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We want to catch this occasion to ask you to express your view on the future of women in cinema. For more than half a century women have been discouraged from getting behind the camera, however in the last decades there are signs that something is changing. What's your view on the future of women in cinema? I feel that women have a lot to say, and a lot to work from. We also feel as though we have a lot to prove, and I think those things in combination can help you force your voice through. I think we also have a duty be persistent and set an example for the next generation. In short, I think women have a huge future presence in cinema, both on and off screen. I’m thinking about Wonder Woman (which has a long way to go, I had some problems with it, but it’s a step in the right direction.) Also Game of Thrones which seemed to start off as one of the most objectifying TV shows I had ever seen, but has blossomed into what can only be described as a powerful and positively formidable matriarchy. These two examples are very mainstream, of course, but I think the onscreen changes reflect what is happening off-screen with directors, casting directors and writers. Women are getting more involved and demanding characters with more substance and more power.


normal life/family after that childhood?’ I wanted to investigate that, but at the same time, show the emotional journey he would go on retracing his steps, something more immediate, in the present, not just talking about the past.

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