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Women Cinemakers

, would you tell what did draw you to focus on this topic? Humans’ complicated relationship with the environment is something that I have focused on and have expressed my thoughts with various media so far.

Greece and Germany. Everything started with one of the many visits

I have a tendency to look up in the sky or the architecture of the buildings and I want to capture an abstraction and a movement. Lavyrinthos, one of my recent works, has been filmed between

lot of visitors daily from around the world. If you notice the

in the Museum of Acropolis in Athens, a modern architectural building that houses the findings of ancient Greece. There is a lot of movement inside the museum because there are a materials that have been used inside the building, such as glass on the floor, before the entrance, but also inside the building, you can

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition