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Many dedicated individuals and organizations have been important to the Moving Forward initiative and to the development of this case study. Neither would exist without the unusually committed work and partnership between the two organizations and teams from the Women Donors Network (WDN) and the Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC), including Susan Boerstling, Kathy Bonk, Andrea Camp, Marcela Howell and Laura Rogers (through 2010) from CCMC; and Kathleen Barry, Donna Hall, Margery Loeb, Friedrike Merck (through 2009) and Wendy Wolf from WDN. Thanks also to those who agreed to be interviewed. They include: Vince Breglio of Breglio Consulting; Sam Bennett, President/CEO, Women’s Campaign Fund; Dr. Wendy Chavkin, Professor of Public Health and Obstetrics-Gynecology, Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health, Columbia University; Sammie Moshenberg, Director of the Washington Office, National Council of Jewish Women; and Dr. Susan Wood, Associate Professor- Director, Jacob’s Institute of Women’s Health, The George Washington School of Public Health and Health Services. The case study also draws substantially on existing documents, which are cited as appropriate. Many were developed or made available by CCMC, so extra thanks to Susan Boerstling, Marcela Howell and colleagues. We would also like to acknowledge Dr. Chavkin and her colleagues, Dr. Wood and her colleagues, and the late Beth Shulman for the materials they produced. Finally, we would like to thank Sally Leiderman of the Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD) for her extensive research, collating and analyzing, and Joanne Omang, who wrote the final copy and turned it into a work to be read by many. Without them, we would not be able to tell our story. CCMC and WDN November 2011

WDN Moving Forward Case Study  

A case study on reframing the reproductive rights dialogue.

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