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Q&A with Elaine Chao

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CONFERENCE & EXPO NOVEMBER 12-13, 2020 Learn from transportation, logistics, and supply chain professionals at the 2020 Virtual Accelerate! Conference & Expo, sponsored by the Women In Trucking Association. This virtual experience will provide you with ideas on how intelligent business practices and gender diversity can have a positive strategic impact on your company’s success. It also will provide you with tips and empowerment to be your best self in your career. 40+ Educational Sessions on critical transportation issues and trends, along with perspectives of women in the industry. There are four educational areas of focus to ensure you receive relevant information that can be invaluable to your career: Leadership, Professional Development, Human Resources (Recruiting and Talent Management), Operations, and Sales & Marketing. Expand Your Network through interactive roundtable discussion groups. These sessions will provide you with peer-to-peer learning and conversation around topics of mutual interest. Find Solutions and Build Business through a robust virtual expo featuring valuable products and services.



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5 Habits of Highly Effective Female Business Owners


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One Woman’s Windshield


Navigating Through a Pandemic


TMC Drives Industry Thought Leadership


Meet the 2020 Distinguished Woman in Logistics


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It’s about time... It is highly unusual for a driver to be greeted with cheers and applause when backing into a loading dock, but that’s exactly what has been happening during the coronavirus pandemic. When shoppers in search of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies found stores shelves empty, they realized that we all depend on the trucking industry to restock those shelves.

Ellen Voie, CAE, President & CEO Women In Trucking Association, Inc.

It remains to be seen whether this appreciation will continue as things move into the “new normal.” Right now, the general public is making the connection between the big rigs they see on the road and the products they load into their cars at the store. It’s about time.

Those of us in the trucking industry have always recognized the value we bring to the economy, and, more importantly, to our friends and neighbors. That appreciation is finally being shared by those outside of the industry. Every day, we hear stories of kindness about companies, groups and even individuals who are taking the time to give drivers food, water, care packages or just a friendly wave. They are finally understanding the stress these men and women are under as they continue to do their jobs (as they have always done) to provide consumer products.

We love to highlight the kindness our drivers are experiencing during these stressful situations. We’ve been sharing many of these stories at Women In Trucking (WIT) by using the hashtag #SteeringTowardKindness. The pandemic has put additional pressure on our drivers – from the need to protect oneself with masks, sanitizer and cleaning products (which are not easy to find on the road) to worrying about families at home whom they haven’t seen in a while. Most drivers just shrug and say they’re just doing their job, but we know it has been a challenge. At WIT, we want to help our drivers during these challenging times. We’re thrilled to offer our drivers physical and mental support through customized behavior health solutions from Espyr®, thanks to the generosity of Amazon and Total Transportation of Mississippi (see more on page 25). Drivers are the backbone of America. It might have taken a virus to appreciate that backbone, but let’s keep the momentum going and show them how valuable they are every day. It’s about time….


4 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020


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SHE DID IT: Successful Women in Transportation There’s no shortage of success stories involving women who have leveraged their expertise, skills, resourcefulness, and multi-dimensional talents to make it in today’s business world. We’re thrilled to bring you some of their stories in this edition.

Brian Everett, ABC Group Editorial Director and Publisher Redefining the Road magazine

For example, we recently caught up with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao to hear how she became the first Asian-American woman to be appointed to the President’s cabinet in American history. In her role, Chao oversees the operating administrations of the Department of Transportation and coordinates policies to provide an efficient, economical national transportation system. She is amazing! We also hear remarkable success stories from women in the private sector. Women are finding ways to succeed in their careers and make more money – such as starting their own businesses. In fact, according to the most recent State of the Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express, woman-owned businesses continue to trend above all businesses. According to the report, WOBs now represent 42 percent of all businesses – nearly 13 million – employ 9.4 million workers, and generate revenue of $1.9 trillion.

With this backdrop, there are many inspiring stories of growth and success of women who have started their own businesses in transportation. For instance, Arelis Gutierrez founded Aria Logistics just seven years ago to create a successful business model that simplifies transportation management across all modes. For other companies, skilled women have taken the reins of the company to continue a long-time family legacy. For example, RFX Inc. is now headed by two third-generation women, Kimberly Welby and Diana Rossi, who are leading their company in breaking ground with the latest technology and social consciousness to become one of the top-rated U.S. container trucking and shipping companies. Congratulations to those Top Woman-Owned Businesses who are recognized in this edition!

RFX Inc. is headed by two third-generation women — Kimberly Welby and Diana Rossi. 6 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020

Text 7

COVER STORY: Q&A with DOT Secretary

Industry Perspective: A Conversation with U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Elaine Chao As Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Elaine Chao plays a vital role in shaping the industry. She oversees the formulation of national transportation policy and serves as principle advisor to the president in all matters relating to federal transportation programs. Redefining the Road magazine recently caught up with Secretary Chao to talk about her personal career journey, her perspective on gender diversity and her insights on the industry today.

8 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020

RTR: What inspired you to begin working in the transportation industry? EC: Transportation has been a big part of my life. I immigrated to the United States on a cargo ship when I was eight years old, not speaking any English. When we settled in this country, my family and I learned about America through family road trips on our national highway network. I never could have imagined then the opportunities that America would hold for my family and me.

My first job out of business school was working as a transportation banker. Then, I began my career in public service working on transportation issues at the White House. I went on to serve as Deputy Maritime Administrator at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, and Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). I have always been grateful for the trust and confidence people have had in me to give me

America. I hope that the examples of these American heroes inspire the next generation of women to pursue careers in the transportation field. RTR: How would you encourage women who are considering starting a business in the industry? EC: My single biggest piece of advice is to never give up. America is truly the land of opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit. As with any new enterprise, you need a solid business plan, a good accountant, and – as your business expands – to surround yourself with talented people who share your passion and commitment. With hard work, determination and tenacity, good things will happen. Secretary Elaine Chao recently recognized America’s truckers at a White House event. a job. In each position, I’ve been propelled by a desire to learn, a wish to do good, and the ability to have a positive impact. The fact that transportation systems connect people and provide access to needed goods and services has always resonated with me. RTR: What have been the greatest challenges you faced in entering and rising through the ranks? EC: Among the challenges I faced as a young staffer, was mastering the subject at hand, as well as learning to speak up and be taken seriously in meetings. Having a mastery of the subject matter gave me a better chance to “command the floor,” so to speak. Women were something of a novelty in the upper levels of government and the private and nonprofit sectors at the time. Asian-American women were rarer still. I worked very hard. Each day, I tried to do what was asked of me with enthusiasm and resourcefulness. It’s been my experience that if you do a good job, people take notice. The transportation sector is still very male-dominated today. I’ve always been a strong advocate for more inclusion of women and other under-represented communities in this sector. RTR: Why do you think it’s important to incorporate more gender diversity in our industry? EC: Today, more and more women are leading the way in some of our nation’s top industries,

including transportation. At the U.S. DOT, we’re proud that nearly 160 women occupy senior executive positions throughout the Department and the modes. But women are still substantially underrepresented in the trucking industry. Data from the Women In Trucking Association indicates that women account for just 10.2 percent of the trucking workforce. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is committed to exploring new ways to recruit and support women behind the wheel of our trucks and buses. A diverse workforce, at every level, will benefit the entire industry. RTR: Given your experience and background, what advice would you share with women interested in pursuing transportation careers?

At the U.S. DOT, we’re committed to creating ladders of opportunity for women-owned businesses. In fiscal year (FY) 2018, we awarded more than 9 percent of contracts to women-owned small businesses. In addition, during FY2018, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program helped ensure that women-owned small businesses won a share of contracts awarded to firms working with recipients of Federal Aviation, Highway and Transit Administration funds. They won 54 percent of these federally assisted contracts, for a total amount of more than $2.5 billion. RTR: How would you recommend transportation companies recruit and retain more women into the industry? EC: Bringing more women into the workforce benefits organizations. It makes no sense to be continued on page 10

EC: Go for it! Transportation is the lifeblood of our economy. Transportation systems connect people and provide access to much needed goods and services. It’s an exciting sector! Truckers play a critical role in keeping the supply chain open – and that’s never been more evident than in the wake of COVID-19. We have all seen the contributions that truckers make each day to support our economy in delivering needed goods and supplies all across

FMCSA’s new campaign is helping to raise public awareness about how to share the road safely. 9

COVER STORY: Q&A with DOT Secretary continued from page 9 recruiting from only half the population. Companies should recruit on campus, obviously, and from women-centric industry associations. The military and veterans’ organizations are a tremendous source of educated, skilled, disciplined and goal-oriented women. I’m very proud to have many senior women leaders on our team at the U.S. DOT. We continue to pay it forward by investing in the next generation of women leaders. Through the De-

partment’s Women & Girls in Transportation Initiative (WITI), we offer internship opportunities to help young women enter the transportation sector. To learn more about this initiative, visit RTR: You often say that safety is your number one priority. How is the DOT helping to increase safety and reduce crashes involving large trucks on America’s roadways? EC: Safety factors into everything the U.S. DOT and the FMCSA do. We regularly work with

truck drivers and industry leaders to enhance driver safety and accident prevention. During this Administration, FMCSA has done a historic update to hours-of-service rules to improve safety and increase flexibility for commercial drivers. These important changes will allow truck drivers more options during the workday and improve safety on our roadways. In 2019, FMCSA awarded $77.3 million in grants to states and educational institutions to enhance commercial motor vehicle safety. FMCSA’s Our Roads, Our Safety partnership has grown to 27 partner organizations across industry, safety, and driver education stakeholders. We’re especially proud that the Women In Trucking Association plays a key part in this initiative. The Agency also recently released its Voices of Safety campaign—a video series and national public awareness campaign designed to raise awareness among all road users about sharing the road safely with large trucks and buses. The 2019 public awareness campaign achieved more than 359 million views in markets and platforms across the nation. RTR: Do you anticipate changes to DOT policy and/or practices in the trucking industry in the wake of COVID-19? EC: As we’ve seen when regional natural disasters strike, it’s America’s truck drivers who bring needed groceries to restock store shelves and lifesaving medical supplies to hospitals. Commercial drivers have played a key role in keeping America’s supply chain moving. Truckers will play an equally important part as our economy re-opens and resumes its strong growth. That’s why FMCSA issued a first-of-its-kind national emergency declaration to provide hours-of-service regulatory relief for those transporting emergency relief in response to COVID-19. This allows drivers to deliver packages and products more efficiently during this time of need. In addition, the Agency has worked closely with state licensing agencies and provided important regulatory waivers so that individuals who are seeking commercial learner’s permits and licenses can still receive them. We’ve also taken action to help ensure that truck stops and state rest stops are open and provide food for truckers. n

10 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020





ROBERT B. HOWES II Chief Testing Officer








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• Non-forced dispatch

• Thousands of loads available every day

• Big fuel discounts at the point-of-sale. 11

FEATURE: Habits of Effective WOBs



of Highly Effective Female Business Owners

According to American Express’ 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, employment by woman-owned companies (WOBs) in the transportation and warehousing industry increased 10 percent between 2014 and 2019. Even more impressive, total revenue by WOBs in the industry was up 28 percent during that same time period. In its second annual list of Top WomanOwned Businesses, Women In Trucking (WIT) shines a light on 12 outstanding performers from this widening field. How do these leaders and their companies deliver such a remarkable performance? In a review of their winning nominations, a number of common themes repeatedly rise to the surface. With a nod to author Stephen R. Covey, following are 5 Habits of Highly Effective Female Business Owners.

12 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020


Focus on Growth Top WOBs appear to be in growth mode.

At Knichel Logistics, for example, President and CEO Kristy Knichel spearheaded the development of an agent program in order to continue growing the company and bolster its geographic footprint. Under the direction of President Barb Bakos, Powersource Transportation grew from 99 owner-operators to 130 in the past five years. Becoming an authorized agent of United Van Lines helped Tru-Pak Moving Systems to increase volume and revenue, add national accounts, hire 20 more female drivers, and increase the size of its equipment fleet. Rihm Kenworth was recently named the #1 Largest Woman-Owned Company of the Year for Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn., based on revenue.


Never Stop Improving

Continuous improvement is another common denominator for this year’s WOBs. Over the last 18 months, Kenco has made a significant investment in building out the company’s transportation and ecommerce capabilities and expanded its in-house Innovation Lab for the research and development of emerging technologies. Both divisions of Brenny Transportation have been Disadvantaged Business (DBE) certified. The company can now help with government jobs and other opportunities that require these specifications. Veriha Trucking makes a serious commitment to safety and training. In January 2020, the company was recognized with a 2019 Fleet Safety Award by the Truckload Carriers Association. Based upon total DOT accidents per million miles, this award is given to just 18 fleets. continued on page 14

Women In Trucking honors these female entrepreneurs in the transportation industry, recognizing their financial stability, growth, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. AGT GLOBAL LOGISTICS Angela Eliacostas, President & Founder Founded 2005, Glen Ellyn, Ill. A certified WOB with an 80-percent female workforce, AGT was recognized as one of the Top 500 Woman-Owned Businesses in America in 2019. Inbound Logistics named Eliacostas one of 7 Outstanding Women in Supply Chain and Logistics. ARIA LOGISTICS LLC Arelis Gutierrez, President & CEO Founded 2013, Englewood, N.J.

KNICHEL LOGISTICS Kristy Knichel, President, CEO & Founder Founded 2003, Gibsonia, Penn. A certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Knichel Logistics boasts a 62-percentfemale workforce. In 2019, the company developed an agent program which has resulted in substantial growth. POWERSOURCE TRANSPORTATION Barb Bakos, President Founded 1994, Griffith, Ind.

In the past 12 months Aria Logistics successfully established major retail accounts such as Wayfair and Amazon and expanded its operations to four additional states, doubling the size of the business.

In 2019, Powersource Transportation constructed a new building complete with a driver’s lounge and reached a major milestone – $20 million in total annual sales. The company’s workforce is 80 percent female.

BRENNY TRANSPORTATION Joyce Brenny, CEO & Founder Founded 1996, St. Joseph, Minn.

RFX, INC. Kimberly Welby, President & CEO Founded 1987, Quincy, Mass.

A certified Women Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), 29 percent of Brenny Transportation’s 105 employees are female.

Reorganizing its 90-percent-female staff helped RFX to increase profits by 2 percent in one year and reduce unnecessary expenses by 5 percent. The company relocated early this year.

KENCO Jane Kennedy Greene, Chairwoman, Kenco Group Founded 1967, Chattanooga, Tenn. The largest woman-owned third-party logistics company in the U.S., Kenco generated positive revenue growth and earned several industry recognitions in 2019. The company celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2020.

RIHM FAMILY COMPANIES Kari Rihm, President & CEO Founded 1932, St. Paul, Minn. A fourth-generation, family-owned business, Rihm Kenworth is the secondoldest, continually operated Kenworth dealer in the world and received a 70th anniversary dealer award from Kenworth Truck Company earlier this year.

S-2INTERNATIONAL, LLC Jennifer Mead, CEO Founded 2005, McDonough, Ga. S-2international has built a strong business, specializing in expedited ground, white glove and time/service-sensitive shipments. The company’s highly diverse workforce is 63 percent female. TRU-PAK MOVING SYSTEMS Allyson Siegel, CEO Founded 1960, Conover, N.C. One of the few woman-owned, authorized agents of United Van Lines, Tru-Pak achieved 20 percent year-over-year growth. A recent increase in their equipment fleet made the company one of the largest haulers in the United system. UNITED FEDERAL LOGISTICS Jennifer Behnke, President & Co-Founder Founded 2015, Woodstock, Ga. United Federal Logistics attracts and retains drivers with the help of generous paid time off and home time, full medical, dental, vision, life insurance, AFLAC policies, and a Simple IRA with company match. VERIHA TRUCKING, INC. Karen Smerchek, President Founded 1978, Marinette, Wisc. Veriha Trucking believes that by hiring the right people, providing professional growth and development opportunities and creating a positive working environment, everyone succeeds. 13

FEATURE: Habits of Effective WOBs

continued from page 12


Put People First

It should come as no surprise that half of this year’s Top WOBs were also included on Women In Trucking’s 2019 list of Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation. These companies understand the importance of building a positive corporate culture. At United Federal Logistics, President and Co-Founder Jen Behnke is focused on providing a supportive work environment. Treating employees with respect and dignity, an excellent work-life balance and a generous benefits package are key reasons for the company’s high retention rate.

Tru-Pak’s CEO Allyson Siegel strives to partner with like-minded businesses, serve as a community resource, and give back to others. After partnering with a national corporation planning to close multiple offices, she recently was able to provide furniture to more than 50 underfunded organizations. Giving back is also important to Jennifer Behnke at United Federal Logistics. She makes it a priority to donate to local non-profits and

invests in the next generation by speaking to local high school students about entrepreneurship and the value of blue-collar industry. These are just a few of the best practices that are helping the 2020 Top Woman-Owned Businesses to stand out. By following their lead, other female business owners also can chart their own path forward and help to make the transportation industry a better place. n

After taking over her family’s business, RFX CEO Kimberly Welby reorganized the entire company to put people in positions they love. In doing so, she helped the company to improve profitability as well.


Raise Awareness WOBs are working to promote gender diversity in the industry at large.

Aria Logistics President Arelis Gutierrez is helping to break barriers and highlight the need for diversity by exhibiting at conferences, attending networking events and joining organizations representing woman-owned businesses. AGT Global Logistics President and Founder Angela Eliacostas served as WIT’s Influential Woman in Trucking throughout 2019, helping to raise awareness for the organization and its mission. AGT will represent supply chain businesses for an upcoming PBS special and be featured on Lifetime Channel’s “The Balancing Act with Montel Williams.” Jennifer Mead, President of S-2international, was recently featured in an article in SAMA’s magazine highlighting her 28-year career path in a male-dominated transportation industry.


Angela Eliacoastas

Founder and President AGT Global Logistics ™

Angela and AGT Global

Exceeding standards in trucking and logistics through integrity, tenacity, dedication and results since 2005. Offering specialized services to the energy and utilities sector.

Give Back The WOB’s on this year’s list share a commitment to social responsibility.

A dedicated member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association for nearly two decades, Kristy Knichel strongly believes in the importance of bringing a woman’s perspective to the table. Last April, she was elected to TIA Board of Directors as Intermodal Logistics Chair. 14 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020

At AGT Global Logisics We Keep Your World Turning

AGT Global Logistics@AGTGlobalLogistics @AGTGlobalLogistics




RFX is an innovative multimodal transportation provider focused on providing the best customer service.

FEATURE: One Woman’s Windshield

One Woman’s Windshield “I’m a third-generation lady trucker. I grew up in trucks,” Jacinda Duran proclaims proudly. Following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, who were both truck drivers, she launched her own career in the industry 10 years ago. Duran began driving for FedEx Express as a courier but transitioned to big rigs in 2014, handling a local overnight run while her children were growing up. When they moved out, she decided to broaden her horizons and began driving over-the-road for Plycar Transportation a year and a half ago. Mastering New Skills Through a six-week training program, she became the company’s first solo female driver, transporting high end, one-of-a-kind cars via an enclosed car carrier. “I’m very proud of what I do. It’s a hard job and requires a lot of precision,” Duran says, explaining that, when loading and unloading the cars, there’s just an inch or so of space on each side. “Getting in and out of the cars once they’re in the trailer is the hardest part!”

16 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020

Life on the Road Duran thoroughly enjoys delivering cars across the country. “The freedom is addicting. I can go anywhere, do anything. Every day, I wake up somewhere different,” she says. Duran’s truck is home, year-round, for her and her canine companion, Miles. She recently adopted the lab-retriever mix from Mutts4Trucks. The puppy quickly adapted to life on the road, and Duran is grateful for the companionship. The two share a 10’x10’ “big bunk” sleeper cab, complete with kitchen, bathroom and shower. Weathering the Pandemic The roomy quarters served them well during the recent coronavirus outbreak. Duran opted to stay in her truck (even though Plycar covers hotel stays) because she felt that it was safer and more sanitary. Since her cab is equipped with a kitchen, she has avoided the challenges many truck drivers experienced in finding food on the road due to shutdowns. She makes her own sanitizer by adding alcohol to packages of baby wipes.

Selfie with doggo Jacinda Duran with her travelling companion and certified good boy, Miles. Water, however, was another story. With many stores limiting purchases of bottled water, she often has had to plead for an exception in the checkout lane. “That’s a real issue when you’re living on the road,” she points out. Overall, however, Duran has approached the pandemic with a sunny disposition, choosing to see the positives – less traffic, fewer accidents, faster drop offs and better air quality. Duran is thrilled with her new career and shares her experiences on social media channels as Jacinda Lady Truckin. “I’m living my second ‘best life,’ and I love it!” she raves. n

Congratulations... Again! Two Years in a Row...Named a

2020 Top WomanOwned Business in Transportation by WIT’s Redefining The Road.





- 2020







1-833-837-6801 17

FEATURE: Covid-19 Survey Results

NAVIGATING THROUGH A PANDEMIC While it may be premature to say that the coronavirus pandemic will be the biggest challenge the transportation industry will face this year, it’s certainly in the running for that status.

to better understand how the pandemic is impacting the transportation industry. A total of 127 respondents shared their experiences in an online survey, including drivers (55 percent), corporate executives (18 percent) and corporate professionals in Human Resources, Operations and Sales & Marketing (27 percent).

In early June, the Redefining the Road editorial team reached out to Women In Trucking (WIT) members and other industry professionals

When asked what will have the greatest impact on the industry in 2020, respondents overwhelmingly cited the coronavirus pandemic

(42 percent) and associated economic downturn (37 percent). These issues overshadow industry challenges like regulations, capacity, etc. (11 percent). And although the survey was conducted during the height of racial protests across the country, just 5 percent of respondents (all drivers) said racial tensions will have the biggest impact on the industry. Already, the pandemic and related shutdowns have had a marked impact on the industry.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your company?* Taking more safety precautions, changing sanitation practices


Changing how we communicate with colleagues/customers (i.e. virtual)

53% 46%

Loss of business Requires cost-cutting measures or layoffs/furloughs/hiring freeze


Adding work-from-home option

36% 34%

Disrupted our supply chain 10%














How have you been impacted professionally by the coronavirus pandemic?* Made my job more challenging

51% 35%

Upset my work-life balance 28%

Increased my workload Decreased my workload


Began working from home


Have not been professionally impacted *Top six reasons shown.

18 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 2 | 2020

15% 10%






Companies are taking more safety precautions and changing sanitation practices (62%), changing the way they communicate with colleagues and customers (53%), and implementing cost-cutting measures or layoffs, furloughs or a hiring freeze (36%). Nearly half (46%) have lost business while a fortunate few (15%) have seen increased sales volume as a result of the virus. Professionally, more than half of respondents overall (52 percent) say the pandemic has made their job more challenging. Work-life balance is proving difficult for 35 percent. In the past few months, working from home became the new normal for 62 percent of corporate professionals and 39 percent of executives. Workload has increased for 32 percent of professionals and 39 percent of executives. At the same time, some corporate professionals (26 percent) and executives (13 percent) say their compensation has decreased. From their position on the front lines, most drivers (81 percent) have felt the pandemic’s impact in some way. Workload has decreased for 33 percent of drivers while 23 percent have seen an increase. Approximately 9 percent have experienced a reduction in compensation, been furloughed or lost their job. Life on the road can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging right now. The closure of restaurants and rest areas has made it difficult for drivers to meet basic needs. Finding hand sanitizer, PPE and cleaning supplies on the road also is a struggle. Safety concerns, financial difficulties, and worries about friends and family add to the mix. While the future remains to be seen, 2020 is likely to be an unforgettable year for the industry. n


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Council Offers Top-Notch Truck Maintenance Guidelines, Education and Networking Need advice on how to specify and maintain trucks? The American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) can be a valuable resource. TMC is made up of more than 2,300 professionals from virtually every sector of the industry, including fleets, owner/operators, manufac-

turers, suppliers, service providers, educators, trade press, academics and technicians. By providing leadership support and opportunities to collaborate, TMC helps its members develop industry-recommended practices to address the critical technology and maintenance issues that have the greatest impact on truck fleets. TMC’s member-driven recommended maintenance and engineering practices have been setting the standards that help trucking companies specify and maintain their fleets more effectively for more than 60 years. These recommended practices — recently updated in the Council’s 2020-2021 Recommended Practices Manual — also offer guidance to manufacturers in the design of their equipment. Individuals who wish to gain knowledge in maintaining and specifying truck equipment can rely on the top-notch, peer-reviewed information developed by TMC. TMC is also an excellent resource for networking with the industry’s most influential and knowledgeable stakeholders during the Council’s in-person and virtual events. The Council provides opportunities to help develop these important voluntary industry standards and direct technical thought leadership. “The Technology & Maintenance Council, as an organization, has helped me perform at the top of my game,” says Amanda Schuier, Senior Vice President at Quality Transport Company, chair of TMC’s S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study Group and a 2020 Women to Watch in Transportation recipient. “TMC has allowed me to build a strong transportation-based network, continue my education and training, stay current with ever-changing equipment and maintenance technologies, and has given me the skills to continue my career path as a leader in transportation.” To learn more about TMC, call (703) 838-1763 or visit n Curry Blanton, TMC Membership Manager, American Trucking Associations

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...WIT News Briefs..................... Spero Named WIT’s 2020 Distinguished Woman in Logistics The winner of Women In Trucking’s sixth annual Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award is no stranger to the transportation industry. Sue Spero, President of Carrier Services of Tennessee Inc., has worked in the full truckload sector for more than 46 years. A strong role model, Spero has spent her career serving, supporting and representing women in the industry through her corporate leadership, work in the classroom as a professor, and the numerous associations and volunteer efforts she supports. Under Spero’s direction, Carrier Services of Tennessee has been distinguished as one of the top 25 Women-Owned Businesses by the Nashville Business Journal every year since 2006. As Professor of Business and Logistics at Cumberland University, Spero received the Robert H. Beard Professional Award in 2001 for promoting higher educational standards in the field of transportation. She also served as Adjunct Professor of International Business at Belmont University. She was named the 2008 Transportation Professional of the Year by Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity and received a lifetime achievement award in 2017. As a Certified Transportation Broker through the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), Spero is currently involved with the

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. She also serves on the TIA Board of Directors as Political Actions Committee Chair as well as Vice Chair of the TIA Foundation Board, promoting education in the third-party logistics arena.

Distinguished Woman in Logistics Sue Spero

“To be recognized by my colleagues in receiving the Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award is both amazing and humbling,” Spero says. “So many women do work worthy of recognition. My reward is the opportunity to do more.” Spero was one of three impressive finalists for the award, including Monique DeVoe, Director of Education and Development at RFX Inc., and Tamara Stryker, Director of Sales and Marketing at CFI Logistics. Sponsored by and TIA, the award was announced virtually on YouTube. n

WIT Driver Ambassador Proves She Can Pivot As a professional driver, WIT Driver Ambassador Kellylynn McLaughlin is no stranger to unexpected detours and changes in plans. So when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her from hitting the road to raise awareness for opportunities for women in the trucking industry, she approached the setback with typical resiliency. Working with WIT Vice President Debbie Sparks, the professional CMV Driver and Training Engineer for Schneider devised a new approach to her mission as Driver Ambassador. Instead of visiting industry conferences, driving schools,

military recruiting sites and high school career days, McLaughlin took to social media. Over the past few months, she has captured her experiences as a driver in a series of short videos and posted them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In addition to sharing what it’s like to drive in the midst of a pandemic, she provides a sneak peek into more ordinary details of life on the road – from cooking in her tractor to cleaning her trailer to picking out the best parking spot. McLaughlin has been featured in numerous industry articles as well as a Truckers News

podcast. She also is working with schools on video presentations and meet-and-greets with students. “We need to spread the word that there are great opportunities for women in trucking,” McLaughlin explains. “As WIT’s Driver Ambassador, I can help other women to see themselves in this role and show them that driving can be a rewarding career for women.” While COVID-19 has temporarily altered the course for the Driver Ambassador program, plans are underway to create an educational trailer to help raise awareness for women in trucking. Numerous sponsors are helping to bring the trailer to life, including Schneider, Walmart, Michelin, Cummins, Freightliner and Bolt Custom Trucks. Additional sponsors are welcome. The truck should be ready to roll by the end of the year. “I cannot wait to hit the road with our new expo trailer,” McLaughlin says. “It’s going to be a powerful and very visible symbol of what women have to offer the freight industry. I will be so proud to haul it.” n

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Davis Express is a proud su pporter of WI Woman have T. seen their rol e become more to the trucking vital industry and the industry turn has bec in ome more dep endent on our and leadership. skills My dad has always encour me to think for aged myself. His unw avering suppo has taught me rt that I can ac hieve anything set out to ac I complish.


It’s been an honor to work at Davis Expre and I apprec ss iate the opport unity to work side-by-side with my dad Jim my. Together we have built a solid compan y for over 40 years.

Davis Express will continue to support WI because of its T support of the woman in this indust



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...WIT News Briefs..................... De Ridder Receives WIT’s Inaugural Female Driver of the Year Award With 40 years of driving experience and approximately 4 million accident-free miles, Susie De Ridder, a company driver for Armour Transportation Systems in New Brunswick, Canada, was a natural choice for Women In Trucking’s (WIT) first-ever Female Driver of the Year Award. Sponsored by Walmart, the award was established to promote the achievements of female professional drivers who lead the industry in safety standards while actively enhancing the public image of the trucking industry.

Female Driver of the Year Susie De Ridder

De Ridder has been a visible advocate for women in the industry. A former board member for Women in Trucking Federation of Canada, she was named to WIT’s Image Team in 2018. Since then, she has regularly attended and spoken at industry events and appeared in American and Canadian trucking magazines, providing great exposure for the career opportunities open to women in transportation.

Every year, De Ridder participates in the Convoy for Hope – Atlantic, raising funds for cancer research and awareness. In 2019, she won first place for best-dressed driver, best-decorated truck and raising the most funds in the Convoy’s 10-year history. In honor of her fundraising efforts, she proudly led the Convoy of 35 trucks – the first time for a female driver. “I am always inspiring and encouraging the next generation to join the trucking industry,” says DeRidder. “I promote this in my daily travels with Clare, WIT’s trucking doll. She is proudly displayed on my dash and is a great conversation starter to tell others about my awesome trucking career.” De Ridder was among three finalists for the award, including Carmen Anderson, a company driver at America’s Service Line, and Sarah Fiske, a company driver at FedEx Freight. n

WIT Helps to Spearhead Women in Trucking Workforce Act

Meet the Newest WIT Board Members

Women In Trucking is helping to raise visibility for women in the industry on the national stage. WIT President and CEO Ellen Voie has been working with Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kans., on legislation to create a Women of Trucking Advisory Board with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., is co-sponsor of the bill.

Women In Trucking welcomes new members to its board of directors. As leaders of major companies with industry influence, their industry knowledge, insight and guidance will be critical to growing the association and advancing the WIT mission.

Announced Nov. 14, 2019, the bill will create an advisory board of at least seven members “to contribute balanced points of view and diverse ideas regarding the strategies and objectives … to create new opportunities for women in the trucking industry.”

substantially underrepresented in the trucking industry, Congress should explore every opportunity to encourage and support the pursuit of careers in trucking by women,” he explains. “We applaud Senator Moran’s initiative in promoting a more diverse workforce in the transportation industry in both aviation and trucking,” says Voie. “We are also pleased to make this a bi-partisan effort. When we approached Senator Baldwin to co-lead in this bill because of our state affiliation, she was quick to agree.”

The advisory board will be appointed by the FMCSA Administrator who will then report to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives.

The House bill was introduced by U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wisc., who went for a ride along with one of the WIT Image Team members to better understand the challenges female drivers face in the industry. “Since WIT is based in Wisconsin, it is important for us to have our own Congressman and Senator supporting this opportunity which supports our mission,” says Voie.

The continued driver shortage intensifies the need to find new ways to recruit and retain drivers, Sen. Moran says. “Because women are

Visit, to view the House (H.R. 5145) and Senate (S. 2858) versions of the bill. n

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New board members include: • Ryan McDaniel, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Walmart • Chris Heine, Director of Transportation, Amazon • Kelly Rooney, Director of Operations, Illinois & Missouri Valley Area, Waste Management • Jim Taber, National Accounts Manager, Arrow Truck Sales, Inc. • Jennifer Sockel, Executive Vice President, Talent and Enterprise Services, Penske Transportation Solutions “With the valuable contributions and direction of these new leaders, we will continue to make progress in our efforts to engage more women at all levels in the industry,” says Laura Roan Hays, WIT Board Chairwoman and Regional Sales Manager, Great Dane. n

....WIT News Briefs..................... Free Services Support Driver Health Even in normal times, truck driving can be physically and mentally taxing. The added impact of COVID-19 – safety concerns, closed restaurants, limited availability of restrooms and showers – has only intensified the toll on drivers’ health. To help professional drivers through this difficult time, Women In Trucking (WIT) is partnering with Espyr®, a provider of customized behavioral health solutions. Professional drivers who are members of WIT will receive 90-days free access to Espyr’s Fit to PassSM coaching program and Talk Now© CDL driver support hotline. Funding for these services is provided by Amazon and Total Transportation of Mississippi. The Fit to Pass program is designed to improve the health of professional drivers and help them meet the physical requirements of the DOT recertification exam. Talk Now©, a telehealth hotline, provides immediate support for drivers and their family members regarding mental health and work-life related issues. “Professional drivers are playing a vital role in providing everyday essentials to help our country get through these challenging times. It is so important that we support them in return,” explains Ellen Voie, WIT President and CEO. “We’re grateful to Espyr, Amazon and Total Transportation of Mississippi for helping us to provide drivers access to these much-needed services.” n

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Congratulations AGAIN

Barb Bakos!

Owner Powersource Transportation

Transportation Safety Director Hands-on organizational leader for all safety matters, including DOT / FMCSA / OSHA compliance, for a workforce of approximately 500. Headquartered in Iselin, NJ, the company is engaged in regional trucking and distribution, servicing the food industry. This position reports directly into the CEO of Grocery Haulers Inc. and is located in Iselin, NJ.

Must Have Permanent Work Authorization in the United States

Two Years in a Row...Named a

2020 Top Woman-Owned Business


in Transportation by WIT’s Redefining The Road.

For more details, please review our job posting on LinkedIn and/or email your resume to (Attention: Doreen DeMartino).

goes the distance For some, going the extra mile is a rarity. But for others, it’s what makes us great. Over a century ago, we made a commitment to stand by our customers and our products, on and off the road. Because for us, going the extra mile isn’t an exception, it’s the rule. Great Doesn’t Stop. Great Dane and The Oval are registered trademarks of Great Dane LLC. 742 DMD 0319

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...N.ewsWITBriFoundation Update ....WIT ........................ efs...... WIT Foundation Finds Creative Ways to Fund Scholarships Despite the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 is off to a strong start for the Women In Trucking (WIT) Foundation. The organization is well on its way to meeting three key goals: identifying new donors and partners, increasing visibility and funding 100 percent of qualified scholarship applicants. Although the Salute Behind the Wheel was cancelled due to COVID-19, other fundraising efforts have been successful. The Foundation secured a recurring gift of $24,000 from FedEx Freight, a $25,000 donation from Ryder System Inc., a $10,000 donation from and an individual donation of $10,000 from Bob Rothstein. These contributions will support continued efforts to bring more women into the industry through the Foundation’s scholarship program.  C



To help fund more new scholarships, the Foundation also will continue its charm bracelet series. The rhodium-plated bracelets feature the WIT Foundation logo on a heart-shaped charm inscribed with the year. Donations for these collector’s items help to support the Foundation’s mission to forward the professional development of women in the transportation industry. CM





“We wanted to build on the success of last year’s charm bracelet initiative after raising $5,320 in scholarship donations at the 2019 Accelerate! Conference through the generosity of the record number of attendees and donation matches,” says Gail Wearsch, WIT Foundation Chairwoman and Vice President of Fleet Sales at TravelCenters of America. Companies interested in obtaining Foundation bracelets for their employees to show support can contact Executive Director Kat Lauer at

PROUD TO DRIVE LIKe a WOMAN anda BOSS! At Dart, we provide opportunities with women in mind. Like home time options to see more of your family, and the freedom to take your pet with you on the road!



Other ways to support the Foundation’s scholarship program include: • Visit and click “Donate” at the top of the page. • Donate an auction item valued at $50 or greater (branded company gear, swag, items of interest to drivers, etc.). • Become a corporate sponsor. Opportunities are available to establish a scholarship in your name and receive year-round visibility. • Make the Women In Trucking Association Foundation your charity of choice when buying on With strong member support, the Foundation looks forward to keeping its momentum going throughout 2020. n 27


Mark your calendar for these events! AUGUST 8–11 New York Trucking Association Conference (Virtual) SEPTEMBER 17–19 Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show St. Ignace, MI SEPTEMBER 24–26 Truck World Toronto, ON SEPTEMBER 29–30 American Supply Chain Summit (Virtual) OCTOBER 23–24 Expedite Expo Fort Wayne, IN OCTOBER 8–9 MEIF Conference (Virtual) OCTOBER 24–27 American Trucking Association MCE 2020 Denver, CO OCTOBER 29–30 Home Delivery World Philadelphia, PA NOVEMBER 12-13 Accelerate! Conference & Expo (Virtual) Events subject to change.


BRONZE Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC FritoLay TVC Pro-Driver Uber Freight Waste Systems Inc.

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WIT ON THE AIR at SiriusXM 146 WOMEN IN TRUCKING SHOW WITH ELLEN VOIE Saturdays at 11am Eastern DAVE NEMO SHOW WITH ELLEN VOIE Mondays at 9 a.m. Eastern Next up: Aug. 10, Sept. 14, Oct. 12, Nov. 9

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“ The best thing about

working for Walmart

is being part of this team of drivers. I love these drivers. I remember right after I got hired, I told my husband that and he said, “What do you mean? Isn’t this just a job?” And I told him, “You don’t understand. I’m a Walmart truck driver.” -Allyson Hay Walmart Driver for 16 Years

As one of the largest private fleets in the world, Walmart takes pride in knowing that it’s also one of the most diverse. Working as a gold partner of Women In Trucking, we empower women to reach their full potential. With some of the best pay and benefits in the industry, we’re not only challenging the status quo of Women In Trucking, we’re changing perceptions both on and off the road.

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