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EXPENDABLE.TV AFP involved in drug smuggling: exdetective “Ray Cooper, former head of operations for the AFP's internal investigations, told the Nine Network it was well known by the AFP that unwitting passengers were being used as `mules' to shift drugs between Australian domestic airports. And he said his investigations suggested some state and federal police were in league with the smugglers. "It was well known amongst the federal police that this particular operation and strategy was being adopted by criminals," Mr Cooper said.” Sydney Morning Herald, 8 May 2005

In 2004, Qantas baggage handlers at Sydney International Airport helped to import millions of dollars worth of drugs. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) admit this in a formal report to the Senate (2009). However, none of them were ever arrested or charged. Leading that syndicate was a Director of Macquarie Bank, who own the airport. Mysteriously, every frame of CCTV Schapelle begged for, from three Australian air terminals was destroyed. The AFP also refused to ask Indonesia to forensically test Schapelle’s bag (and the drugs inside it), under the provisions of our “Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters” treaty with that country.

New Blockbuster Documentary Released . . . . . . Blowing the whistle on the cover-up that condemned an innocent woman . . . “Federal police say ‘it is a recognised criminal activity’ for drug dealers to use innocent travellers as unsuspecting ‘mules’. They have arrested baggage handlers at Sydney Airport for the offence. Drugs are inserted in luggage at one airport and a photograph of the target bag and its tag are emailed to the destination airport, where baggage handlers recover the drugs before the passenger collects the bag.” Weighing the Evidence, Sydney Morning Herald, 5 March 2005 • Qantas baggage handlers at Sydney Airport had criminal records longer than their arms, and were routinely using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules. • When one of them, codenamed “Tom” by the police, threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt officers, he was rewarded with nearly $1.6 million of public money, and the allegedly corrupt police officers were never investigated or charged. • Airport staff failed to add Schapelle’s boogie board bag to their computerised luggage handling systems after check-in,

and quite illegally loaded it on to her flight to Indonesia without Xray scanning. This information was deliberately withheld from her (and everyone else), during the trial - even though it was primary evidence of corrupt interference with her property. • An Indonesian man found with nearly 40 times marijuana as Schapelle got half as much time (just 10 years), and the highest sentence ever given to an Indonesian for exactly the same crime is 5 years. A Bali prison boss convicted of dealing drugs got just 4 years - and two Indonesian men who hacked the

heads off of three children on their way to school got just 14 years (six years less than Schapelle). Further, only 13 out of 70 Bali Bombers are still in jail, as reported by the Australian press in 2010. • Every shred of hard evidence Schapelle begged for was inexplicably destroyed. • Indonesian customs officers refused to weigh her bag at Bali Airport, to compare that figure to the Brisbane check-in weight - and they also destroyed every frame of CCTV relating to her arrest and interrogation.

Expendable Flyer  

Information about the coming documentary, exposing the corruption that jailed an innocent woman.

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