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Women Cinemakers

More and more International Film Festivals of any kind, from cinema to experimental, are being held every year in many places around the world and in the future I am sure they will gain a lot more reputation and many fans. I really enjoy seeing films from around the world and love the feeling when you are sitting in the cinema and worry whether the next two hours are worth sitting and watching a film and then the conversation that you have with your friends discussing the movie is something that keeps people’s interaction alive. One of my favourite things that starts happening in Greece, in large cities and probably to many parts of the world too, are Short Film Festivals which are being held on the terraces of blocks of flats. There, you can enter interesting buildings and you are able to see experimental short films which you wouldn’t have the chance to see before and this way you feel that you are part of a community. Furthermore, projections in buildings and in undergrounds is a new habit and act. This is more to the people that if they don’t go to art, then art comes to them. Furthermore, the way of expressing ourselves and the exposure in smart gadgets, web and apps has influenced the arts too. Things don’t have the sensitivity they used to have. However, we shouldn’t forget the power of art materials and don’t let skills be forgotten. I think the most important is to try to experiment with as much materials as you can, do what you really like doing even this is considered by some people as banal or not modern because the part of the procedure of art making is really what matters most. provides the film with such The soundtrack of and we have highly appreciated the way you have sapiently structured the combination between sound and moving images. According to media theorist Marshall McLuhan there is a ' ' that affects Western societies favoring . How do you see ? There is a big connection between sound and images. I think there is no sound without an image because are connected with memories. Sounds have multidisciplinary approach. Sudden loud sounds such as alarms, ambulance sirens, are things that are connected with bad situations and make us filled with worries. There are also the personal characterized sounds, which bring us

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition