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Women Cinemakers

common little mathematic knowledge was catalytic to dare to identify myself with him and to the born of the idea of Lavyrinthos. Before the completion of my film, Piet Mondrian came to complete the puzzle with his well-known abstract geometrical compositions which he end up doing after his landscape drawings at the beginning of his career. For me was like giving life and movement to his minimal line compositions. Lavyrinthos features repetitive compositions that - to quote your artist's statement - negotiate human’s unbalanced

relationship with his environment and paths of our own mind are represented: providing the viewers with such a multilayered visual experience, your work seems to bring the notion of non-lieu to a new level of significance. How do you consider the nature of the unstable bond between human and our everchanging environment? Environment is the place we are born and live until the rest of our lives. People have intervened so much in it and that has resulted in the climate change, population and construction of architecture. Nothing is enough and the consumption is growing. Things are

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition