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Women Cinemakers soon going to assimilate each other. What's your point about this? In particular, how is in your opinion technology affecting the consumption of art? Although young people are considered to be more engaged with technological advances, technology is something hot but still not all feel comfortable with. Changes happen with different rhythm in bigger and smaller countries and cities and you understand the difference when you land in a different place and you have automatically “to be programmed” with the way things flow, how people are consuming and the apps they use and keep your individuality at the same time. In terms of consumption of art in galleries, more and more museums, I will give as an example Tate’s website, are digitizing their works and providing information online about them. Not only this is open to a larger number of people who will probably never going to travel in London to see and learn about the museum’s collection, but also the gallery can’t display the whole collection, so this gives an idea about the whole collection. There are also another examples of digital art space which give the possibility to people see the whole insight of a gallery. The pedagogical side of technology is a positive aspect of and it is praised a lot. Despite its positivity, technology can’t replace reality and the feeling of the virtual experience. Technology should be used as supplementary and not in order to replace art but to help acquire more information and trigger the audience to visit museums. Somebody has to keep company to the artworks anyway. Nowadays social media are part of most people’s everyday life. Artists and galleries, in order to become part of the everyday life of their audience, have an active role in social media too. Everyone can communicate their ideas, question things, participate more and help art spaces get improved by communicating directly with them and giving their opinion through questionnaires. Recently, (December 2017), I participated to a Website Focus Group, through an open call, in discussion with some members of staff from Nottingham Contemporary Gallery and it is pretty clear that Galleries trust people’s opinion. There is also a feeling of unity between audience and staff and also the necessity of social media.

Technology affects also the production and consumption. When things used to cost more they were handmade, handled with care and they lasted longer. There was appreciation for the things we had and not replacing them every now and then. Today’s world is a fast train and if we want to catch it we have to run. If art and technology are used in good proportions it is the best deal. Because that affects also the artistic practice. Many techniques and materials in various fields of art change. Conceptuality is pretty much used in many projects, curations and that influences the way we produce an artwork because it affects the materials we choose to use. For example, the artists of constructivism had a committed acceptance of modernity and technological advances and that had affected the materials, the use of abstraction and in the construction of their work. Every period of time brought new beliefs and changes in many fields of life. All that matters is how you interpret your personality through your work and know who you are and what you are doing. As Le Corbusier perfectly said,

Over the years your works have been showcased in a number of occasions, including your recent participation to . One of the hallmarks of your art is the capability to address the viewers to question their own cultural and perceptual parameters. So before leaving this interesting conversation we would like to pose a question about the nature of the relationship of your art with your audience. Do you consider the issue of audience reception as being a crucial component of your decision-making process, in terms of what type of medium is used in a particular context? 60+ LEAP SECOND SCREENING project that I participated was in 2015 and it is a global free, distributed work of art and technology. You can find more information here: it took place online with one second lasting films. I am happy to be part of this because festivals

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition