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ACADEMIC GUN FOR HIRE? Professor Tim Lindsey Director of The Asian Law Centre, University of Melbourne

Did Tim lie in 2005?

On the day Indonesia sentenced

Schapelle to 20 years in hell for 4.2

kilos of marijuana, Prof. Tim Lin dsey told the Australian press he r sentence was “Light” by Indonesia n standards, but to-day he pointblank refuses to provide any evide nce for that claim, and . . .

. . . it’s since emerged her sentence was 4 times higher than any term (ever), given to an Indonesian for a similar weight, and twice as high as the penalty imposed on an Indonesian man found with 161 kilos of the drug (40 times more than Schapelle). Further, the Dean of Melbourne University backs Tim’s silence, and also refuses to supply any academic references or proof for Tim’s (apparently), wildly inaccurate words in 2005.

Academic Gun For Hire?  

Did Prof Tim Lindsey lie in 2005?

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