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Women Cinemakers

being created to satisfy needs that we don’t really have and are continuously added but are unnecessary necessities. We are being trapped to a cycle of a daily routine and we try to find ways of ‘’escaping’’ in a reality that is no longer reality due to being watched, not living how we really want through fake relationships, government issues, psychological issues that are increased. Hobbies, music and various fields of arts are little pleasures to reveal feelings, understand who we are and think outside the box. Of course not everything is so pessimistic and we shouldn’t let ourselves down. In comparison with the past we are in such

advantageous position, in health and knowledge. Which at other times would be unbelievable to find cure for diseases or explanation in various phenomena. Although I am a city person and I always feel better living in the city centre and be able to visit galleries, I am starting appreciating nature more as I am growing. This is something that happens to most people as they grow older and are getting bored of loudness. There is in many everyday things of our lives from pretentiousness, from the things we think we need so sometimes we need a reminder for that. In Lavyrinthos there is the notion of non

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition