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Jenny Paul Lives and works in New York City, USA

An interview by Francis Quettier

elements and vision for the film were a true

and Dora Tennant

team collaboration. I see my job as largely an assembly (and sometimes wrangler) of the

Are there any experiences that

right team: one that will have artistic

particularly influence the way you

chemistry, work well together, and have

currently conceive and produce your

passion for the specific project. Once the


hiring/onboarding is done, the team gets

I have a theory. Art is only as good as the chemistry, imagination, and work ethic of the people behind the art. All of my works

down to work and we make it soar together. How does your cultural substratum inform your career?

have a solid foundation in collaboration. As you’ll see when you watch

, the

I believe in people and what people bring to

team is rather large for such a small film—

the table when they’re at their best (and

especially in the writer’s room. The creative

sometimes, worst). All of my work reflects that

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