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Julia Marchese An interview by Bonnie Curtis and Jennifer Druhn In a culture where digital presentation is taking over, Out of Print is a captivating documentary by Julia Marchese that celebrates the unique Revival and Art House Cinemas where 35mm film prints are still going strong. With elegant composition and effective storytelling, Out of Print addresses the viewers to a multilayered experience to urge them to inquire into the possible synergy between tradition and contemporary technology. We are particularly pleased to introduce our readers to her multifaceted artistic production. Hello Julia and welcome to this special edition of Women Cinemakers: before starting to elaborate about your artistic production would you like to tell us something about your background? Are there any experience, along with your career as an actress, influenced the way you currently conceive and produce your works?

I have been a stage actor since I was a very small child, and was an ensemble member at the Rainbow Company Children's Theatre in Las