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CDs & DVDs Gifts of Love, Laughter & Inspiration Share the Women of Faith experience with someone who wasn’t able to be there in person or choose one for yourself to revisit the stories, wisdom, and music from a favorite event.

$32.99 $32.99

Imagine DVD



Grand New Day DVD

Over The Top DVD


The Nicole Johnson Anthology DVD Over 45 sketches from 10 years of events

$10.99 Rejoice CD

I Hear Angels CD



Women of Faith Worship CD


Hope and Grace CD



Gifts for Her Women of Faith Scarf


Sometimes Little Things Make a Big Difference A colorful scarf . . . the perfect piece of jewelry . . . even a snuggly blanket can be the perfect gift for a friend, sister, mom, teacher, hostess, or houseguest.

$9.99 Bangle Bracelet

$13.99 Women of Faith Necklace 3

Women of Faith Blanket


back front

$7.99 back


Over the Top Bracelet

Over the Top Keyring



$7.99 Shooting Star Keyring



Over the Top Necklace


Good Reads For the Book Lover A hero dog, historical inspiration, sweet devotionals, a “heavenly” love story—and the best, truest love story of all: God’s Word. Titles of all kinds to fill stockings, gift bags, and that empty spot on your shelf.



Jesus Lives



Women of Faith Devotional Bible Women of Faith Devotional Bible 5

$9.99 God’s Promises for Women of Faith

Thunder Dog


99 Butterfly Effect

$9.99 Angel Song

$8.99 $6.99 Receiving Gods Love 6




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Practical and Pretty She’ll shine in a colorful, comfortable Women of Faith tee or hoodie. (So will you―maybe you should get a matching set!)




Imagine Tee 2011

Over The Top Brown Hoodie


Imagine Hoodie

$27.99 $15.99 Pink Tee - Over The Top

$15.99 Grey Imagine Tee 8

From Our Events Gifts to Encourage and Inspire Words of wisdom, stories, and songs to lead and guide along life’s way.




The Shelter of God’s Promises Participant’s Guide

The Shelter of God’s Promises DVD

$9.99 When a Woman Trust God 9

Sheila Walsh

CD audio book

$9.99 $9.99 Patsy Clairmont


The Heart Mender

Andy Andrews


Henry Cloud

Love Revolution CD


9 Things You Simply Must Do

$13.99 What if We Were Real CD


Teen-Friendly $8.99 LeatherWrap Bracelet

$3.99 Gel Pens

$3.88 Revolve Tour Ear Buds 11

$8.99 You Were Made to Make a Difference

$8.99 From our popular Revolve Tour events for teen girls: gifts, DVDs, and the magazine-format Bible that started it all.

$14.99 Revolve It's Me Curriculum with DVD

Biblezine, NCV



It's Us Curriculum with DVD It's You Curriculum with DVD


Kid Stuff


Read Me a Story . . . Child-friendly inspiration and life lessons that are perfect for bedtime stories or anytime snuggling with your little one.

The Boy Who Changed the World


If I Could Ask God Anything

$3.99 13

My Little Prayers


5 Cheesy Stories

Gabby, God’s Little Angel



4-in-1 Treasure Box Set How to Be God’s Little Princess

$9.99 $1.88 Sam's Rainbow


Ti tle of Category Bargai n Gifts



Water Bottle Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

$4.88 $3.88

Greeting Cards

10 cards/envelopes in set.

Sharecropper's Seed CD


Broken On the Back Row


$4.88 Falling Forward CD



New Every Morning CD I Will Be Free CD


2011 Gift Giving Catalog  

Shine the light of His love this season with gifts from Women of Faith

2011 Gift Giving Catalog  

Shine the light of His love this season with gifts from Women of Faith