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Women Cinemakers related to “games” but that idea is a mistake, there are a lot of movies done as art pieces, the same that an Installation, an artwork, a virtual sculpture can’t be tagged as “a game object”. Thats a great mistake, and over all “machinima” it’s a word liked to war-game-platforms and that fact had damaged the essence of the concept of filming in virtual worlds. The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Second Life had promoted calls for several ways on virtual arts production and creation. This movie I made called ART & IDS compiles great part of the developing of important artists who where related to this call, and has a blink to relevant facts happened there. By example, Cannes Film Festival award winning director, Peter Greenaway was on the judging panel for MachinimUWA III in 2011 and you can read his words in this links (, same as others filmmakers used virtual platforms to experiment digital cinema and new ways of filmmaking. Something very important for my creative experience was the network I made on virtual worlds, where are found very interesting filmmakers and artist experimenting new media ways. Of course my friendship with filmmakers who are or were working there, like Tutsy Navarathna (3), Laurina Hawks (4), Cisko Vandeverre, Chantal Harvey and others had influence on my work. I had to learn video edition during these years, I have an artists background but I had a short experience in video editing when I met those avatars. That I tried to show on ART & IDS, how I was first an spectator later I get inside the “viddeo editing” learning, watching, experimenting and choosing my path, very conscious of influences, letting them flow and fly to find my own language. So, this machinima is a mix of my experience, with the artists present in virtual creative process. Artwork Network & Artists displayed on that movie are Isadora Alaya & Emma (California, USA ); Nish Mip (UK): Rose Borchovski (Netherlands) ; FreeWee Ling ( U.S.A.); Bryn Oh (Canada); Yooma Mayo; Betty Turead (France); Holala Alter (Spain); Silas Merlin (France); Cica Ghost (Serbia); DeceptionsDigital (Germany); SaveMe Oh (Netherlands); Blue Tsuki; Cherry Manga (France); Shenn Coleman; Krystali

Rabeni. SaveMe Oh was included here because is complete artist character working in virtual worlds. I made a lot of movies related to her performances, where mixes her remarkable character and her unique way of working. Her imaging its outstanding and for my taste,she is the artists who better knows use the potential of the new media arts ( We have really appreciated the way you moved from a scientific research to create such brilliant piece of work: French anthropologist and sociologist Marc Augè once suggested the idea that modern age creates two separate poles: nature science and culture society. How would you consider the role of an artist in such dichotomies that affect our contemporary age? Arts and science walk in different paths, so I think arts develope more the intuition, the imagination skills that every artist have. Quoting Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” That words I added them in “Resonance Theory (ART) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)” machinima and of course imagination comes always from the known and jumps to the unknown. Themes like nature science and culture society let arts, and cinema production in an unknown place… The old times questions about: what is the goal of an artwork, entertainment, make to think? need artists to be rebels? or need to be visionary?all this questions come back. But are themes from Leonardo’s and Micheangelo’s age, and as on those siecles ( on Renaissance), nowadays we are living very individualist “culture”. Look the selfies trendy on social media, the EGO is located at first place…me i believe this will change. Maybe is a react because we are getting closer to the machinerobots era. Soon a computer would be able todo a complete movie without a director, actors, writers, composers…. What will be let for us? Maybe we are scared… But I believe that those changing eras are the most interesting on creative side, and we

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