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ABC AUSTRALIA Establishment Bitch? “Well, who is Mark Scott? He's come to the ABC from the Fairfax newspaper group, where he was the Editor In Chief of The Age, The Sunday Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun Herald. He's dabbled in the world of politics, at one stage running the office a controversial NSW Liberal Party Minister Terry Metherell. He tells us tonight he once considered running for Parliament, under the banner of the NSW Liberal Party.” ABC 16 July 2006

Cover-up at the ABC . . .

CEO Mark Scott point-blank refuse s to report major breaches of Australian aviation security - or tell us none of the criminal QANT AS baggage handlers who helped to import 200 kilos of ccocaine into the country (using unwitting passeng ers as innocent drug mules) . . .

. . . were ever arrested or charged. The national broadcaster also disseminated wholly unsubstantiated smears about Schapelle and her family, their reporter screamed abuse at her sister - and they’ve maintained total silence about key United Nations data which proves the economic madness of taking marijuana FROM Australia TO Bali. The day Schapelle flew, the drug sold for around US30 cents a gram on the streets of Indonesia while in Australia, it changed hands for a whopping $US31 a gram.

ABC Establishment Bitch?  

What is ABC Australia refusing to tell the Australian public?

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