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women in places ‌we are different women living in different parts of the world, taking in what we see and interpreting it for you on the page! we offer a variety of perspectives, coming from our various backgrounds, places, and creative spaces! read us to learn, to see through our eyes, or simply to be entertained‌

gülsünay gülsünay is 27 years old. she was born in bursa, grew up in izmit and now is living in istanbul. she holds degrees in political science and public administration. she is currently doing a master’s in sociology at galatasaray university, where she is focusing on masculinity. she also works on a project about women in the criminal justice system, for which she interviews women in prison. as an undergraduate student, gülsünay worked with people diagnosed with schizophrenia. she also spent some time in france to learn french, and has worked as editor-inchief










macedonia, bosnia and herzegovina, kosovo, and albania. she has done research in northern iraq and cyprus, and has a special interest in the kurdish conflict. as member of an Istanbul-based ngo, she worked in hakkari, van, siirt, and malatya, and interviewed families which had suffered in the process of evacuation in the province of hakkari. gülsünay likes flamenco dance and music. she loves poems. she has a belief in a just world and cannot stand still in the face of injustice.

hala hala dasouqi is a 23 year old woman from amman, jordan.








creation at she got involved in united religions initiative and has been active in voluntary and peaceoriented activities since then to become the URI youth ambassador of 11. she obtained her BA degree in psychology from jordan university and got a minor in journalism at the university of wisconsin. hala has worked as a website content manager, a multi-cultural radio show hostess and a freelance creative director. and interned with al-rashid addiction center and psychiatry hospital and jordan river foundation. she is a passionate musician that started playing the guitar and singing at the age of 14 in her sister's band, until she started performing songs about local social and political and women status independently in various settings - orphan houses, addiction centers and concerts.

rüya ruya is 24 years old. she grew up in a small town located near the north borders of the of the city istanbul. she studied sociology at boğaziçi university. she has been in arizona state university in the united states as an exchange student for one semester. she learnt tango there. after she came back, she graduated and started master program in sociology at galatasaray university. now she is taking courses in the program after one year of french language education. in the mean time, she did internship at bianet and birgün newspaper. she is still interested in journalism. other than that, she is interested in new social movements, neoliberal theories, contemporary state and social theories, kurdish movement and feminism.

yasemin yasemin is a second generation turkish american based in southern california who has also studied and lived in colorado, new york, and istanbul. she is currently working on her PhD in applied social psychology, with personal and research interests in turkish and american politics, national and ethnic conflict, and other identity-related issues. a background of turkishness and americanness impact her foreground of psychological study as she strives to understand the importance of our many identities in the way we perceive ourselves and each other in our everyday lives.

azade she was found her body in İzmir and lived and enjoyed in the same city until her university years. then she moved to İstanbul for

an undergraduated program in

istanbul university, translation studies in french. she was born, lived and died again in lstanbul. she did everything regardless of reasoned or not. she has experienced every road without what the road is it. nowadays, her way is on an accurate direction. reading poems, interesting in music, singing songs, playing soufi ney, catching sounds and translating wor(l)ds are her pleasures. she will always be living until she becomes a big nothing... (?)

clara clara was born some time ago in the border between portugal and spain. she moved to london as the new millennium loomed and she went on to embrace the city´s vibrant life vehemently. after a BA in humanities and history that would open her appetite for more urban and cultural theory, she decided to move to istanbul in order to explore other understandings of the world. her teaching diploma placed her in the suburbs of the cultural capital of turkey. since then, london lured her back into a MA programme on postcolonial culture and global policy. adding a critical perspective to her theoretical framework, she spent the days demonstrating against the neoliberal policies of the british state, the library and enjoying london public transport. an internship put istanbul back in the map. she worked for an NGO/think-tank where she got her first articles published in turkish. she also traveled to iraqi kurdistan, northern cyprus and egypt as part of the conflict resolution scope the organization covered.







specializing on urban tactics of resistance, she moved to addis ababa, where once again she is teaching english in order to learn about the local cultural practices and the consequences of global economic adjustments.

vera she is a sixth year medical student from germany. medicine is mostly revolving around individual bodies, but actually health is constituted by much more. therefore she studies political science and anthropology as supplement. she deeply beliefs that only by changing the living situation and political conditions of people lasting health in the broad sense of physical and mental well-being can be achieved. she has gathered experience on the life of women in very different places: rural and urban spaces in germany, honduras, india, the usa and recently turkey. for now she focuses on turkey and the situation of immigrants from turkey in germany. she is looking forward to fruitful and controversial exchange on women in different places but united by one spirit!

kübra she lived in bodrum where she found the pure life far away from its touristical paths for 17 years. during these days she was interested in historical novels and natural sports. she came to istanbul to study in sabancı university. after studying one and a half year in SU, she decided to change her studies/life. In 2007 she learned that her future domain would be in marmara university at the department of political science and public administration in french language. this decision (and the result) is one of the crossroads of her life. her interest in natural sports augments during these times. so she became a member of mountaineering and natural sports’ club called MUDADOSK and started to mountain climbing. circumstantially, she started to work for a think-tank so did translations and wrote articles. In 2011 winter she participated one of the projects of TOG (community volunteers foundation) with collaboration of sulukule gönüllüleri derneği. as a volunteer, she spends her time for the school age children who are suffered from urban transformation project in sulukule. now, she is in france and continues to study as an international exchange student. she supports critical thinking. therefore she is trying to know different cultures and values. for her the more ideas are shared sincerely, the more we get closer to serenity. with this belief she finds herself in women in places by bending the borders.

g端lmelek g端lmelek was born in rize, in 1986. she finished her degree in 2010 in the french department of administration and political science at the marmara university, and began the same year her master in the field of sociology at the galatasaray university. now, she is a research assistant in the karadeniz teknik university and she thinks to complete his phd at the same university.

asl覺 asl覺 is a very creative person who grew up between paris, dusseldorf and zurich. she got a master's degree in political science from the university of lausanne and works with asylum seekers, as well as refugees. she has a lot of responsibilities and refuse to work only in the field of administration. she also works face-to-face with vulnerable persons, like victims of tortures, women at risk, unaccompanied minors, etc.

she besides, she is writing articles about witchcraft in africa, middle east and north africa. she also won a prize delivered by the municipality of bursa, due to her story called "the letter to the second time, from geneva to bursa". she knows that she will be working in various parts of the World, looking for challenges and development. asli loves fencing, social anthropology and travels. she created a group on facebook which called "I could be a refugee". she likes independent movies, istanbul, seagulls, cats, rain, a lot of things which make her very happy :)

munis munise nur is 27 years old from istanbul. she is one of the persons who adores social sciences.

after ba

degree in political science and public administration in french at marmara university, she completed her master in the field of political science at galatasaray university where she focused on sociology of youth. during her master’s degree, she organized two conferences about social sciences with her colleagues. she also focused on social media and its effects especially on youth and about this subject she participated as a speaker at media studies conference of bilgi university in 2011 and 2012. she has worked as an editor in a magazine for a while and after she worked as a researcher in a tubitak project which is about socio-economic, physical and ecological impacts of urban regeneration. her areas of academic interest modernisation of turkey, new social movements, urbanisation, turkish left. she’s interested in theatre for long years and has a lot of theatrical performance. but now she is just a good audience. she is one of the naïf persons who believes in idea of “another world is possible."

seda seda is 24 years old, a young woman from Istanbul. she had completed political




in and

international relations, and she is currently doing a master in sociology







interested in youth studies and the phenomenon of education in today’s world.

her other academic interests are composed of

political sociology, political philosophy, studies of oral history, human rights, migration, gender studies, social movements, the study of democracy, globalization, peace studies, militarism and anti-militarism, the Issue of conscientious objection, politics and literature and media and politics. she is curious about life and she is confused with life. however, she is content with her curiosity and confused type of personality. she is not pessimistic and she prefers LOVING instead of HATING. she loves sharing life in every aspects of level. she likes the people and instutions who have a fresh conscience.

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