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Women Cinemakers meets

Carlota Caldeira Lives and works in London, United Kingdom

Carlota is an award-winning filmmaker from Cascais, Portugal, with a passion for music and traveling. Upon finishing her degree in Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine-Arts of Lisbon, which included a year abroad at Southampton Solent University in the UK, she moved on to work for Show Off Films in Lisbon. With a fresh mind, Carlota has not only directed but also produced, shot and edited most of her films. The first web and television commercial she directed at Show Off for Johnson & Johnson Portugal, was recognised at “Prémios Lusos” and won both a Silver and a Bronze award. Since then, Carlota has worked with several different clients, making promotional videos and short documentaries in Lisbon, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bali and Hawaii. She is now aiming to work in features and television dramas and documentaries.

area where reality and imagination find unexpected points of convergence: we are particularly pleased to introduce our readers to Caldeira's stimulating and multifaceted artistic production.

Created for the NASA CineSpace competition, Bluebird is a brilliantly constructed and elegantly photographed film by Portuguese London based filmmaker Carlota Caldeira: through sapient storytelling and editing, her film offers an emotionally complex visual experience, demonstrating the ability to capture the subtle dephts of emotions and to walk the viewers through the liminal

Hello Carlota and welcome to : before starting to elaborate about your film we would invite our readers to visit in order to get a wider idea about your artistic production and we would start this interview with a couple of questions

An interview by Francis L. Quettier and Dora S. Tennant

WomenCinemakers // Special Edition  
WomenCinemakers // Special Edition