Women CineMakers, Special Edition

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Women Cinemakers meets

Ivana Tkalčić Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia

new world _ is a captivating video by Croatian multidisciplinary artist Ivana Tkalčić: inquiring into the notion of hyperreality, it challenges the viewers' perceptual parameters to addresses them to question our relationship with technology, initiating her audience into highteneed experience capable of encouraging a cross-pollination. One of the most interesting aspects of Tkalčić's work is the way her perceptive approach urges the spectatorship to question the notion of Utopia in our media driven contemporary age. We are particularly pleased to introduce our readers to her captivating and multifaceted artistic production.

An interview by Francis L. Quettier and Dora S. Tennant womencinemaker@berlin.com

Hello Ivana and welcome to WomenCinemakers: we would like to introduce you to our readers with a couple of questions regarding your background. You have a solid formal training: you hold a MA, that you received from the Academy of

Fine Arts, Zagreb and you also spent a year at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Munich. How did these experiences inform your current practice? Moreover, how would you describe the influence that your mentors have had on your vision about Art in general? Studying at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb gave me the basics in understanding art and