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struggles we face today, ultimately make us better tomorrow. We have particularly appreciated the performative aspect of your artistic practice and we have impressed with the way it allows you to walk the viewer through the development of the work of art. In particular, we like the way 8 Dates with Los Angeles provides your audience with such a multilayered visual experience: how do you consider the relationship between reality and imagination playing within your artistic practice? To me, reality and imagination are two entities that are intertwined together. I have lived in Los Angeles for 30 years of my life. I am proud to share this home with so many vibrant and eccentric personalities. 8 Dates with LA encompass my favorite places in this city. Each one is realized through somebody’s dream or lifework. The medium of chalk is an important element in the performance, because of the transient nature of the medium: It is here today but gone tomorrow, just like life; just like all the people and places described in the 8 dates. What they accomplished made a loud impact in their community. In brief, film allows me to take the viewer through a journey in a manner I cannot in other ways. Before leaving this conversation we want to catch this occasion to ask you to express your view on the future of women in the contemporary art scene. For more than half a century women have been discouraged from producing something 'uncommon', however in the last decades women are finding their voices in art: how would you describe your personal experience as an unconventional artist? And what's your view on the future of women in this interdisciplinary field? Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved watching films. I can recall only a handful of movies that were directed by women. Anyhow, just as there are moments in film that are timeless, there are also moments in life when time seemed to be at a standstill.


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