do. So, she and a friend lived in Kenya for three years. She started this journey visiting the animals and eating the food like any tourist would do. On an overnight train, she ran into some good luck. She and her friend were seated with another couple in the dining car, a Danish man and Irish woman. They enjoyed each other’s company and in the end, they were offered jobs by this couple of strangers. Jo took the job teaching biology at an all-girls’ school in Africa.

the opportunity to work on a show for the Everson Museum called “New Works in

When her time came to an end in Africa, she went back to her parents who had just Story continues on page 45



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Physical Rehabilitation

moved to Colorado. There she found a job as an Archeologist Tech. Some of the men who were part of the team challenged her to find the correct color of the dirt according to the Munsell color chart. She gladly took the challenge and after a minute or two, without looking at the dirt again she chose the correct color. The men were astounded and let her know it took them three hours to figure out the correct color. Jo was very happy and realized she had the power of color. Jo returned to SU to get a master’s degree in illustration. She worked with professors who were very skilled illustrators, and she learned a lot. One course that remains her favorite was an independent course that took her to from NYC to Dallas and San Francisco. She had the opportunity to meet with local illustrators and learn from them. She completed her Masters by writing a thesis on her ceramic’s background, a subject that had never been written about before in an illustration program. It was called “Ceramic Plates Another Surface.” Jo returned to Syracuse and started and Illustration program at Cazenovia College. Her program was revamped and renamed to include graphic design. It is now called Visual Communications. She has been there for thirty years. Currently, Jo is on sabbatical. Her latest venue is her interest in the medicinal and edible life of plants. She will be taking a mini residency at a vineyard on Seneca Lake where she will be exploring and learning everything she can about the plant life there and creating art to express her love of what she’s learned. Jo has created art her entire life based on what it has taught her. There are two galleries that sell her work as fast as she can make it. I’m not surprised. Jo lives with her one and only as well as her two large wolfhounds and two tuxedo cats.



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hinking of buying a new vehicle this Spring? There are many things to consider when making this huge financial decision and many resources available to us as consumers. With the ease and convenience of the internet at our fingertips, we can research and do our “homework” before making a final decision. What will you buy - car or truck? Full size or compact? Luxury vehicle with all of the “bells and whistles” or a simple, utilitarian working vehicle? Are you concerned about the ecological footprint – should you be looking at a hybrid vehicle? Many of us will start by reading Consumer Reports, to get an idea of what others are buying and how the vehicles are rated. Will you purchase a new or used vehicle? Will you finance your purchase, or pay cash? People who are able to pay cash or put a healthy down payment on a vehicle have some negotiating leverage when visiting a dealership. A down payment can help to keep payments lower. If you can bank your expected monthly payment amount for a year or so, and get in the habit of setting that money aside - you will have a down payment at hand. Also if you’ve repaid a vehicle loan, continue making the monthly payments (to yourself ). This is another strategy to ensure a nice down payment is available for your future vehicle purchase. Have you ever heard someone say that the value of a vehicle depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot? It’s true – as soon as you drive your new car or truck for the first time, the value may depreciate by as much as 11%. There are many depreciation calculators available on-line – definitely take a moment to review one for the vehicle you intend to own. How long will you keep your vehicle, and how many miles do you anticipate putting on the car? This will affect the depreciation of your vehicle, if you decide to trade or sell it in the future. It also raises another question – whether to buy the vehicle outright, or simply lease it with the option to purchase at the end

of your lease. People who expect low mileage and who would like a (potentially) lower monthly payment, plus the option to have a newer vehicle every couple of years may find leasing very attractive. Be very careful to read the contract thoroughly, and to make sure you understand the terms. Mistakes and misunderstandings, and going over the limit on mileage can be costly! Whether buying or leasing, keep in mind that in addition to the monthly payments, you will be paying for insurance, maintenance and fuel. These additional costs may dictate a lower cost vehicle. It is also important to be aware of what other dealerships may be charging for the same vehicle, and any special deals or promotions that are available. If you belong to a credit union, or are employed by a company in the car manufacturing industry, you may receive some concessions as to price, etc. Be sure to check out any and all discounts which may apply! The best advice when making any large purchase is to take your time and to shop around. Make sure that you are receiving the best deal for your money. To save time, many people will use a service to find their perfect vehicle; a service may be able to find a great deal out of your area or even the state that is an exact match for what you are looking for. Happy Vehicle Shopping! Mary Ann Pierce Marathon Financial Advisors, Inc. 315-446-5797 Securities and investment advice offered through Cadare, Grant & Co., Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC Marathon Financial Advisors, Inc. and Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. are separate entities.



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is a  family  owned  and  operated  company  that  has  been  Secretly  providing   your  neighbors  with  resort  vaca7ons  right  in  their  own  backyard  since  1986.         Liverpool  Pool  &  Spa  has  stayed   successfully  focused  on  what  we  have   been  doing  well  for  over  26  years.   Stop  in  and  relax  with  one  of  our   highly  trained,  low  pressure  associates   to  see  all  we  have  to  offer.  With  over   30  models  on  display  we  have  the   best  selecJon  in  CNY.    

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Women of Upstate New York Magazine April 2016  

Women of Upstate New York Magazine April 2016

Women of Upstate New York Magazine April 2016  

Women of Upstate New York Magazine April 2016