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Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania

I was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania, Northern Europe. Being surrounded by different cultures throughout my life, I am fluent in five languages. After studies at schoolchildren department at Vilnius J.Vienozinskis Art School (1996-1998), I enrolled in the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where I specialized in painting over four years. I graduated in 2002 (BA in Painting with a Teaching Certification). I work mainly in painting (oil on canvas) as well as in video art. So I am always in between old and new; in between oil, brushes, canvas and digital world. By making videos I make something between poetry and painting/drawing, something between painting/drawing and video, something between old and new, from oil on canvas or drawing on paper to digital moving image, ''telling'' stories by images instead of words, ''writing'' them on a screen instead on paper. I loved drawing since my early childhood. One day then I was about 3 years old, my mother could not find anyone who could take care of me, because for some reason the kindergarten was closed for a while. Therefore she took me to her workplace. She was a lecturer of Social Sciences at Vilnius University then. She gave me colorful pencils and a lot of sheets of paper, thus I could be occupied in drawing during her lecture; soon I ran out of drawing paper, so I asked if I could sit next to her students and draw on a page corner of their notes and I was allowed to. I did not understand the meaning of the students‘ writings and numbers, I did not have reading and counting skills at such an early age, but somehow I noticed that those writings, numbers and my colorful drawings visually looked somehow aesthetically pleasing and somehow they complemented each other and that somehow those writings, numbers and my drawings turned into a whole picture. Therefore, I became an art student at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since the very first year of studying painting, my dream was to connect painting or drawing with writing, I mean not literally to connect them, like to write something on my paintings or drawings (although sometimes I do that), but to make something in between poetry and visual image. That visual image could play the main role and stand by itself instead of being just a mere illustration or replenishment to a printed text.

An interview by Francis L. Quettier and Dora S. Tennant

Rejecting any traditional classification regarding its multifaceted nature, the work Lithuanian

multidisciplinary visual artist Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz aka (Painter Coded)triggers the viewers' perceptual and cultural parameters, offering a multilayered visual experience. In the body of works that we'll be discussing in the following pages, she walks us through the liminal area in which perceptual reality and the

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition