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Convention Make Room For WCM When JOY TV President & CEO, Suellen Roberts began to test the waters for an industry group geared toward women, the idea sparked immediate enthusiasm. Women throughout the industry were ready and willing to get involved. In just two months, Roberts secured a leadership team and unveiled Women in Christian Media (WCM) at the 2003 NRB Convention. Celebrating a successful run in its first year, the newly-formed group anticipates increased response at the WCM events planned for the 2004 NRB Convention. The schedule of events will stick closely to WCM’s mission to encourage, connect and mobilize women working in all forms of Christian media. WCM was birthed out of Roberts’ desire to connect women in purpose and vision. She believes that providing a platform for women in Christian media will yield powerful results. “Research indicates that the influence of women in our culture is getting stronger by the minute. It is so important that we provide today’s women with Christian perspective,” said Roberts. “Mobilizing women in Christian media is essential to advancing the gospel in these times,” she added. The group will celebrate its one-year anniversary at the February Convention. The main event is scheduled for Sunday, February 15, at 6:00PM in the McCann Group Hospitality Suite 206B. All women working in media are encouraged to attend. WCM events create invaluable opportunities to connect with women throughout the industry. So far, the meetings have proven to be a great source of encouragement to all involved. While encouraging women in Christian media is priority, WCM also intends to inspire more Christian programming for female media consumers. On Monday, February 16 at 9:00AM, Roberts will moderate the educational session What Women Want. The panel will discuss growing trends among female media consumers and new ways to connect with women through programming and promotions. Panelists include Kay Arthur, Co-founder & CEO, Precept Ministries Intl.; Alyson Hayes, Marketing Manager, CTVN; David Lewis, Vice President Programming Acquisition & Development, Family Net; and Christie Legg, Director of Inspirational Life Television. The events scheduled for the NRB Convention will hopefully reflect the momentum gained over the past year. After the launch in February 2003, WCM enjoyed two successful regional NRB Conventions, the unveiling of their web site and the beginnings of a monthly newsletter. Roberts is encouraged by the groups’ rapid progress. “I have organized many women’s groups over the years, but this one is different,” said Roberts. “There is an enthusiasm among these women like I’ve never seen. That is why we’ve come so far, so

fast,” she added. Those serving on the leadership team played a vital role in making it happen. The leadership team consists of seven women serving on the Executive Committee and a base of 24 Founding members. Those serving on the Women in Christian Media are as follows: Suellen Roberts President & CEO JOY TV Founder, Women In Christian Media NRB TV Committee Alyson Hayes Marketing Manager Cornerstone Tele Vision NRB TV Committee Robin Jones National Director Promotions & Marketing Broadcast Stations Moody Broadcasting Network NRB Board of Directors Christie Legg Director ILife-tv-Inspirational Life Television The Inspiration Networks Risa Hubbard Affiliate Relations Manager Family Net Western Region & Broadcast Manager Susan Meredith Client Services Specialist GSF & Associates, Media Agency Eileen Hill Vice President, Finance & Accounting Salem Communications At the heart of WCM’s mission is to be a source of encouragement that facilitates lasting friendships and continual growth. Most importantly, the group hopes to create a communications link between the various media. “WCM provides a common ground for media professionals creating a synergy to explore new horizons,” said Christy Legg, Director of ILIFE Television Network. Legg also commented on the invaluable connections she has already made through WCM. “My involvement with WCM has been the starting point of invaluable relationships. The events provide opportunity to exchange ideas and keep a pulse on the various programming available for women,” she said. Based on response from those who have attended past WCM events, the group is already making an impact through enriching the lives of those involved personally and professionally. When asked about the future of WCM, Roberts anticipates a remarkable outcome. “I expect that great fruitfulness will come out of all this, for women in the industry and for female media consumers,” said Roberts. “My hope is that WCM would play a vital role in encouraging more Christian programming for women thereby infiltrating our culture with Gospel truths,” she added.

Convention Makes Room for WCM  
Convention Makes Room for WCM  

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