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thoughts of our own and memories which contain images that are connected with our brainwork or sometimes imaginary scenarios are born by listening to sounds. Sounds are really important for the flow of a film, it can make it more interesting and it can also give you more ideas for editing, so it is really inspiring for my work. Sometimes I work with the existing sound of my videos or it comes after the editing. In terms of filming Lavyrinthos, I have to admit that the sound although it was something that I found later in the process of editing, it worked perfectly well with the moving image. When you don’t work with a team and you are multitasking, from camera, editing, distribution and you have to find sounds for your work, you usually turn to free copyright music. I am really grateful to the composers that work for music without copyrights for various sites because I have used their sounds to some of my videos. But starting cooperating with experimental and emerging composers is something that I want to do in the future and I am really curious what their images are while they are composing. Copyright is a big issue and I haven’t experienced it yet. In a previous short experimental video, after being selected by a Festival, I was concerned about the music that I used in my work and avoiding the copyright, after asking a lawyer friend, I changed the sound because of the composer who was well known. Luckily the video works well with the new sound. At the cinema we often listen to much known soundtracks in some scenes which can make us for example feel lovesick or homesick, so we can feel more involved with what we see and deepen with the characters. There are other sounds which have become known from movies such as ‘Misirlou’ by Dickdale & His Del Tones intro theme of Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. he sounds that have been created especially for a film, based on their concept, are really amazing. One of my favourite composers is Clint Mansell and my favourite Soundtrack CD is from Air for the movie Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola. We have appreciated the way unveils the channel of communication between M.C. Escher imagery and Piet Mondrian's


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