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Women Cinemakers

I remember driving around town in Los Angeles: There were times when everything was absolutely beautiful and I commented to my boyfriend at the time about how perfect that moment really was. His reply resonated with me: He said, “beautiful moments are everywhere.” The stories I choose to tell are only from my perspective and my set of circumstances, but stories are actually everywhere, waiting to be told by somebody. We just have to look! More and more, I see the importance of collaboration. I believe that WomenCinemakers sets the stage for the future: By uniting all of us filmmakers through a common purpose, you are generating a valuable dialogue that cannot happen otherwise. So thank you for giving us a place to grow and support one another. Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your thoughts, Bonnie. Finally, would you like to tell us readers something about your future projects? How do you see your work evolving? Lately, my work has been evolving to be a teaching artist. In my spare time, I teach visual art at a charter school in Downtown Los Angeles. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, art is not prioritize in regular public education. I think there are season of life as an artist and filmmaker as well. I’m taking a pause from my own storytelling to help others to tell their stories, namely kids. I’m quite excited about that. Their work is a constant inspiration to me. This summer, I’ll be working on a temporary chalk mural in Pasadena, California. You can see my work on a day-to-day basis through Instagram @bonbonleeeee or at An interview by Francis L. Quettier and Dora S. Tennant

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition