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Women Cinemakers – lieu because the space that is created is non-place although it comes from existing places the way it is composed it makes it non existing. There is no gravity in the space which I have created and no communication between the people, but a continuous walk and shadows. Every artist gives the rules in his works such as balance and perspective. Another interesting work from your recent artistic production that we would like to introduce to our readers is entitled Where is home anyway and it questions the meaning of home and property. Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco once stated, "the artist’s role differs depending on which part of the world you’re in. It depends on the political system you’re living under". Not to mention that almost everything, ranging from Caravaggio's Inspiration of Saint Matthew to Joep van Lieshout's works, could be considered political, do you think that Where is home anyway is political, in a certain sense? What could be in your opinion the role of Art in order to sensitize the viewers about some particular themes in our everchanging contemporary age? Where is home anyway has clearly derived from immigration and the meaning of property and it represents these meanings in an abstract and conceptual way without wanting to derogate but sensitize. An element of Greece is there, as I use scenes from the Thermaikos Sea in Thessaloniki, as a connection to the migration flow which is a big issue nowadays in many parts of the world. The history repeats itself. What I wanted to have as a result of this work was to show the movement of the journey, so the meaning behind it was a bit of a mystery I guess. Art acts as a kind of reminder to people of what has happened before. Nowadays the artists are not only creative in their studios, they are close to society issues and concerns. I think it is necessary to deal with such topics in order to make people aware of what is happening around us and make them rethink their role in what is happening. My inspiration derives from elements of everyday life, in order to comment on the differences that separate us and the migration phenomenon that exists in not only Europe but in many parts of the

world. With starting point the sea, with a neutral scene of the sea of Thermaikos, which is directly linked to the journey and the distance, I question the meaning of home and property. Also, the element of the sea, indicates the fluidity and at the same time metaphorically the uncertainty, because it can easily pass from the calm into the storm upsetting the peace of mind and our certainties. I create a dialogue with the everyday life of people through various collages of neutral shots. As long as there is development and the distances between people have decreased due to residential institutions, religion and language. It doesn’t matter the origin and which part of the earth we inhabit because our needs are the same. Art nowadays is closer to the society issues and many contemporary artists choose to comment on many of them. I will give a well-known example of Ai Weiwei with his exhibition in Museum of Cycladic Art where some of his works had to do with a project he had done during his stay in the Greek island of Lesvos where refugee crisis has got a lot of publicity. I think artists should show awareness in the issues we are facing. They don’t need to create bizarre or ugly artworks but find a way to win some minutes of their viewer’s attention. No matter which theme we choose to work on, I will borrow Daniel Buren’s quote “ ” To comment on your reference to the Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, unfortunately things we take for granted in other parts of the world people can’t express themselves or they travel abroad and even change the way they are dressing when they go back home. During my stay in England I have heard and seen so many stories like that because there you can find so many ethnicities from all over the world. Knowing where you stand and what your beliefs are is really important. Humans are social species, we aren’t born to remain silent, we use our language to talk or express ourselves with actions. Your work includes both references to everyday life's experience and high end digital technologies We are sort of convinced that new media will bridge the apparent dichotomy between art and technology, and we dare to say that Art and Technology are

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition