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This month we celebrate WOMEN in‌ Kinesiology, Health & Fitness, Fashion, Business. Designers in Clothing, Wallcoverings, Floral Home Accessories, Hats, Luxury Scarves. Electricians, Plumbers, Construction, Coaching & Healing.

This is how we do things at Women in Trade Magazine!

MEET OUR CO ROBIN HALLETT (USA) Her mission is to help people rock their lives like they really mean it. For the past 13 years, she’s been helping people all over the world to liberate obstacles and heal the wounds that bind. Her approach is straight to the heart with kindness and compassion. Her friends call her a bad-ass truth teller but say she’ll ride in on her unicorn and slay those demons with hugs. To book a session with Robin or find out more about her work, please visit

For smart inventive women Editor in Chief/Founder Janet Kirlew Wellbeing and Beauty Editor Elizabeth Rae Advertising Manager Primrose Archer © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This magazine may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publishers. Materials submitted for publication are sent at the owner’s risk and do not reflect the opinion of this publication. Any views expressed within the publication by individual authors are not necessarily the views of the publisher. Whilst care has been taken to ensure that articles published and the content of advertising are accurate, neither Women in Trade Magazine nor its agents accept any liability for loss or damage. Although Women in Trade Magazine has endeavoured to ensure that all information inside the magazine is correct, details and prices may be subject to change.

- Intuitive Healer & Artist Sam Bearfoot (UK) After spending a number of years suffering from a vast array of illness and discomfort, Sam discovered Kinesiology. More than 10 years on she has since trained in this therapy, founded Body Sync in 2010, and has successfully positioned herself as the go-to Expert for Low Energy and Digestive Wellness. Sam has helped hundreds of people with their health issues and continues to do so using various natural and alternative means. She's also a keen health writer and regularly contributes to various publications that have recently included Health & Fitness, Daily Mirror and Cosmopolitan. To find out more visit:

- Kinesiology Specialist JENNI HULBURT (USA) is a Health & Fitness Coach, and author of The Dirt Detox: a 21-day holistic guide to getting dirty for your health. Through her blog posts and videos, she is leading the Nature Fed Wellness Movement, with the goal of inspiring people to live healthy and adventurous lives. She believes in the healing power of nature, moving your body, and living your dreams. Her motto: Move your body – change your life! To find out more, please visit If you don’t feel like moving, you will after reading her column!

- Health & Fitness Coach


At Women in Trade Magazine we are very proud of our contributors the best women who are at the top of their game. We are always look readers in a future issue, please do get in touch: yourstory@womeni

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


is a qualified Career Coach, and the co-founder of CareerTree, an organisation which works with people who want to make positive changes to their working lives. She loves what she does, and wants to help her clients find work that they love, too. CareerTree offers individual coaching programmes and workshops. To find out more or to book a session with Sarah, visit

- Career Coach -

MELISSA WOOD (UK) co-ordinates the Women in Construction (WiC) Wales network, part of the Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) project. Having recently completed her MSc in Equality & Diversity at Cardiff University, she is passionate about gender equality and is keen to raise people’s awareness of the issues in the UK. Find out more about the WAVE project at

- WiC Wales Co-ordinator -

The FIRST Tradeswomen-focused


an 18 year old fashion journalist who aims to change the fashion industry for the better one article at a time. Currently studying her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at London College of Communication, Ruby enjoys learning the creative aspect to her chosen industry alongside freelance writing for Women in Trade, and her own blog Her favourite past times include reading anything and everything that helps her to learn and expand her knowledge and perfecting her own writing technique.

in the UK

- Fashion Journalist -

s and regard them as experts in their field. We take pride in selecting king for contributors, so if you would like to share something with our Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Electric UK, as well as talking about how Women in Trade rocked London Fashion Week!

Editor’s letter If you believe in your vision, success will come and doors will naturally open.


fter the success with our Premiere Winter Edition 2013/14, we are excited about the release of our first Spring Edition.


For me, it has been truly inspirational to talk to all of the wonderful women featured in the magazine, and I feel that we really do get a very strong message across that the success of women in trade and business deserves to be encouraged and celebrated. It has been an eye-opening experience to hear of some of the difficulties that our featured

women have overcome in order to reach their full potential, and I am sure that we will continue to hear exciting things about them in the future.

Twitter is a powerful tool It is also important never to underestimate the power of technology. Twitter, in particular, has been an absolute lifeline to me through this whole journey. Without it, I would never have known about many of the women who we have chosen to feature – and I would never have been able to walk down that famous London Fashion Week red carpet – but more on that later! Enjoy! See you in the Summer!

Janet x Janet Kirlew, Founder & Editor in Chief Contact me at: Follow me @womenintradeuk



The Spring Edition features our cover star, former 10 Years Younger TV host, Nicky Hambleton-Jones who talks about feeling good about yourself and following your true passion. Other notable features are Robyn Coles Millinery and our very first Tradeswoman of the Month winner, Karen Boom of She’s

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women



26 The Neverest Girls Women who love to run, supporting women with breast cancer. “There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes”.

32 Female Firsts Celebrate Women in History : British adventurer, Sarah

Nicky Hambleton - Jones


Outen aims to travel around the entire planet in a kayak.

36 Inspiration | Girl Power : A story of courage. Robyn Coles, a milliner from Cardiff talks to Janet Kirlew about her journey to the top.

60 SPOTLIGHT : On the pink carpet

Changing the world of wiring.

72 ON THE COVER : Former 10 Years Younger host, Nicky Hambleton-Jones tells Janet Kirlew how important it is to follow your true passion.

79 British Female Designers Rock Featuring brands: Bluebellgray and Orwell + Austen PLUS, why our British designers rock.

104 The Inspirational Women Gallery : Featuring 4 women who overcame obstacles to build successful businesses.

108 Feeling Good at Work : Is your career confidence increasing or decreasing? by Sarah Archer

Features 10 On the Red Carpet at London Fashion Week : Fabryan London, The Woman Behind the

Wellbeing | Life

Dresses. Our Editor in Chief, walked the walk on the red carpet!

94 Irritable Bowel

18 The Psychology of Socks

“if you find what is irritating your bowel, you will no longer have the syndrome”.

Do they make or break an outfit?



Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


99 It’s time to clear out the old

Spring Edition 2014 Style Issue | Feeling Good

and bring in the new! Spring into Spring is a 21 day journey guide designed to detox your life, introducing a new way of living.

116 Greeting the dragons on your path to success “make peace with your dragons, learn their secret”.

Trade News | Women in Manual Trades 48 Melissa Wood from WiC Wales on supporting women in employment.

50 Spot the trade : Can you spot the electrician?

54 COMPETITION WINNERS! Tradeswoman of the Month winner, Karen Boom owner of She’s Electric UK. “outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens”.

In Every Issue : 7 Editor’s Letter 22 At my desk : Preparing for greatness. “I struggle because I am a successful woman”.



NEW : DIRECTORY Get listed and noticed in our directory for tradeswomen and female owned businesses in the UK on Page 122.


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


On the red carpet : London Fashion W

- Fabryan London La Femm

Week at The Strand Gallery, London

me Fatale Collection AW14 -

The Woman behind the dresses



If you were looking fo February, then Londo place to find it. Surrou including guest speak chief, Janet Kirlew, th Gallery were enough achievement.

At the centre of the b wear and accessories work played a major p Tatler, we caught up

The start of something b

Growing up, Samantha-J business was something it would be. It’s incredibl can say that about their benefited from a mento money was often wasted enjoying her success.

Motivation & Inspiration

Samantha-Jane finds mo meets. In line with the e Wolf London, takes its in Hathor.

Motivation is gained via yourself.� Although she a never bored, and that th




or an empowering and inspirational experience in on Fashion Week would have been the perfect unded by strong, motivational women, and kers to aspire to including our very own editor-inhe atmosphere and buzz surrounding the Strand to feed any woman’s passion for success and

“it’s important to

love what you do.”

buzz was Samantha-Jane, designer for women’s brand Fabryan. Launched in 2010, the brand has grown, and Samantha-Jane’s passion for her part. After a hectic few years, including being featured in publications such as Vogue and with Samantha-Jane to talk to her about the woman behind the dresses.


Jane’s mother was a dressmaker, and this had an impact on her own creativity. The chance to start her own g that she jumped at, but she admits that she went into it with her eyes closed. “I didn’t know how difficult ly competitive and I have no prior experience. But, I’m glad I did it. I have the passion, and not many people job.” Samantha-Jane feels that, though her journey has resulted in ultimate success, she could have r at the beginning. She experienced a number of problems due to being new in the industry, and found that d. But, through hard work, dedication and determination, Samantha-Jane found her niche and is now


otivation from almost everything around her, from nature to buildings, art, and even the people that she eclectic inspiration, Fabryan’s latest jewellery collection, a collaboration with luxury women’s cufflink brand nspiration from mythical goddesses, with four luxury cufflinks presented as Freya, Persephone, Vivian and

inspirational quotes, and Samantha-Jane’s favourite is “every day is an opportunity to be a better version of admits that her work evokes a wide range of emotions, she enthuses about her job, and says that she is he emotions, no matter which end of the spectrum they may be, keep her going.

The Lady Behind the Dresses | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE The woman behind the dresses In spite of her incredible success in the world of fashion, Samantha-Jane says that her daughter has enriched her life more than anything else. “Having a child is the best thing that has ever happened to me, it’s such a blessing,” she tells us. She gets a great sense of satisfaction from helping people, and this shines through in her work with the Children of Haggai Foundation. “Education is the best gift you can give to a child,” she explains, “and Fabryan therefore sponsors less fortunate orphans in order to help them to receive an education in Nigeria.” Although enjoying more success than most of us ever dream of, Samantha-Jane still enjoys typical pleasures. “I love Eggs Benedict, Green Tea, and Ormonde Jayne Parfum,” she smiles. “Oh, and I’m addicted to my iPhone! I’ve started responding to emails in the middle of the night, sometimes while I’m actually still asleep!” Looking to a bright future In 2014, Samantha-Jane hopes to further build Fabryan’s brand reputation. With more motivation than ever before, she is optimistic about the year ahead. Her best advice to those wishing to follow her footsteps in the industry is simple, yet inspirational. “Work hard. Even when you face challenges, just keep going. And smile; it’s important to love what you do.”


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | The Lady Behind the Dresses

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Embracing all obstacles and n 104


36 54

Spring Editi

Style Issue | F

79 54


“whatever the mind can conceive and believe,

never giving up. If they can do it, so can you! 79

79 79


on 2014

Feeling Good

79 60

, it can achieve� - Napoleon Hill


The Psychology of Socks | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE

The Psychology of Socks

When it come way that thin would think a by Ruby Abbiss However, the you think. Yo same way ag


f you were being interviewed by a Fashion Journalist, you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to ask you w care about them. Bizarre, I know, to be talking about something we usually put on in the morning witho shoes from smelling. But to me, and to many other people, socks are so much more than that. Not only fashion enthusiast, but from what I have found in my research, the socks you wear can actually say a lot

Socks, to me, can mean the difference between a good outfit and a brilliant outfit. Socks enhance what y addition, wearing something that is soft and of a good quality that I have consciously chosen for my feet me to feel better about myself and my day. I know that my whole body deserves the best quality I can afford to giv odd socks. Personally, balance and symmetry is a big thing for me in an outfit, and this being thrown off by a pair o something that I do not find easy. But you could argue that people who wear odd socks are specifically trying to ge against calm in an attempt to go against what they could view as conforming. I’m sure we are all agreed that the m way or another, but what isn’t agreed on is their importance to the overall appearance of an outfit; whether they r a person’s taste in socks or whether, honestly, they care or even think about socks at all. So with this thought, I un to gather more information and further prove my point: that socks are smashing. 18

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | The Psychology of Socks What is your name, where are you from, and what do you do? L: Louis Marks from Melbourne, Australia, but living in London. I study Foundation Art at UAL. Going onto BA Advertising later this year. E: Eli Gaventa, London, Photographer N: Naomi Blair Gould. UK/Belgium. Photography student. C: Claudia Jonas, Stockholm, Sweden. I study music at the Royal College here.

Do you believe socks can improve an outfit? L: Yes most definitely, but more importantly, bad ones can completely ruin everything.

es to the workings of our mind, and the ngs make us feel, the last thing that we about considering are our socks. ey may be much more important than ou may never look at your socks in the ain!

why you wear socks, how you feel about socks and, frankly, if you out thinking just for the point of warming our feet or keeping our y is a well-chosen pair of socks paramount in an outfit if you are a t about who you are: even if you think otherwise.

you are wearing through good quality and an eye for styling. In t, which is something that will be hidden from most people, helps ve it. However, I also have an aversion to a certain type of socks: of socks that mismatch, whether purposefully or otherwise, is et away from the sense of matching, and instead want to rebel main function of a pair of socks is to protect your feet in some reflect the person’s personality in any way, whether it just shows ndertook a small Q&A with a range of happy interviewees in order

E: I think a good pair of socks can improve an outfit. They can accent or contrast whatever it is I am already wearing. They can contribute that pizzazz to my otherwise drab wardrobe. A lot of the time my choice of socks is more functional, but if I am ever wearing a suit or a pair of shorts, then that stripy, flashy pair of colourful socks can allow me to add some individuality into my ‘outfits’. (Those stripy socks are more for the suit than the shorts, though!) N: Wouldn’t say “improve” but I feel uncomfortable if they’re mismatching. C: No, but I think that they can ruin one. You have to choose the right socks, discrete is good or hidden fun ones for your own sake.

Why do you wear socks? L: I suppose because it’s kind of “what you do” in a way, also because they’re comfortable and keep me warm in the winter.

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


The Psychology of Socks | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE

E: I wear socks because otherwise my feet get cold. N: I like keeping my feet snug and I suppose they’re kind of attractive. C: So that my feet are not directly in shoes and to keep them warm, too.

What is your favourite pair of socks? L: I have some navy blue ones with white polka dots that I try to wear whenever they’re clean. I feel like they do enough without going over the top. E: A light blue pair of boot socks; thick and warm with an authentic ‘hiker’ feel. N: I almost only do black socks, but my leopard prints are my all time favourites. C: It’s so boring, but I like black almost see through ones. ‘Cos they look good if I ever have to take my shoes off somewhere, and they’re also comfortable.

Do you care about socks? L: Yes, but I’d also say they’re my least important garment. E: I guess I do. Certainly more than I thought I did before this interview. N: Wouldn’t say care, but they’re a good way to start off a day. C: Yes I do, because I use them. I also notice what stock choices people make and judge their taste on those choices. So there we have it! Four completely different people, from different parts of the world, who all have different views on what they put on their feet according to their personality, preferences and lifestyle. What have I learnt? That perhaps I am not so weird in my love for socks, and that I have the ability to make everybody else aware of what they are putting on their feet!


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Signed, Janet Kirlew, Editor in Chief

London Fashion week was fabulous

At My


Illustration Tez Lywood

et st g u M hair my e do n

Preparing for GREATNESS



ground in the women that I spoke to, they all struggled and by pushing through those struggles, here they are today, in our Spring edition, encouraging other women to never give up.

Struggle is not a bad thing, it helps us to improve so we can move forward live in although, these two things do have an affect on our lives and the decisions we make. I noticed a common

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women



or this issue, I had the opportunity to get a real insight into the lives of those that I had the pleasure of interviewing. I had a bit of a light bulb experience. I realised that being successful is simply down to never giving up on your dream. It is not necessarily how you were brought up or the area you

Struggle is not a bad thing; it helps us to improve so we can move forward. For example, I was filing my

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | At My Desk nails today and the more I gently brushed the filer left to right across my nail, it started to take a nice clean cut shape. I continued until I got it to the shape I wanted it to be. I was in control of the beginning and end result. The quality of the filer determined the finish. I started to think about what happens to us when we struggle. It rubs until certain things are released from our lives then the real you begins to take shape. You begin to feel great and more comfortable in your own skin. You look in the mirror and realise you have gorgeous skin and you look at others who are about the same age as you who look 20 years older than you. It can make you cry, feel frustrated, feel stuck at times but if you relax and allow it to do its work, you will look as pretty and shiny as my nails do right now. o, thanks to all the women this month who taught me that when I struggle, it is not personal, someone is not pointing their finger at me from the sky. I struggle because I am a successful woman going on to do even greater things. I am proud to bear the marks of my filers over the years although, some places are still a little tender but, nothing can give you the energy, joy, healing and peace that I feel right now in my life.


My Top 3 Tips 

When you feel discomfort, relax into it.

Watch inspirational videos on YouTube daily.

Think positive thoughts and remember that it will pass.

See you in the Summer! Janet x

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Never give up believing in your dream


I have the power to be whoever I want to be, I am in control, I am successful... oh bugger! the dinners on fire! oh well, surely all is well‌ OMMM

She comin or wa Need dia

Someone find me a plumber !

to words 1,000 n I am go the MM OM done..


e‟s electric is ng at 3 o‟clock as it 2 o‟clock? d to check my ary...OMMM

Wouldn't it nice to fi be nd a female plumber


All e n Wha ds well! t lose? have I go t to N o t absol h utely ing, nothi ng… .OM MM

Love wha tI Love wha do, tI Love wha do, tI do...OMM M

Women Who love

to RUN

“there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.� - Nikki Barnard

THE NEVEREST GIRLS by Janet Kirlew Running a marathon is a popular life goal for many people – but unfortunately, due to the fitness levels, stamina and dedication that are needed to achieve this, relatively few actually manage to complete a race. Imagine running a marathon, and then think about what it might be like to run it on a course at the top of Mount Everest. A crazy task by anyone’s standards – yet that’s exactly what the brave and inspiring Neverest Girls will be doing in May of this year in aid of their chosen charity, A Chacun son Everest. We got the chance to chat to Nikki Barnard and Sam Brooks about their upcoming challenge. After logging onto Facebook and seeing an event where a group would try to complete a marathon at the top of Mount Everest in aid of the charity A Chacun son Everest, a charity dedicated to support women who are fighting breast cancer, Nikki simply knew that it was something that they had to get involved with. “I love big challenges, and it seems like I’m not the only one. When I mentioned it to the girls, the suggestion was met with a lot of support,” she tells us. The charity was founded by Dr Christine Janin, a woman who is an absolute inspiration to both girls. Not only was she the first French woman to climb Everest, but she was also the first woman in the world to reach the North Pole without dogs or mechanical aids. The group of girls aim to raise an astonishing €20,000 for the charity, which will be enough to support one woman at the charity for each girl that runs. “They’re completely supported by charitable donations,” say the girls, “so every single euro that we raise is vital for the work that they do.” For both Nikki and Sam, running has been something that they have done since being young. However unlike Sam, who joined her father training for marathons as a child, long distance running was more of an unknown entity for Nikki, as she was more interested in sprinting when at school. After getting involved with long distance trail running, The Neverest Girls were born. “Nikki’s friend John Roberts, Mr Ironman, came up with the name,” Sam explains, “and it describes us perfectly. Although we do have to rest as part of our hectic schedule, we definitely prefer to be on the move.” When asked about the nature of the group, both girls were enthusiastic. “Anyone can join, as long as they’re enthusiastic and able to work hard. It also helps if you can laugh at yourself, but mostly you have to love working as a team.”

say that this type of thing is matter,” Nikki says. “We’re w and have spent a lot of time together, and we just have t we’ve covered everything th

“you may think that the other side, but if you tak own grass, it would be ju

Conversation soon moved to the girls’ upcoming challenge on May 29th of this year – the Everest Marathon. The girls understand that this is more than physical fitness, and that mental preparation is important, too. “You often hear people


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

happen!”. Despite the years training, and the high levels fitness for each of the girls, t not been without struggles. last year with Pneumonia, an was going to pull through,” S look back at those times and how far I’ve come.”

mind over well prepared, training to hope that hat could

“It‟s amazing to feel so free”

The girls both know just how impressive their journeys have been, and they have every right to be proud. Nikki tells us, “Making a video with Kilian Jornet, the ultra-running superstar, was a huge deal for us. It’s

e grass is greener on the ke the time to water your ust as green.”

s dedicated to of personal the journey has “I was really ill nd wasn’t sure I Sam tells us. “I d realise just

amazing to know that there’s somebody like that supporting us all the way. We have also received an astonishing amount of support from our friends and family, too, and it’s all been more than I had ever expected.” When asked whether they could offer some advice to others wanting to undertake similar

challenges, both girls were certain that it is something that anybody could achieve. “Seriously, anybody can do it. Just start small and gradually build up your training. You may even find that it’s helpful to join a running group to keep you motivated. The effort is worth it, and you will be running properly before you know it.” Clearly, Sam and Nikki are two inspirational women who will succeed in many, many challenges in the future. Sam believes that anybody can achieve anything, summing this thought up in the quote “there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” Similarly, Nikki believes that you have to make the most of what you’ve got, advising us that “you may think that the grass is greener on the other side, but if you take the time to water your own grass, it would be just as green.”

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Nikki Barnard, Founder

Not many people know: I’m a pretty kick-ass chess player. The Neverest Girl most likely to: Wear a lot of blue.

Loves cooking

Kick ass chess player

A South west girl at heart! My love for the hills came about from the family walking holidays back when I was a kid (thanks Pops!). Now, I’m tied to a desk for most of the week with my job (I like to think of it as enforced rest). When I’m not "resting" I love getting up and getting out onto the trails with the girls. The Neverest girls is a project that started with a simple question ‘Why not?’ I hope that we inspire people out there to believe that if you want something- no matter how big or crazy - go for it, why not?

Helen Stow

The Neverest Girl most likely to: Be f way!

Not many people know: That I’m a p

I can play the tuba

Growing up, my childhood was spent running wild in the countryside and marathon training with my dad. Now I'm an accountant who uses running as a way to escape the treadmill of work. I love the freedom of running in the mountains, exploring new places and forging great friendships. Not many people know: I can play the tuba and love a bit of panto.

IT Project Manager

I am a super keen sports woman, I will try my hand at anything; but running is the one thing I can do anywhere in the world- all I need is my trainers! I have recently moved to the mountains and trail running has become a great passion. Snow or shine, the views and most importantly the feeling of freedom is amazing.

My me time

Sam Brooks, Founder

The Neverest Girl most likely to: Listen to Thrash Metal on my iPod.

Steph Lightfoot

Not many people know that: I swam 5000 metres on my fourth birthday.

Andrea Mason


Supportin with brea

The Neverest girl that is most likely to: Lose her head if it isn't permanently screwed on!!

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Not many people know: I can't sing banned from singing at school, aged

The Neverest Girl most likely to: Sne

I love a challenge and The Everest Marathon is by far the biggest I've taken on yet!

found causing mischief…but in a friendly

pretty good cook! Watch out Delia!

Ever since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with adventures and mountains and read every book there was on the heroes of Alpinism. Living in Chamonix gives me the closeness to nature that I need, and I never get tired of the view of the mountains here! When I first started trail running, I felt heavy and exhausted. Sofia Soffinof But, as running gets easier, that feeling of freedom sets in, and THAT is unbeatable! Running with the Neverest girls is adding a lot to my life: Friendship, adventure, excitement, motivation and more!

Loves odd socks

My passion for winter sports brought me to my new spectacular home in the French Alps. Running in the mountains is so easily accessible. It gives me my fresh air fix, my exercise and some social time with the girls. It’s pure escapism from everyday life.

Not many people know: I always wear odd socks. It just happens that way. The Neverest Girl most likely to: Cry with happiness at the finish line.

Running in the mountains is without doubt one of my favourite things in the world ... the freedom, the views, the being connected with nature and with my body. Running is my 'me time' - an escape from office work and life. The Everest Marathon has been on my to do list for years and now with the added bonus of helping raise money for such a fantastic local charity, it's become this amazing project. I'm very proud to be a Neverest girl!

g. As in really, really can't sing. As in d 8.

Originally from Liverpool, trails and mountains are not what I grew up with and I was never what you would call sporty - always last over the finishing line and first to drop the ball. Moving to Chamonix in 2007 changed all that and now I really enjoy any sport that doesn't involve a whistle or coloured bibs. Running with The Neverest Girls has given me heaps of Alison Shayler confidence and pushed me to do more than I thought possible – which is why I have somehow found myself training for a marathon at +5000m…

Loves karate

ng WOMEN ast cancer

Not many people know: That I have a brown belt in karate. The Neverest Girl most likely to: Fall into a ditch/trip over my poles/ run into a tree.

eak mascara into my packing.

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Female firsts

Sara com

Sarah Outen


hroughout the course of history, there has been a long line of strong and inspirational women changing the way that the world views them. Successfully, they have challenged numerous stereotypes, putting the achievements of women on the map just as much as the achievements of their male counterparts. Without these women, the female population may still not have a voice – so it is important that they are celebrated. In our “Women in History Female Firsts� feature, we take a look at examples of ladies who have truly defined what it means to be female.

Celebrating and remembering WOMEN in history 32

Photo Credit James Sebright

British adventurer


arah Outen has alway achievements include b Japan to Alaska, which Although this took her this was not the first tim

In 2009, at the tender a person to row solo across the Indian O records, they are about the adventure, t experiences with. These are the things Sarah is half way through a round the w in a kayak. Although not set to comple reading stories of her success in the ne woman that she is.

Wishing you all the best for the future. I hope different.

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | Female firsts - British adventurer, Sarah Outen

ah arriving in Adak having mpleted her Japan to Alaska row

ys enjoyed a challenge, and her many becoming the first person to row solo from h is a journey of over 4000 miles. over 150 days from start to finish, she never gave up. However, me that the British adventurer had made it into the record books.

age of 24, Sarah became both the first woman and the youngest Ocean. But for Sarah, her expeditions are not about the setting of the nature all around her and the people she shares her s that truly spur her on and keep her going during her challenges. world challenge, where she aims to travel around the entire planet ete her journey until 2015, it seems almost certain that we will be ar future thanks to the brave, inspirational and record breaking

that many other women will be inspired by your story and try something @SarahOuten Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women





Hope & Inspiration

Fashion Accessories Inspiration | Girl Power : Robyn Coles Luxury Millinery made in Wales

Successful Entrepreneur & Business Woman

ROBYN COLES MILLINERY Photographer - Sophie Pycroft / Make up artist - Anna Coleman Hair stylist - Jodie Austen / Model - Victoria Coutts


The journey to the top Prior to becoming a milliner, Robyn was a fashion buyer for world famous brands such as Armani, and also worked for shops like Liberty and Brown. Although she was familiar with the industry, she only considered designing her own pieces after a redundancy, when she grabbed the opportunity to retrain. “I started again from scratch,” she told us, “there is something very primal about making something with your own hands, and something very indulgent about making something beautifully luxurious!”.

Girl power: Robyn Coles by Janet Kirlew


fter making the life-changing decision to move from London to Cardiff in 2010, Robyn Coles has seen her business grow from strength to strength. Now available only by appointment thanks to her increasing workload and dedication to the success of her business, Robyn runs a showroom in Cardiff that boasts handmade items from her collections as well as examples of bespoke works.


When asked how she picked herself up after being made redundant, she replied, “it was heartbreaking, because I loved my job and just wasn’t expecting it. But you have to keep trying; you have to see the best in the situation. I was able to bring my passion for hat making into reality because of this.” She pins the root of that passion on visits to her local department store with her mother as a child. She would insist on being allowed to remain in the hat department to try on everything within her reach, and always knew that she was more passionate about accessories than the main outfit. “To make something that goes on ones head is very intimate,” she muses. “It’s the first thing you notice about a person when you look to their face.” However, starting out in the world of business was no easy feat. Although passionate about the fashion side of the business, Robyn struggled with the financial aspects including tax and payroll issues – something that many are clueless about when working for a company that deals with

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

“you have to keep trying�

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


An Interview with Robyn Coles | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE

“never taking no for an answer got great results”

everything for them. She admits that there were several times when things didn’t go her own way, making her change her direction slightly.

“You just have to roll with the punches whatever is around the corner, good or bad. I just try to be fairly stoic and philosophical about it – I make pretty hats, I don’t save lives, but if somebody can get a good feeling from what I do then that’s great.” Robyn gave it her all, despite the struggles, and found that never taking no for an answer got great results. Since starting her business, Robyn has accomplished incredible things After proving to the industry that she meant business, Robyn continued to achieve. From what had been a tiny idea in her own mind, Robyn built a brand that was so successful that she was able to take it to London Fashion Week and Paris before then deciding that she would open her own shop. Robyn has also gained herself a plethora of celebrity, and royal enthusiasts. “We don’t talk specifically about any private clients, but it’s great to see our younger royals supporting British designers and smaller companies,” Robyn explained. However, despite her massive success, she has always managed to stay grounded, saying that no matter what else is going on in the world of fashion, nothing is better than receiving an email from a happy client. “Imagine it – I’m down, it’s 4 in the morning and I’m


struggling with my accounts. Then I get a heartfelt thank you from a customer; it’s just priceless.” Her inspiration When designing her pieces, Robyn always looks to the things that she loves. She is constantly inspired by her everyday surroundings, and says that her love of flowers inspired her SS13 Floral Garden Collection. When describing her collection, she said “I wanted to keep the collection very fresh and simple but also elegant, and different to what was already out there.” As well as her surroundings, she also looks up to other fashion designers such as Stella McCartney and enjoys reading about the stories of other women on a similar journey. Robyn also likes to see the way that her pieces can adapt to look great on different people. “The giant leaf we did was a great example of adaptability – one week we had a lady wearing it to her daughter’s wedding, and the next there was a teenage girl who wanted one to go to a festival!” Her advice: think, relax, and stay positive! Robyn is the first to admit that her choice of business isn’t for everyone – working for yourself can be tough, and it’s a long slog to get yourself started. However,

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | Inspiration | Girl Power

if you decide to go for it, she has great advice. “You will work harder than you have ever worked before, but they do say that if you love what you do, you’ll never truly work a day in your life!”

Robyn’s Top 5 Tips

1) Be serious and ho nest with yourself about your business and your own personalit Staying relaxed when possible is important y. You cannot go into runn ing a business halfwhen dealing with the stresses of the heartedly. business world, however this has also been a 2) Be realistic abou struggle. “I have to force myself to take at t your achievemen ts and desires; it’s great to least one day off a week,” she admits. “I have dreams, but th ey have don’t feel guilty if I decide to meet a friend to be viable. for a long lunch in the middle of the week, 3) The first two year s will be tougher th and I do try to switch off when I am with an you thought, and you m ay very well see no money. I other people. You have to relax, you have to thought I would be different – appare ntly many do something to take your mind away from do – but I was wron g. work.” 4) Go easy on your self. Running your own business is draining physically, emotion Positivity is key, and in Robyn’s eyes, all y and financially, so if yo u do decide to have nothing is better than a big dose of reality. a blo w out with friends on e night it is probab Although she wants to do as much as ly just what you need. possible, being realistic about what you 5) Stick to your guns can achieve is key or, if you are not – if your vision is so clear th en don’t dilute it, do convinced, this advice may appeal: n’t compromise, an d just keep going. I alway s think of my favour ite quote here, which is from my late father: “nev “If being positive doesn’t work, wine er let the bastards grind you down.” always helps!”

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women m


An Interview with Robyn Coles | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | Inspiration | Girl Power

“to make something that goes on ones head is very intimate”

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Did you know? History of hats / hat making by Gemma Rowlands


he history of hats spans almost as far back as our knowledge of civilisation. In fact, the very first hat known to human beings was depicted in a tomb painting at Thebes, which would have been completed many centuries before the year 0. It is thought, however, that human beings would have discovered the benefits of covering their heads long before this, and would most likely have used animal skins for the purpose. For women, the concept of being covered when out of their home was something that preceded fashionable headwear by some years, and it was not until the late seventeenth century that women‟s hats emerged in their own right as a fashion statement rather than as a result of their gender – before this, there was no differentiation between male and female headwear, with items being designed with men in mind. Although somewhat before the emergence of fashionable headwear for women, the trade was assigned its own name in 1529: millinery. It is thought that this is in reference to the fact that many of the materials that made hats at that point, including things such as straw and ribbons, originated in Milan. Going forward into the nineteenth century, the bonnet had taken the world by storm; particularly because the design meant that there was a lot of scope to add decorations in order to make your hat completely unique to you. This trend of personalisation was set to continue until the nineteen fifties, when the latest trend, involving clothes that were manufactured on a larger scale rather than being bespoke items, threatened to put even the finest of milliners out of business. Despite the dip in the industry, key figures, most notably Diana, Princess of Wales, used their status in society to subtly promote the trade to the extent that milliners were able to revive their businesses. Although women no longer use hats to show their status, they now choose to use them as a statement of their own style and fashions, and that trend looks likely to grow.

“as mad as a hatter” The term “as mad as a hatter” dates back as far as the eighteenth century, when mercury was commonly used in felt factories. The workers of the factories often developed dementia in their later years due to their regular exposure to the element, and thus the phrase was born. Today, there is a greater understanding of the risks, and workers can be protected much more effectively. 44

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Don’t worry about it any longer, focus on what is feeling good right now. Allow that feeling to grow on the inside, it will heal you

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Maybe it is time to let go?

She’s Electric UK, ELECCHICKS, spot the electrician The Plumbher, BUMPSTERS women in Construction (WiC) TRADESWOMAN OF THE MONTH

Pink Carpet Spotlight, NEWS

Women Adding Value to the Economy by Melissa Wood Melissa Wood is passionate about supporting women who are in employment, to encourage them to reach their full potential and ensure that they get their fair share of opportunities. Her aim is to question gender pay inequalities.


ven now, in the 21st century, the UK labour market is very segregated. Men and women work in different jobs. Construction, engineering and technology roles remain, for the most part, male dominated, whilst women work in more caring and nurturing roles; roles that women are seen to be perhaps ‘naturally’ better at. The problem is that ‘women’s work’ is undervalued and, in turn, underpaid. This is one of the lead causes of the gender pay gap. Women are also still seen as the primary carers for children. Despite reports that men would very much like a more active role in bringing up their children, flexible working is still predominantly a woman’s domain. In Wales, women take up 80% of all part time jobs while men are in 64% of full time jobs (source Annual Population Survey 2004-2010). Well paid, part time jobs are very difficult to obtain, so most of these part time roles remain in caring, catering, clerical, customer service and cleaning, which are mostly lower paid. Opportunities for training and career progression

within these sectors are often more limited. Overall, the gender pay gap stands at around 15%. On average, for every £1 that men earn, women earn just 85p. According to the Fawcett Society, 7th November is

“training and career p often more lim the day of the year that women effectively stop earning money. This adds up to a lot of money over a lifetime, impacting not only women themselves but also women-led families. It stops women from achieving their full potential in employment and self-employment, and limits how much they could potentially contribute to the

economy. This is, however, only part of the picture. When comparing women’s part time hourly wages with men’s full time wages, the gap grows up to an average of 35%. The gap is caused by a number of factors. Occupational segregation, the ‘motherhood’ penalty and old-fashioned discrimination all play a part. So, what can be done about it?


omen Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) is a threeyear project designed to address the underlying issues that contribute to gender pay inequalities in Wales. Supported by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government, the WAVE project has been developed to address workplace and labour market practices, which combine to create gender pay disparities in employment and selfemployment.

progression are mited”

Women in Construction (WiC) Wales is an innovative online and face to face network aimed at supporting employed women and apprentices working in the manual trades, construction and built environment in the Convergence areas of Wales. The network offers eligible participants opportunities for training and development, access to mentors and role models, as well as an online meeting place and forum. The network holds events across Wales to create valuable business contacts and encourage job

progression. WiC Wales also aims to link with employers and training providers to work in a partnership approach in order to encourage and inspire more women into the sector. A recent report from CITB states that more than 182,000 jobs will be created in construction over the next five years, yet women remain vastly under-represented in the sector. According to the 2011 census, out of 650,000 working women in Wales, less than 2% are employed in the construction sector. If women in Wales choose non-traditional employment such as construction or ICT, they should be encouraged and supported to progress in this field. WiC Wales and The WAVE Project help them to achieve these aims.

WAVE (Women Adding Value to the Economy) is funded by the Convergence European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. WAVE is led by the University of South Wales and run in partnership with Cardiff University and The Women’s Workshop Project @ Bawso Ltd, Cardiff. It is a 3 year project operating between July 2012 and June 2015 in the Convergence area of Wales. Find us online at

SPOT THE ELECTRICIAN by Yasmin Damree-Ralph Name: Age: Trade: Dislikes: Likes:

Samantha Hansford 20 Electrician Permanently negative people. Going out with my friends, partying, horse riding, clothes and high heels.

Favourite quotes: “The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all”. “When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.’’ – Caitlin Moran Favourite music: Anything really apart from rock/ heavy metal. I love anything and everything Michael Jackson, though. Congratulations for being spotted this month, tell us about yourself! Congratulations Cheers! I’m Sam from Essex, and I’m currently an apprentice electrician. I work for a firm called Hanover Electrical Contractors who are based in London. I love all things horsey and my mum and dad would definitely describe me as a party animal. Tell us about your journey in becoming an Electrician and what attracted you to the trade. I’ve never been a hairdresser or beautician kind of girl, I’ve always been the more hands on, like to get stuck in sort. If I’m honest, when I was younger and going through school I always wanted to be a vet but 52

something drew me into this career path. I think it was the challenge of it that caught my interest, and it was different! I like things that are different! What sort of support did you receive? Very good support! My family and friends have always encouraged me to do well in my career choice. My family are glad I’ve found something I enjoy and just want me to strive in what I do. JTL are here supporting me in every way, too. Were there times that you felt discouraged in your chosen trade? Sometimes I have sat and thought, ‘god can I really do this?’ and then 2 seconds later I’m like why not, of course I can! A positive attitude is all you Samantha! need, the only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you tell yourself as to why you can’t achieve it. As a woman, you don’t have a disadvantage in a trade; you can do anything as well as a man. It’s just a stereotyped job. What is the general reaction when people find out what you do for a living? Shock mainly! If I talk to someone at a bar or club they are always like ‘no way, I don’t

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

My name is



believe you’ and if they know about my job they normally try and quiz me. Then they think I’m quite cool (or so they say!)

Tell us about your journey to the House of Commons and what it was like to meet Labour Leader, Ed Miliband. It was lovely to catch up with my fellow JTL ambassadors again, they’re such a great group of girls! But the trip was cool, it’s such a spectacular building. The aim of our visit was to highlight our interest to get more women in apprenticeships and into a trade, and to raise awareness of females already in the trade. Apprenticeships needs more recognition as a start to career paths for girls as I never thought it was a choice for us in school, but it turns out it is. Ed Miliband seemed a nice guy, he came in and gave everyone there a speech, then came up to each of us ambassadors, shook our hands, and took a picture with us! What would you like to say to those women wishing to get into a trade? Do it! There is nothing stopping you, there’s a whole spectrum of paths to take when starting in a trade. You could literally do anything or go anywhere! There is so much potential and the money’s pretty good. What are your hopes for the future? I hope to set up my own business one day or do a spot of travelling with my job, you never know what the future holds, I just plan for it to be fun and I just want to live life! Hopefully my job will help me get there! What are you enjoying about life at the moment? Just living! I’ve had some personal issues lately and so I’ve changed my outlook and attitude slightly. We forget how lucky we are; we get caught up in the minor, insignificant details of life and forget the important stuff! I am lucky to have great family and friends and I’m blessed to just have a job, and a good one at that! If you ruled the world, what would you change? Eradicate war, promote world peace, and preserve nature for animals.

WINNER: Karen Boom COMPANY: She’s Electric LOCATION: ESSEX, UK TRADE: ELECTRICIAN As the first ever winner of our “tradeswoman of the month” award, Karen Boom of She’s Electric UK has every right to be pleased with herself. After becoming frustrated with the lack of responses from electricians when she needed them, Karen decided that she would train as one herself. Noticing a huge gap in the market, she made the decision to fill it, and has successfully built her own business. Priding itself on punctuality and reliability, we hear from the woman behind She’s Electric UK and learn what sparks her fuse. Congratulations on winning our first tradeswoman of the month competition, how does it feel? Thank you so much to all of the people who nominated me for the award. It feels totally surreal to have won, and that’s

amazing. I absolutely love my job and I am really passionate about what I do. I now feel like I have a rush of

Outside of your comfo where the magic happ

energy to help me achieve my goals and business plans and to be more ambitious in my targets going forward. What attracted you to this trade? Well, I think it is fair to say that the trade attracted me to

“IT”. I needed a couple of small electrical jobs to be carried out and I set about contacting electricians. I was shocked by the responses, or lack of them, that I received. I honestly felt like I was an alien that had landed on a hostile planet. I had given up my career in IT Training in order to raise a family. My children are now at the age where they don’t need me to be around so much, and I was incredibly bored and restless and waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike and point me in the right direction. The fact that I had absolutely no knowledge of volts, amps or ohm, was simply a minor detail that I would have to overcome along the way. Once I make up my mind to make something happen, I usually do! What are your qualifications, and when did you qualify? I gained all of my technical qualifications in 2011, and these include skills in Fundamental Inspection and Testing, Wiring Regulations and Electrical Installations. I like to ensure that I am qualified in everything that I am asked to do so that I can provide the best possible service to my clients. Tell us about your company, She’s Electric UK. I have been in business for just over 2 years now. When I started out, I very quickly realised that there was a lot more to being an Electrician than having a certificate with my name on and being able to put twinkly lights up. Everything worked perfectly in the classroom, whereas in the real world, I was dealing with historic installations, failing and faulty fittings and “have a go” husbands.

ort zone is pens

I felt daunted and overwhelmed by some of the challenges I was facing, and there was also the added pressure of knowing that making a mistake could have potentially disastrous consequences. People don’t always consider the physical implications of electrical work; it’s almost like they assume that things

are Wi-Fi. Often, the actual “electrical” element of a job can be relatively small in comparison to the total job, which can involve various degrees of house bashing, channelling out and drilling through walls, cutting through floorboards, clambering around in lofts and balancing on joists, scrabbling through undergrowth and endlessly climbing ladders. Any plans to expand your business? Yes, definitely, however I have absolutely no idea when or how at the moment. I have loads of ideas about things that I could explore further, and there are things that I am really interested in and would like to find out more about. I have to be realistic about balancing my energy, as I have learned the hard way that you cannot sustain yourself on enthusiasm, passion, and a pair of Wonder Woman knickers alone. What are the best bits about being a female electrician? I think that having a unique selling point is a massive advantage no matter what industry, career or business you are in. And there are very few female electricians out there, so I do enjoy minor celebrity status! Honestly though, I just think that I am an electrician who also happens to be female. 95% of my work comes through recommendation and word of mouth, which I am incredibly proud of, as customer satisfaction is important to me. It is nice, though, that the guys are usually chivalrous and will offer to carry my tools and hold the ladder. I get lots of comments about how nice it is for people to see a woman in the trade. There are a lot of people out there who, for many different reasons, would prefer to have a female carry out work in their home, so I am happy that I can help them in that way. What motivates you? Passion. I absolutely love what I do. I am on a journey, the destination is unknown, and the roads are not straight. There are many crossroads, sometimes the compass bearings are a bit off, and often I feel like I am taking one step forward and three steps back. However, I have


never felt more empowered and alive as I do right now. What are your most important accomplishments so far? I recently completed a commercial lighting project in an old people’s home. The installation was old and failing. I came up with a cost effective and energy saving solution that pleased the customer. The positive feedback I received was a real boost for me and helps me to know that I am on the right track. Some other things you should know about Karen... Life is…not to be lived within your comfort zone. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. When I am having a bad day I……remember that everything that happens to me happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is to teach me how to say “NO”! I also visualise a very large glass of wine and dark chocolate with chilli. It’s not over until………. you decide it’s over.

Karen’s top 3 tips

Be consistent in your efforts. Just because you try so mething once and it doesn’t work out doesn’t necess arily mean it was wrong. Don’t lower your standards or value s. Have the courage to walk aw ay from situations where you feel like your integrity is being questione d. Listen to your gut and remain tru e to yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is actually a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness .

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


fter being the proud recipient of a number of awards, including grabbing the runner up spot for our “Tradeswoman of the Month” award, Deborah Stanley-Jones has every right to be proud. After being made redundant in 2009, Deborah saw the opportunity to retrain and chose to focus on plumbing. It was a career changing move for her as, just one year later in 2010, Deborah opened The Plumbher; a plumbing business in Bristol that is dedicated to bringing a professional and valuable service to its customers. Now a fully qualified Gas Safe Engineer, she can carry out gas appliance installations and can provide servicing and landlord certificates. If this isn’t enough, Deborah now offers her services as a mentor to those wishing to achieve an NVQ in plumbing.

2nd Place Deborah Stanley-Jones

Favourite quote “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” - Anatole France (1884 – 1924)


fter becoming a mother for the first time in 2007, Jane became concerned when her newly born daughter began to injure herself on the bars of her cot. After being warned about the risks of using the cot bumpers that were already available on the market, Jane realised that there was an opportunity to produce a product for not only herself and her daughter but for babies and parents worldwide. Since beginning to produce her products for just friends and family, word has spread and her business has grown from strength to strength – with her new business, Bumpsters.

3rd Place Jane Wall-Budden

Favourite quote “There is no substitute for hard work”. Thomas A. Edison

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Is it really that hard to do? Is this your truth?


Electrical Trade

Leah Burman

& Christine


Elecchicks Ltd Leah Burman & Christine Vaghela Hertfordshire, UK Qualified Electricians

If someone asked you to imagine an “electrician�, what would spring to mind? Most would conjure up images of young to middle aged men, and this may be accompanied with an assumption of impersonal service and an eye-watering bill for the privilege. Not Elecchicks. Leah Burman & Christine Vaghela, are two fiercely driven women who are taking the industry by storm. Passionate about providing just the service that you need, they have changed the world of wiring for good in their target area of Hertfordshire. We got the chance to catch up with them to see what makes them tick.


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Spotlight How does it feel to be walking on the pink carpet for our Spring issue? Over the moon! It is an honour to be recognised as a female company in a male dominated industry. How did you meet each other, and what motivated you to go into business together? We met at The Metropolitan Police! We were both police officers and unhappy in our roles. Upon meeting each other, we quickly realised that we shared the same views about the police force and had a desire to start up our own company and work for ourselves.

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women




How did you go about setting up your business? We did it step by step, saving up the funds whilst still working as police officers and gradually reducing our hours once business started to pick up. It wasn’t easy, because at the time we were both juggling two jobs,


working seven days a week whilst trying to establish our place in the industry. You decided to branch out and franchise. How is that going? Well, just 1% of the electrical industry is made up of women. It’s a small percentage

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | On the pink carpet with Elecchicks


ng the world of wiring” to play with in the first place, so it is very difficult to attract women to become an Elecchick franchisee. Of course, we have had interest from women, but we are not prepared to let anyone take our Elecchick name without passing our criteria. What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the electrical trade? Seek all the advice and information possible before jumping in with two feet. Have

confidence and be realistic with your goals. Are people surprised when you tell them that you are an electrician? Yes. We receive surprised looks and responses from people daily. The other day, a male customer in the wholesalers actually asked us if we were “real” electricians! Needless to say, he didn’t get a serious reply back!

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


On the pink carpet with Elecchicks | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE

Did a positive mental attitude play a part in your success? Definitely, yes! You cannot go into business with a defeatist attitude. We love the challenges that come from running a business and you have to set yourself some goals to aim for. These goals keep us on our toes and always hungry to keep going. How do you switch off and wind down from work? This is a tough one, as running a business is a full time job. However, when we do get a bit of down time, we both love to train in the gym, watch movies, and eat good food. Do you have a favourite quote and why? Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. What does it take to become an Elecchick? Patience, respect for electrics, being a team player, self motivation and determination are some of the qualities you need to become an Elecchick. What are your top 3 business tips? Don’t be afraid to seek advice. Be honest. Don’t give up trying!


Things you should know about the Elecchicks The Elecchicks neve r: Say never!

You should know th at the Elecchicks are:

Ambassadors for the “Jobs for the Girls” NICEIC campaign, wh ich seeks to inspire women to move aw ay from traditional careers and become electricians. We are also Which? Approved.

Life is like:

A camera. Just focu s on what’s importa nt, capture the good tim es, develop from the negatives, and if thing s don’t turn out take another shot.

When we are having a bad day we:

Keep calm, down to ols, and eat chocola te.

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

On the pink carpet, we shine the spotlight on YOU!


NOMINATE SOMEONE? pinkcarpet@womenintradeuk

When was the last time you thought about doing something nice for yourself?


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

A few of our favourite things this Spring | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE




Liz Earle

is a Great British

Compiled by Elizabeth Rae

passionate about naturally active i skin type. At Li ingredient harve quality skincare

1. Cleanse and Polish, 100ml ÂŁ13.25

3. Skin Repair Moisturiser, 15ml ÂŁ19.25 4

5. Eyebright Soothing E


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | What we love this Spring




e Naturally Active Skincare

h beauty brand, founded in 1995 who are t harnessing the potent powers of the finest quality ingredients to create products that work for every iz Earle, they work closely with their own esters, providers and growers to ensure the highest products using plant oils and extracts.

/ 2. Sheer Skin Tint SPF15, 40ml £21

4. Healthy Glow Cream Blusher, 01-2g £16.50

Eye Lotion, 150ml £10.75

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


You got to believe in what you are doing, and mean it from your heart, then I can help you make it happen, allow it!

Cover Story

MAKEOVER QUEEN business woman Entrepreneur TV PRESENTER NHJ Style Academy Fashion LOVER Personal Stylist MAKEOVER QUEEN business woman Entrepreneur TV PRESENTER


An interview with the UK’s leading Makeover Queen and former TV host of Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger

Nicky Hambleton-Jones When it comes to being a leader in the industry, Nicky Hambleton-Jones is the expert. Not only is she well known for presenting “10 Years Younger” on Channel 4, but her personal consultancy business has helped to transform the way many of us feel about ourselves through personal advice including tips about style, lifestyle and diet. After years in the industry, Nicky has learned what works, and we were lucky enough to be able to chat to her about her journey, her inspiration, and her ultimate success.


hen asked what inspired her to get into dietetics, it was clear that her father had been a huge role model to her.

“It was really my dad, who was an entrepreneur. He has such as useful energy, and is my greatest inspiration. He would always tell me how important it was to have a career, and that I had the ability to be self-employed. He did some research and said he had found a career for me, which turned out to be dietetics, and that’s how I got into it. Completely nothing to do with me! In my final year, I just hit this brick wall and wondered why I was doing dietetics when I wanted to be in fashion. It was crazy. My dad talked some sense into me and said ‘look, you are almost done, keep on the path, finish the degree, there is no point in stopping now. Just get the qualifications and then you can review things and find a way forward’. I just got sucked into the system and did

an honours degree in dietetics and set up my own business. I was only 21, and had no business acumen at all. I specialised in ITU Critical Care Nutrition, but I found it quite dull and the isolation got to me. I then kept on thinking about how my secret passion was to work in fashion. When you are a kid, you don’t really know what your passions are, so my dad led me down one road but the fashion element never went away. Eventually, when I was 30, I decided that it was time to go down that road and see what I could make of it.” In 2001, Nicky made the huge step forwards of setting up her own personal stylist consultancy and style academy. At the time, it was an incredibly innovative move, as this type of business simply didn’t exist. She made the bold move to combine two key fashion areas – what to wear and how to wear it – and found that it was a popular decision. Soon, however, she realised that because of the fact that the business was so innovative, there were not any trained

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Nicky Hambleton - Jones staff to help her. In order to overcome this, Nicky set up an academy to train her own staff to do the job that she needed. “The academy came about through my struggle to find people with good personal styling skills who would eventually take on my growing client base. This prompted me to run courses, train people, identify talents and then groom them for style consultancy. If you want

If you don't feel good on the inside, then you need to take stock of your life

to be a personal stylist, you have to have that basic knowledge which we can provide. Doing a course can help, and it’s important that you practice on people, too, to see if you have that natural flair. Don’t give everything up right away, as the journey can be slow, but once


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

FEATURE you’ve built up a client base you will begin to start being able to sustain yourself financially. We run our flagship intensive styling courses for those wanting to be a personal stylist. We also offer correspondence courses for people who perhaps don’t have the money to pay for the course upfront and we do a lot of bespoke training courses for corporates, which is becoming a really big part of the academy. Every second retailer has got a personal shopping department, but no one is actually running them properly and no one is offering them any training so, we go to retailers and either help them develop their personal shopping from scratch or review what they have got and look at ways that we could help improve the customers’ personal shopping experience through training their staff. It is growing, and we are working with some really big retail names at the moment. We developed and launched personal shopping at Heathrow Airport and basically trained up staff from scratch and developed their teams. It’s a really nice big project, very exciting.” However, Nicky realises that looking good on the outside doesn’t count for everything. It’s also important that people feel good on the inside. “If you don't feel good on the inside, then you need to take stock of your life and really look long and

hard on what is dragging you down. I believe that you can look great, and have healthy skin by cleansing twice a day, wearing sun screen and having a good diet, but if you really look all polished to perfection and still don't feel good on the inside, then you need to really think about why this is happening. Does your life lack a sense of purpose? Perhaps you have a dream that you are just not doing anything about? Are you in a job that you don’t like, and that you should consider changing? If you are not able to pinpoint what is going on, get help. Get a life coach or someone who can really mentor you and ask you those difficult questions that you perhaps would not respond well to if your friends or family asked. It might actually enable you to reflect, be honest, and be quite critical and admit that actually you’re not in a great place. Having the right support in place can give you the right motivation to make those necessary life changes. It’s so important to stay mentally fit. Personally, I think exercise is a big part of it, because I find that the endorphins can really kick in and make you believe that you can achieve anything. It’s also good to talk to people who are in a similar situation to you, but you also need to learn how to process your emotions. Whenever I’m feeling low, I think of my favourite quote from William Ernest Henley ‘I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul’. It reminds me

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


“get a life coach, or someone who can really mentor you” that no matter what goes on, only I can control what happens in my life. Having kids is a great help, because you don’t get to be so selfindulgent. I’ve just had my second child, so I know that having children means you have to change your lifestyle to make everything about them. It’s important to have quality time, but you also have to make a living, and balancing the two can be hard. I have a great team around me now, which means that I am able to do this.”


Although Nicky was enjoying a great deal of success, almost nobody could have anticipated that one day, she would go on to be a successful TV presenter, getting chosen to present Channel 4’s “10 Years Younger”. “Before 10 years younger came along, I had many opportunities that had come to nothing. People would ask me for tips on getting into TV but I was totally the wrong person to ask, as I did not have a plan or strategy. All I did was do what I did

best with what I love, and the opportunities came. You can’t learn personality and charisma at school but if you have it and you are passionate about what you do, the chances are someone is going to spot you. I still remember the day very clearly when I got the call to say I was successful. I was in such a state of shock and was actually numb by it. The whole process from the screen test to the actual final call of the offer took about three months, and then when I did get the final call it was like oh my god. It all happened very

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Despite being so successful, Nicky has never forgotten who has been there to support her along the way. She has always remained grounded, and is happy that she has people supporting her. “My parents were always supportive of what I did, so I think that it is crucial to have people who believe in you and will also offer a bit of a listening ear when you are feeling

having the right support in place can give you the right motivation to make those necessary life changes

low. There are days when something fabulous happens, you feel on top of the world, you just want to scream and shout, and then you will have a day when something rubbish happens, you may not get the contract that you wanted, or someone says something horrible about you. You start doubting yourself; you wonder how you are going to earn money from your idea. I get myself through these times by reminding myself why I am doing what I am doing. You will have doubts on your journey at times, but always remember that you are the one in control of your own life.”

quickly and it was a bit of a blur. I did not actually consider what it was, and what I was getting myself into, until it all went out on air then I realised what I was exposed to and how my life was no longer my own. You have no privacy and that really scared me, but you don’t think about that at the time, and then all of a sudden you realise that the whole world has got an opinion about you. Some people don’t like you and some do, and everywhere you go you have people pointing and whispering, which I found quite hard to deal with initially. It took a lot of getting used to, but again, no one prepares you for that. You are just left to your own devices and off you go. I still can’t believe I did it, I still wonder if it really happened or was it just a bit of a dream as in my mind, if you really want something, you’ve got to have the struggle and strife to achieve your goals. I still feel that I have a bigger and better purpose in life but I don’t know what that is and I don’t feel that I have got to that place yet.”

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Allow my strength to be your strength, allow me to carry you through this uncertain time

Proudly made in the UK British Female designers Rock! Featuring Company: Bluebellgray Founder: Fiona Douglas Location: Scotland, UK and Company: Orwell & Austen Founder: Jessica Schuhle-Lewis Location: West London

Fiona Douglas

Luxury Floral Designs


“I’m a huge believer in feel good design” says Fiona, “I want customers to love the product as much as I do, if my designs can add a little happiness and brightness to someone’s day then they have achieved what I set out to do with bluebellgray”.


Somerset Collection SS14

Adhering to „the bluebellgray way‟, an eclectic mix of signature floral designs sit harmoniously with designs inspired by Fiona‟s travels and painterly abstract designs. This season bluebellgray are excited to present their first selection of plain co-ordinating fabrics in a beautiful, matching colour palette; these vibrant, coloured 100% Linen Rainbow fabrics are perfect for mixing with signature bluebellgray designs for a fresh and modern feel.


Bluebellgray was launched in 2009 by Fiona Douglas; her love of colour and all things floral inspired her to create beautiful, hand drawn, watercolour designs. Fiona‟s signature vibrant and oversized watercolour blooms are now synonymous with the brand and exciting new ranges, featuring her designs, form a fresh and modern home collection. Bluebellgray‟s world renowned designs are stocked in the most beautiful department stores and boutiques around the globe and were awarded prestigious House Beautiful Gold Awards in both 2013 and 2014 as well as being shortlisted for an Elle Decoration Award in 2010. Based in the bright and colourful bluebellgray studio in Scotland, Fiona hand paints every original bluebellgray design. Supported by her team, she works with the best and most carefully selected range of manufacturers to make a truly quality, beautiful and unique product. State of the art digital printing ensures the heart and soul of the original design is in every product and customers feel a real sense of the care and attention put into every bluebellgray design.

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Bluebellgray‟s new Somerset Collection is bursting with florals and abstract designs in rich, saturated watercolours. Marking bluebellgray‟s 5 year anniversary, original archive designs have been reworked in a fresh way to sit alongside new designs, whilst linking back to the very first collections. „With this collection I wanted to look back at our roots and design a collection that truly captures the heart and soul of bluebellgray; going back to the bright, popping colours and signature florals that our customer‟s love‟.



Anniversary Butterfly cushion

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women





Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women



Devon Fabric

Devon Fabric

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Jessica Schuhle-Lewis

Luxury Scarf Brand


Jessica Schuhle-Lewis Orwell & Austen Despite training as a lawyer and working for a number of years in the city, Jessica Schuhle-Lewis, the owner and founder of Orwell & Austen, always has dreams of something more. Having a creative side, she felt that she could put this to good use, and created a collection of luxury scarves. These were a hit, and the Orwell & Austen brand was officially launched in November 2012. Although it has been a difficult journey, fighting against other, well-known brands in the industry, Jessica’s designs has become increasingly popular. With a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, the future looks bright for Jessica and for the brand.

Orwell + Austen Cashmere & Silk Sweater In early 2014, Orwell + Austen launched their first collection of cashmere and silk sweaters. The current collection comprises of two distinct sweater styles: the Dip Dye sweater and the Lily sweater. The Dip Dye sweaters are currently available in blues and pinks. The Dip Dye sweater in Blues (a light blue to navy dip dye sweater) was inspired by summers in St Tropez and the changing blues of the sea. The Dip Dye sweater in Pinks (a pink to red dip dye sweater) evokes the sunsets that can be seen over the mountains in Verbier, when the sky blazes red and pink. The Lily sweater uses the popular Lily print on the sleeves creating a sweater that makes a statement. The Dip Dye sweaters are hand woven and available in 45% cashmere and 55% silk. The Lily sweaters are available in 100% hand woven cashmere."

Orwell + Austen Cashmere Scarves Tribal in their appearance and bold in their colour statement, the current scarf collection consists of two distinct prints: the Lily and the Inca. The Lily pattern takes the idea of a traditional leopard print and infuses it with the spots and marks found on butterflies and moths. The Inca design draws inspiration from the broken down geometric patterns found on snakes and reptiles, and offers a subtle nod to the popular snakeskin trend.

Make The ultimate statement with Orwell + Austen.

Proudly made in the UK

Want to Rock in our Summer


We want to support our British Female Designers. Get featured! Be Noticed!

Why our British designers rock


hen you mention the word “design” to anyone on the streets of the UK, their minds may conjure up images of places like New York, Paris and Milan – as these are featured heavily in the media as the places to be for designer items including the US and China for technological design. However, they may be missing a lot if they don‟t look closer to home. Britain has been the home to a strong hub of designers across numerous industries, despite the fact that it may not be the first place that people think of when it comes to design. London Fashion Week, for example, is well known worldwide, and is one of the key dates in the fashion calendar, and the gadget show which is held at the NEC in Birmingham on a yearly basis is well known for its British born gadgets. If you take a moment to look back over history, it is clear to see that there are a great number of British designers who have made a real mark on the industry. Take Vivienne Westwood, for example. Born in 1941 in rural Derbyshire, nobody could have known just how much of an influence she would have on fashion. She is responsible for creating the punk uniform, and now has shops around the world, making her a household name almost everywhere on the planet. In addition to this, James Dyson, the inventor of the world famous Dyson brand, was born and bred in Britain. It is hard to think of the vacuum cleaner industry without his work at the core, and his ideas and innovations have been integral to the growth of the industry. Not only should we celebrate past and current designers, but we should also encourage up and coming designers to achieve their dreams. Here at Women in Trade, our patriotic editor is dedicated to supporting our local designers, in the hope that by showing how great they are, we can help them to take the world by storm. If you are a British designer, who would like to be featured in an upcoming issue, please contact us, as we would love to hear your story. You are the future of the British design industry and, together, we can create the next chapter.

releasing FEEL GOOD detox exercise MIND SELF Healthy diet emotion

releasing FEEL GOOD detox exercise MIND SELF Healthy diet emotion

Two women, leading the way for a better and more natural way of living

Kinesiology COACH body sync Irritable Bowel Syndrome SPRING into SPRING Move 21 day journey guide

“IBS can be helped with a change of diet” by Sam Bearfoot After living on unhealthy foods from a very young age, my body gave in as I developed a serious bowel problem and along with that, over a dozen other health problems. Being told by a doctor at the age of 23 that I had to live with it, obviously came as a shock. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder of the digestive system. With symptoms including bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhoea, it can be a very uncomfortable and inconvenient problem to have.


ccording to the statistics, IBS is one of the most common digestive system conditions in the UK today. What they also tell you is that the cause of it is pretty much unknown, however


experts do seem to agree that it is related to a sensitivity of the entire gut. Being a former IBS sufferer, I never found the information provided by my GP or the various health websites to be of any use, leaving me well and truly out there on my own which helped me to find my own way. In this article, I’m going to share some insight with you from what may seem like a completely different angle. It’s this angle that has given me my now longstanding view that if you find what is irritating your bowel, you will no longer have the syndrome.

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Looking at the whole picture Yes, IBS can be helped with a change of diet, by increasing your fibre intake, looking at food intolerance or a malfunctioning ileocecal valve, but what if you’ve done all of that and there’s no change? Would it therefore interest you to learn that there is something else that is little talked about which can be just as powerful when addressed?

I absolutely agree with the experts when they say that IBS is related to the entire system. For me, you cannot point the finger at just one section of

“if you find what is irritating your bowel, you will no longer have the syndrome”

your digestive system and pin the blame there. As biological beings, we do not function that way; you need to look at the whole picture. Our emotional self Have you ever wondered why is it that when someone is in massive shock they vomit, or when a child is terrified they wet themselves? The answer is quite simple. It’s an emotional response in its most powerful form, creating a very physical and sometimes violent reaction. What about the not so physical or powerful reactions? What happens to those, and where do they go? Our body has this remarkable way of allowing our emotional self to sometimes go

unnoticed, as its effects are shown internally away from the waking eye.

sympathy and validation, whereas metal is all about grief.

The Five Elements If we look at ancient Chinese medicine, it is said that the Five Elements are the building blocks of our energetic self and are fundamental in the creation of our material being. With this in mind, I think it’s pretty interesting to know that the various parts of our digestive systems sit within three of those five elements. The small intestine sits within fire, your stomach within earth, and your large intestine within metal. Each element has its own associated emotional link: fire is about joy or lack of joy, earth is about

Those emotions alone sit quite nicely with the modern world, don’t they? Whose day doesn’t involve someone giving them grief? I’m sure you can count on at least one hand those you know that are working in a job or in a relationship that provides them with little or no joy?

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Thoughts affect our health We only have to look at neuropsychoimmunology to know that what we think has an effect on our health. Negative thoughts have a negative impact and, on the flip side, positive thoughts


IBS can be helped with a change of diet | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE have a positive effect on us, too. There are plenty of therapists and practitioners out there that will tell you that our emotional self is the most powerful part of who we are, and there is little doubt in my mind that it does play a massive part of our wellbeing. Is looking at the Five Elements a little too farfetched for you? I can’t say I blame you there, as I used to be the same, and it’s absolutely fine if that’s a step too far right now. The important thing with anything

Holding onto everything emotionally is telling your body to literally hold onto everything, including your waste. We must remember that who we are and the way we behave runs right through our cells, functions and processes, so don’t be surprised when your body starts to behave much in the way you do from day to day. Your life may be as rosy as it

“the way we behave runs right through our cells, functions and processes” emotional is that it has to sit well with you. How about just looking at your personality? We can all relate to that and it’s a good starting block for most. Do you have irregular bowel movements? One minute all is OK then you find yourself dashing to the nearest facility to relieve yourself? Are you the impatient type? Does your patience test you when it’s pushed? Do you need to learn to have more control over that? What about bowels that are bunged up becoming almost impossible to relieve them? What are you holding onto emotionally? What aren’t you getting off your chest? 96

can be right now, yet negative health still plagues you. You’ve already looked inside the box so now look outside of it too, as emotional stuff doesn’t have to be about right now, it can be in your past as well as what you have planned for the future. Quite often, we have unresolved issues that we either can’t face or just haven’t dealt with yet, and the reality is that in some cases, until you do, your health challenges will not change. Take a good long look at you, the emotional you. Be honest about how you feel, what life has thrown at you, and what is to come. Address those things that have been left until

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

another day, as it could be that unresolved issue that is now causing your bowels to rebel against you.

My top 7 tips for good digestive health:  Hydrate! Water is ess ential for virtually everything.  Make sure you hav e a good mix of soluble and insolu ble fibre in your diet to ens ure a smoot h tra nsition.  Free yourself emotio nally of things you’ve been hol ding ont o for too long.  Increase your exe rcise to keep your lymph moving and encourage the bowel.  Chew your food pro perly, as digestion starts in the mo uth.  Eating should be don e when at rest. Appreciate you r food and the time you hav e wit h it, do not rus h!  If you have a bowel sensitivity, avoid raw food while it’s hea ling.  Learn to love your bowel! Remember, what you are resonates through you so you r bowel will in turn learn to lov e you back.


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Spring into SPRING a 21 day JOURNEY GUIDE by Jenni Hulburt Spring: verb; move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward. Synonyms: leap, jump, bound, vault, hop

As the seasons are changing, so is the body. It springs towards detoxing and craving more fresh, raw ingredients. You will want to spend more time

W Illustrations Tez Lywood

ake up from the winter slumber – spring is here! Don’t the warm breeze and buds on the trees put a little spring in your step? Many of us experience a period of storage and dormancy in the winter months, but spring gives us a natural boost of energy and zest. It’s a time of year when cleaning out, opening up, and letting go of heaviness becomes second nature.

outdoors to shed your winter coat, so taking advantage of the natural flow can help you feel better and look amazing. It’s simple – just go with the

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

flow as you add more spring to your life, and make leaps and bounds in your health this season. Remember, change happens through movement and taking action. It’s the essence of the word spring. Practice moving consistently with ease and listening to the natural rhythms you notice in nature and your body. Your mantra? I go with the flow. As you move, take this 21 Day Spring Into Spring journey as your guide. From cleaning windows with a non-toxic spray to making a refreshing mid-day juice, or planting your first garden, you’ll move through this month with that spring in your step.


Illustrations Tez Lywood

Spring into Spring 21 Day Journey Guide | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE




Sweat it out:

Scrub your skin:

Clutter clean-up:

Make movement part of your day, even if it’s a small one. Want to try something new? Get my Inspire Workouts for movement, mantras, and music

Make a simple scrub with natural ingredients, finely chopped in a food processor. Almonds + orange peel + olive oil + wild orange essential oil

Detox your living spaces one closet at a time. Donate, recycle or toss items that have been collecting dust for too long

DAY 10

DAY 12

Make a Spring Smoothie:

Pick a good read:

Add 1 cup of berries + ½ cup of plain yogurt + a handful of spinach + raw honey to taste and blend until smooth.

You know that book on your shelf you’ve been wanting to get to?


Start today!



With a new o out a p write you’re com

DAY 16

DAY 17


Swap coffee for green tea:

Take a walk:

Make s

Get up early, or go out on your lunch break. Don’t have one? Take it anyway. Move your body, skip along, and spring

Think someth creative and be

Stimulants like caffeine & sugar can leave you feeling fatigued & slow both your body’s response to stress & the ability to detox


only. To redeem your discount, please visit (w more. Voucher code will be applied on checkout



Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | Women in Wellbeing



Spring spontaneously:

Detox everything:

Do something you’ve never done before. Open your wings to one opportunity you have today - smile at a stranger or say thank you

Take the next 5 days to detox your diet, workout, cleaning cabinet, living spaces and mind. You can do it!

DAY 3 Go raw: Start simple by adding fresh lemon juice to your water in the morning, don’t be afraid to switch up the winter menu with more raw seasonal fruits and vegetables



Sync your body with nature:

Detox the mind:

Wind-down at sundown and wake up at sunrise. Get more in tune with your body, the season and the world around you

Quiet the busy mind chatter by focusing on your body and deep breathing

DAY 9 Detox your beauty bag: Start transitioning away from products with harmful ingredients. What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, but you can still look great with non-toxic products

DAY 11

DAY 13

DAY 14

DAY 15

Be grateful:

Affirm your beliefs:

Get flowers:

Wear something bold:

Take the thankful note you wrote down yesterday and turn it into a present-tense affirmation that you can repeat daily

Pick them wild or grab a bouquet at the market. Bonus! Grab a second for a friend as a gift

Colour is powerful and can be used to signal action. Put something on that lifts your mood and makes you want to move

DAY 19

DAY 20

DAY 21

Challenge your to-do list:

Carve out time for relaxation:

a new season and opportunities, get piece of paper and down something thankful for that’s ming your way

DAY 18

something new:

king of throwing hing out? Look for e up-cycling ideas e an artist today

Bend forward: Reach down and touch your toes. Twists and deep forward bends can help with digestion and the elimination of toxins

The energy of spring can lead us into too much hustling and bustling. Reassess and do only what you really want to do

Sit and listen to the birds chirping, smell the flowers emerging from their slumber. Open the windows and breathe in fresh air

e Workouts 25% off until 30 April 2014.

offer applies to Women in Trade Magazine readers to learn t page limited to one use per customer. QUOTE

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Never give up believing in your dream


Think positive thoughts, I am abundant, I am successful, I believe in myself, I am good at what I do‌ OMMM

I love myself, I love myself, I love myself

mI How a a ke to m going out of money M OMM this?...

Iâ€&#x;M TRYING TO 102

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Never give up believing in your dream

A nice big extra room house with s fo with a dou r visitors drivewa y ble fronted for my ne w car ‌ OMM M

Is thi s rea lly what I wan do w ith m t to life?. y ..OM MM

I wonder wh new Asto at the nM DB9 is go artin i these day ng for s? Need one of tho se‌. OMMM

O MEDITATE! Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


and growi I can be pr opportuni that occas anyway!”

Sonia Brown MBE is a business communic

Embracing the pow

“As women continue to fight for greater parity my boss, wanted promotion and was tired of b happen. I designed my ideal day, turned it into a business plan and reality. I stopped moaning and complaining; ditched the negative c day. Every day (good and embarrassingly bad) took me one step clo that glorious and giddy life of self-employment”.

Founder & Director | National Black Women’s Network | www.nb 104

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Inspirational Women Gallery Anna Bance is an online fashion entrepreneur, founder of Girl Meets Dress.

There will never be a perfect time "I knew it was just a matter of time before I started my own business, as it was something I had always wanted to do when the right idea came along. Launching a business is always going to have an element of risk, but I believed in the idea, my co-founder and the market potential. There will never be a perfect time to leave your secure job, risk a salary decrease, or take a chance on an idea that might not work – but what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll go back to your previous role until you come up with the next idea!" To find out more about Anna, please visit

Katherine Morris is a talented British Wallcoverings designer from Shropshire.

Be willing to work hard “I am a doodler, a dreamer, a wonderer and a wanderer. I always believed that one day I would achieve all of the things I have always dreamt of doing. One of those things is my wallpaper business, Earth Inke Wallcoverings. Ever since my mum took me to an interiors shop at the age of five, I have loved wallpaper. Discouraged to study Art, I did not pursue surface pattern academically, and when presenting my business plan to the bank I was denied a business loan, but that just made me even more determined to succeed. If you are passionate about achieving something, and you are willing to work hard to get it, you can – just try!” Katherine Morris | Owner of Earth Inke Wallcoverings |

Deborah Lee is a social media consultant and a highly sought after coach and trainer, named on Forbes Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers 2013.

Creating something of value

“Becoming a mother ten years ago has always been the biggest motivating factor for me in starting ing my business, which is somewhat ironic considering many see it as a burden! Creating something of value that roud of is hugely important. Helping businesses and individuals to reach their potential and secure wonderful ities through their use of social media is something I never tire of. One of the key lessons I’ve learned is to accept sionally people will criticise you without good foundation, but that says more about them than you. Keep going . To find out more, please visit

cator, coach, trainer, writer and diversity maverick.

wer of obstacles

y and representation in the workplace, I took that leap of faith into entrepreneurship because I simply hated being the square peg trying to fit in a round hole. My mentor told me to create my ideal job and make it then went and found the people to give me the information, advice, tools and experience to turn it into ompanions (misery loves misery) and found myself focussed on my ultimate goal – creating my ideal work oser to leaving that autocratic, emotional vampire called my line manager! Before I knew it I was heading for Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Don’t worry, you are not alone, it will pass and the sun will shine again, keep going!

Women in Career coaching FEELING GOOD Vision Passion CONFIDENCE growth


Sarah Archer, Career Coach


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | Feeling good at work

Feeling good

at work by Sarah Archer

It‟s a new day, it‟s a new dawn, it‟s a new life… and i‟m feeling good

Nina Simone captured the essence of positivity within just one line in her wonderful song. Feeling good about yourself is something we all strive to achieve, and thanks to the ever increasing pressures of today’s society, and the consumerism of the western world, more of us are keen to find intrinsic feel good factors than ever before. Instead of buying and consuming more ‘things’ which give us a short term buzz but contribute little to our long-term wellbeing, we want to find that same “buzz” within ourselves. Feeling good about yourself at work, or when you work for yourself, is key to being successful in boosting both your resilience and your ability to bounce back from difficult times. Plus, feeling good will enable you to make changes, take difficult decisions or change direction completely.

If we don’t feel good about what we are doing, it can leave us feeling as though we are stuck, or that we have to make some kind of radical change. It also has an effect on our performance and our health, leaving us tired, out of sorts, and more susceptible to illness. However, by analysing the parts of our career that make us feel good, and identifying the parts that we need to work, we can learn to recognise whether a work situation is redeemable or whether we actually need to take control and make a change.

CAREER VISION So, what do you need to pay attention to?


on’t let your future vision remain on autopilot having a sense of where you are heading and how you want to live your life, including work as an integral part of that plan, is essential. Being able to explore new

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


possibilities and experiences that contribute to where you want to be and choosing goals can help to create the future you desire. When was the last time you checked in with your vision? Are you moving towards it, or have you drifted away? Are your goals stretching you?


C “Is your career confidence increasing or decreasing?� 110

areer confidence is an interesting area, different to social confidence. It can take years to develop and can evaporate quickly if we experience a break in our career, a stressful work event, or an unsupportive manager. When your confidence is high, you feel joy and love for what you do, and gain the self-belief that you are capable of anything. Is your career confidence increasing or decreasing? Are you able to stretch yourself and say yes to new things? Do you trust yourself to be successful?

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE | Feeling good at work



ou have many qualities and strengths, but it is the ones you enjoy using in your work, and those that you know you are good at, that ultimately form your core. These talents make you unique and have the potential to bring you great fulfilment – what could be better than using them everyday?

eing valued for what you do, getting positive feedback, or simply recognising that you are being the best you can be can reinforce that feel good factor and boost your career confidence. Taking charge of your performance and seeking positive ways to learn how you can continually improve, is important in order to achieve a sense of growth.


What are you good at? What do you love and gain pleasure from?


Are you developing ways to recognise your own achievements?

What makes you special? Are you being the best you can be?



our values are what you believe is important. They are evident in the way you do things. Values can range from a belief in hard work or punctuality to deeper principles such as self-reliance, concern for others, or harmony with the environment. Knowing your values can help you to decide how to apply your talents and build a fulfilling career. You will have a better sense of which types of work are right for you and which are not. Being true to your values makes you authentic and helps you stand out from the crowd. You become like a magnet, attracting people who hold similar values to you, whether they are employers, customers, or colleagues. What are your core values?



oving what you do, and feeling passion for your work or the way you work, is incredibly important. Cultivating your interests, the things that fascinate you, and making space for them in your life and work contributes significantly to your wellbeing. Maybe you’re passionate about what you do, or maybe it’s the client group you work with or the sector you are in that gives you that spark. What do you love and how is it integrated in your work? Can you find something you love at work every single day?

Are they being met in your current work?

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pportunities to learn new skills, gain new experiences, stretch yourself, or do something you never imagined you could do can boost your confidence and enjoyment at work. To feel that you can change, evolve and develop, whatever your stage of life, is energising. What opportunities in your work are there to grow and develop? When was the last time you did something that challenged you?



ust like a plant, we need certain conditions in order to flourish. Knowing what enables you to be at your best, whether that is your working environment, the types of colleagues you have, challenges met day to day, or the strengths you need to use, is essential to thriving. You can identify this when you think about times when you have been lost in the moment; when work doesn’t feel like work, and the time just flies. Are you at your best at the moment? If not, what is missing? If you are, what is enabling that?

So, now is the time to do a quick review of how good you feel about your career. Create some space, find a calm environment, and complete our Career Wheel to assess where you already ‘feel good’ and where you might need to direct some attention. Thinking about the questions above, shade each segment of the wheel to show how good you feel about your career at the moment. A fully shaded segment means you are feeling really good and are satisfied with that aspect of your career. An unshaded segment would mean that something is missing and you don’t feel good at all in this area. Now notice the pattern of your wheel – It is really important to celebrate the areas where you are feeling good as well as noticing the areas where you may need to take action.

What can you do next to boost your feel good factor? Decide where you would like to focus to increase your satisfaction and happiness, and identify actions that you can take in order to make a difference to how you feel, for example taking on a new project, asking a client for feedback, or making time to develop your vision. Set yourself a timescale for achieving it and spend time visualising how you will feel when you achieve your actions to increase your motivation to succeed. Feeling good about what you do is worth striving for, and is achievable for everyone. As a very wise man once said ‘Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

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Savour the


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women

Act as if you are feeling good and you soon will be. Smile, and don’t let the negative thoughts bring yo u down. It may require extra effort to ‘act’ in a particular way , but you will be surprised at ho w quickly your mood can ch ange.


Robyn Coles “the way we behave runs right through our cells, functions & processes” - Sam Bearfoot

“You cannot go into business with a defeatist attitude”

Elecchicks “if my designs can add a little happiness and brightness to someone’s day then they have achieved what I set out to do” - Fiona Douglas

“Be willing to work hard” - Katherine Morris

“having the right support in place can give you the right motivation”

“you just have to roll with the punches” -

- Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Healing Walking the true path to SUCCESS

rock star reader Business Woman SACRED BLING intuitive healer Artist

Intuitive healer, rock star reader and cre ator of sacred bling

Robin Hallett Rock it like you mean it:

Greeting the dragons on your path to success


y client called in a panic, “I am doing this back and forth shuffle”, she said. “It seems like every time I make a little headway with the project, I hear a negative voice in my head saying I can’t do this or someone close to me questions my path and then I start to feel panicked and then I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to make it happen and then I think maybe my dad was right, and I need to get a day job...It’s getting harder and harder to believe I can make my dream a reality.” I call this the “It’s too hard, I should quit” syndrome, when we allow the energies of difficulty and overwhelm to build into the kind of storm that leaves us feeling scared and off kilter. Instead of saying, here comes the storm, let me get to work battening down the hatches, we run around like Chicken Little screaming THE SKY IS FALLING!!

There will be dragons who present themselves to you on this path This is done with the intention to strengthen and fortify your inner capacity to handle the big dreams and opportunities you’re seeking. There are parts in us which need to awaken and heal so that we are best aligned with what we feel called to do in the world; little sticky pieces which need to be addressed instead of us taping them up tight so we can continue limping along the path. Whatever gives you the greatest anxiety is probably a dragon. Stop and ask it for directions. What if we could walk toward our fear knowing it's the obstacle preventing freedom? Only a door we believe to be locked?

Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Greeting the dragons on your path to success | WOMEN IN TRADE MAGAZINE

It takes less energy to be courageous than it does to stay afraid

Eventually, we hear that voice as truth and treat it as reality.

Doubt and fear are to be expected along the way. It’s probably too soon for you to demand wild success. You must persist through the mud even though it will feel awful at times. Right now, you’re learning how to be persistent in spite of the possibility of your falling flat. It’s all about your grit and resilience. When you dig for gold, there will be blood, sweat and tears. There will be rocks you mistake for nuggets. Big hairy tree roots that you cannot seem to break through. You will have to buy some heavy duty gloves and a bigger shovel. Once in a while you’ll sit down feeling close to tears, entertaining thoughts of quitting. But then you’ll realise you just need a peanut butter and banana sandwich and your favourite I Love Lucy episode. Soon enough you’ll feel like getting back to it and then you can continue digging. You’ve got a confident heart again. You will be bombarded with negative thoughts throughout the process

“make peace w dragons, learn their

Negative thoughts are NOT reality. So stop treating them like they are. Learn to recognise that negative voice for what it is– a dark shadow that’s longing to be part of the light that is your true self.

The more we entertain the negative voice without stopping to question it, the greater the energy of feeling lost and unsure becomes. We’re no longer able to see that this voice is just one aspect of going for it on the journey.

Sometimes it really does come down to us paying too much attention to the negative mind chatter. We give that voice more credibility every time we listen to it.

What if you could give this part of yourself a name? I call mine The Booger and sometimes when I catch a negative thought


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


go whizzing by, I say, oh there’s The Booger! It’s funny and makes me laugh, and so I don’t get so wrapped up in the story it tells me. Try it. Don’t be afraid of effort Almost everyone I know (me included) has wished to be discovered with minimal effort on our parts. Effort is daunting, because we’ve experienced failure in the past. We know what it’s like to have it go badly. We’ve fallen flat on our faces already and we’re not excited about the prospect of doing it again.

with your r secrets”

When we avoid effort, we’re also protecting our fears and when we do this enough it defines the path we can travel and limits what we are capable of. We end up holding ourselves back without meaning to.

It’s time to embrace your fear, with love. Make peace with your dragons. Learn their secrets. Getting to where you want to be takes courage – sometimes it’s like walking in the dark without a flashlight. I don’t particularly enjoy this, but I do remind myself that doubt and fear are to be expected. It’s about allowing ourselves to

persist through the muck. Can we hold the joy with the terror? Our self-doubt with our confidence? Can we learn to feel great while we’re waiting for all this success to manifest? Is it possible to work with passion, even if we’re scared? Can we hold all of these aspects of our journey while continuing to move forward? So, the next time you encounter a dragon, treat it as a friend, not your foe. Stop and ask it for directions, or offer a cup of tea and see what secrets it has to tell you.


There will be dragons who present themselves to you for healing

It takes less energy to be courageous than it does to stay afraid

Negative thoughts are not reality

Do not be afraid of effort

Embrace your fear with love


Women in Trade Magazine - for smart inventive women


Why give up now when you have come this far. Allow me to lift your spirit

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