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Jermyn Street Tailor to the stars including Daniel Craig, Colin Firth & David Gandy

EMMA WILLIS MBE Her hopes for the British clothing industry, and the continuing efforts of her charity, Style for Soldiers

The Being FEARLESS edition

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SUMMER Edition 2016

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Being Fearless

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Our contributors

Dr Sarah Brewer

Benjamin Dyer

Fin Wycherley

Richard Goodall

GP & Nutritionist

CEO of Powered Now

Social Media Marketer

Money-saving Expert

Dr Sarah Brewer is a medical nutritionist, GP and the author of over 60 popular health books, including Menopause Diet. She writes a nutritional medicine blog, gives online blood pressure advice and health product reviews.

Benjamin Dyer is CEO and cofounder of Powered Now, an invoicing, estimating and scheduling app for tradespeople. Powered Now aims to take the pain out of paperwork for trade and other mobile businesses.

Fin is a regular presenter on BBC Radio Scotland, with a 50,000-strong tribe online, and a writer on all things social media marketing. Author of the forthcoming book Profitable Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business.

Richard is a busy parent who juggles working a full-time job, being a dad, renovating the family home and running his money-saving website. After becoming a father he realised the importance of making every penny count.

Connect: | @DrSarahBHealthy

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The First Tradeswomen-Focused Magazine in the UK 8 Women in Trade SUMMER 2016

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Fearless Firefighter Danielle Cotton is the highestranking woman in the British Fire Service

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SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 9

A very House of Fraser summer


et House of Fraser be your style guide this season and create your dream summer wardrobe from our irresistible selection. Hitting the sweltering city streets? For that laidback look, try pairing a Dickins & Jones denim shirt dress with a tan tassel saddle bag. Going glam and gorgeous? Choose one of our vintage-style tea dresses, perfect for any garden party or summertime soirĂŠe. From skirts to swimwear, with House of Fraser you can be summer-ready and looking great.

Image: House of Fraser

Editor‟s Letter Being Fearless

Image credits: (bottom) Book cover by Joseph Sinclair | Dune London (bag) | Littlewoods Ireland (yellow shoe)

“Be truthful, gentle and fearless.” Mahatma Gandhi

My picks from the Summer Edition


“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” Mark Twain

ur last edition was about finding your flow, so did you find yours? And if you did, what are you going to do with it? You may have had an insight into how to improve your business, come up with ideas for your summer collection, or even decided to shut up shop and move to live somewhere more harmonious or learn a new skill. Whatever it might be, the fact that you found it is a huge step. If you didn’t find your flow, it will all come in good time. Our summer edition is about being fearless. That means making bold, risky decisions and stepping into the unknown. This is not easy, but hopefully the stories and articles in this edition will help you follow through on your decisions in an empowering way. In this edition you will discover how to manage both your life and your business with our savvy tips for budgeting, advice about how to get started in your chosen trade, and guidance for handling negative comments online. We also reveal how going against the grain can be a brave and rewarding move for your business. Have you ever considered wearing the colour yellow? Did you know that sunlight can improve your mental health? In our summer mind, body boosts you will discover powerful natural remedies for stress and low self-esteem, and learn how jigsaw puzzles can enhance your brain power.

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Here’s to bright days and warm evenings. Let’s be fearless and make this summer truly one to remember!

Janet Janet Kirlew CEO & Founder | Editor-in-Chief

SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 11


Being Fearless

Edition 2016

Summer Cover Queen:



Willis MBE


8 Great Summer Essentials



highest-ranking woman in the British Fire Service.

How They Made It To The Top: Dame Emma-Jane Brown, founder of EJB Events and celebrity hairdresser Denise McAdam share their success stories.


The Girl in the Yellow Hi Vis:

The Fearless Conversation features three inspiring women sharing their fearless moments with us.


Latest trade news, interviews, trade tips, research and more

SUMMER COVER QUEEN: Emma Willis MBE on fearlessness in


adversity, her hopes for the British clothing industry and her charity, Style for Soldiers.

By Janet Kirlew


The Fabulous, Fearless Fashion Designer: Hendrikka Waage talks to us about getting her jewellery business off the ground and giving back to others in need.


Surgery vs. Self-acceptance: Model and TV star Alicia Douvall speaks up.

By Janet Kirlew and Clare Diston 12 Women in Trade SUMMER 2016

FEMALE FIRSTS: The Fearless Firefighter. Danielle Cotton is the

Rachel Dudok: A Day in the Life of an Avionics Aircraft Maintenance Engineer “I just knew I loved aviation and that this was what I wanted to do.�


48 50

DIY Tips for Women: How to drill using a cordless drill. Getting Started In Your Trade: The essentials for women in a maledominated industry. By Benjamin Dyer

The Girl in the

Yellow Hi Vis Avionics Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for Quantas

Rachel Dudok Page 44

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Inside this issue...



38 How to go against the grain


Loads of vitamins in one hit

The Fearless Tanzania Tradeswomen: Small businesses make big differences in Africa. By Kelly Felstead

Business 90

Getting started in your TRADE

MIND, BODY boosts 58-73 We’ve got it all covered in our summer mind, body boosts. We

How to Handle Negative Comments Online. Social Media Marketer Fin Wycherley shows us how to turn bad reviews into more customers.


explore the health benefits of wearing the colour yellow and learn how to be more decisive in business with the help of puzzles.

Living Below Your Means: Budgeting made easy. By Richard Goodall

Self 14

5 Great Reasons to Love What You Do.


8 Summer Essentials: Set some goals, take up gardening, get organised, start painting and more!


Being Fearless: How to go against the grain. By Clare Diston


Giving up is not an option. Setbacks are temporary.

14 Women in Trade SUMMER 2016


Overcoming Vaginal Dryness: The condition no one seems to talk about.

By Dr Sarah Brewer

104 In My Quiet Space: What you resist, persists. Our editor-in-chief talks to us about how resistance encourages pain, and how the answer lies in practising acceptance.

In Every Issue 9

Editor’s Letter

‘According to Yes’ by Dawn French. Amazing and funny book to read this summer!

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SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 15

5 great reasons t

Image credit: Homebase



Love what you do

s it really that important to love what you do, at work or in business? There‟s plenty of evidence that says yes! Just take a look at these 5 great reasons why you should try to love what you do. You enjoy your time: Everybody understands the Monday Blues, that feeling of dread for another week at work. The average full-time UK worker spends 42.7 hours at work every week – that’s a lot of time to spend wishing you were elsewhere. That’s why loving what you do is so important, because suddenly all those hours don’t feel like a chore!

You work harder: When you love what you do you become more driven to meet your goals, and you are also more productive when you’re working. If a project excites you then you’re far less likely to dawdle or procrastinate, and even if the work itself isn’t that engaging, having an interesting goal to aim for is a real motivator.

You inspire others: With all that motivation, it’s only a matter of time before you start rubbing off on others. It’s easy to see when you are enjoying what you do, and that means you can become a role model for productivity, and even help to motivate other members of the team.

You feel better: When work doesn’t feel like work, you simply feel better in yourself. Feeling excited by new projects and doing everything you can to learn and grow all add up to a fantastic sense of personal fulfilment. That’s right, loving what you do can turn you into a better person!

You radiate passion: Passion is impossible to fake, so when you are feeling it then other people are sure to notice. This translates to whatever you are working on – if you love what you do, other people will love it too. That’s why having genuine passion for your work can make you a better leader, because it is the first step to inspiring the same energy in others. SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 17

How they made it to the TOP Business Want to turn your passion into a business? Events manager Dame Emma-Jane Brown and hairdresser Denise McAdam explain what it takes to make it to the top of your industry. By Janet Kirlew

“Life-fulfilling work is never about the money,” said clothing designer Eileen Fisher. “When you feel true passion for something, you instinctively find ways to nurture it.”


ithout a doubt passion is one of the biggest driving forces behind all entrepreneurial activity, and in recent years women all over the world have been embracing their passions and turning them into successful businesses. As a result

18 Women in Trade SUMMER 2016

The number of women starting their own businesses is growing fast. the number of female entrepreneurs is on the rise, and in the UK the number of women starting their own businesses is growing almost three times as fast as the rate for men. Passion has played a crucial role in the careers of the two women featured in this issue. Dame EmmaJane used to be an international show jumper, but after her retirement from competing she harnessed her passion for the sport and unleashed it on a new undertaking: luxury event planning. The hospitality industry is the UK’s fifth largest industry, and to make it in hospitality entrepreneurs need a strong work ethic, great

interpersonal skills and an ability to stay cool under pressure. Dame Emma-Jane’s business, EJB Events, has risen to the very top of the event planning industry worldwide. Denise McAdam followed her passion for hairdressing from Edinburgh to London, and there she found her niche in what is now a £6.2 billion industry in the UK. During her career she has taken opportunities to work with leading fashion photographers, and to style celebrities and models and even royalty. I wanted to find out how these inspiring women made it to the top, and stayed there.

Dame Emma-Jane Brown shares her success story

Events aficionado Dame Emma-Jane Brown

TOP FACTS She was the

highest ranked female rider.

At the age of 20,

she won the Ladies Championship of Great Britain.

Some of her

clients include Sly Stallone, Jerry Lee Lewis and Al Pacino

Her events

company EJB won the „Event Planner of the Year‟ award.


Sly Stallone with Dame Emma-Jane Brown

From showjumping to VIP celebrity events, Dame Emma Jane tells us how her early sporting career helped lead her to success in the party planning industry.


ame Emma-Jane Brown doesn’t just run one business: as well as being a TV and radio commentator and an ambassador for a number of charities, she also produces protective sports clothing for children, and her main business, EJB Events, is one of the world’s most successful events planning companies. SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 19

But Dame Emma-Jane started out in quite a different career from the glitz and glamour of organising luxury parties.“I hit the sporting headlines at the age of twenty when I won the Ladies Championship of Great Britain. I was the highest ranked female rider for many years until, perversely, an allergy to horses ended my career!” This was a devastating blow for Emma. “From the age of seventeen when I ran away from home to pursue a career as a showjumper, horses and competing were all I knew.” But far from knocking her down, Emma’s retirement from jumping set her on a new career path. She began to work as a radio commentator and to write about sport for magazines; later on she developed her clothing range, REVO, out of a desire to make the sport she loved safer for children. Now it is event planning which occupies most of Dame Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit, through her business EJB Events, which earlier this year was awarded ‘Event Planner of the Year’ by Worldwide Branding. “The company has two main objectives: to help busy people plan and organise elements of their lives that a lack of time prohibits, and to provide extraordinary experiences that you can’t buy ‘off the shelf’.” These events are as extraordinary as she promises, including New York shopping trips, makeovers on Harley Street, and dinner parties prepared by Michelin starred chefs. But it is her VVIP events which capture the most attention. “My company offers the chance to get up close and personal with the movie and music greats at private champagne receptions. To date, I have laid on evenings with Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Lee Lewis and Al Pacino.” So how did Dame Emma-Jane make it to the top of this highly competitive industry? She says, “As a sportswoman and businesswoman it has been my commitment and tenacity that has got me to where I am today.” She has always striven to be the best in everything she does, and her background in showjumping has certainly helped her along the way. “The planning and preparation that was required before going into a competition is no different to my approach to staging events. The level of planning right down to the last detail is vital to my success. I learnt the ‘rules’ when I was very young preparing for competitions.” In fact, Dame Emma-Jane’s early career and the setbacks she faced have helped to shape her life in a very clear way. “Any rider knows if you fall off a horse you’ve just got to get back on. There is no can’t do, only can do!”

Denise McAdam shares her success story

Hairdressing entrepreneur

Denise McAdam

TOP FACTS First woman to have her name on a standalone salon in London.

Britain's first female celebrity hairdresser. She has worked on the most famous heads of hair which include Bo Derek, Grace Kelly, the Duchess of York and Frank Sinatra.

Received a Royal Medal for her dedicated service in 2010.

Britain’s first female celebrity hairdresser Businesswoman and hairdresser Denise McAdam is best known for styling celebrities and royalty. She talks about her career, from its early years to her hopes for the future.


enise McAdam has been in the hair business for forty-one years, but when she started out she could not have known that she would eventually become a stylist to the stars. Her career started at Greens Salon in Edinburgh, where she attended Telford College and achieved a City and Guilds vocational qualification. After Greens she joined Michaeljohn London’s session team in Mayfair as their first female stylist, and her work was captured by some of the industry’s leading photographers, including David Bailey, Lord Snowdon and Patrick Lichfield. “In 1976 at Greens I styled my first of many iconic women, Grace Kelly.” In the decades since she has worked on even more famous heads of hair, including those of Bo Derek,

20 Women in Trade SUMMER 2016

Ronan Keating, Frank Sinatra and, more recently, JLS and The Saturdays. For more than thirty years she was the favourite hairdresser of the royal family, rising to media fame when she styled the Duchess of York’s hair for her wedding to Prince Andrew, and Denise was recognised for her dedicated service in 2010 when she received the Royal Victorian Medal. She was also the first woman to have her name on a standalone salon in London. But in an industry as popular and ambitious as hairdressing, how did Denise find such staggering success? “Hard work, leaving home to follow my dreams, grabbing every opportunity with both hands, and never stopping learning.” For Denise, it seems, it was this passion for the industry that allowed her to rise to the very top. Over the years Denise has continued to grow and adapt her business to new trends and technologies, and she has even used her expertise to help with the research and development of products by major beauty companies, including Wella, Revlon and Unilever. She has also had to adapt her business according to her personal life. “I altered my career when I became a mother,” she said, “and when my daughter was ten, I gave up having a salon as I needed to be a school-run mum. I have enjoyed carving a career for myself while being a mummy. Now I need to learn how to be a blogger to take me into the 2020s!” As for the industry she loves so much, her biggest hope is that it will become law for all hairdressers and beauticians to be registered. Denise may have started out in the 1980s, but she certainly shows no signs of slowing down. She remains a busy working stylist, and she also appears as a judge on the BBC Two competition show, Hair, cementing her belief that “a strong work ethic will take you far.” There is one job she won’t take on, however: “I have three standard poodles, and NO, I don’t style their hair!”


Emma & Denise’s

reasons to follow your dreams To mix passion and compassion with everything you do and be the best you can be. To invest in relationships and put something back into society. So that you can say, “I love my job.”

SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 21 Image: Marks and Spencer



e all know the Great British summer can be over almost as soon as it has begun, so this year don’t let it pass you by – make the most of the sunshine by taking care of the essentials first. Perhaps you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, take up a new hobby, plan for the future or see something new. Whatever it is that lights up your life, take a look at these essentials and see whether they can help you to squeeze every last drop out of summer.


Drown Out The Noise With Your Own Mix Blow the cobwebs off your MP3 player and delete the music that keeps you in the past. Download tunes that make you inspired, happy and motivated.

Image credit: Amara

2 Comfortable Feet

Image credit: TK Maxx

Get Away

Keep those feet safe and comfortable as you explore the English countryside. Allow the environment to clear your mind. It’s time to get out and about, meet new people and discover new things.


With all the UK’s budget airlines and discount coach holidays you can plan trips and visit different places. Make sure you pack the essentials, including sun cream, a camera and a good book.

Image credit: Accessorize

Image credit: Debenhams



Take Up Gardening

Set Your Goals

Test out your green thumbs and see if you can grow your favourite flowers or vegetables. Take pleasure in the quiet, methodical nature of gardening and nurture your love of the outdoors.

Give your summer some structure by using a calendar to record your weekly goals. They can be anything from starting a big project to simply enjoying some me time in the sun. Image credit: Paperchase

Image credit: House of Bath


Get Organised Get rid of the clutter and notice how tidiness can calm the mind. Try putting away items you hardly ever use, sorting loose items into storage boxes, and throwing out unnecessary things.

Image credit: Paperchase

Image credit: Marks and Spencer

7 Affirmations & Dreams Keep paper notes of the inspirational moments in your life, whether it’s something someone said that profoundly affected the way you live and think, or a TV advert that sparked an idea.

Start painting Take a painting class or try it at home. Have a go at making something beautiful and meaningful, and discover the joys of art and inspiration. Don’t worry, simply create.


Image credit: Argos Image credit: Paperchase

SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 23




mma Willis,

bespoke Jermyn Street shirt-maker, started her career selling menâ€&#x;s shirts to London traders. She went on to set up her own business and has since become a prominent name in an otherwise male-dominated industry. Now she sells luxury shirts all over the world and has made clothing for celebrities and royalty; in 2014 she was awarded an MBE for her services to entrepreneurship.

SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 25

SUMMER Edition 2016

This is a preview copy. To read the full version 108 pages Buy PDF £3.25 Here

Being Fearless

Images: M&Co

Being Fearless... “When

you're fearless, you take more risks because you're less conscious of failure or what can go wrong.� - Brett Ratner

Being Fearless: How to go against the grain Self Business is all about standing out, and in the rapidly moving modern world outside-the-box strategies could be the way forward for your business. We explore the advantages of going against the grain and how you can harness the power of original thinking. By Clare Diston Photographer: Alex Moldovan | Model: Jayanne Westerman


ow we do business is changing, largely due to the staggering progress of technology. According to Forbes Magazine, “it’s become clear that technology shifts can radically change time-honoured business principles.” Nowadays information is travelling faster so managers have to make quick decisions, and start-ups are benefiting from access to resources that can quickly catapult them into a global marketplace. All this means is that “we need to experiment more and plan less,” and in an atmosphere like this it’s often the radical thinkers who stand

the best chance of thriving. The science of psychology typically cites two main routes to success: conformity vs. originality. Conformity is tried and tested, it is doing what other people have done before to maintain the status quo and hopefully provide stability. But originality is about breaking the mould and trying something new, taking a risk that could lead to either failure or success. In the modern, competitive business world originality often wins the day, and there are plenty of recent examples of businesspeople daring to go against the grain, and succeeding. In 2009 The Atlantic released a list of ‘brave thinkers’, people who are changing the face of business with outside -the-box ideas. The list included Walter E. Hussman Jr., whose pay-for-access strategy has helped his online newspaper to thrive at a time when many major newspapers are still struggling. The history of business shows us often that fortune favours the brave. When Bill Gates dropped out of college to start Microsoft he wasn’t basing his decision on the

SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 33

appearances, or the aesthetic of Etsy, which champions the homemade over slick mass production. Looking at your industry in a new light can help your business float to the surface, rather than sink into obscurity.

state of the market at the time; instead he was predicting that personal computers would become big business, but there was no guarantee that he would be right. In his book Business @ the Speed of Thought, Gates writes, “At the time most people thought we would fail. To win big, sometimes you have to take big risks.” And it isn’t just men who are willing to take these entrepreneurial gambles. When she was 17 years old, Chinese-born Weili Dai moved to the USA, unable to speak any English. In 1995 she founded the semiconductor company Marvell in the face of financial risk and plenty of criticism. “When we had just started, people looked at the risk,” she says. “But whenever anyone shows me the risk, I ask them to flip the page and take a look at the other side – I read this as opportunity.” Dai is now the only female cofounder of a major semiconductor company, and under her

But where do you start with harnessing the power of original thinking? One way is to employ original thinkers. These people tend to be naturally curious – they want to find out how things work and why they work that way – and they can also be highly motivated and eloquent. Once you have these people on board, give them the space and the confidence to bring fresh ideas to the table. Many business owners believe that people come up with their best ideas in groups, but this can lead to people holding back for fear of looking silly or being dismissed. To combat this, make sure you have a system in place for individuals to bring their ideas to you outside of brainstorming sessions. You can also try to nurture original thought in yourself. First, try to be prolific – sheer statistics tell us that the more ideas you come up with, the more chance you have of hitting upon something novel and exciting. You can also play your own

Going against the grain can be an exciting and successful strategy for modern business leadership Marvell has become one of the world’s most prominent companies in its field. But it took Dai’s determination to push an idea that others couldn’t understand. So what advantages can going against the grain have for your business? One of the main upsides is that original ideas can make your business stand out from the crowd. Apply this idea to marketing, for example: back in the eighties Mars Incorporated was offered the chance to have their sweet product M&Ms appear in a new movie, Steven Spielberg’s E.T. They turned down the opportunity and Reese’s Pieces stepped in instead, catapulting them from relative obscurity into massive popularity. Although putting your sweets in an alien movie might not seem like the most business-savvy idea, throwing your audience a curveball like this can really get you noticed. Having an original approach to business can also give your brand a recognisable personality. Just think of Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign in the midst of an industry that is all about enhanced 34 Women in Trade SUMMER 2016

devil’s advocate; try to actively pick apart your own ideas, look frankly at the flaws, and then push yourself to come up with even more creative solutions. Once you have some ideas in front of you, it’s important to be able to recognise the good ones. Take each idea and consider whether it is solving a problem, whether people will pay for it, and whether you are able to test it out on an audience first. Ultimately the key to a good idea lies in the execution. If you can see a clear way to implement it then you might be onto something; don’t launch into something without knowing you have the ability or the resources to really make it work. It’s vital to have a clear vision – the aforementioned entrepreneurs might have taken risks, but they certainly didn’t do so blindly. Going against the grain can be an exciting and successful strategy for modern business, so be fearless and listen to leadership advisor Mike Myatt:

“Don’t copy, create. Don’t just play the game, change the game.”

Image: Next

Happy Fathers Day from

Images: The Fragrance Shop

Image credit : Marks and Spencer

Success rarely happens without failure, especially if you’re attempting to do something truly significant or important


abe Ruth once said, “It‟s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

Determination and persistence can make you a stronger person, so even when you feel like throwing in the towel, don‟t. There are so many reasons to never give up.


Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Setbacks are temporary:

When you’re facing them, your obstacles can feel like the biggest thing in the world, and you may not be able to see any way around them. But take a moment to think back on the challenges you’ve faced before and you’ll realise that you overcame them all – in fact, you may even struggle to remember problems that felt completely overwhelming at the time. This moment only feels like the worst because you’re living it right now. Give it some time, some distance and some work and it’ll seem far less scary than it did before.

Everybody fails: When you feel like you’re failing it’s easy to believe that nobody else can possibly understand what you’re going through. That simply isn’t true – everybody fails because nobody is perfect. And that’s fortunate, because you don’t have to be perfect to succeed; you only have to work hard. Basketball legend Michael Jordan agrees: “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” If the failure was not your fault, move on and do not blame yourself. If it was down to you, learn from what you did and do better next time.

You are enough: Often the biggest barrier to your own success is a lack of faith in yourself, so it’s crucial to realise that you already have everything you need to succeed. The strength you think you don’t have, the determination you thought was lost, the passion you’re sure must have died – it was all there in the first place and it hasn’t gone away. Chances are there are others in your life who see this and know that you can succeed, but the only way you can make use of these attributes is if you recognise they are there.

Never stop learning: Helen Keller said, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood,” and even in your darkest moment it’s always possible to learn something. Perhaps you will learn that you are stronger than you thought you were; maybe you will discover that you have been prioritising the wrong things; or perhaps you’ll find out that you can fight your way out of anything. Whatever lessons you take away from the experience, they are sure to make you a stronger person and help you to teach and inspire others too.

Nobody wants regrets: 90% of people say that they have a major regret about something in their lives, and for many of us the most powerful regret can be felt over missed opportunities. Whether they are about love or business, travel or family, regrets can pursue us for a very long time. Although giving up might seem like the easiest option now, further down the line that surrender could turn into a regret, especially if other people are encouraging you to give up. So take that opportunity, prove those people wrong and turn that struggle into a victory.

Success will be the sweeter: Success rarely happens without failure, especially if you’re attempting to do something truly significant or important, and that is part of the beauty of it. If what you are trying to achieve is easy then it would have been done before and achieving it would not feel like an accomplishment. It was Gandhi who said, “Satisfaction lies in the effort. Full effort is full victory.” So when you’re struggling, remember that when you finally reach your goal it will be that much more satisfying because you had to work so hard for it.

SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 39


phy by Joseph Sinclair

Surgery vs.

Self-acceptance: Alicia Douvall speaks up Self Model and TV star Alicia Douvall, best known for her appearances on Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island, talks to us about plastic surgery addiction, negative body image, and how women can support each other towards self-acceptance.

By Janet Kirlew and Clare Diston Photography (left) by Joseph Sinclair | Model: Alicia Douvall


licia Douvall had her first plastic surgery procedure at the tender age of seventeen, and within the next seven years she had three breast augmentations and two nose operations. Now in her mid-thirties, after undergoing more than 350 cosmetic operations all over her body and racking up a total bill of around £1 million, Alicia has finally called a stop to her surgery addiction. “I know first-hand

the implications of plastic surgery,” she says, “and that isn't a road I would wish my worst enemy to go down.” Speaking about her first procedure, which she was able to have done because she lied about her age, Alicia says that she would like to “slap the surgeon around the face” and tell her younger self not to get the surgery. That first procedure led to many more, and Alicia likens it to “a train you get on that just keeps going and going.” Always believing that the next surgery would fix everything, it eventually got to the point that Alicia was having one operation every week, and she could not make herself stop even when her daughter begged her to. Now, looking back, Alicia is shocked that none of her surgeons tried to stop her. “I was unwell, addicted to surgery,” she says. “I think the doctors just wanted my money.” The roots of Alicia’s surgery addiction could be traced back to her childhood, when her father, a self-made millionaire, told her repeatedly that she was ugly.

SUMMER 2016 Women in Trade 41

SUMMER Edition 2016

This is a preview copy. To read the full version 108 pages Buy PDF £3.25 Here

Being Fearless

Being fearless... “It's not necessarily interesting to play a strong, fearless woman. It's interesting to play a woman who is terrified and then overcomes that fear. It's about the journey. Courage is not the absence of fear, it's overcoming it.�

- Natalie Dormer

Image: M&Co

PREVIEW COPY (c)Women in Trade Magazine | N0.10 Summer Edition 2016 | Being Fearless  

This edition of Women in Trade is dedicated to fearlessness: finding it, keeping it and using it to help you flourish. The feature story in...

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