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Some other key facts . . . * According to a report released by the International Crisis Group in 2007, amongst 138 Indonesian convictions for terrorism, there were 5 executions and 11 life terms. Amongst the remaining 122, the average sentence was less than 9 years, with the majority released early. Within that number, there were only 5 sentences of 20 years. This means the Indonesian judge considered that an Australian woman carrying just over 4 kilos of pot, with no criminal record, deserved harsher punishment 117 violent terrorists. * Quote . . . Courier Mail 16 June 2010 . . . “ONLY 13 of the 70 terrorists convicted over the Bali bombings and the attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta remain in jail. Indonesian authorities have freed or paroled 57 Jemaah Islamiah terrorists who were convicted over their involvement in the 2002 and 2005 Bali bombings and the 2004 embassy attack in Jakarta, which together killed 95 Australians and injured hundreds more. Another 150 JI members or supporters still in jail for other crimes are scheduled to be released in the next 18 months.” * In 2005, when Schapelle got 20 years, three Indonesian men beheaded three children (young Christian girls in a Muslim region), on their way to school. Tried in 2007, one got 20 years, and the other two got 14 because they said they were “Sorry.” * The Bali robber who stabbed Australian Heidi Murphy 37 times, including through the heart and kidneys (killing her), was sentenced to just 15 years in 2008, because the Indonesian judge said he “Didnʼt mean” to murder her. * Before Schapelleʼs conviction, two Indonesian brothers imported 8.5 kilos of marijuana through Jakarta Airport (double the amount found in Schapelleʼs bag). One was sentenced to 5 years, the other got 6.

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* In 2008, corrupt Bali prison boss Mohammad Sudrajat was tried on drug charges, and was facing a maximum penalty of death, and a minimum penalty of 20 years. Very quietly, and without explanation, he got just 4 years.

Time for Justice . . . Schapelle was condemned by rampant airport corruption that all levels of Government are fleeing from as fast as their legs will carry them. Hereʼs a quote from Australian Customs about a secret file (in a letter they wrote to the Australian Federal Police, 1 June 2005, just a few days after her conviction) . . . “The report identified and detailed serious security breaches and illegal activity by Sydney Airport employees.” So hereʼs what they donʼt want you to know . . . * United Nations data (2007), proves marijuana sold for just US30 cents a gram in Bali (in 2005), but went for a whopping $US31 a gram in Australia - and because of Serving this, all lawSizes enforcement agencies confirm this drug is NEVER illegally exported from here to there. Schapelle is the first (and only), person accused of this crime. * Post the Lockerbie disaster, 9/11 and the Bali bombings, 4.2 kilos of bulging, stinking and and barely concealed marijuana found its way on to a plane full of innocent, paying passengers. It could have been Semtex, and was a major breach of aviation security. Despite this, and despite Schapelleʼs pleas for the Australian airport footage, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) allowed the complete destruction of every frame of CCTV from 100ʼs of cameras, ditto the X ray imagery. They refuse to explain this, and the responsible Government minister (Brendan OʼConnor), will not explain either, despite repeated requests. * The Bali police burnt the drugs (and the plastic bags they were wrapped in), after refusing to test them for fingerprints, human DNA and plant source. They gave no explanation for trashing the physical evidence like this - and the AFP failed to use the Mutual Assistance Treaty (with Indonesia), to request these vital investigations. Obviously, forensics were one key to catching the Australian grower and supplier, who was NEVER investigated. The AFP will not respond to questions about this.

EMAIL: for regular updates * Indonesian customs officers did not preserve a single frame of CCTV relating to Schapelleʼs arrest and interrogation, despite her repeated requests for this footage, and despite her insistence Bali officials lied about her responses. This was in stark contrast to the arrest of the Bali 9, who were filmed from all angles immediately - with that direct evidence going straight to the media. * The very day (and hour), Schapelle flew from Sydney International Airport, another Qantas passenger (Gary MacDonald), was used as an unwitting drug mule by the SAME baggage handlers. They imported 10 kilos of cocaine in his luggage, diverting his bags to their criminal gang on arrival. Overall (throughout 2004), they imported 200 kilos this way (over $65 million worth). One of the workers responsible was given the pseudonym “Tom” by police. He had a serious criminal history, including the trafficking of marijuana - but after he threatened to name corrupt police, he was never charged. He also got $800,000 from the NSW Crime Commission, and was allowed to keep $750,000 of his criminal earnings. As a result, “Tom” didnʼt spill the beans, and wasnʼt asked any more questions. * An Ian Robert Chalmers (Google his name for multiple mainstream news references to his illegal activity), helped to organise “Tomʼs” syndicate. He was a director of Macquarie Bank. Macquarie Bank own Sydney airport. * NO Sydney Airport baggage handlers were ever arrested or charged for crimes the Australian Federal Police quite openly admit they committed. Quote: "In 2005, an AFP/NSW Crime Commission operation resulted in the arrest of members of another cocaine syndicate who were using BAGGAGE HANDLERS to remove imported cocaine from Sydney Airport" . . . . . . from the “Submission of The Australian Federal Police, to The PJC-ACC Inquiry into the Adequacy of Aviation and Maritime Security Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime," November 2009.

* Indonesian customs officers refused to weigh Schapelleʼs bags on arrival, to compare that figure with the Brisbane check-in weight, even though it was crucial evidence.

* This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the link on the front cover to discover even more shocking details, including appalling revelations from senior Australian customs workers. You can also join the growing Facebook support for Schapelle, and get regular updates.

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