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Baked honey cilantro lime salmon in foil is cooked to tender, flaky perfection in just 30 minutes with a flavorful garlic and honey lime… Ingredients Gluten free, Paleo Seafood 1 Salmon, large Produce 1/3 cup Cilantro 3 tsp Garlic 2 Limes, juice of Condiments 4 tbsp Honey Baking & Spices 1 Salt and pepper Dairy 1/2 cup Butter

WOMEN'S HEART HEALTH The number one killer of women is heart disease. Heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined. What’s equally alarming is that most women don’t know about this. We’ve got to spread the word that one in three women dies from heart disease, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds1. The good news is these grim statistics can be reversed by changing our eating habits (eating foods lower in fats, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium), managing our blood pressure, exercising, and quitting smoking. Changing these behaviors reduces your risks of heart disease, helps you lose weight, and improves your self-esteem.


Go Red on Friday, February 3, National Wear Red Day, to raise awareness for

women’s heart health. Turn your workplace, your beauty salon, and your library -- red. Ask that everyone wear red – red dress, red shirt, red shoes. Just wear red and let everyone know why. Even the men can get in on the fun. Ask your library to host a display. Ask your church to host a Go Red Sunday. All you have to do is ask.

Wear the Red Dress pin. Contact the American Heart Association in your area or go

online to https://www.goredforwomen.org and request your Go Red kit. Order some red dress pins – one to wear and some to share. This symbol of the Go Red movement draws attention to women’s heart health. It’s discreet enough to be worn in the boardroom and the beauty salon.

Download the Ways to Take Action flyer. You can post this colorful and informative

newssheet at your church or where you work. It spells out how you can take action and Go Red.

Be a woman who Goes Red G: GET YOUR NUMBERS. Visit your doctor’s office or clinic to get your blood pressure

and cholesterol checked. O: OWN YOUR LIFESTYLE. Change your behavior. Stop smoking, lose weight,

exercise, and eat healthily. R: RAISE YOUR VOICE. Advocate for more women-related research and education. For more information about Go Red for Women, go online to

It’s up to us to ask for what we need.

https://www.goredforwomen.org/. 1.Facts about Heart Disease in Women. Retrieved from https://www.goredforwomen.org/home/about-heart-disease-inwomen/facts-about-heart-disease/ 2. Ways to Take Action. Retrieved from https://c2c476bb6ef038abb8b6-

E: EDUCATE YOUR FAMILY. Make healthy food choices for you and your family.

Teach your children the importance of staying active. D: DONATE. Show your support with a donation of time and money. Every little bit


helps. Put your money where your heart is.




Battling the Battle that was NEVER Yours to Battle Have you ever felt like you’re faced with one battle after another? The battle could be personal, professional and even spiritual. You find yourself in the ring swinging left and right, bobbing and weaving to avoid a TKO. Do you feel as though, during your most difficult battles, you don’t have anyone you can tag to take your place, so you just keep fighting? I can speak to those overwhelming feelings because there were times I took on every battle life threw at me. Regardless of the situation, my immediate thought process was to clear my name or set the record straight. Most of us are taught to defend ourselves and to speak up for ourselves; it’s embedded in us as children. This mentality often carries over into our adult life. Each time a situation arose I would stand at attention, ready and willing to battle. I was easily offended, but I never realized I was battling the spirit of an offense; nor did I realize that every battle was not mine to fight. I kept failing the “every battle is not your battle” test. God permitted battle test after battle test. As time went on I realized I never trusted God enough to lay my burdens and battles at his feet. Standing still in the midst of a storm is never easy, I had to learn I could only control my own actions, my own feelings and how I allowed things to affect me. I had to trust God would stand in the gap on my behalf and my name would be vindicated. As I matured, I learned I don’t have to defend myself against every nay-sayer or wrongdoer, because certain battles just aren’t for me to fight. God is always in control and He has a way of making our enemies our footstool. Realize not every battle is yours, it’s the Lord’s. It reminds me of the old church hymn that says, “Hold your peace and let the Lord fight your battles.”


CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @whataboutaclutch Facebook: Latisha Nicollette Mobile Contact: 302-540-7108

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to all Golden Circle Women around the world! Like each new year, 2017 is “A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery.” (Quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach). How will you write your Chapter 2017? What new questions will you ask? What new things will you explore? These questions are ones to purposefully ponder because you have been blessed with the gift of a new year and the opportunity to write a brand new chapter. Therefore, choose to explore something new; something that stems from your God-ordained purpose. Making this choice will allow your Chapter 2017 to be a transformative message in your own life and in the life of every person you meet.

In the spirit of helping you explore something new, the MORE management team is featuring a Chapter 2017 Golden Circle Contest! This contest is designed to promote reader involvement and to celebrate women, age 50 & up. Winners will be featured in the March/April edition of the magazine and will be selected according to the rules outlined below.

CONTEST • Eligibility Requirement: Women, age 50 & up • Photo: Email one photo of yourself to Chapter2017GCC@gmail.com. In the subject line of your email, please put CHAPTER 2017 GOLDEN CIRCLE CONTEST and include the following information in the body of your email: ➢ Your name ➢ Age ➢ Contact Phone Number ➢ Contact Email Address ➢ Location: City, State ➢ Chapter 2017 Statement: Write 1 – 3 sentences detailing “What new ideas you plan to explore as you write your Chapter 2017.” ➢ All entries are due by February 15, 2017 • Three (3) winners will be selected. Contestants will be judged on the creativity of their Chapter 2017 Statement and the overall look & confidence that radiate from their photo. Please ensure photos are of excellent quality and that you have the rights and ownership. Daphne A. Henry • If you are selected as a winner, you will be contacted by March 5, THE GOLDEN CIRCLE 2017.

Senior Correspondent

We are very excited and hope you will make the Chapter 2017 Golden Circle Contest a part of your new explorations for this year.




Happy New Year! It’s that time of year where approximately 45% of Americans make a New Year resolution. Resolutions to change their body, lifestyle, finances, health, and much more. Surprisingly, however, is the fact that only about 46% of resolutions are kept for 6 months, and only 8% are actually kept for the entire year. Personally, I have never made personal resolutions for the New Year. I would come up with a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in that specific New Year. Those things would range from vacations and not be putting up with nonsense from the opposite sex to reading more and eliminating debt. NONE of which EVER happened. I realize now that I was a “habitual accomplishment list roll over Queen”. The year was over, and NOPE, not a thing got done; so I always decided to just ROLL that over into next year! I treated my “list” like a 401K plan. As December 2016 drew to a close, I knew that I had changed throughout the year, so that also meant that I needed to change my approach to 2017. It was time for me to explore the WHY behind the WHAT. WHY would I choose to let go of (February-December)? WHAT was seemingly so important to me in January? It was time to answer the question. My personal answers: complacency, laziness, it wasn’t THAT important, lack of focus, faithlessness in self, no vision, no accountability partners or friends to help keep me motivated and no action steps to go along with the changes or goals that I was making for myself. I read two articles, one article was in the Huffington Post and the other came out of Psychology Today. There was consistency in both articles regarding why the success of resolutions is so low. I could identify with each and every one of them. Last year, 2016, was for me the year of the mental makeover. It was the first time that I began to make goals and actually take actions to achieve them; so as I read the articles I could see how some simple decisions that I made this past year were having a HUGE impact. As we begin 2017, I want our goals to become reality. I thought I would share with you the top factors in New Year Resolution failure, which also happen to be, the reasons that I would end each year enacting my “roll over plan.”

BY SHAUNDYLL shaundyll@gmail.com

1. LACK OF VISION - This is key! I was setting goals that I wanted to accomplish but I wasn’t truly SEEING myself accomplishing them. I was hoping and wishing and totally lacking vision. I had such an unclear idea of what I wanted. I remember starting to work on my music back in 2014. I had this goal of putting together this project, but I can recall having conversations where I sounded SO uncertain. What is your sound? “I don’t know.” What is your timeline for completion? “I don’t know.” What is your vision for the project? “I don’t know.” I had NO clue. In hindsight, I don’t know if I actually BELIEVED it could, let alone, WOULD happen. I WANTED it to happen but I couldn’t really see it. When I started to SEE IT… GAME CHANGER!! When you see IT, and you see YOU in IT, THEN you are motivated to DO IT! 2. LACK OF A GAME PLAN - Lacking a game plan is like planning a trip to a destination that you have NEVER been before and not having a road map, plane, bus or train ticket to get you there. HELLO! You have NO way of making it to your destination…BUT BOY you want to go!! I was speaking to a woman on New Year’s Eve who was sharing of her resolution to lose weight in 2017. Here’s our exchange: “Did you want to lose weight in 2016?” “Yes.” “Well, what you are planning to do differently in 2017?” “Well, I am going to go the gym?” “Did you have a gym membership in 2016?” “Yes.” “Well honey, if you didn’t go in 2016 and you wanted to lose weight in 2016, you probably won’t go in 2017 UNLESS you have a structured PLAN.” I then went on to tell her that until she has a plan, she is merely HOPING to lose weight. A game plan is essential. I know that I want to eliminate specific debt in 2017. I have already decided on a game plan. That game plan includes a Dave Ramsey course with my family, business building strategies to increase my income, conversation with my husband and family about how this goal may impact us short term (sacrifices that may be necessary), and the use of tools to gain better insight into where our money is going on a monthly basis. Think about each of your goals and write down all of the steps and actions needed (your road map) to ensure that you make it to your destination. Actions may need to be added along the journey so be prepared to adjust “your map” as PHOTO BY: PINTEREST necessary. 3. Lack of Social Support - If you grew up as I did, surrounded by a plethora of single women, you may have this “I can do this by myself attitude.” LIES! Mentors, life coaches, and accountability partners can serve as a lifeline when you feel like giving up. These people will help to keep you motivated, and focused. If you don’t have the right people you need to support you, there are groups everywhere on social media. There is no shortage of support to be found if you look for it. I have been blessed to have found several individuals who tell me to keep going when I am tired, refocus me when I start to veer and hold me responsible for the goals, visions, and dreams that I have. A study regarding a weight loss program shows how important social support is. Ninety-five percent of people who start a weight loss program with someone will finish and 66% keep the weight off. Social support is instrumental in your success!

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I've offered you the opportunity to listen or watch Hustle & Heart TV and Radio and learn from experts, entrepreneurs, strategists and a host of professional people. I've shared my book, private coaching, workshops, online courses and a host of invitations to work with me. Now I'm extremely excited to offer to you a very exclusive, special, unique and a one of a kind experience, designed for the woman who knows she is all of these things and more and looking for a way to invest in herself, her dreams and her future.

I know you have BIG, BOLD desires both personally and professionally for 2017. Let's hone in on what's REALLY going to create an extraordinary journey. I can personally and privately coach and guide you every step of the way, support you in developing a strategic plan of action and help you move through any blocks and fears that might get in your way. If you are interested in doing in­depth work with me as your coach, work that will COMPLETELY change your life, this is the perfect opportunity.


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Just walk in the room with this dress.  Everyone will listen.

Big scarfs will never lead you wrong. 

When your friends meet up rocking their own style!

r u o Y k c Ro ! e l y St


I know, I know, another year, another list. But, I always look at the New Year as the opportunity to hit the reset button or the catapult button.  Businesses have 5 and 10­year plans and revisit their business plans yearly, quarterly and monthly; individuals and families should as well. Your household finances are your personal economy and we should treat it as such.  So take these steps to get financially fit for 2017.




1. Identify Your Financial Goals and Make Them SMART What do you want? Before you start making plans to "save money," "get out of debt," or "make more money,” ask yourself why. What is important about this goal? How will your life be different as a result of reaching this goal? Be specific and honest with yourself. Once you’ve identified the why you have to quantify it. Make sure your goal is SMART: Specific - Measurable Actionable - Realistic - Time bound So, if you want to get out debt, you want to be specific in determining how much debt you have, when you want to get rid of it, and how much money you have to put toward paying off the debt. It’s the same thing for a savings goal. What is the goal, how much is it, when do you want to have it, how much can you put toward it each pay period, etc.? A financial goal without a dollar and a date is a dream! 2. Know Your Net Worth Do an overall assessment of your financial status. In order to get to where you want to go, you have to know where you are. Look at your cash flow in 2016. How much money did you make? How much money did you spend? How much did you borrow? Review your paystubs, W2's, 1099's, QuickBooks, Quicken and see how much money you earned this past year. Next look at your bank statements, credit card statements and receipts to see where your money was spent. Are you in the red (more debt than cash in hand) or in the black (more cash/assets than debt). Notice any trends? You may have to track your expenses for a couple of weeks in order to identify your spending leaks and triggers. Then, take an assessment of your assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe) to determine your net worth. Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth. Is the number negative (in the red) or positive (in the black)? You want to work toward getting in the black. 3. Create a Spending Action Plan Next, you have to plan what you will do to reach your goal. It starts with the “b” word: budget. A budget is a way to plan your spending. After you’ve calculated your net income, you want to put 10% into savings and then itemize all of your necessary expenses (housing, food, clothing, transportation, etc.), and then you can enjoy the rest. In order to be successful in your budget, you will have to ask yourself 3 questions: What do I need to start doing? What do I need to stop doing? What do I need to stop doing so often? This will take some soul searching, prioritizing needs and wants, and understanding that your spending choices have trade-offs. Break your action steps down into bite size pieces. Start with no more than three things that you can and will do. You don't want to overwhelm yourself, causing you to delay getting started or quitting too soon.

AS YOU EMBRACE 2017, FACE YOUR FINANCES HEAD ON. DON'T BE AFRAID. 4. Ditch the Debt Good debt gives you leverage, you use it with anticipation of getting a return on your investment. Examples of good debt include property mortgage, student/education loan or a business loan. Bad debt is money you borrow to live beyond your means, buying things you really cannot afford that will not give you a return on your investment. Examples of bad debt: vacations, clothing/shoes, electronics, toys and “stuff.” We are being affected by our culture of debt, making us believe carrying debt is the norm and that it’s ok, but too much debt will affect your net worth and your ability to borrow for investment needs. We have to attach our debt and get rid of it! Ideally, no more than 20% of your net (after-tax) income should be paid to all consumer debt payments (credit cards, student loans). So, work on a debt management plan to get your debt down to as little as possible. You may have to put your overspending on ice – literally, freeze your credit cards for 2-3 months to break the habit and remove overdraft protection from your debit cards.

5. Use Super Savings Strategies The best strategy to reach your savings goals is to set up separate savings accounts specifically to save for your major financial goals. This will help you focus and track your progress. Next, you want to automate your savings – set up an automatic transfer from your paycheck to your bank account, including investment accounts. You may need to curb impulse buys at the supermarket: plan meals and use a shopping list. Also, make mini-cuts: Buy a medium coffee instead of a large, or try similar downsizing in other ways you spend. A 50-cent daily saving equals about $15 per month or $180 a year. 6. Your Mindset Matters Tell Yourself You Deserve More You deserve more! Not another dinner, gadget or clothing item, but to be safe if you lose your job, to be free of bad debt and to save for something that will truly make you happy. The next time you're tempted to spend, ask yourself: Do you deserve this $40 candle/$25 dinner/$100 pair of shoes, or do you deserve more? Your circle of influence will also affect your mindset and behaviors around money. You need to hang around people who share the same mindset around money in order to be successful in your financial goals. Lastly, you have to live below your means – stop spending mindlessly and stick to your spending plan. Take note of your behaviors that help you move toward your goal and those that take you off course, specifically "people, places and things" and make the necessary adjustments. 7. Schedule Time with Your Money Your relationship with money will be one of the longest lasting relationships in your life; therefore you need to spend time with your money. That means scheduling the time to look at your accounts, your spending, your goals, your net worth, and your credit. You can put an alert on your calendar to check your accounts daily and do weekly monthly and quarterly check-ins. You should also make this a family affair; schedule meetings with your spouse, parents, and children to talk about your financial status and your financial goals. Nurture the relationship and it will do you well.

Vanessa Lindley The Lindley Consulting Group LLC www.lindleyconsultinggroup.com vanessa@lindleyconsultinggroup.com




Tanya Barnett Current State or Country Maryland Name of Business The Real Wife Movement™ Business and Social Media Contact Information Email: infor@realwifemovement.com / SM: @RealWifeCoach How and when did you discover your MORE? I found my MORE after I lost my hair. I finally shared that I had alopecia three years later. My revelation opened the door for me to love who I was the way I was. Losing my hair was the best thing that could have happened to me. What would you say to inspire women around the world? Be true to yourself. For years I was a people pleaser because I had low self-esteem. Losing my hair helped me come to grips with my insecurities. Being true to yourself causes you to own your truth and to not make excuses for it. Please name and describe the mentor that has had a profound impact on your life My mentor is Julian B Kiganda. I call her my life midwife. She helps you dig deep and address your fears. Julian does not allow excuses and makes you look for solutions to get things done. She’s the reason my book was self-published and The Real Wife Movement™ was born.

Name: Kiaundra Jackson Current State: California Name of Business: KW Essential Services Business and Social Media Contact Information: www.kwcouplestherapy.com info@kwessentialservices.com www.facebook.com/kwessentialservices Instagram: @kwessentialservices How and when did you discover your MORE: I discovered my MORE when I looked around at my situation back in 2014 and realized I was not currently satisfied. I was living paycheck to paycheck and was searching for an additional stream of income. Instead of obtaining another job, I tapped into something deep down inside of me that wanted to do something extraordinary and outside the norm for myself and my family. My driving force was the desire to help others and always wanting the freedom to choose. So I did! At 28 years old, I Co-founded KW Essential Services and never looked back. My MORE comes from the desire to create a generational shift in my family by being an example to them of stepping outside of their comfort zone, tapping into their passions, and never live another day beneath their potential. What would you say to inspire women around the world? I would say to all the Women of MORE out there, to continue to strive towards your goals, even in the face of adversity. Never allow giving up to be an option for you. The road to success may get hard, frustrating, and lonely, but the results will be worth it. I would encourage every woman to pursue her passions in life by being HERSELF. God designed us all to be different and unique for the purpose of using our gifts, talents, resources, ideas, and services to be a blessing to others. Therefore, someone in the world is in need of the very thing you have to offer. Please name and describe the mentor that has had a profound impact on my life: My female mentor would have to be my business partner, Wendy Talley. Not only is she a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but she is also my rock. I would not be here today if it were not for her seeing something unique in me from the first time we met. Her education, expertise, vision, entrepreneurial mindset and her passion for helping others go far beyond what others see on the outside. I am blessed and honored to work directly with such a beautiful soul daily.


CHANGHER'S AROUNDTHEWORLD Are you a Game ChangHer? Let us know at more@womenofmoremagazine.com Name Misheel Erdenetsogt Current State or Country Los Angeles, CA Name of Business Musician Business and Social Media Contact Information @thatsomish How and when did you discover your MORE? I discovered I was more when I hit rock bottom and felt like I had nothing more to give. I had built my identity around many things that were easily destructible. When those things vanished, I had only me and I had no choice but to discover that I was more, that I was enough. The more helpless and weak I felt the more I realized my own strength. Just when I thought I’ve got no more, the spirit in me always whispered “Girl, you’ve got way more. Don’t you just wait and see!” What would you say to inspire women around the world? Be you. But be the best you that you can be today. Nothing more beautiful than a young woman genuinely and brilliantly becoming herself. We as women will never be happy unless we learn to accept how we were created and accept our roles in this big puzzle called life. Always remember that you are an important piece of a bigger picture and without you, that picture won’t be complete. So go out there and work hard, be kind, love deep and you will surely be molded into that perfect special piece. Please name and describe the mentor that has had a profound impact on your life God has been and always will be my number one Mentor. He had met me in my deepest, darkest places and never let me go. Those moments thought me to never give up on myself and keep pushing for more growth even if I fail time after time. Never give up the desire to be better and happier. Also, my mother who had always killed them with kindness and her lively appetite for life and adventures.

Name: Shahidah Miller-Shaw Current State: Virginia Name of Business: The Betty Boss Business and Social Media Contact Information: Website: TheBettyBoss.Com Email: info@thebettyboss.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebettyboss Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebettyboss How and when did you discover your MORE: I discovered my MORE at a time when I was working on my personal development, my inner being. Something just clicked inside of me and said no more, no more of me being and doing what others expect or want from me. It’s time for me to live for ME. What would you say to inspire women around the world? It’s ok for you to be selfish and take up interests that you’re passionate about. There is a great big world out there waiting for you to share your gifts. You’re never given a vision that’s too big enough for you to see through. Please name and describe the mentor that has had a profound impact on my life: I currently do not have a mentor, but I would like to say that there are so many amazing women that I come across that have truly been an inspiration to me. When I see other women working together & collaborating in perfect harmony, affects me in so many positive ways. I just want to reciprocate that back out into the world.




Carla is the mother of five (birthed four), has two grandchildren, been married for 34 years, and helped pastor for 32 years alongside her husband, Al. She is 55 years old and is loving this stage of her life. Carla has been in the fitness industry for over 11 years. For six years, she taught two exciting classes (F.I.T. and Stretch & Flex) at one of the YMCA’s in Fort Wayne, IN, where she received her certifications in Group Fitness and Strength & Conditioning. In 2011, Carla stepped away from the YMCA to pursue her business, FIT4U! LLC, which was launched in January 2012. This year FIT4U! celebrates five years! Carla is a Certified Personal Trainer with American Sport & Fitness Association (ASFA). She speaks at women’s events, youth functions, and health and fitness expos. In 2016, Carla completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification. She studied under Jennifer Wright, Certified Baptiste Teacher and Owner of Urban Body Yoga (Fort Wayne, IN). Carla's training was inspired by Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. Carla says, “All things are possible to him or her who believes.” That’s what she and husband, Al, did when they were told that there was only a 20% chance of Carla to ever conceive again after the birth of their daughter. One fallopian tube was totally damaged and the other one was barely functioning. After six years of believing God and one devastating miscarriage, their now 24-year-old son was born, followed by the births of two more daughters! Carla gained over 50 extra pounds with each pregnancy, giving her the ability to relate to those who struggle to get the weight off and strive to live a healthier life. After having four C-sections and being determined to get back in shape, Carla knew not working out wasn’t an option. Carla's passion for helping and encouraging others grew stronger as she pursued and reached her fitness goals. She found herself thinking of workouts and ways others could reach their weight goals, or how they could be inspired to workout. That’s how Carla's first DVD, FIT4U! Volume 1, came about.

Carla knew there were tons of great workout programs and weight loss offers on the market, but America was still the fattest country in the world. To Carla, this meant that there was still room for her in the marketplace. There were people who would only be reached by Carla, who would only hear her message: U CAN GET THERE. You can get fit! Just stop comparing yourself to others. Just be you! Do you! Get FIT4U! In these short five years, Carla has put great value on giving back to her community. In the first year of the business during the celebration of her 50th birthday, she held a Silent Auction and Concert to raise money for a grieving mother who lost her 18-year-old son in a driving accident. The event raised $2320.00 that went toward supporting an organization called STANDD (Stop Texting and Driving Distracted) that was started in the young man’s honor. Each year following, Carla set out to do what she calls “The Give Back”. At the beginning of each year, she gives away a month of FREE Personal Training services to one or more women in her city to help jump start their new year. Carla’s business and service to the community have been featured in local newspapers and magazines. Last July, Carla posted a music video on social media to inspire women in the city. It featured local women but made an impact with women around the world. The video had over 20.8k views on Facebook and 245 shares. The video is called "Better When I'm Dancing" by Meghan Trainor. When Carla turned 55 this past summer, she celebrated her birthday by raising $1200.00 to support Smith Academy for Excellence - SAFE Academy for Boys. Carla currently services 11 Personal Training Clients, 3 group classes, 1 business and a new growing website membership. The website, www.carlajennings.com, allows members to receive monthly workouts, a newsletter filled with inspiration, information, and discounts. One of her most rewarding experiences is recently adding to her list of clients a 91-year-old who is full of love and life.


Success FOR

Focused. Intentioned. Timely.

By Jil Jordan Greene

It’s 10:30 PM and Michelle and I are on pins and needles. We are anxiously waiting to interview the woman who will be featured on the cover of our January/February issue of Woman of More magazine. She’s had a busy week. Interviews with the press promoting her new clothing line, speaking engagements at a business conference sandwiched between her day to day responsibilities of wife and mom. At what should be the end of her very long day, she agreed to speak with us. She had to be tired; exhausted even. We were going to keep it short. Suddenly, she was there on the other end of the line. Her voice was enthusiastic, strong, and confident. Lisa Nicole Cloud didn’t sound the least bit tired. We started the conversation and talked for almost two hours. She was absolutely amazing.

Lisa Nicole Cloud is the star of Bravo’s hit reality TV series Married to Medicine, which premiered in 2013. It chronicles the lives of seven successful and educated women in the Atlanta medical community who are either doctors or doctors’ wives. It shows the group as they balance their social circles, careers, and families.

Millions of viewers

tuned in for the last several seasons and got to know Lisa Nicole through her story line. However, there is MORE.

She is F.I.T. (and purposed for the next level of success and always has been. Let me tell you what that means.

To have true success in life it’s critical you are a F.I.T Woman. One who is Focused on her goals, Intentional about her daily actions, and Timesensitive when it comes to her plan. Lisa Nicole Cloud is F.I.T for success.

Her Focus is family, women, and business. Her Intention is love, legacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Her Time is invested in helping others rise, reinvent, and soar.

Her Story

I learned early in my life that entrepreneurship was the key to controlling my financial destiny. – Lisa Nicole Cloud

As a young girl, Lisa was always focused and intentional about what she did. She invested her time in preparing for her future. She excelled in high school and was elected President of Future Leaders of America. As a young entrepreneur, she created two businesses to help pay for recreational activities while she was in high school, and she loved it. This interest in leadership and entrepreneurship was no accident. Her mother, a successful business woman, and entrepreneur inspired Lisa to be independent, and move boldly without fear. Wanting to chart her own course, she graduated high school and attended Emory University where she majored in pre-med/psychology. Lisa completed her graduate work at Johns Hopkins in their Leadership Development Program and afterward found success in Corporate America where she excelled as a Pharmaceutical Sales rep. Although she found great success, she was still not fulfilled. She was destined to be an entrepreneur. Her Philanthropy

Lisa has set an example of entrepreneurship, and she and her husband are Her Success

also setting an example of giving back. They believe to whom much is given,

True success lies not so much in your own achievements but in serving and inspiring others to achieve greatness as well. -Lisa Nicole Cloud Lisa didn’t find complete fulfillment until she embarked upon a career in the Direct Sales industry where she made her first million. Not only did this business savvy thirty-something woman make her first million, but she was able to help 20 other families do the same thing. She became known in the industry as Ms. Millionaire Maker. Lisa has remained committed to

much is required. For the last two years, they have been preparing to host a Medical Mission trip to the developing country of Haiti. They will take twenty Doctors to provide free medical services and bless three hospitals with over $250k in medical equipment donated from different hospitals in the United States. Their signature event, ‘Fashion for a Cause’ that’s scheduled to be hosted in 7 different cities across the United States will raise funds to support this mission as well.

teaching the business model of Direct Sales and coaching on the wealth principles and success strategies to help others continue to win. What warms her heart the most is when she is able to coach someone who has recently been incarcerated and helps them start fresh with a legitimate business. She has also helped other professionals like doctors, lawyers, and entertainers who were looking to build residual income and generational wealth. Her joy comes from teaching ordinary people how to live extraordinary lives by turning their passions into profits.

Her Reality on TV

In addition to being a Wife, Mother, Fashion Designer, and Business Mogul, she is also a TV personality. She made her television debut on the second season of Bravo’s hit reality TV series Married to Medicine. The show has served as a great platform to highlight her businesses and her clothing line. She embraces the good that comes with reality TV along with the challenges and lessons. The same spotlight that’s used to highlight her businesses, is the same spotlight that has been used to highlight the private challenges in her

Her Legacy of Love, Giving, Entrepreneurship and Relationships

"The goal isn’t to live forever; it is to create something that will," says Lisa Nicole Cloud. Lisa is creating a legacy of entrepreneurship for her family as she is the CEO of multiple Companies: A Clothing Line, a Sales, and Marketing Company, a Mentoring and Coaching Company, a Real Estate Company, Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN), a Media Company, and a Family Business. Though she wears many hats–she believes wife and mother are her most important roles. She is married to Dr. Darren Naugles and they have two children, who have already been bitten by the bug of entrepreneurship. Their son DJ, or Chef DJ has launched a cookbook accompanied with over 60 recipes and a cool soundtrack for kids (http://www.djsrecipesthatrock.com/). Nine-yearold daughter Amira has recently written a book called ‘Becoming a


Her Marriage

Despite any challenges that she and her husband may have faced in their marriage, quitting isn’t an option. She believes that marriage is a covenant between them and God. She encourages all couples to continue to work at it. Most couples struggle because they don’t have the tools or resources to make things better. To support this need Lisa created a relationship conference called, “Teach Me to Grow with You”. She is the host and brings in the top relationship experts to give singles and couples the tools to operate in healthy relationships. She said the statistics regarding African American marriages are alarming. Fifty-two percent of all African American marriages end in divorce. This impacts family, our economic position and creates emotional distress for children. She is determined not to be a statistic.

Princess’. Young girls can purchase a book, make a request for Amira to come host a Princess Party, and also purchase a signature tea party set. http://meetprincessamira.com/.

Her Friendships and Sister Circles

Lisa created the WEN (Women Empowerment Network) because she was tired of toxic female relationships and seeing the ‘crab in a barrel’ mentality. This network was designed to create a space where sisterhood, collaboration, and new sister circles would be created. She was optimistic that she would find a similar experience on the show and admitted that she has been hurt and

interviewed and written by Jil Jordan Greene

disappointed by the outcome of certain relationships. Lisa reminds herself of a quote that she has come to believe in. “Sometimes man’s rejection is God’s protection”.

Lisa Nicole Cloud – our Woman of More For more info: www.LisaNicoleCloud.com


Reading isn't an age thing. It's just necessary.

4 KEYS TO LIVING AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE Please read and say out loud: I absolutely have what it takes to make my life and my business extraordinary. Ok, say it again! I’m cheering you on as you make this declaration.

COLLABORATE with Others There are women out there really living their

dreams! Go find them and hang out with them! Soak up their energy, get their advice, be mentored by them. Most are willing to share how they’ve How? You may be asking. Get really clear on what you desire and dream of and only focus on all things necessary to manifest your desires with ease (though not without effort).

created their success and that will help get you there even faster than they did. Also, find a community that will be there for you in creating the major changes you wish to see. The more support you allow yourself, the more you will be able to create and therefore give, and the more powerful

What would your life look like if you really went for it? If you accomplished the

you will become.

things you only admit to craving in your heart and mind. The more you focus on what could happen if you really showed up for yourself, the more you will be guided toward your own mega-success.

Women entrepreneurs know how to band together because they know there is always more we can accomplish by joining forces and supporting each other. And while working together can be a great benefit for

What the world needs right now are confident women who are proud of being superstars, rock stars, icons, moguls, queens, angels or whatever avatar you refer to yourself as when you are feeling on top of the world. We don’t have to

everyone involved, it’s also just as important to have fun with other women who are up to big things in the world, and know how to live beautifully, too.

be driven by our egos, become self-obsessed or turn into workaholics to have the success we desire, as long as we remember that we are no more or no less

Have FAITH and TRUST It’s crucial that you believe your desires are in you

deserving than anyone else, only capable and willing of claiming our purposes

for a reason. Maybe no one else can hear what’s inside you, but that does

and living our dreams.

not make it wrong, or impossible. You get what you focus on and you attract what you believe, so you have got to do the work of anchoring in

If you’re committed to continuous growth in your life, you have to get clear on

your vision and having full faith that it is meant for you. Make sure you are

your desires. We can’t keep living our lives the same way and expect a different

meditating on your desires daily, spending time with your vision board,

result. So no matter where you are on your journey if you’re one of those out

journaling, and doing affirmations to attract the miracles you need. There

there right now thinking, “Yes, it’s time to create more for me—it’s time to do

are so many books and resources out now on the law of attraction.

something different,” then here are four ways to make your life and your

Choose one and do the work.

business extraordinary. DREAM in Color Imagine in detail what life would look like if there were

Want more ways to make your life and your business extraordinary and set

no limitations or consequences. This is the part that nobody else can help

yourself up for your best year ever? I invite you to download my 7 Steps to

you with—it’s between you and your maker. Take ownership of what you

a Successful Side Hustle. It’s a free handout and audio training. You can

are going to pursue, invest in, and spend your time on. Give yourself

use these 7 Steps to create anything you desire: lose weight, have a better

permission to have everything you need to be in your power, with all of

relationship, make more money, get out of debt and yes create your

the time and resources to keep you happy, excited, and at your best.

successful business. Go to www.JoinTheHustle.com.

Take ACTION & Get SUPPORT How well are you set up for success in

Darieth Chisolm is a Visibility Coach and Multi Media Strategist who coaches women to become

your weekly routines and habits? It’s possible you need to make some key changes or invest better in your wellness. Do you need to get to bed earlier and get up earlier? Does hiring the personal trainer to work on your fitness, or the personal assistant or housekeeper to free up more of your time make sense for you? What is going to be different about your life that will have you more fully in your power? Commit to taking action and getting the support that you need.

confident and outrageously successful, conveying their brand, message, and mission to the world through various online media platforms.

Darieth is an Emmy Award-Winning television personality, former NBC News Anchor, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business coach who is also a Top 10 Trailblazer in Communications by Walker’s Legacy and a top video podcast show host for Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm. Hustle & Heart TV was a Top 10 Finalist for the 2015 Podcast Awards for Best Video Podcast and was ranked #1 on iTunes for more than two months with subscribers and viewers in several countries. You can read more from her in her book Hustle! Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passions. Find out how you can work with Darieth at www.DariethChisolm.com


Jil Jordan Greene Cheers! It’s the beginning of the New Year, and it’s time to get F.I.T.  It’s time to get (F) Focused and refuse to be distracted. It’s time to be (I) Intentional about everything we do, and everything we invest our resources in. It’s important that we are (T) Timely. We must respect our personal deadlines and commitments we make to ourselves. If you are an entrepreneur, business woman, or career professional, and looking to increase, expand or get established, join me in “Getting F.I.T. for NextLevel17”. To win, we must have an F.I.T Mind, an F.I.T. Circle, and an F.I.T. Plan. F.I.T. MIND Women today are busier than they have ever been before. However, if we want to see NextLevel17 results, it will be important to make time to have an F.I.T. Mind. 



W O M E N .



“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, Jim Rohn”

In order to be F.I.T. mentally, you have to be focused, intentional and timely about these 3 things: 1. Increasing your personal development 2. Expanding your industry knowledge 3. Establishing yourself as an industry thought leader Increasing Your Personal Development Create a routine of Personal development. It’s underrated but extremely important. An F.I.T. mind should commit to reading or listening to material that will move you to become better. Did you know that the average CEO reads 4-5 books a month? But the average person reads 1 book a year? Success is intentional. Here is a good book I suggest, “The Power of the Subconscious mind, by Joseph Murphy, or “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by John Maxwell”. What are you doing to develop yourself on a daily basis? Expand Your Industry Knowledge Technology, social media, and the economic climate have changed how organizations and corporations do business. To remain competitive in business, or to be considered for promotion in your career it’s important to stay abreast of new industry business trends, and learn new areas of your industry. For example The new Company I launched is “the People Resource Group’, an HR Leadership & Development firm. Our focus is providing HR services to small business, nonprofit organizations and professional service firms. I am constantly reading articles on small business, and what they need to excel in business, and how to best service them.


I am currently reading the book, “Managing the Professional Service Firm” to continue to expand my base of business knowledge. What are you doing to expand yours?

Establish Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader This should be the year you stand out and separate yourself from the others in your industry. You will have to be focused, intentional and timely. Do it now! Write a blog, produce a VLOG, or write an article on your industry and submit it to a publication. Create a platform that allows you to share your perspectives, suggestions, and solutions. F.I.T. CIRCLE “Birds of a feather flock together” The circle you choose this year will be critical to your NextLevel17 success. I am very intentional about the kind of women I want in my circle this year. Why? Because it can be life changing or life stalling. In order to have a fit circle, it’s important to do the following: 1. Stalk a mentor in your industry 2. Join a professional organization 3. Create a personal board of directors Stalk a Mentor I don’t literally mean stalk, but almost. To get F.I.T. for NextLevel17, most of us need to enter new circles, so that we meet people who are more advanced than we are, and have achieved a lot more than we have. This will pull us, stretch us and force us to grow. Usually one enters a new circle like this through someone who is already in it. Outside of career training and development, this is another benefit to having a mentor. This person can open doors for you to new circles, which could possibly lead to new opportunities. Where do you find these Mentors? The folks who you probably want to consider are already very busy, hard to get to and normally over booked. You may read about them, see them in social media or on TV, or meet them at a business or industry event.


Follow me on FB live every Monday Morning on ‘Momentum Monday’ 7:25AM EST

Jil Jordan Greene Chief Executive Officer The People Resource Group jil@thepeopleresourcegroup.com Once you identify them, you may have to get very creative to meet them. If you notice they are on a program to speak somewhere, register to attend that conference. Once you do, make the connection, follow up and invite them to lunch on your dime. It will be worth it. Don’t be afraid to politely pursue (or gently stalk) your future mentor. I first came across one of my mentors in a newspaper article. She was being highlighted for an accomplishment in our industry. She was sitting in the position I dreamed of being promoted to, and I knew I had to meet her. I began to research who she was and ironically found myself at the same breakfast meeting with her a few months later. After the meeting was over, I quickly rushed to hop on the same elevator with her, introduced myself while walking her to her car and invited her to lunch. Some people wouldn’t have taken this step. They would have settled for a business card and an empty. “I will give you a call next week’. Because I am intentional about adding powerful women to my circle, I didn’t mind walking her to her car and getting lost trying to find mine afterward. The rest is history. We laugh about it now.

Join a Professional Organization Joining a professional organization associated with your business or career is also important for NextLevel17 results. These types of organizations create a ‘Master Mind’ type of environment. You are with a group of like-minded individuals who speak the same language, who inspire, motivate each other while creating a community of accountability. Once I started joining my own industry organizations, it was amazing how much I learned, and how much I didn’t know I needed to learn. Do this in the first 60 days of the new year! Create a Personal Board of Directors The purpose of a Companies Board of Directors is to ensure the prosperity of an Organization. My dearest friend Jade Brown Russell, an Attorney in New Orleans, and Co-founder of DiversiTEA Diva Girls’ Mentoring group, often teaches her Mentees to develop a personal board of directors. A slate of seasoned women who have a vested interest in their future, and a desire to see the win. The slate of individuals will operate as a support system, a place to get advice, or a springboard for new opportunities. Do you have 3-5 people who can support, advise and speak on behalf of your business or career? If the answer is yes, awesome!! If not, be intentional and select them by the end of the first Quarter! Let’s go!

F.I.T. PLAN Studies show that we have more women in the workforce than ever before. Women earned 10 million more college degrees than men, since 1982. Women represent the largest number of new businesses that open each year. African American women represent the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs since 1997, increasing by over 300%. Even with these impressive statistics many of us won’t reach our full potential or struggle with finding success because we often don’t have a plan. In order to get NextLevel17 results, you have to have a plan. The plan should have a clear focus, be actionable and timely. This is your year! Let’s plan it and do it!! 1. Draw your success and Fill in the blanks 2. Identify your action steps 3. Date it & Do it Draw Your Success and Fill in the Blanks Imagine its December 2017, and you are standing at the front of the room accepting an award for achieving success for ________________ , __________________ and __________________. How would you fill in those blanks? What specific goals did you achieve that you are getting the recognition for? Whatever your answer is, draw a picture of it. Studies show that when you can imagine yourself achieving something the likely hood of success increases. Once you have drawn your picture, identify the action steps you need to take, give it a deadline and do it!

FASHIONABLY FIT It’s the beginning of a brand new year; a time where so many people want to make life changing acclamations like, “I am going get more organized.” “I am going to pay off all my bills.” But the number one resolution seems to be, “I am going to lose weight.” I made that resolution about four years ago, joined Weight Watchers, and lost 50 lbs. Now, four years later, I am up 10 lbs and here I am making another resolution to get healthier. Now that I am in my 40’s, it’s a lot deeper than trying to fit into that cute dress. It’s about taking control of my life and making a commitment to be healthy. I can remember my weight loss journey and some of the things that would keep me motivated. I found great motivation in rewarding myself with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee after my Saturday morning weigh-in, and when I would reach certain goals, I would reward myself with new, cute workout clothes. It may sound like something small, but it worked for me. Your motivation might be different. Perhaps you love to read and you want to gift yourself with a new book when you lose 10% of your goal. The key is keeping the momentum going and getting healthier. Identifying a motivator helps you both physically and mentally.



As women, we sometimes get discouraged about going to the gym. I know from my personal experience that before I lost weight, I was intimidated by the gym. I felt insecure about my body and worried that people would stare. Being worried about other people’s opinions will keep us from achieving our goals.

Try New Things Don’t’ be afraid to try new fitness routines or classes that get you out of your comfort zone; you might actually find that you love it.

Accountability Get a trainer who is knowledgeable and will keep you accountable, like Sabrina from True Fit. She walks the walk and helps you stay on track. When you don’t make it to class she will ask you why you haven’t been there.

Support System Have people around you who have the same goals, who really get what you are trying to do. When you are getting off track they can motivate you to show up.

Different Levels A journey begins with a single step. Move at your pace and quit comparing yourself to everyone else; we were all beginners at one time.


As a fashion blogger, I have to talk about clothes. I am the “Fashionista on a Budget,” and that is the case even with my fitness wear. I don’t spend a lot on my fitness gear, but I still feel cute when I hit the gym. I am sharing my favorite places to shop for cute fitness wear that will not break the bank. JCPenney The Xersion brand is my absolute favorite at this store. It’s very cute, fits well, and is coupon eligible. Most weekends they have 40-50% off, so this is a great option. They also have a great plus size selection. Kohl’s Fila has my vote. The pants are amazing; they hold you in at all the right places. The matching sets, including their shoes, are priced right. Old Navy I love their compression pants. They make everyone look amazing. They often have 50% off sales that make the prices awesome. We can all have the confidence to walk into that gym and feel good about ourselves -no matter your size or age. I promise you can feel confident in the way you look when you walk into that gym. Take this year to get out of your comfort zone, be open to trying new things, and surround yourself with positive people that can help you achieve your goals for 2017.







Getting a good color match with your foundation can be a challenge. Try one of my favorites to get the coverage you need at the price you want.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup $40

This one is my absolute favorite. When I’m wearing it you can barely tell I have anything on. It looks like me only better. My skin appears radiant and youthful. The product is sheer, weightless, and longwearing. You can build the coverage if you need to and it doesn’t look dry or cakey. The best part about this prestige brand is that it has 24 shades. If you want a great color match with a flawless finish this might be the product you’ve been looking for.

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation $38

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF Foundation is another good choice. It comes in 22 different shades and the satin finish gives a “lit from within” glow. It provides the perfect canvas for blush, bronzer, or whatever product you choose to apply. I use this prestige brand in NC 40. It doesn’t dry my skin and I don’t look like a grease ball at the end of the day.

Covergirl Queen 3-in-1 Foundation $11.99

This 3-in-one formula “fuses powder, concealer, and foundation” to provide a cost-effective, long-lasting product. It wears well and looks natural. I did a comparison by making up my face with MAC NC 40 on one side and the Covergirl Queen 3-in-1 Foundation in Sand on the other. The difference was imperceptible. This product is specially formulated for dark skin and has 14 shades. The only problem is that you can’t find it in every drug store.

L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation $13.00

The color match with this drug store was wonderful. The tint was just different enough that I could tell a difference from my usual foundation bot no one else could. My face looked smooth, poreless, and radiant. It covered every bit as well as my high-end brands and was a third of the cost.

Another plus? It has an SPF of 18. The

drawback? It only comes in 12 shades and my shade, Honey Beige No. 211, is one of the darker shades.

If you want to hear more about my Favorite Foundations or see swatches check out my blog at www.makeuponaisle64.com. Contact me at Denise@makeuponaisle64.com. Follow me on Instagram at makeuponaisle64.








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Women of MORE Magazine February Edition  

Women of MORE is an organization designed to help women identify their purpose beyond their daily roles, ignite the passion for their person...

Women of MORE Magazine February Edition  

Women of MORE is an organization designed to help women identify their purpose beyond their daily roles, ignite the passion for their person...

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