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Cover: In the Kitchen with ANNE BURRELL

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Random acts of By Michael Aaron Gallagher From left to right, Trista Bradt, Chelsea Kennedy, Jessica Johnson and Kristin Burger of the Kindness Crew.


t all starts with a Random Act of Kindness (RAK). You’re walking toward the door with your hands full and someone steps out to hold it open for you, or maybe the person in front of you at the drivethrough anonymously pays for your coffee and donuts. They may be simple gestures, but ones that can instantly put a smile on your face and turn an average day into a brighter one. But what would happen if people got together and set out on a mission to do random acts of kindness every day? For one group of friends, who met at Cazenovia College, the journey has become something bigger than they ever imagined.

RAKd and some are people who are doing RAKs and share with us.” Kristin Burger, who works for a defense contractor on Long Island, says even something as simple as a free lottery ticket can brighten someone’s day. “Leaving lotto tickets in random places is probably my favorite ‘routine’ RAK,” Burger said. “I truly love when someone receives one of my RAKs and they post on our Facebook page about it. That really warms my heart. I once left a RAK on the bathroom sink at a NY Knicks game. I returned to the bathroom a little while later to see if it was still there and the person who received it left a thank you note written on a paper towel!” For Jessica Johnson, who is the Manager of Alliance Development and Social Media for J Strategies, Inc. in Syracuse, the experience has been truly rewarding.

“My new year’s resolution was to complete a random act of kindness every day of the year,” said Ashley Agresta, who is now a graphic designer living in New Hampshire. “I wrote a blog that I posted on Facebook and some friends of mine decided to join.” It wasn’t long before Jessica Johnson, Trista Bradt, Kristin Burger and Chelsea Kennedy were joining forces with her, calling themselves the Kindness Crew. “We started a Facebook page actually just for ourselves, so we could post what we did everyday,” Johnson said. “It ended up getting almost 1,000 followers. Some are people we

“My favorite Random Act of Kindness was one I posted to our Facebook page,” Johnson said. “My husband and I were at the grocery store and I overheard a man having a conversation with his two young daughters. They were trying to figure out if they could afford the $2 butter because they only had $10 for groceries. There were maybe four things in the cart. My heart broke as I realized I was lucky enough to not have to worry about where my next meal would come from. I knew we needed to help. My husband found me and I instantly told him what I heard. I told him we should get (the family) a gift card for groceries and he gave me his [credit] card and I rushed to the counter. I asked for a manager and asked if he could deliver the card and tell the family it was a random act of kindness and to have a happy holiday... As my husband and I were leaving the store, we saw the family buying fruits and vegetables.” “My second most memorable RAK was at a Moe’s Southwest Grill,” Johnson said.

“There were two military men behind me in line. When I got to the check-out, I told the cashier that I wanted to pay for their meals and I would leave my credit card and come back afterwards and pick it up. I left my card and sat outside to eat my lunch. The manager came out with my card and handed me $30 in gift cards and thanked me for what I did. The military men eventually came out and asked if we paid for their meal, I told them I had no idea what they were talking about (they knew I was lying!). They thanked me and told me that no one had ever done that for them.... I used the $30 to do RAKs the next time I was in the store.” Whether it’s a small gift or raising funds for charity, the group continues to see the positive difference they are making in people’s lives. “I want people to remember that everything we do has an effect on someone else,” said Trista Bradt, who works for the New York State Dept of Taxation and Finance. “I want people to know that there is more good in the world than bad. I want people to watch the news and only remember the story that made them smile. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative. Just be kind. It really is contagious and it’s a bug I wish more people would catch!” “I know that one person alone can’t change the world,” Agresta said. “But if we inspire one person who inspires one person, the effect becomes exponential and my hope is that someday I will bring children into a better, kinder world... All I can hope is to inspire people to be better to their friends, siblings and strangers.” After all, as the singer Jewel once wrote, “In the end, only kindness matters.” Do you have a random act of kindness you would like to share? Visit us on Facebook at www. and tell us your story!


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The Ballroom at COMFORT SUITES Cicero

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Extraordinary Love By Christine Vickers

Lena Howard


ena Howard, of Liverpool, has been opening up her home and her heart to foster children for several years.

Her experience began when her oldest daughter was 15 and her daughter’s friend and neighbor lived in a home where domestic violence was occurring. Lena took the teenager in and raised her for four years. This began a journey that would lead to helping many other children who were suffering in their own ways. “I always had a soft spot for young people and never wanted to see them hurt,” Lena said. She eventually applied with Onondaga County to serve as a foster parent. During this time she also raised five of her own grandchildren, one of whom is currently living with her now. For the last few years she has been fostering children through a Catholic Charities program called Toomey Residential and Community Services. The difference with this program is that these children are unaccompanied refugee minors who come to the US from countries around the world. Many of them are escaping conflict and oppression. The minimum age is 14 years old and they can remain in the program until they are 18, when they are free to leave the program. They can also receive a Green Card or apply for citizenship, but most cannot return to


their native countries because of political unrest or military requirements for the very young. The children are fostered for at least five years. Many come from places like Burma and the Republic of the Sudan, countries where they may have been exposed to violence and dangerous living conditions. One child, who witnessed his family being murdered, escaped and lived in the jungle for two years. He cooked his food over a fire with whatever he could find, eating vegetation and fish. He eventually found a refugee camp and his way into Lena’s heart. Lena currently has two teenagers from the program living with her now. The biggest challenge for her and the children can be the language barrier. “We come up with a sign between us,” one for eating, bathing and other common daily tasks. Most of them tend to learn English quickly by watching television and by watching or modeling others. “I am amazed at them,” Lena said. “The children don’t show too many outward signs of distress as other cultures handle their emotions differently.” She explained that as they integrate into American society, counseling is available to them if needed. Lena has also received extensive training from Catholic Charities

to be a host parent. “The children that come here are so grateful to have a place to sleep, clothes on their backs,” Lena said. “It is very hard for many of the children to adapt to our ways. Many have never slept in a bed or have eaten a good meal. The bottom line is I want to provide some type of security. These young people are coming from traumatic backgrounds and coming into a country where they are truly alone. They are afraid and they are strangers. I want to put them at ease and make them feel welcome here.” As the children become part of Lena’s family, she says the most rewarding part of their experience together is “watching them grow from a scared child to a confident child.” Some of her children have gone on to college, others have moved to other parts of the country. Lena keeps in touch with most of them and through her role as a foster parent, truly defines what the word family means. Fostering children, especially from impoverished countries, takes strong commitment. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent through Toomey Residential and Community Services contact: Catholic Charities, 1656 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse or call (315)-424-1845.


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San Diego By Amy Benson Jarvis


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“From the moment I deplaned, I knew San Diego was for me”


rom the moment I deplaned, I knew San Diego was for me. Everyone was attentive and helpful. After retrieving my luggage, we were instructed to cross the street to catch the shuttle for the rental cars. No cars were in the terminal, so all companies used shuttles. The check-in at Dollar/Thrifty was quick and painless. It took less than 10 minutes to be directed to our freshly washed car. Then we were off to the Hyatt House San Diego North. This wonderful condo/hotel has a full kitchen, living room and bedroom. At a mere $134 (plus tax) per night it includes a full, allyou-can-eat breakfast with a large variety of menu items to choose from. It is located just outside of downtown but right in the middle of everything, so nothing is more than a 25 minute drive. It was perfect for our trip. Check-in was a breeze and soon we were off and running. First stop - the Gas Lamp district. Historic hotels, including the Horton Grand, as well as newer hotels like the Marriott are abundant here. There is a hotel for every personality and budget. We walked through many interesting shops, stopping occasionally for a drink. This is half the fun of this district. It has so many interesting artsy shops and pubs. We finally landed at happy hour at Ocetras, a fabulous modern


restaurant with a wonderful staff and great happy hour specials, including $1 oysters on the ½ shell. I have found that eating Happy Hour Appetizers will save you a lot of money. Try two or three with your favorite wine, beer or martini and skip the pricey dinners! The next morning we took a trip to the San Diego Safari Park. This is an amazing 1,800 acre, open air zoo. You really need to go early in the morning, when the animals are all active. In the afternoon they nap, so the earlier the better. Upon arrival, make a B-line for the safari tour. This should be your first stop. Then take the extra cost hot air balloon for a fabulous view of not only the park but the entire valley. If you go before noon, you will save $6 per person. You can purchase your ticket at the gate. It is right next to the safari tour, so be sure to get your flight number before you go on the safari. While waiting for the safari we were lucky enough to see the male lion take his walk and hear him bellow. It was quite the performance. After a day at the Safari Park, stop at a winery for a wine tasting. We stopped at Orfila. For $10 you get six tastings and a wine glass to keep. They have a wonderful shop, outdoor seating, and among the sales items there are snacks which you can consume on the property or take home. The

wines were reasonably priced and tasted great. Before heading back to the hotel, we ventured to Oceanside to take a quick beach walk. Then we walked up the stairs to 333, a fabulous martini bar and restaurant with spectacular ocean views. We had Pomegranate martinis (by far the best in San Diego) and the Ahi Stack for 2, a delectable treat consisting of layers, in a square, rice, avocado, cucumber, mango and Sushi grade Ahi with crunchy shallots, accompanied by a lemongrass soy. It was one of my favorite dishes of the weekend. We decided to take it easy and visit Old Town, to walk the shops and get a taste of San Diego history. There are small museums, replicated old shops, restaurants and even the original jail. We went to one of the “most haunted” houses in America, The Whaley House Museum. The Whaley House gives you an idea of what it was like to live in San Diego in the 1800s. We did some shopping, stopping in several quaint stores including a leather goods shop where they make everything right in the shop. We stopped in all the original buildings, including the jail, James McCoy House and the stables. Now, onto Casa de Reyes for some authentic guacamole and chips!


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1/23/14 6:54 PM

On our last full day, we were up early to head to the San Diego Zoo. Remember, animals take naps at lunch time, so for the best viewing, arrive when the parks open. I was really excited to see the pandas, koalas, and gorillas. They not only have Chinese pandas but the smaller, red pandas. After entering the zoo, we went directly to the bus tour, which is great to get an idea of what is in each area. That way, when you are walking, you can go see the animals up close.

Amy Benson Jarvis is the owner of The Travel Store in Fayetteville and Liverpool, New York. For more information, call 315-663-0019.

“Remember, animals take naps too!”

After another busy day and miles of walking, we were hungry, so we decided to stop at a wonderful steak house called Bully’s East. It is very low-key but the food is out-of-this-world. We stopped at the bar first, since we did not have a reservation. They freely pour you a cocktail and the staff is very friendly. You would have thought we were there every week. When our table was ready, the hostess came to get us and we were seated at a booth. The amount of food was overwhelming. I took half of my dinner back to our room. With a population of more than 1.3 Million people and one of the best climates in America, San Diego has a little something for everyone. Whether you plan a week-long vacation, or just schedule a weekend trip, the sights and sounds of Southern California will stay with you forever. One thing is for sure, San Diego, I will be back. WOUNY.COM • JAN/FEB 2014

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1/23/14 12:02 PM

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How You Can Be Younger By Next Year By Linda Quinn, MS, RDN


id you ever have that “light bulb moment” where you figure something out and it changes your life? People who have lost weight or have quit smoking will often say there was a “trigger” that finally moved them to success. They had been contemplating, strategizing and wishing for change and then one day, they realize a shift. The reasons vary from person to person but those “triggers” are often the best catalyst of change. Mine came when I picked up Parade magazine in 2007. I found one of my favorite articles of all time called, “You Can Stop Normal Aging!” What I learned changed my life. As a nutritionist, I understood the importance of food and its ability to fuel, nourish, and heal the body. But this article suggested that exercise was the ultimate fountain of youth. The author, Dr. Henry Lodge conveyed a message about exercise that made me see a more global picture - that we can actually change the way our bodies age. No pill, herb, surgery or fad diet can give you these results. Only regular movement can help you look and feel younger, stave off illness and keep your parts moving and working like those of much younger people. There are lots of pain relievers


Younger by next year.indd 1

available to “treat” the aches and pains of aging but, the truth is, that it isn’t aging at all, it’s ROT! According to Dr. Henry S. Lodge, “Most aging is just the dry rot we program into our cells by sedentary living, junk food and stress. Yes, we all grow old, and ultimately we die. But our bodies are designed to age slowly and remarkably well. Most of what we see and fear is decay but, decay is only one choice. Growth is the other.” Lodge suggests in his book, Younger Next Year, “this whole system evolved over billions of years out in nature, where all animals face two great cellular challenges: The first is to grow strong, fast and fit in the spring, when food abounds. The second is to decay as fast as possible in the winter, when calories disappear and surviving starvation is the key to life.” Although food is the important fuel, exercise controls growth. Our goal is to grow, not rot. Consider this. When winter comes, our nature is to wind down early, cozy up warm and sleep. But, unlike our primitive ancestors, we are still taking on plenty of calories while our bodies are at slumber and rest. So how do we offset this extra intake at a time when our body

least needs it? By resisting this urge to rest. By moving every day! The more energized you get, the more your cells grow and change. A study published in June 2013 in the peer reviewed Journal PLOS Genetics found that exercise can actually change our DNA. Swedish researchers looked at how exercise changes a process called cellular methylation. Most people think that we are born with certain genes and that’s it, end of story. Not so. The research indicates that genes can be turned on and off. Exercise induced cellular methylation can ultimately change the behavior of a gene and how it acts on the body to prompt physiological changes. This study showed that sedentary men who started cycling for two days a week for six months actually improved their fat cells. The cells were less likely to store fat and could in turn decrease the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. In a related study, researchers looked at muscle cells in the same way. After just one workout, the muscle cell methylation changes could improve metabolism. Although this science is new and more is yet to be learned, one thing we know for sure: if you move, your body will improve

• JAN/FEB 2014

1/19/14 7:54 PM

5 tips to Revv Up Your Cells! 1

. Start

moving. If you are sedentary, get up and move at least every 20 minutes. Research shows this will help keep the fat from depositing. A quick walk around the room can do wonders.


. Make it a habit. Aerobic exercise at least 2-3 days a week for 20 minutes. Ideally try something on most days for 45minutes. Exercise can be broken down into 15 minute intervals and add up to the same benefits.


. Increase Intensity. Once you start exercising, increasing intensity will promote major changes in your cellular growth. Researchers found increasing intensity promoted more change than longer duration.


. Form is Key. Most people stop exercising due to injuries. Proper form will promote better movement and less injury. Join a Pilates class or hire a personal trainer to work on your form.


. Pump it up. Incorporate strength training into your routine. This can be done with weights or your own body weight at least two days a week. This will preserve muscle and bone mass that is critical for aging!

in many amazing ways. It is not just about “calories burned.” It’s about changing how your body works at the cellular level. You can actually have an effect on your gene behavior. There are numerous studies of the overall benefits of regular exercise: Improved cardiovascular function, blood glucose control, decreased risk of stroke, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. It can decrease the risk of certain cancers and even Alzheimer’s. It can improve your mood, energy level and certainly the way you feel about yourself. So, if you haven’t started exercising, what are you waiting for? What’s your trigger? The latest research shows that even if you have been sedentary for decades, you can change your cellular future. You can get your cells to grow and increase their ability to keep you young. You will see the difference in your body. You’ll not only lose weight but might even be able to get off medications. You will feel stronger and your face and skin will glow. Your digestion will work more smoothly and this won’t all be just a “feeling.” It will be real cellular changes happening in your muscles, fat, bones, organs, arteries and your brain! All these changes will make you literally, younger next year! Could this article possibly be your trigger? It would give me great pleasure to think that someday you will revisit this article and say, this is it! This was the article that “changed my life.” Make my day…..and yours.

Linda Quinn, MS, RDN is a Registered Dietitian, Stott Pilates and TRX instructor. Stay tuned next month for her column, “Finding the Diet that will Feed Your Cells and Help You Achieve Your Healthy Weight”


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1/19/14 7:55 PM

In the kitchen with

Anne Burrell

By Michael Aaron Gallagher • Photography courtesy of Food Network



Untitled-5 1

1/21/2014 7:19:45 PM

Taking charge in the kitchen comes naturally for world-renowned chef Anne Burrell. The Food Network star is cooking up a whole new season of her popular show Worst Cooks in America.


ife as a celebrity chef can be a whirlwind. There are talk show appearances, cooking demonstrations, book signings, interviews and endless business meetings. And then, of course, there is the most important part - the cooking. Far from the bright lights of television studios and haute cuisine of world-class eateries, Anne Burrell began her culinary journey in the small town of Cazenovia, New York. Tending to the family herb garden and enjoying her mother’s home-style cooking were some of her fondest childhood memories. While her mother, Marlene cooked over the stove, the pair watched famed chef Julia Child on television together, something that helped Anne build a basic foundation and inspired her to try her own hand at the craft. “My mother was a great cook, she was very creative,” Anne said. “I always liked being able to go out to the garden and pick lettuce for salads, corn on the cob, potatoes - it was all great.” But discovering her calling didn’t come easy at first. After graduating from Canisius College with a degree in English and communications, Anne struggled to find a direction in her career.

“I started waiting tables in Buffalo, New York,” she said. Never far from the kitchen, restaurant life slowly began to ignite her true passion. It wasn’t long before Anne decided to follow her dream of going to the Culinary Institute of America. Soon, she was rekindling her love for cooking and enrolling in the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners, where she developed a new understanding of the Italian dining experience. As a part of her training, she also worked at La Bottega del’ 30 in Umbria and La Taverna del Lupo in the Tuscany region of Italy. Becoming a top chef amidst a sea of fameseeking copycats and casual YouTubers certainly wasn’t easy. It required an authentic mix of discipline and personality. Anne believes that each of her life experiences have played an important role in her culinary philosophy and how she prepares each original recipe. “It’s kind of a fabric of where I’ve been throughout my whole career,” she said. “It all adds up.” Some days, the years of study and preparation yield amazing results, while other times delectable dishes don’t come so easily.

“It’s one of those days when everything goes wrong and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know if I’m ever going to get through this.’ And then there’s other times when you’re like, ‘Wow, this is a fantastically easy day. We got more customers [at the restaurant] than we normally do.’ Sometimes all the chips fall in all the right places.” Anne’s drive and determination to be the best have propelled her career forward, allowing her to overcome the daily challenges of her profession and exceed her audience’s expectations. On a recent winter night, Anne returned to Upstate New York. At the Brae Loch Inn

Worst Cooks in America Chef Anne Burrell puts aspiring cooks to the test each week in a reality competition that is anything but ordinary. A new season of Worst Cooks in America airs Mondays (beginning February 17) at 9 p.m. on Food Network.

WOUNY.COM • JAN/FEB 2014 Untitled-6 1


1/21/2014 7:20:58 PM

Follow Chef Anne Burrell on Twitter @chefanneburrell. Photo courtesy of Food Network.

in Cazenovia, she autographed copies of her books and posed for pictures with her adoring fans. She’s not just any cook in the kitchen anymore. She’s a star. But even though her delicious cooking has made her a popular television guest, she’s remained grounded throughout her journey.

Humility and hard work are what separate a good chef from a great one, Anne says. “You have to be able to put yourself out there with your ego but then you have to have the humility to be what people are going to come and pay for.” To create a great meal, you have to create a great experience for your guests. And that means you need to enjoy what’s on the menu. “Part of being a good cook is developing your own palate, the way you would develop any muscle,” Anne writes in her new book Own Your Kitchen. “You have to use it, flex it, and learn to trust it.” As an author of two popular cookbooks, including the New York Times Best Seller, Cook Like a Rock Star, Anne says being published and having a Library of Congress number is one of her proudest achievements. “I feel very lucky to be in the position that I am in,” Anne said. “I also feel very responsible to it.” For anyone aspiring to be like her, she jokes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Untitled-2 1

Q. What’s the one ingredient no meal should be without? A. “Salt - If you don’t cook with salt, you’ll never be a good cook. Fresh vegetables, meat... you don’t get anywhere near the salt that’s [in processed foods]. Cook from scratch and you can salt, and you’ll be fine.” - Chef Anne Burrell But in all seriousness, her advice to would-be cooks is simple: “Experience it, and love it and do research on it. Read recipes, go to farmers’ markets and practice. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t work out perfectly all the time. Sometimes they don’t, but a lot of times they will. Learn from your mistakes, what you did wrong or what you could do better.”

1/21/2014 7:38:13 PM

Host Anne Burrell talks to contestant Jamie Thomas while he cooks, in Season 5 of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America.

“When you’re a chef, you find out you have a lot of friends because everyone wants you to feed them,” Anne said. Of course, Anne’s popularity has never been better. On the heels of her literary success, and with a growing fan-base in the United States and abroad, she also has a new season of her reality series, Worst Cooks in America, set to premiere on Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. on Food Network. The show (now in its fifth season), puts aspiring cooks to the test each week with a mix of flavor and pizzazz that only Anne can deliver. But whether she is guiding a new generation of culinary superstars or serving her own homemade recipes, one thing is certain Anne will continue to dish out advice and share her sizzling secrets for transforming everyday ingredients into the perfect meal.

eman McKenzie Hous hen. Longtime friend tc ki ’s ne An used in designs bowls

Chef Anne Burrell makes fun of the cooking of cast member Stephanie Saint Aubin, on Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America, Season 5.

Own py of her book Anne signs a co rrieAnn Challis at r Ca Your Kitchen fo n. In ch Lo ae Br the

e innkeepers at th Jim and Val Barr, . ne An pose with Brae Loch Inn,

WOUNY.COM • JAN/FEB 2014 Untitled-8 1


1/21/2014 7:26:14 PM

e n i s i u C

Upstate New York’s places to dine



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1/20/14 12:12 AM

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28-Gardenview, King David, Ballards.indd 1

1/20/14 11:42 AM

Come enjoy our old world food and hospitality!

Feel right at home

Try many of our Italian dishes from Manicotti to Chicken Marsala & more. Dine in and enjoy our Italian classics, take out, or we will deliver!

Let Avicolli’s cater your next event! 7839 Oswego  Road,  Rt.57    Liverpool,  NY  13090   Visit our new website  

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Heids and WOCNY Page 30.indd 1

1/19/14 8:58 PM

Fratellis-ad-page-31.fixed.indd 1

1/23/14 1:33 PM

e n i s i u C Try these great dishes!

Arancini rice balls from Avicolli’s

Chicken Riggies with Broccoli from Gino & Joe’s

Macaroni & Cheese from Gaarden View Avicolli’s 32

Elk Burgers from Ballard’s Beef Jerky

Homemade Frittata from Fratelli’s

Hotdogs from Heid’s of Liverpool

Shish Kabob from King David”s


Cusine back page.indd 1

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A recipe from the heart By Angela R. Mathews


always say “If you can read, you can cook!” I have been cooking since the age of five. My mother was full-blooded Italian and my father is full-blooded Puerto Rican. Needless to say, growing up, our house did not lack in tantalizing aromas and a lot of heat between my parents. My mother had a wide array of ethnic friends - Chinese, Ukrainian, Mexican, and Ecuadorian. She learned and cooked everything authentically, just like her friends.

On Sundays, she would begin cooking at 5 a.m. To wake up and smell the aromas of homemade sauce and roasted pork, oh boy! How lucky was I, that my bedroom was not too far from the kitchen? I was always under my mother’s apron growing up, never leaving her side in the

kitchen. Now, I have followed in her footsteps. Everyone says I am just like her. My true passion is cooking. I am the talk of the family, since my mom passed away. Family and friends are always waiting for an invite to my house or even better, they love when I drop off old family recipes to be re-heated. In my household, we like to celebrate everything. From St. Patrick’s Day to Passover. We even celebrate the Chinese New Year with special holiday-themed dishes. One of my traditions that our family loves is that I insist on cooking something Italian on Sundays. It doesn’t have to be sauce, but it has to be Italian.

Angela R. Mathews

My signature dish is Pork Marsala with mushrooms, and mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and smoked mozzarella. There is a mix of my own ingredients with this recipe and you would never believe the amazing flavor, made in less time with less effort. Enjoy!

PORK MARSALA INGREDIENTS • 20 0z Lean Ground Turkey 1.25 lbs. • 10 Oz Frozen Chopped Spinach • 3/4 Tsp. Black Pepper • 3/4 Tsp. Salt • 1 Tsp. Granulated Garlic • 1 Cup Romano Cheese, Grated (Not Shredded) • 3 Large Eggs • 3 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil • One 28 oz. Can Crushed Tomatoes with Basil

DIRECTIONS Thaw frozen spinach. Drain and squeeze most of the water, leaving little water. This will make for a moist meatball! Mix ground turkey, spinach, black pepper, salt, garlic, grated cheese and eggs. Mix. Form into 12 balls. Add olive oil into a 12 inch pan until heated (pan should be 12 inches and 2-3 inches high). Brown meatball in batches. Remove after browning. Add 1 can 28 oz. of crushed tomatoes with basil to pan on medium heat, scraping up the bottom of the pan. Reduce heat and add meatballs. Cover and simmer on low for 30 minutes. Serve with your favorite macaroni, as we call it in my family! Serve with grated cheese. Using good quality canned tomatoes makes this recipe. Sunday sauce in half the time without lacking the flavor!


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Yoga, Reiki & Massage: A Toolkit for Caregivers By Mary Roposo

Are you a caring person? If you’re like most people, you’d answer “yes” to that question. After all, you care for your family. You’re always ready to lend a hand when a friend or neighbor needs help. You may even be responsible for a family member who is sick. While caring for someone who is sick or dying can be one of the most profound and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have, it can also be extremely stressful, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Research has shown that caregivers are at higher risk for serious health problems. In fact, caregivers are more likely than others of the same age, gender, and background to be sleep-deprived, have poor eating habits, get little or no exercise, fail to get the proper rest when they’re sick and miss their own medical appointments. If you’re like most people who have been called to care for another who is in need, you probably tend to put yourself last. This is a common pattern among caregivers, since the work is usually time consuming and very stressful. The strategy of putting yourself last works for only so long, though. After a while, the stress associated with caregiving will inevitably catch up with you and you’ll begin to experience burnout. Burnout occurs when you neglect your own needs over a period of time and results in the depletion of your physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Burnout affects your health, mood, attitude and motivation, and can cause an overwhelming feeling of futility. When you’re burned out, you feel tired, depressed and anxious, and you don’t have the energy to change your circumstances. Imagine trying to face the challenges of caregiving like that! It’s a losing battle. The good news is that while burnout is a common result of caregiving, it’s not inevitable.



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your body in a nurturing way, which can help you detect when you’re slightly out of balance so you can quickly make course corrections. Self-care is best done on a routine basis. There’s something healing about rhythm and repetition, it adds stability to our lives and helps us feel more secure. That’s why participating in activities that help you to re-fill your own well on a regular basis is so important. So commit to taking that Yoga class on Monday and Wednesday mornings, schedule a weekly Massage Therapy appointment, or sign up for Reiki training. Start a self-care routine and you’ll be on your way toward reducing your stress today!

“Self-care is best done on a routine basis... it adds stability to our lives and helps us feel more secure.” Burnout can be avoided by practicing good self-care. A good self-care routine ensures that your needs are adequately met so that you can do your important job of caregiving. After all, if you’re on a plane that’s about to crash, you’re instructed to place the oxygen mask on yourself first, so you can help save the other passengers. Think of a good self care-routine as your personal oxygen mask, a tool that will keep you safe and allow you to help others more effectively. A good self-care routine reduces stress, decreases illness and disease, increases your life span, brings peace of mind and helps you enjoy life more fully. It doesn’t take much to carve out time in your schedule for a self-care routine. Including proven stress reduction techniques such as Yoga, Reiki, and Massage in your self-care toolkit can help you avoid burnout. Yoga is a holistic health care system originating in India. Look for a yoga class which includes instruction in the physical postures, as well as breathing, meditation and relaxation. Many yoga studios offer specialty classes, such as gentle yoga for those who have physical limitations or just want a gentler experience. These are especially good for caregivers who suffer from fatigue. Reiki is a Japanese method of healing and stress reduction which is performed on a massage-type table with the recipient remaining fully clothed. Reiki provides healing at all levels, and many people describe feeling like they’ve had a full night’s sleep after a Reiki session. You can even learn to do Reiki on yourself ! Massage is a wonderful method of stress reduction. Receiving massage therapy on a regular basis is a good way to reconnect with


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“Most people don’t even bother with resolutions”



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What’s your

Resolution? By Molly Lizzio, MA, LPMFT


y this time of the year, many of us have already set and promptly given up on our New Year’s Resolutions. It’s an ongoing joke with one of my best friends that every year her resolution is to “tone up.” She makes promises to herself about working out and getting fit. Luckily this woman has a remarkable sense of self-worth, because every year the resolution falls by the wayside, and she’s never really hard on herself about it. Though she’s great, my friend is a bit of an anomaly. Most people don’t even bother with resolutions because they feel resolutions are designed to fail; and part of me agrees with this sentiment.

People tend to set too much store by a resolution, and any results gained can’t possibly live up to the expectations set forth. Although people want to change, they don’t want it more than they want to be comfortable. Yes, you want to lose weight, but not more than you want the dessert tray. You want to quit smoking, but not as much as you want a cigarette. When people finally make a big change in their lives, I hear them say, “It was just time to do it.” I’m sure this will be the case with my good friend “the toner.” One fine spring day, she’ll just decide to finally get in shape - most likely it will be after her long time boyfriend has finally proposed and they are knee-deep in wedding planning. And isn’t that just the point? We finally change when we’re ready to,

not necessarily when the calendar changes over.

ourselves, and made friends with some of our shortcomings.

This isn’t to say that I’m not a big supporter of self-improvement goals; and in fact, I’m the queen of them. I always have some project going on, whether losing weight, saving money, or actually cooking the recipes I pin on Pinterest.

It seems like a much happier place to start. What we put into our lives usually multiplies and grows.

I like to have something I’m working on. But I do this every month, all year long. I’ve taken a page out of my friend’s book; and when I’m not too hard on myself, I’ve learned that keeping up with goals is a lot easier. Say I haven’t written in my gratitude journal for three weeks? No problem. I can start again today.

Maybe the anti-resolution would be to not overtly change anything about yourself; and instead choose to love and accept yourself exactly as you are now.

I’m never afraid to fail at one of my goals because I know it isn’t permanent. This is where I think people may go wrong. They get down on themselves for not being a changed person by March, so the goal gets forgotten. This time of year forces us to remember that we’re not perfect, and we’re only human. We’ll make promises and break them, at times we’ll try and fail, we’ll feel motivated one minute and defeated the next. It’s a very fluid continuum and we’re constantly shifting, which makes sense to match the rhythm and flow of life. Self-improvement can be wonderful and has a place in our world, but we get so caught up in changing things about ourselves that we forget about the things that demand to be accepted. Imagine how much better off we’d be if we focused on what’s already wonderful about

So ask yourself what you want to fuel you: love or fear.

Knowing that change will come and go like the weather - often uninvited, unexpected, and impervious to your schedule. You will set many goals and even accomplish a few. You will be better than you were the day before, because of the love you have for yourself, not despite it. For more information, contact Molly Lizzio, MA, LPMFT of Harvest House Marriage and Family Therapy at:

“You will set many goals and even accomplish a few” WOUNY.COM • JAN/FEB 2014

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Following the path of a Dynamic Leader By Christine Vickers

A Day in the Life of CEO, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Reiki Master, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, Wife, Mother and Chi Runner, Maryann Roefaro Like most of us, Maryann Roefaro has many important roles that she juggles throughout a “typical” day. She is currently the CEO of Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY, the author of Building the Team from the Inside-Out, a contributor to a local health journal and a popular speaker on leadership and self-mastery. Additionally, she has an active private Reiki practice and is a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist. She is a wife, mother and avid runner; and she is deeply involved with several local organizations, including Cancer Connects and Hospice.

caught up with her on a Wednesday to walk (or run!) through her day. We will learn about her varied work as a “spiritual executive in a corporate world,” discover the personal interests that promote healing for others and that fill her soul, and see how she balances it all!

Maryann is certainly not your typical CEO, she has a unique background and therefore brings a different perspective to all her endeavors. Both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees are in medical technology and she is a board certified fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives. She also holds a Doctor of Divinity from the American Institute of Holistic Healing and is an ordained minister with Metaphysical Universal Ministries. The Utica native has lived in the Syracuse area for 23 years and called New York State home her whole life.

9:30 - 12:30 p.m. - Every Wednesday she participates in a Leadership Team meeting. The 9:30 a.m. start time gives the members a chance to get acclimated for the day and deal with any pressing issues that need immediate attention. “This is what I like to call our kitchen table meeting with our team,” Maryann said. The personnel in attendance include the CFO, CCO, CIO and other key leadership positions in the organization. “We are a highly functioning, very connected group, both in skill-set and level of trust. During these meetings we try keep the issues high-level. We do strategic planning where we are outlining our goals, we discuss budget/finances and the logistics of a daily operation.”

“I especially love the springs of Central New York with the promise of summer. Spring just takes my breath away,” she said. Maryann Roefaro, CEO, Hematology/Oncology Associates of Central New York

Untitled-2 1

Though Maryann says no day of the week is the same for her, Women of Upstate New York magazine

5:20 a.m. - She begins her day with a cup of green tea, does Yoga and stretching and meditates. Most mornings she runs, running a total of 25 miles per week. During this time period she is clearing, settling and quieting her mind in preparation for her day.

“With over 270 employees, no one can control another human WOUNY.COM • JAN/FEB 2014


1/21/2014 7:08:32 PM

being. So I thought, how do we get to the same place, where our goals are aligned? How do we keep the culture alive, well and consistent with what we believe our guiding values and principles to be? This started as kind of a funny thing, but at the end of every staff meeting, I would hold up a sheet of paper with one word for the people to focus on and I would talk about that word.” This tool resonated with people and even trickled down to the patients that they serve. “It has become part of the culture here,” Maryann said. “I choose words that precipitate people to look within, because after a while, I realized that success is all about how people look at themselves. How people interact with others and how they perceive life is really a reflection of how they think about themselves. If they can see the beauty in themselves, they can work to be the best they can be in their place of employment and their lives. So, these words are meant to encourage people to go within. Every leader has to find a way to touch the people that they work with, to motivate them.” “Because we primarily work with cancer patients, it is a place that’s conducive to this type of culture, but that’s not the only reason why. This is an environment that every human being would want to be a part of. It’s really a place of love. It’s a place where we are highly accountable, where we really work together to reach common goals and where we hold each other in the highest personal regard.” 12:30 p.m. - Lunch - Maryann craves solitude after her busy morning and retreats to sit in her car with a sandwich, while listening to an audio book. Her book is typically through one of the Great Course offerings and on a topic related to history or religion. 1 p.m. - During the time of year when her talk radio show is live, Maryann would be preparing to go on the air at 1:30 p.m. Her show, Leaders of Light – Self Mastery: Becoming a Leader of Light in a Changing World is on the Co-Creator Radio Network. Though she and her co-host, Mary Schecter, are currently on sabbatical from producing live shows, there are over 75 free podcasts available on their website (

40 and it is also accessible through the iTunes library.

shared a blended family for 11 years. His two sons serve in the Air Force and Marines, respectively.

The remainder of the afternoon is spent visiting HOC’s five sites and working on the everyday management of the 270 employees and the countless patients they serve.

8 p.m. - Maryann doesn’t watch too much TV, The Big Bang Theory, weather and news being the exceptions. She relaxes by reading before bed. Right now, her reading focus is on running, specifically Chi Running, preparing for marathons and nutrition for endurance athletes. Maryann completed her first ½ marathon last year and her goal for 2014 is to run a full marathon.

5 - 5:30 p.m. - On Mondays and Wednesdays, after Maryann is finished with one work day, she continues on to meet with clients in both her private Reiki and HeartCentered Hypnotherapy practice. Maryann became a Reiki Master in 2006 and treats mostly cancer patients from HOA. “My Reiki practice has allowed me to know some of our patients in a more intimate way and it has been such a precious gift,” she said. “I become not just the CEO, but part of the healing team; and it has blessed me in so many ways.” For her Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy practice, she treats mostly people not afflicted with cancer. This type of hypnotherapy was an outgrowth of her Reiki practice. “I would talk to people during a session and realize that if they could heal, forgive and release they would have a greater healing experience,” Maryann said. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy in Maryann’s words, “is a process by which people will heal themselves by traversing their subconscious mind. As the saying goes…. ‘The conscious mind wonders why. The subconscious mind knows the answer.’ It is a journey to open up the recesses of the soul and is truly a beautiful program.” Maryann has been practicing this type of hypnotherapy for four years, offering sessions only two days a week, so that she can maintain balance and enjoy family time in the evening with her husband and grown children. 7 p.m. - Maryann has dinner with her husband. Her two daughters are grown, both pursuing graduate degrees, one in biomedical engineering and the other in mathematics education. She and her husband have

“Everything I do is like a scientific experiment,” she said. “I’ll have spreadsheets and calendars ready. I’m excited about it!” Another goal for the new year is to become a Chi Running instructor. Chi Running is a style of running that focuses on injury prevention and the biomechanics of the body. This style was introduced in San Francisco by instructor Danny Dreyer and it involves a type of mindful approach to fitness that blends movement principles from the ancient martial art, T’ai Chi with the active sports of running and walking. Some of Maryann’s long-term goals include the publication of another book. She is currently working on finishing a collection of stories about self-mastery, called Weeds of Consciousness, about real people (names changed) from her Hypnotherapy practice. She anticipates expanding both this and her Reiki practice, upon her eventual retirement. 9:30 - 10 p.m. - Maryann ends her day, looking to get some solid rest before she begins again at dawn. With her high energy, humble persona and continual interest in developing herself and others, Maryann Roefaro embodies every aspect of the word “leader” and will undoubtedly continue to inspire many women throughout Upstate New York and beyond. For more information on Maryann’s book, Building the Team From the Inside Out and other activities, visit her website http:// and follow her on Twitter @MaryannRoefaro.


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What Element are you? The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Oh how they shine, and

they are all passionate, and restless. Never a dull moment, but be ready for the temperamental personality. The slightest thing may set them off, but will let it go in a few minutes. Although filled with ambition, they have a tendency to get easily bored. Fire signs are always the invincible, in a rush and always assuming you will catch up to them. But do not worry, if you enjoy this type of energy you are right at home. It is hard to keep this passionate sign down, so if you are up to the challenge, Fire signs are perfect for you.

The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Lovers of all that is natural. Do not rush this sign, they are like seeds that have to grow. Unlike the fire sign, Earth signs take their time and think things through. These thorough thinkers will bring you tons of knowledge, so give a ear and listen. Earth signs are productive and bring wonderful ideas to every situation. Although construed as the quiet signs, and sometimes as loners (more down to earth) they will love unconditionally to the right person. So, if you are not in a hurry the Earth sign is perfect for you.

The Water Signs

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The Air Signs

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) This sign sets goals and achieves them, one bite at a time, just the way they like it. Their creativity energies others, and they get great satisfaction when they can, through personal achievements help other with their own goals. Their gift of inquiry allows then to make friends and connections with total strangers. When someone upsets their world they become distant.

Like schools of fish swimming together, Water signs have a lot to say, do and hear, but never enough time to do it. They are talkers, but will listen to every word you say. As they swim through all of the information they absorb, they need more time to decipher all they have taken it. They will take things literally because they are sensitive and possess a sense of intuition. Like fish, they use their senses to base their actions.

Oh objective Air signs, use you sense of analysis Stay compassionate and understandand let things go. You want to save the world, ing you are good at but you need time for you. helping others see what they cannot. 42 WOUNY.COM

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• JAN/FEB 2014

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Greater Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce CRUISE PLANNERS OF CENTRAL NEW YORK Thinking of throwing your gloves and boots in the closet and taking an adventure to a warm, sunny and relaxing destination? There’s no denying that, for residents of Central New York, this time of year conjures visions of sandy beaches and oceanview sunsets. Save yourself the time and agony of trying to find that perfect location and dial 315-635-8261, or email and let Lynn Lappin do the work for you! Despite what the business name implies, Cruise Planners of Central New York is not a “cruise exclusive” travel agency. This Baldwinsville-based, woman owned business, also offers travelers exceptional service for trips to All-Inclusive Resorts, Tour Packages (such as their August 4th “Trains, Wineries & Treasures of Northern California” Tour, Disney Vacations, and more! Lynn and her business partner Bill Lappin have a true passion for travel, especially cruising, and would love to share their enthusiasm with you as they help you find that next perfect vacation, taking into consideration your personality and budget.

Love, hope, success, family, security. Lindsy Luu, Agent 60 1/2 Salina Street Baldwinsville, NY 13027 Bus: 315-638-0247

Some things we all have in common. There’s nobody like me to protect the things we all value. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY. ®


Now in its 4th year of business, Cruise Planners of CNY is enjoying well deserved and hard earned recognition and accolades. For starters, Lynn was asked to contribute to “Recommend magazine, a national publication for travel agents. Some other honors include, but are not limited to, American Express 2012 Travel Agency of the Year, Norwegian Cruise Lines 2013 Franchise of the Year (3 years running), American Express Travel Representative Excellence Award, Home Based Partner of the Year (Royal Caribbean International), Top Premier Travel Partner Award (Globus Family of Brands; 4 years running), Agency of the Year (Carnival Cruise Lines), Elite Travel Partner (Celebrity Cruises). When asked what her best kept secret is, Lynn replied “we monitor all our clients’ reservations and if the price drops (before final payment) we contact the vendor to get that new price or an upgrade for our clients.” Now that’s a service we can all appreciate! Cruise Planners of CNY is unique in that these agents extend a personal touch and service, while maintaining competitive pricing, in an otherwise non-personal internet travel marketplace. Lynn and Bill will be attending the inaugural cruise of Royal Caribbean’s Quantam of the Seas in November.

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL


8785 Dinghole  Road   Baldwinsville,  NY   13027  


We specialize  in  Family   Vaca0ons!  

Whether it’s  a  dream  cruise   or  an  all-­‐Inclusive  resort,  a   Family  reunion  or  a  quick   getaway.  

Cruise Planners  of     Central  New  York        315-­‐635-­‐8261  

Independently Owned  &  Operated    

To learn more about this local business please visit Submitted by Sharon Reiser, Executive Director, Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce

A high  end  hair  salon  with  small  town  charm.     Offering  all  the  best  products  on  the  market,  &  always   staying  ahead  of  the  curve  to  keep  you  &  your   your  family   looking  their  best.    


24 Oswego  St  



   Baldwinsville,  NY    13027    


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Quick makeup tips By Rachael Keresey

• Less is more when it comes to makeup. The best way to show off your beauty is to have a refreshed look. Use a tinted moisturizer, lightly contour with bronzer, line the top lid with brown eyeliner and apply mascara for a quick face that looks refreshed and youthful. Remember, where you first lay your brush will have the most color impact, so make sure you start with a little product and work your way up. You can always add more but it is harder to take away. • Contouring and highlighting is the greatest way to accentuate your features. The rule of thumb is to contour features you want to reduce such as a double chin, large forehead, and a wider nose or face and highlight features you want to bring forward such as cheekbones, bridge of nose, and a smaller forehead. Follow the face chart below as an example, this is for an oval face and the areas of choice will be different for everyone. You can easily look up a contour and highlight guide for your face shape online. I like to use concealer to highlight and contour after I have applied foundation and before I powder all over. When choosing colors you want to use a contour color that is 1-3 shades darker than your base shade and a highlight color that is 1-3 shades lighter than your base shade. Some of my favorite products are MAC studio fix concealer found at the MAC counter and NYX hi-definition photo concealer found at Ulta. • Skincare is a very important part of your everyday beauty regimen. To have beautiful makeup, you must start with a good foundation. From dry to oily and young to mature skin, it’s important to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize everyday. It’s important to find your skincare needs by going to your local department store counter that specializes in skincare. My favorite place to go is Clinique. A smokey eye is one of the most challenging makeup looks to perfect and choose colors for. Remember, when you darken/contour you are making the area appear smaller, so choose colors that are not as harsh such as taupes and neutrals. For smaller eyes, you will want to highlight your lid and inner corner of your eyes with a shimmer or metallic after a traditional smokey eye application. Also the key to a smokey eye application is to blend by using brushes and layer the shadows on top of one another. Follow the guide bellow for a smokey eye application. 1) Apply a light base color all over the lid with a shader brush. 2) Then apply a mid-tone color from the lash line to the crease with a crease brush using small circular or windshield wiper motions. 3) Then apply a darker color from the lash line to just below the crease with a pencil brush using same motions. 4) Blend mid-tone and darker color with the same crease brush you used before with nothing on it. Some of my favorite products to use for this are any eye shadow trios or quads.

Well groomed and shaped eyebrows are a must; they frame the eyes and give shape to the face. You should embrace your natural brow shape and don’t over tweeze or wax. Brows should be defined by using a pencil, powder, or brow pomade. Use a small angled eyeliner brush and use light strokes starting at the tail end of your brow working your way towards the front. My favorite products to use are anastasiabeverlyhills brow pomade found at and Ardell brow kits found at Sally beauty supply. •

Having the right tools in your makeup kit is very important, just like a painter needs the right brush to create art. A foundation brush, a jumbo powder brush, a blush brush, eye shadow brushes, and a concealer brush are key. Eye shadow brushes include: flat shader brush, fluffy and larger for applying shadow all over the lid; crease brush, fluffy angled or dome brush that is mid-sized for applying shadow to the crease; pencil brush, small brush used for applying shadow to a smaller crease or along the lash line; angled eyeliner brush, for applying eyeliner or brow products. Remember, it’s important to pick the right sized brush for a smaller area and vise versa. Some of my favorite brushes are Eco tools which can be found at any drug store and Sonia Kashuk which can be found at Target.


Rachael Keresey


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Women of Upstate NY Magazine January/February 2014 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York Magazine January/February 2014 Issue

Women of Upstate NY Magazine January/February 2014 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York Magazine January/February 2014 Issue