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Inspiring Women through their Trade

AUTUMN EDITION 2017 Sept/Oct/Nov Following Your Inner Compass | The Lingerie Trade

Are You Following Your Inner Compass? Smart and Inventive Woman: Ida Tin co-

founder of Clue, the menstrual tracking app How to stop feeling bad about yourself Under the Spotlight Rachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery

Real life stories Openreach Coordinator Cassie Bray is our Girl in the Yellow Hi Vis


Cover star Lingerie Designer

Aliza Reger “Going out, earning your own living and buying your own bra is emancipation”

Award Winning Calligrapher

Betty Soldi Celebrating the beauty of mistakes

Shared Values: Dr. Sharon Wong

‘great things never come

from comfort zones’


The Handmade Apothecary

Inspiring Women Through Their Trade

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The First Tradeswomen-Focused Magazine in the UK

2 Women in Trade AUTUMN 2017 | September-November

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Meet our contributors

Kymberlee Jay Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker Kymberlee Jay is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker and the founder of visual communications agency DoodleDirect. She’s also an award winning choregrapher and dancer and has worked with Madonna and Nike. Read her article Five steps to getting your business off the ground on page 46 Connect with Kymberlee: | @KymberleeJay

Vicky Chown & Kim Walker The Herbalists Vicky & Kim met whilst studying Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster, became friends and set up Handmade Apothecary as a way to share herbal medicine with local communities. They now live on a narrowboat, with Marley the dog, travelling across London and beyond using the plants they find along the way. Read their article What is Herbal Medicine? on page 26

Women in Trade AUTUMN 2017 | September-November 3

Editor’s Letter

From the Editor

TWEETS I LOVE @womenintradeuk I love the fact that your magazine empowers and champions women of all working arenas…a really positive and refreshing slant to the usual subliminal messages in most other women’s magazines. My sister works as an Ophthalmologist in Singapore, they have no celebrities. Like yourselves they celebrate successful real working women. So glad we have connected. @DrSharonWong

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Following our inner compass: It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it


s I sit here at 2.27am in the morning, a Bananarama song starts going round and round my head. “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it… and that’s what gets results.” As I pondered over the words of the song, I discovered that it was a little bit of a brain-teaser, forcing you to consider exactly what it is that you are doing with your life. To simplify, I likened it to four climbers standing at the foot of an indoor climbing wall, visualising how best to climb it in order to be swifter than their opponents and win their race. Looking at the surface, there are no notable differences between any of the walls; they all have the same rugged surface. All four were nifty climbers, so I asked myself, what is it that will push one of them that little bit further and allow them to win? Each climber has already analysed and watched the others’ technique, so they will need to think of something incredibly clever if they want to outsmart each other. It’s not how they climb, as that’s pretty straight forward: you simply go up from the bottom until you reach the top but it is the way that one of these climbers gets to the top which will mean they are declared the winner. In other words, “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it… and that’s what gets results!” You may feel that there is too much competition in your industry to even bother trying to stand out. Competition is healthy, it pushes us to remain current and come up with new ideas for our customers. Just remind yourself that the reason why you are successful in your industry is not because there are twenty other brands doing the same thing: it’s the way you run your business, provide a service, or package your products that gets the desired results and gives you the rewarding return you work so hard for. Our cover star, Aliza Reger, knows a thing or two about ensuring she gets the results she desires and following her inner compass. Read her full story on page 38. Fancy an app that can track your menstrual and fertility cycle? Well, Ida Tin, cofounder of Clue, has created an app with that very purpose! Read more on page 33. Our focus for autumn is the benefits of following your inner compass. Find out how you can start following yours today! Enjoy the unfolding golds and browns of the autumn colours as they reveal themselves before your very eyes. And see you in the winter!

janet Women in Trade AUTUMN 2017 | September-November 5


Under the SPOTLIGHT: Rachel Trevor Morgan Millinery

FEATURES 10 Shared Values: Dr. Sharon Wong one of London‟s leading dermatologist says, „great things never come from comfort zones‟.

12 Close-up: Award Winning Calligrapher Betty Soldi “never did much art at school, but I did love to scribble and wordsmith”.

38 ON THE COVER: Lingerie Designer

Aliza Reger by Janet Kirlew

Under the Spotlight: 60 Our Trade’s Directory Spotlight features Rachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery.

Business Goals


46 Five steps to getting your business off the ground „doing it in theory and doing it for real are two very different beasts‟.

by Kymberlee Jay

6 Women in Trade AUTUMN 2017 | September-November

Cover Star

Aliza Reger

Following Your Inner Compass |The Lingerie Trade


Real Life Stories THE GIRL IN THE YELLOW HI VIS: Openreach Field Based Coordinator Cassie Bray.

Self 18 Following Your Inner Compass. „It‟s time to do a little less navel-grazing‟.

50 How to Stop Feeling Bad About Yourself: A guide to changing the way you feel.

Autumn Edition 2017 Sept/Oct/Nov

12 Betty Soldi Celebrating the beauty of mistakes



26 What is Herbal Medicine?

By experts Vicky Chown and Kim Walker

33 Smart & Inventive Woman: Ida Tin the

Smart & Inventive Woman:

co-founder and CEO of Clue, the fertility and menstrual cycle tracking app.

Ida Tin

36 Around the World in Salads by Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi.

In Every Issue

4 Editor’s Letter 57– 67 NEW Trade’s Directory Quality products & services by British women PLUS Under the Spotlight with Rachael Trevor Morgan Millinery.

36 Around the World in Salads Women in Trade AUTUMN 2017 | September-November 7


Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams. - Ashley Smith

Why wait when you can do it all now

AUTUMN Trade’s Directory 2017 Sept/Oct/Nov Quality goods & services by British women


Edition 2017 Sept/Oct/Nov This is a preview copy. To read the full version 68 pages Buy PDF £3.25 Here Inspiring women through their trade

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On the cover: Lingerie Designer Aliza Reger. Award winning calligrapher Betty Soldi is celebrating the beauty of mistakes; Cassie Bray from...

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