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Tips on How To Choose Blue Diamond Engagement Rings written by: AtenaT "Diamonds are a girl s best friend" honestly once said Marilyn Monroe. And it is absolutely true, because women love these brilliant and unique gems, which make up wonderful engagement rings. Gem diamonds come in a variety of colors, depending on the crystal composition and impurities, ranging from colorless, to yellow, pink, green, blue, brown and red. While colorless and yellow gem diamonds are quite common, the fancy colored ones are known as rare diamonds. Therefore, if you are looking to get engaged and prove your wife-to-be just how special she is, then choosing a rare diamond engagement ring is an excellent idea. A blue diamond is an fantastic choice for an engagement ring, because the color blue symbolizes loyalty, stability, sincerity, faith and heaven and the diamond stands for the uniqueness of your fiancee. Blue diamond engagement rings are a fantastic investment, because they are durable, they will never go out of style and they can be valuable inheritance to future generations to come.

Blue diamonds are quite rare and the blue color is given by the element boron. The most famous blue diamonds are Heart of Eternity Diamond , a 27,64-carat fancy vivid blue diamond, the 45,52-carat Hope Diamond cut from the French Blue Diamond and the 35,56-carat and $24 million worth diamond called Wittelsbach, which belonged to the King of Spain. As opposed to the normal colored diamonds, such as colorless and light yellow diamonds, the fancy colored ones, such as blue are subject to a different grading scale. When shopping for a blue diamond engagement ring, you need to know upfront how much money you are willing to spend. If money is not a problem and you want to purchase a unique yet more expensive ring, then you should choose an original and natural blue colored diamond. If you have a tighter budget, them you should choose an equally brilliant, yet more affordable enhanced blue diamond. The latter is less expensive beause it undergoes heat treatment as well as pressure treatment to enhance the fancy blue color as well as its clarity. In terms of sheer brilliance, however they are the same. You can choose to purchase the blue diamond ring from a renowned jeweler, who can provide proof of originality and guarantee the high quality and durability of the diamond. Blue diamonds bought

from a wholesale dealer have a lower value like

Next, depending on how much you are prepared to spend, you should take into account the weight of the blue diamond or the number of carats. The more carats and grams a blue diamond engagement ring has, the more expensive it is. Then you should look closer for color consistency and brilliance all over the surface of the blue diamond. The blue color should be clear, with no patches whatsoever of other hues of color, no matter the angle you are looking from. Hence, the clarity should be distinct and consisten, because it makes the difference between a valuable or a less valșuable blue diamond. Then, in order to check for brilliance, you should place the blue diamond ring in different lights. The setting is very important when choosing diamonds because you need to check the ability to reflect different types of light. A high quality blue diamond can reflect both natural light and artificial light. For instance, a darker blue diamond can look somewhat black in a certain type of light and you should have it displayed in low light to help you decide if you want to purchase it or not. If you are still not sure, you should ask for the opinion of a third party, someone who knows more about the characteristics and value of a blue diamond. The cut of a diamond is always important in terms of reflecting light. For instance, a round or square brilliant cut reflect light in a different manner than a rectangular facet cut. Whether you choose an enhanced or original blue diamond with round, square or rectangular frame, you should always compare the blue diamond engagement rings in terms of brilliance, clarity and price in order to find the best value and help you decide on the perfect one for your fiancee.

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Diamonds are a girl s best friend" honestly once said Marilyn Monroe. And it is absolutely true, because women love these brilliant and uniq...

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