WomenCinemakers, Special Edition

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Women Cinemakers meets

Fumi Gomez Lives and works in London, United Kingdom

Trapped in a room. There is a box inside the room. The box is theroom. Inspired by "Shoredinger's Cat" thought

An interview by Francis L. Quettier

you tell us what are your biggest influences and how do

and Dora S. Tennant

they affect your artistic research?


I’m mixed race, and I come from a diverse background. All my

Brilliantly constructed and marked out with captivating dreamlike cinematography, Box is a captivating short film by London based director Fumi Gomez. Inspired by the well-

cultural references, TV, films, literature, represent people who never look like me, or like my family. Growing up, I would spend hours watching films and television and feeling as if I

known thought experiment Schrödinger's cat, this captivating

were a spectator of a world I didn’t belong to. People and

short film triggers the viewers' perceptual categories with

families like mine seemed like they didn’t exist. When I was

such a stimulating tapestry of images and sounds, to inquire

older, living in either of my parents’ home countries, I realised

into the thin line that links fantasy to reality: we are

that being mixed race made it impossible for me to fit in with

particularly pleased to introduce our readers to Gomez's

the local culture. I learned to fill in the gaps and to adapt. I

captivating and multifaceted artistic production.

ended up thinking that I played with an advantage: I know

Hello Fumi and welcome to WomenCinemakers: before starting to elaborate about your artistic production, we

their stories but they don’t know mine so there’s space for the unexpected and unpredictable!

would ask you some questions about your background. Are

My love for French films took me to ask for a scholarship to

there any experiences that did particularly influence the

study in Paris, where French New Wave (Nouvelle Vague) was

evolution of your practice as a filmmaker? Moreover, could

born. Truffaut, Godard, Rivette... I was finally there. However, I