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Nichole Sullivan and NaTasha Brown are quintessential women of MORE. This mother daughter pair share a story of overcoming odds and walking by faith. As a young girl of 13 years, Nichole found herself pregnant and scared. But with the support of her mother and family, Nichole was able to pursue her education and career goals. After a successful career of twenty years in the financial services industry, and with much grace and favor, and the unwavering support of her husband and family, Nichole left corporate America to start her own business. Her journey led to training in woodworking and digital fabrication. Her mission is two-fold: to create the extraordinary from the ordinary and to inspire creativity and confidence in women. This mission led to the founding of Keppel & Kismet, LLC. The name reflects Nichole’s favorite color (Keppel) and her fortuitous journey to entrepreneurship (Kismet). Nichole connects with local women and people of color to showcase their hand made products or original designs. Prior to the season of COVID-19, Nichole operated a creative workshop and boutique in which she taught wood sign painting workshops and invited local artists and makers to teach their craft. Today, Keppel & Kismet, LLC is a growing business producing wholesale, retail, and custom wood signs and small gifts on Etsy and at As a young girl, NaTasha didn’t realize she was the daughter of a teen mom. She was just, “mom.” NaTasha could often be found on campus during her mother’s college years. Later, she watched her grow in her career.

NaTasha has a passion for young people and entrepreneurship. That passion led her to attain a degree in sociology and a career pursuing restorative justice and wholeness for youth in the juvenile justice system. Fueled by her passion to reach young people at an earlier stage, NaTasha became an elementary school teacher. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish a hair braiding business. Having been the go-to braider in high school and college, NaTasha leveraged that skill and, in 2019, founded BraidHer, a mobile braiding service. Her primary customers are parents who need the convenience of having their child/ren’s hair braided at home. With an understanding that hair is connected to selfesteem, she offers free braiding to communities who have the need. Her appointments provide a way to mentor and inspire her clients toward greatness, seeing themselves as God sees them. Together, they walk by faith, living out their purpose. Nichole and NaTasha share a belief that we’ve all been called to something. They will tell you, “Do what you’ve been called to do and you will be equipped to do it. Don’t wait until you’re ready. Trust God and go!”

Nichole NaTasha