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Police delve into personal baggage after triple shooting Sydney Morning Herald, 10 March 2011

SIX years ago a baggage handler, Norman Niass, was charged over his alleged involvement in a cocaine importation syndicate operating out of Sydney Airport.


QANTAS CRIMINAL This QANTAS baggage handler - accused of using innocent passengers as unwitting drugs mules on the EXACT date Schapelle flew (8 Oct 2004) - was in a New South Wales jail the same day she was sentenced to 20 years in hell (27 May 2005). He was in custody because of his “Lengthy prior record,” but the Australian public was never told of this appalling connection. The press just referred to him as a “Man,” all mention of his crucial employment history was scrubbed from the media

“Cocaine raid men appear in court” Sydney Morning Herald 10 May 2005 Another man, 55-year-old Norman Niass of Petersham, was also refused bail by a Sydney court today. But magistrate Suzanne Seagrave found the objective seriousness of the charges and Niass' lengthy prior record meant granting bail would be inappropriate.

Norman Niass Poster  

A poster outing the QANTAS criminals

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