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Women Cinemakers but it is also challenging. That cultural and artistic shock has benefited me in many ways. Working with dancers of traditional Indonesian dance, actresses of different nationalities and creators of different disciplines and nationalities has been a great challenge and an experience with hard moments and at the same time, sometimes very gratifying . And it's still a great learning experience that I can walk away from. Art without collaboration for me has no place. For me collaboration is a cornerstone of production. I don´t like to impose my view but to integrate the different views and feelings of all the people involved. Although chanllenging, I need to build a synergism with the performers and other collaborators. The more diverse and eclectic, the more comprehensive and global. I am interested in art that is steeped in life and that is in constant connection with the moment and the personal and global environment of the artist. Can you explain how your work demonstrates communication between artists from different disciplines? For me it is shown in the fusion, in being able to show that fusion without a part ruling over another, having a good combination that adds and enriches. So the result is bigger than it´s parts. It is an accompaniment between several disciplines, among the artists that make up the work team, as when you accompany your daughter in her growth. Your daughter grows but you with her too. Of course it´s not always easy to put together actors with traditional dancers or the later with contemporary performers but it´s very exciting and challenging, and you need to be very humble and open-minded. For this special edition of WomenCinemakers we have selected Human Geography, a captivating performance

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition