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Women Cinemakers

seemed somehow aesthetically harmonious. Therefore, being an adult, I made connections between drawing, lines, fairytale words and summoned up all these elements into one piece of video art. As you have remarked once, could be considered a fairy tales without an end: we have really appreciated the way you challenge the viewers' perceptual parameters motivating their imagination to „finish“ the work of art by themselves. Rather than attempting to establish any univocal sense, you seem to urge the viewers to elaborate personal associations: would you tell us how much important is for you that the spectatorship rethink the concepts you conveyed in your work, elaborating personal meanings? How open would you like your work to be understood? I wanted to leave a wide field of viewer's fantasy, allowing every viewer to take advantage of their unique personal experience and grasp the dance of the black and white man’s and woman’s shoes in their own way. Perhaps some viewers will see the elegant black-and-white men's and women's shoe dance in this video, others may see a dramatic tension between "actors' shoes", especially in episodes where the image is turned upside down when shoe dance moves from floor to ceiling when unexpectedly turns black white, and white becomes black, while others may, perhaps, see another, and perhaps even more significant, meaning. But most of all I wanted to make an impression that everything comes from nothing, from the darkness, and everything is gone to nowhere, everything is falling back into darkness. attempts to We daresay that unveil the invisible that pervades our reality but that cannot be detected by our sensorial experience. Do you

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition