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I want to show the transience of life and the fragility of human nature. The very first video that I ever made was “Cookie for Dummies.� It was a spoof on all the dummy books out there for every topic under the sun. In this video, I made cookies one at a time, using ingredients like a package of sugar, a little bit of butter, etc. It was a long and difficult way to do something, in rebellion to taking the easy way out. I want to encourage people not take shortcuts, because there is value in doing things the long way.

Another interesting work that we would like to introduce to our readers is entitled Onions & Boyfriends Make Me Cry and can be viewed at would you tell us something about the genesis of this stimulating work? For a period of time, I was obsessed with onions. I ate onions, I drew on onions, and I researched about onions. Legend has it that people used to write the names of their love interest on onions. If it rots, then it means that love is not meant to be. Onions also made me cry when I chop them. I thought back to all the time I cried and they happened to be when I was heartbroken. I decided to make a body of work about

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