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From Mother to Friend I can’t remember a time before you, I don’t even want to try. From the start you were my mother, back when I wouldn’t leave your side. You let two little girls come into your home, even after raising one practically on your own. I can’t imagine the size a woman’s heart must have to be, to share this type of love and unite as family. I didn’t understand a mother’s love, until the day I held my own. Although I may never fully understand, what it means to love another as your very own. This type of love is special, God is the only one that really knows. If you’d ask me I would tell you what this love means to me. I’d say it’s kisses in the morning, singing to wake you up. Having patience with a troubled child, when anyone else would just give up. It’s always saying “I love you”, even though you’ve had enough. It even be cantaloupe and twinkies in a lunchbox, Just to bring your child a smile. It’s every birthday calling to sing, a call I couldn’t go without. love is waiting until your unruly teen finally comes around. It’s always being the cheerleader, rooting for success. those are just a few things that I can think of right away, Of course there are many more, too many to every say, although there’s times that mothers and daughters are not always very close, those times quickly fade away and one fact remains true, you’re always there for me and I will always be there for you, funny how a mother can become the friend I found in you.

A Season of Transitions --Patricia Robinson We are in a constant season of change, whether it is from spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter. There is a constant transitioning and shifting that has to take place because of the seasons of change. As the world changes and it’s environment, it is essential that we make the necessary changes to prepare for what’s to come. Some of you are transitioning now. You may be in a season of despair around a number of issues, i.e., dealing with financial crisis; not knowing how to make ends are meet; or dealing with a broken relationship that has forced you to go it alone. You’re possibly dealing with a wayward child who has lost their way to the ways of the world and left you brokenhearted. And finally, you find yourself spiritually wounded with no where to turn because your Christian friends were not so Christian after all. But realize it’s just a season! If you can just hold on your help is on the way. God is transitioning you. He’s using your brokenness to move you towards your blessedness. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith, and don’t stop believing. I know things have not turned out the way you envision. I know you can’t see it yet but he’s already mending that broken relationship. He’s already moving the right people in their respective places on your behalf. He’s already healing those wounds. God will open doors that no man can shut, he will place your enemies at your footstool and your obstacles underneath your feet. You’re in a season of transition. God is shifting and preparing you for your change. Job was in a season but he never gave up, he never gave in, he never waivered. Although his wife cursed the Lord and his friends abandoned him, he never did. He remained faithful and said with conviction in Job 13:15 “though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” Trust in the Lord, you may not think he hears your prayers but he does. He promised to never leave you nor forsake you. Joshua 1:15 “There shall not be any man who stands before thee all the days of that life: as I was with Moses, so will I be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. So praise him for your season and turn all your cares over to him. “Walk and not be weary; run and not faint”. This is your season of change. God’s creation of seasons was given to man for a reason, that we may preserve it through our works, bask in the beauty of it all, and prepare for His return. “Wait on the Lord and be of good courage.”

Then sought to tell you that it was all your fault because you were Too hard, too sassy, too cold, too wrong

Woman Black woman/Sister/Mother of the Sun/keeper of the flame Producer of Spirits Spirits of the drum sound/feet marching drum spirit sounds Freedom sounds Freedom sounds How dare you be so strong You sat on his bus Unlawful & defiant Woman Black Woman Strong Unwilling to compromise your God force Strong You sat on his bus Defiant of his laws You were dead to his ways But you, beautiful and self assured, were born again Strong Black Woman, How dare you be so strong And when you sat, a nation called America began to take shape And when you sat, black men began to shake the ground and Mold their hearts into a sphere of common compassion And when you sat, there was a call to culture and true Interdependence

Weakly they cursed at you and screamed – Black Woman How Dare You Be So Strong And through it all you stood tall, like the African Boa Tree Unusually strong – magnificent, permanent, authentic You Stretched forth your hands and opened your arms and Embraced him when no one else would, even when he found it Hard to love himself. You whispered wisdom words and told him Ancient tales of his strength that had been beaten out of his Memory. You loved him to life when no one else could. You have lead a nation of men back to the earth of their birth You are the light on a dark trail You are the chime on the Freedom Bell You are the key to the poverty jail You are strong You are strong How dare you be so strong God is delighted in you He saw man alone, then brought forth you

Black Woman, how dare you be so strong

He summoned the Angels and proclaimed behold – look he said, look What I have done

You have lead us through the dust and mud of the underground Railroad and we have followed you, tired and worn

And you rose up and walked/sashade/and swayed And the Angels knew that God’s work was through for the day

Weary of prayers unanswered, time and time again, we followed You and God answered us You were there to push pass the profanity, death calls, fist, spit And human waste that tried to separate us from first class schools.

We ask how dare you be so strong But we should have known all along that God just made you that way

Strong Black Woman Strong Black Woman Keep being strong for us Keep being strong for them You were there at segregated lunch counters, whose Keep being strong for you main course of Be our anthem The day was burnt democracy For you are the faith that the dark past has taught us You were there to plead for the release of your child and You are the hope that the present has brought us You lead with love your And we love you just the way you are Neighbors child with tears, protest, and resolve – no And you are our strong, sweet fulfillment of God’s covematter the nant Dreaded hour, Black Woman you were there A promise never broken A harvest never lost How dare you be so strong You were there holding up the sky Behold, look what God has done When Black Men had taken the best part of you, your Look what God has done heart They entered into it Captured it Amen Crushed it into pieces Clued it back together with the scare tissue from their backs

Pastor Nathaniel Gadsden

Nathaniel Gadsden

Introduces “Purposeful Living Gatherings” (PLG) (Information Session)

Monday, February 17, 2014 Giant Food Community Center 2300 Linglestown Road Harrisburg, PA 17110 10:00 a.m. to 12 Noon or 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Contribution: $10.00 To register contact Pat Gadsden 717.608-2302 or

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”—Robin Sharma

WWW.LIFEESTEEM.ORG Watch the Life Esteem Television Show, hosted by Nate and Pat Gadsden, any time you want to by clicking on The Life Esteem Show airs every Sunday morning on WHP-TV 21 at 6:00 a.m.

The Celebrating Families! TM curriculum is an evidence based cognitive behavioral, support group model written for families in which one or both parents have a serious problem with alcohol or other drugs and in which there is a high risk for domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect. Celebrating Families! TM works with every member of the family, from ages 3 through adult, to strengthen recovery from alcohol and/or other drugs, break the cycle of addiction and increase successful family reunification. Celebrating Families! TM fosters the development of safe, healthy, fulfilled, and addiction-free individuals and families by increasing resiliency factors and decreasing risk factors while incorporating addiction recovery concepts with healthy family living skills. Each session begins with a family meal. Afterwards family members break into age groups for developmentally appropriate activities led by the group facilitators. At the end of each session, all family members reconnect in activities to learn how to apply these new skills and interact in healthy ways. The model is developed for children of alcoholics/addicts COAs and their parents, many of whom have learning differences or cognitive deficits. Celebrating Families! TM is based on recent research about brain chemistry, including skills, education, risk and resiliency factors, and asses development. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of community service and individual spirituality. Celebrating Families! TM :     

Explores the four aspects of healthy living: physical, psychological social and spiritual. Incorporates healthy family living skills. Integrates parenting skills with strategies to break the cycle of addiction. Utilizes materials developed for COAs with the teaching and reinforcing of life skills. Uses interactive teaching methodologies recommended by research on how the brain learns, especially brains impacted in utero by alcohol and other drug use.

Session Topics       

Healthy Living Nutrition Communication Feelings and Defenses Anger Management Facts about Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Chemical Dependency is a Disease

Chemical Dependency Affects the Whole Family  Goal Setting  Making Healthy Choices  Healthy Boundaries  Healthy Friendships and Relationships  How We Learn  Our Uniqueness

Embrace life at any Age Is Fifty the new 30? Melanie Gaskins

My passion is creativity. I’ve been blessed with plenty of it. It intoxicates my mind, body and soul. I’m sure if creativity had a smell, I would strongly reek of it. However, I absolutely love that it consumes me. I have found ways to channel it through art, cooking, writing and organizing events and parties. Over the years I have planned and coordinated Baby Showers, Birthday parties, Corporate Events such as parades, picnics & plays, Dinner & Holiday parties, hosted “Girls Night Out” gatherings to review Tyler Perry movies, my own 20th Wedding Anniversary and Family Reunions. What drives me to be creative? Simply put the blessing I receive. It truly warms my heart to see some one else being happy, laughing and enjoying their self because they participated in an affair I crafted and designed. My talent has been tested on many occasions. For my daughter Ashley’s 15th Birthday she had a “Favorite Female Singing Artist” party; son, Brad for his 13th Birthday a Yu-Gi-Oh Card Championship; son, Evan, for his 5th grade class designed a Positive Change Campaign to showcase his class mates talents, reviewed Black History and discussed my artwork “A Man of Change” and how it was signed by President Obama. We presented our Campaign at his elementary schools assembly for the entire student body. Three years ago emy father turned 90 years old. I had to do something extraordinary and decided to have Roaring 1920’s Party. It was fabulous. On October 7, 2013 I hit a mile mark in life and turned fifty. Everyone who has turned or about to turn fifty has their own way in which to celebrate or quietly let the day go by. Of course, it is your prerogative how you choose to cope with this age. Some become depressed because they may not have attained their goals they set for themselves. Well, I decided to embrace my fifties. Why not be positive and treat this age as an opportunity to hit the reset button. Therefore, I chose to celebrate and have my own 50th Birthday Masquerade Ball, October 12, 2013 with family and friends. My party theme was based on the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Therefore, to get into my theme character I titled myself as “Countess.”


AGENDA Classes: Strengthening Families Focus: Parents with children ages 6 through 11 years. Class Description: The Strengthening Families program is designed to: 1. Decrease alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, and discourage intentions to use. 2. Decrease emotional, behavioral and social problems in school. 3. Improve communication and academic skills. 4. Improve parenting skills and the family environment. 5. Increase children's ability to cope. 6. Provide information to parents about alternative ways to increase positive interactions with their children. Program begins with family dinner, then 11/2 hour of separate sessions for kids & adults. Child care is provided for younger children. Agenda Ages 6-11 1. Introduction and Group Building 2. What Kids Can Do & How to Manage Stress 3. Rewards 4. Goals and Objectives 5. Notice and Ignoring 6. Communication 1: Better Relationships 7. Communication II; Family Meetings 8. Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Families 9. Problem Solving and Giving Directions 10.

Setting Limits I: Behavior You Can’t Ignore


Setting Limits II: Practice Setting Limits


Setting Limits III: Solving Behavior Programs


Building and Using Behavior Programs


Getting and Keeping More Good Behavior/Graduation

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