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Emma Piper-Burket An interview by Bonnie Curtis and Jennifer Rozt Druhn

Hello Emma and welcome to this special edition of Women Cinemakers: before starting to elaborate about your artistic production would you like to tell us something about your background? You have a solid formal training: you hold a MFA in Cinema and Digital Media from FAMU in Prague and you also nurtured your eduction with a BA in Arabic and Classical Studies, that you received from Georgetown University: how did these experiences influence your evolution as a filmmaker and a creative? Hi! Thank you. From a very young age I knew I would be a filmmaker, but I didn’t feel a need to rush towards it in a professional capacity. I spent a lot of my growing up years in a rural environment and had so much freedom to explore my creative ideas. My mom is an artist also and we had a barn full of supplies to actualize basically any project, so there was a lot of experimentation and exploration. I’m

realizing now what an impact this environment, and also the natural world has had on my thought process; this idea of cycles of growth- times to gather nutrients, times to blossom, times to withdraw and hibernate- has given me an appreciation for process that I really value. My undergraduate time at Georgetown was extremely helpful in shaping my understanding of how the world works on a larger socio-political level. I studied abroad my junior year in Cairo, living in Egypt for that year was a crash course all of that as well. Privilege, class structures and how history shapes the present is all so heightened there- it gave me a new perspective and way of understanding the world that has definitely influenced my creative work as well. After some years I enrolled in the MFA program at FAMU because I did want to deepen my formal understanding of my craft. Before starting to elaborate about your artistic production, we would suggest to our readers to visit http://emmapiperburket.com in order to get a synoptic view of your work. In the meanwhile, would you like to tell to our readers something about your process and set up? Filmmaking for me is a multidisciplinary process. My writing on film, the tactile objects that inspire me, the material and equipment that I use to create

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Women CineMakers, Special Edition, vol 8  

Women CineMakers, Special Edition, vol 8