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Chronicle Volume 1, Issue 2 Stockton Early College Academy

March 18, 2010

It was a “Black Thursday” S

tudents, parents, & teachers unite to protest budget cuts on education Emily Wilburn Chronicle Staff

“Save our schools! Save our schools!” The long line of people, young and old, most decked out in black, chanted and waved their signs as cars honked and the drivers shouted encouragement. On March 4, between 500 and 1000 students, teachers, parents, and community supporters came together in one of Stockton’s largest marches to protest budget cuts on education. The California Teachers Association, or CTA, organized this large protest across California, and STA (Stockton Teachers Association) and CSEA (California School Employees Association) took charge of the Stockton protests. It consisted of several protests before school hours so students could participate, as well as a huge group of people from all parts of the county marching down to Delta College, where a candlelight vigil took place. “[We’re] here to support public education and the kids of our future,” declared Liane Ball, a fourth-grade teacher at El Dorado School and mother of two children. In fact, the future is starting to echo the past. These budget cuts will be the worst since the Great Depression. “That’s incredibly sad,” said Staci Johnson, who supervises speech therapists at schools throughout the county. Ball remarked, “How do you respond to that? It’s scary and I never thought I’d live to see that… You should learn from past mistakes.” The protest was not just about the $17 billion taken over the past two years, but also about the

other $2.5 billion soon to come. In addition, a law signed last summer to repay the schools $11 billion may be revoked. This has a profound effect on schools everywhere. “Come to my classroom, see what it looks like, and then ask yourself, ‘How can I take any more than I already have?’” Ball said, before adding, “Oh, and could you step on that cockroach on your way out?” Teachers aren’t the only ones who are affected. Parents are worrying about the education their children will receive. “There’s a whole generation of students who are going to suffer, and it’s going to affect our future,” explained Melissa Elum, a speech therapist for SUSD and a mother of two. “It takes away from the kids and the students, and I’m sick of it,” Ball said. Whether the protest will have an impact on the governor and the legislature remains to be seen. In the meantime, the protestors did what they could to stop more budget cuts in education. Photo: Emily Wilburn

Protestors show their spirit by shouting at cars driving past on Pacific Avenue. Many cars honked to show their support for the march as well. Protests like this one took place all over California.

Opposing Viewpoints




Global warming: a scandalous conspiracy

Scamming the masses since 1896 Global warming had us in

a panic ever since it bled through the media. Society terrorizes us with smog checks, green products, and carbon dioxide. Propaganda and billboards notify us each day with Melissa Cruz repetitive warnings. However, the only Chronicle Staff “great flood’’ there will be are the green oceans of profit from “eco-safe merchandise” pick-pocketed from America. The legend of the polar caps melting are due to the dissolving atmosphere that sent us in a global panic and filled the masses with nauseating terror, but that terror kicked in later. This famous theory was developed in 1896 by Svante Arrhenius. About 100 years later we started paying attention to what climate scientists had to say. If global warming was real you’d expect people from back then to believe it, since most believed nearly everything in media with scientific approval. The only reason people didn’t think much of it was because of large debates and inadequacy of evidence. “With all of the hysteria, all of the fear,

all of the phony science, could it be that manmade global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people? It sure sounds like it,” said US Senator, James M.Inhofe in his speech for the U.S. Senate. It was around the year 2000 when global warming became a hit. It’s like infomercials: make it look good, make it look real, make your money. Now who’s making money off this? Possibly the “go green” producers, or car dealerships pawning off hybrids. What’s funny about the auto business is if they were truly concerned with our ecosystem they would produce hybrid cars only, but instead they still manufacture their little smog spewers and gas guzzlers. Perhaps this just makes global warming the con artist for green industries. “I am a skeptic… global warming has become a new religion,” said Ivar Giaever, Nobel Prize Winner in physics, 1973. Now look at the temperature charts. In some, the temperature rarely changes, others however have bars swoop up randomly and “hockey stick” graphs. Other charts are the same, except with carbon dioxide statistics rather than temperature. In the greenhouse gas effect most scientists stated such gasses as CO2 and methane are the leading causes but by the International Panel on Climate Change, the water vapors are 60-70% of the greenhouse effect. Still, scientists persist that it’s CO2 and encourage buying electric/hybrid cars and 20 solar panels. This isn’t the only time scientists have

fooled us. Not only are there cases of frauds but activity of hiding evidence. This happened often in the scientific field. Global warming skeptics claim the hacked emails of Climate Research Unit lead to disbelief of warming. They left water vapors out of the question and no doubt, they can get away with more. Perhaps scientists adjusted the graphs to their likings or set up Al Gore as a poster boy. The title “Global Cooling” shifted to “Global Warming” in the 70s without question. Embarrassment and fraud followed for Climategate after evidence uncovered by CNN and Telegraph-UK confirmed their manipulation of data. Even John Stewart has made his cracks about it. Now, I don’t see major action being taken! If the government truly supported it then they would pursue it. If global warming is real then why do polluting factories keep rising, why aren’t all cars hybrids, why don’t we use efficient and cheap ways to make products and ensure what we are doing is eco-safe?! Apparently there won’t be a great flood since the government doesn’t have a plan. We aren’t doing anything about it. “Global Warming—at least the modern nightmare version—is a myth. I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the world’s politicians and policy makers are not,” said David Bellamy, english professor and environmental campaigner. As long as politicians conduct the media circus, the truth remains in a rusty cage.

Global warming: Enemy of the earth!

The end of the world as we know it? Sucharita Yellapragada says global warming is “one of the biggest problems in the world right now,” and Holly DeHonestis thinks people who choose to ignore it are “idiots.” A few years ago, one of Emily Wilburn the “beauties” on the show Beauty Opinion Columnist and the Geek said during an interview that global warming was a problem, but in the meantime it would help her keep up her tan.  In a nation where we are defined mostly by our possessions, global warming isn’t something we spend a lot of time thinking about.   However, think about the cars we drive, the trees we cut down, even the air we breathe. With fewer trees and more people, there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In addition, burning fossil fuels, such as coal, can contribute to too much carbon dioxide. Because of all the released extra carbon dioxide and other gasses trapping the sun’s heat (greenhouse effect), the hole in the ozone layer grows bigger, the polar

ice caps melt, and the earth heats up. Hence: GLOBAL WARMING. Some people don’t believe in global warming. They argue about the wide range of scientific proof, saying some of it is fabricated or inaccurate. They say we should be more worried if it is true. They say believers’ arguments are old, weak, and just plain wrong.  They are the ones that are wrong. No proof? There’s no scientific proof of any God, either, but that doesn’t stop five billion people around the world from practicing religion. People were skeptics of Christopher Columbus and Albert Einstein before the Americas were discovered and the atom bomb was tested. Let’s show those nonbelievers, skeptics, and critics what twisted evidence is: did you know that the Earth does not have a perfectly round orbit? First, it travels around the Sun pretty closely. Over thousands of years, its orbit slowly becomes more elliptical shaped, meaning that for part of each year the Earth is farther from the Sun than it used to be, causing a drop in temperatures. Then, at some point, the Earth begins to orbit closer to the Sun again, and ends up on its original path. Some scientists believe that this is what caused the Ice Age. It’s what is called “natural evidence” for global warming, which is just a fancy term for “a reason for the

earth heating up that you can’t blame on us”. Another example of widespread misinformation would be the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide levels. Many people think CO2 is the main greenhouse gas, but actually, water vapors make up 60-70% of gasses contributing to the greenhouse effect. Notice: those same people that point these facts in our faces and say, “See there! You’re wrong, now just admit it!” are actually proving themselves wrong. They say it isn’t real? Oops. According to the facts above, heck yeah, the Earth is heating up! Just because human activities aren’t one of the major causes of the greenhouse effect, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and doesn’t mean it’s not a problem we have to anticipate. The actual debate should be this: a) is it our fault? and b) can we stop it? The least we can do is try. Cars produce CO2 and release pollution. So if we cut down on the amount of time we spend driving our cars, we kill two birds with one stone.  It’s up to us to stop denying reality and accept the truth: Global warming is real. It’s up to us to step back and look at the bigger picture: it will continue to happen whether we stop it or not, and we can’t be sure when it will stop. It’s up to us to save the earth. 



Academics ready and coming to our rescue!

Since the dawn of time, only one aspect of our world has stood between a future full of prosperity and satisfaction and a future full of hatred and regret. This aspect has been around since Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, even until one of the most recent discoveries of cheese in a can. Academics stand common to all of these discoveries. If we really think about it, academics are everywhere and take many forms.    Believe it or not, our teachers are a form of academics.  They give us guidance on “the road less traveled” and they help us cope with college and prepare for California State Tests.  They advise us on the right things to do and they help us reach our future.  They help us not only follow our dreams, but instead lead us to the door of opportunity.  They help us report the discoveries on “this road less traveled”. Teachers are only one form of academics; there are plenty of other forms as well.  To learn about our teachers, please view page 10.  But, no matter what form academics take, they are still heroes.  They are always there for us in


times of need and help us get through the sticky situations life has to offer. In a period of time where the world is not going so great with global warming posing a threat, a recession happening, and wars constantly going on between countries and within ourselves, academics are here to save us.  Perhaps the sky is falling now, but academics will push it back to the stars----through us. We are the future by which the sky will reach the stars again.  Us, students, are the future by which everyone will know this and it is this future in which the sky shall fall no more. Whenever this day comes, we will be there capturing the moment in black ink. But for now we wait eagerly, ready to report, knowing that as trouble approaches, academics will save us, just like it will one day save our world-our future. With this in mind, we have centered our paper around academics this issue.  So find the true meaning of academics at SECA on pages 8 and 9 and keep in mind that whenever we need them, academics will always be to the rescue! 

Need freedom of expression?

Give students a positive way to express themselves The spirit of music and art is embodied by many talented student musicians throughout the school.  They currently have almost no way of expressing themselves while they are at school, and for those who do not play an instrument, they create masterpieces on paper that range from manga all the way to Richard Huynh portraits. There is also Opinion Columnist quite the population of Shakespeareans who remain unseen. They, too, are asking for an art and music program.    Students who have musical talent are usually unable to express their feelings and show their talent while they are at school. Their talent should not have to remain hidden because it allows them to express

themselves in a positive way. “A majority of the masses will rise up with instruments,” Martin Carranza said. He means that it will become popular among the students because there are so many talented musicians as well as their friends who could be interested in joining an art and music program. This is true because many of the musicians won’t hide their talent once they have a way to express themselves here at school. There are also many who crave the spotlight of theatre and visual and performing arts as opposed to just music. This could be incorporated into the art/music program which would allow equal expression among the masses of their emotions and for them to show their passions. “I’d join and be the director of plays,” said Marissa Carpenter. Not only would plays allow students to act, direct, and work as stage crew, they could also use the cost of admission to the plays as a fundraiser.

The studies conducted by Dee Dickenson of New Horizons for Learning have shown students who took a class in visual and performing arts along with their core classes showed an overall increase in academic achievement. Not only would it benefit students’ current academic achievements it would also fulfill the students’ art course requirement for most colleges. Dee Dickenson is the founder and CEO of New Horizons for learning which serves as the primary resource of educational change by implementing the best education strategies. “If human beings are to survive, we all need the symbolic forms at our command because they permit us not only to preserve and pass along our accumulated wisdom but also to give voice to the invention of new visions. We need all these ways of viewing the world because no one way can say it all,” said Charles Fowler, Former Director of National Cultural Resources Washington D.C.    We need art and music as human beings because from the womb we have natural rhythm from our heartbeat and when we enter the world we are exposed to a world full of color.

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Stockton Animal Shelter in Crisis

Anyone can be a hero if they choose to be one Adrianna Guerrero Chronicle Staff Stockton San Joaquin Animal Shelter on 1575 South Lincoln Street needs your help. They have cared for animals that have been there for too many days. They have many cats and dogs that are ready for loving homes and good families to take care of them.     “I would love to rescue an animal because it is a nice thing to do, and it shows that people have a heart and care about living things,” said Andrea Mathis.   The shelter’s facility is filled with sadness and animals that people have abandoned or no longer care for. The economy and a loss of people’s jobs has caused owners of many animals to take their animals back to the shelter.  “Mostly all of the dogs, probably 85% of the animals, get picked up by officers and the rest are dropped off by citizens,” said Jennifer Ethan, staff member of Stockton San Joaquin Animal Shelter.   The staff at the shelter is passionate with the care and placing of these animals.  When animals are brought to a shelter, they are tested 

for their temperament, health, and are given shots. The shelter is always accepting donations and volunteers. The shelter is acquiring dog and cat food and money is always welcome.     “We are always accepting used papers, blankets, dog food, cat food, and anything that will be useful,” said Steven Smith, also a staff member of San Joaquin Animal Shelter.   Life at an animal shelter can be extremely exhausting, even for an animal lover, but at the same time very fulfilling. The range of work involved at the shelter may vary from time to time.  As a volunteer, feeding the animals, cleaning out the kennels, and giving them companionship will be the basics, depending on the trust the shelter has on the volunteer. Volunteers may also be required to help transport sick animals to the vet or nurse abandoned baby animals, or even pick up abuse cases. Twelve years of age or younger will have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Teenagers are allowed to do community service for high school credits.    For information about adoption or helping those who can’t speak for themselves, please Photo: Adrianna Guerrero contact you’re nearest animal shelter or San Joaquin County Animal Shelter. Anyone can be The cages at the shelter have the dogs separated by gender. This helps maintain the number of the dogs. Adopting pets from the Stockton Animal a hero if they choose to be one.  Shelter, can give an animal doomed to death a home.

You can save a baby’s life today One day, all babies will be born healthy Photo: Faviola Paz

On May 15, help bring awareness to babies in need around the world. By walking 4.5 miles in the March of Dimes, you can help save a baby’s life.

The March of Dimes is an organization dedicated Chronicle Staff to saving babies. The money raised support programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies, and it funds research to find answers to the problems threatening these babies. Unhealthy babies need our help in order to be cured. People have been walking in the March of Dimes event since 1970, by doing this they have raised $1.8 million to benefit babies. Instead of walking, donations can help cure the babies.   “[I would donate money if it was] to help the case,” said Norah Quilenderino. Anyone who was or knows someone born a premature can dedicate their walk to him/her. For every dollar raised during this walk  .76 cents will be used to support the research that cure these babies and the programs helping babies begin healthy lives, such as being able to run and not have any disability.   Many people think it is shocking to see a premature baby, but there is a way to help out these babies.   “I would feel sad and compassionate and want to do anything [to] help the baby and parents,» said secretary, Yolanda Mariscal. By walking 4.5 miles at the March of Dimes event people can help these premature babies. This event will be held at Weber Point Event Center which will be on May. 15 at 9:00 am. For additonal information please visit:  or visit the participating store like Kmart. Please call (415) 788-2202. 

Faviola Paz




Reaching the 900 mark

Meeting Mr. Hall’s goal for the first time? paying attention and that teachers are teaching right [and] students should be paying attention so they don’t make teachers look bad,” said Daryl Palafox. On this year’s CSTs the students will be tested on mathematics, english,  history, and biology. Teachers are preparing students for the start of the testing by  reviewing past and new materials. “As teachers, we really want to ensure that students feel prepared. Our students test well already, but it is our job to make sure we review key concepts so kids don’t feel lost. However, I never just ‘teach to the test,’” said Rachel West, English teacher. Overall, test score goal met or not, students appreciate the knowledge they’ve received this year. “[This school has prepared me more] because [teachers] give you valuable information and help you understand [the material] deeper than just on the surface,” said student Alma Sanchez.

Wondering how you might do? Test yourself! 1. In which sentence does the underlined word have the most negative connotation? A The man’s remarks were harmful. B The man’s remarks were mischievous. C The man’s remarks were malicious. D The man’s remarks were unpleasant. 2. Which method listed below could not be used to prove that two triangles are congruent? A Prove all three sets of corresponding sides congruent. B Prove all three sets of corresponding angles congruent. C Prove that two sides and an included angle of one triangle are congruent to two sides and an included angle of the other triangle. D Prove that two angles and an included side of one triangle are congruent to two angles and an included side of the other triangle. Visit for more practice questions.

1. C 2. B

During the week of April 26, students are expected Layout and Design to take the California State Tests (CST). These annual tests are taken by students to see how much knowledge they have grasped and mastered in certain content areas. The results of these tests represent the students, their teachers, and their districts.Every student must take the CST tests annually, but some students are in fact in the process of preparing for them.  “I’m taking [many] pre-tests [that I find]. It’s helping me improve in my studies and it gives me an idea of what to study for,” said Melissa Jimenez.  Some students believe that SECA will reach the 900 API goal that Principal Michael Hall mentioned at the beginning of the year, and there are also those who think testing every year is not necessary. “[Adults] should trust that the students are

Karen Alvarado

Welcome to the most miserable city Stockton has been one of Forbes’ “most miserable cities” for three years Forbes Magazine, recognized Stockton as one of the most dangerous and miserable cities in the United States for the past three years because Chronicle Staff of the increasing crime rates. Stockton received high rates on violent crime, income tax rates, unemployment, and commute times. It’s known more for its violence, murders, aggravated assaults, rapes, and robberies according to The Record. The crime rates nearly double the overall nationwide crime rate. “A lot of gangs, drugs, and sex offenders [make Stockton dangerous],” said Matthew Culberson. In California, Oakland has the highest crime rate with Stockton being in second. Statistics say there are 885 violent crimes per 100,000 people. Recent violent crimes in Stockton are Edison’s drive by shooting, and a three-year-old boy killed by Quail Lakes “I heard a lot of [bad] things [about Stockton], but I never had any problems,” said parent Monique Jackson. Even though Stockton is known much for its violence, the city has been improving. Weber point, the Marina and the downtown area have finish rebuilding. “The new youth center is positive to kids, hybrid buses are more green, [a] new waterfront, and [the] downtown theater. Stockton is getting back on the map,” said Jackson. 

Nura Nasser

Photo: Nura Nasser The Calaveras River on West Lane is marked with graffiti. Gangs come and mark their territory on the bridge.

Mark your calendars: March 26 enchilada dinner, $10 Scottish Rite Temple 6:30 pm Dinner, silent auction, raffle, fun Buy tickets from any student or ask in the office

6 F eatures Major League Baseball during Spring Training 03.18.10

The “411” on what happens during a month’s training Adriel Escalera Chronicle Staff

Spring training starts on April 5, and lasts one month, practicing brutally for the new baseball season. Spring training takes place mainly in

Arizona and Florida. “I like baseball because it’s fun to watch,” said Arthur Quinones. However, Joseph Petty  is not a real fan of the game. Petty said, “I like the Giants, but I hardly watch baseball, let alone training.” When spring training begins, new players try out for positions. Pitchers and catchers arrive first for the benefit of more practice. One or two weeks later other players arrive and the team begins to practice together.  “I would not want to train with them because it seems hard,” said Quinones. Quinones and Petty said their favorite team is the

Giants. During the MLB Spring training the players learn to be tough, play the sport better, and have better sportsmanship. During the game it is rare that the players fight. “It is hilarious when they fight, but it is unprofessional because they are not professional fighters. However, it is probably resolved by the umpires,” said Quinones. However, “It’s not professional when they fight, but I like watching fights,” said Petty. Spring Training lasts a month with most of the MLB teams. It is important because the players on different teams train to become better and managers evaluate. They evaluate how they are playing and who is slacking off. If the players slack off you most likely get kicked off of the team. At the end of the month the players are exhausted. Yet, they’re happy to be playing and waiting for the new season to begin. 

Photo: Adriel Escalera

As spring training begins, millions of fans prepare to lead their team to victory. Many show team spirit by attending training sessions, or by wearing their latest trends.

The college basketball tournament has begun What you need to know about March Madness March Madness, one of the most popular National Collegiate Layout and Design Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournaments, is taking place from mid-March to the beginning of April at colleges and universities. All of the 65 College University teams will take part for a chance to win the championship. The opening-round games will be starting on March 16. The championship game will be held on April 5. “It is fun to watch because I enjoy watching basketball,” said Barry Brand. Other fans that don’t watch it for the excitement, would watch almost any type of basketball whether it is college basketball, professional basketball, or the NBA’s development league. “[I think] UCLA [will win because they are] my

Chanchharath Ros

Photo: Chanchharath Ros

Many people are looking forward to see UCLA win another chanpionship. Right now, UCLA holds the most championships with 11 national titles.

Caution: danger up ahead!

Cell phones causing injuries and deaths Many people have seen others talking on the phone or maybe even text while driving. According to, the most common distraction while driving are phones, pagers, Chronicle Staff and anything that sends messages to others. What most people don’t understand is how dangerous it can be, and how it can not only hurt them, but others on the road as well. When you’re out on the road and driving by a car accident, do you ever wonder what caused it? According to Dr. Mercola, 98% of the accidents involved a single distracted driver. Most people take these situations seriously and agree that “it’s dangerous,” like Christian Alcala. “It’s bad. It can kill innocent people like us,” said Alcala.  According to Time Magazine, “driving with a cell phone in your hand is like driving with one eye shut.” However, there are ways to avoid driving with “one eye shut”.  One way a person can learn not to use a cell phone while driving is to “get a Bluetooth,” as Jasmine Singh said.  However, studies from Cell Phone Defense show that there is no difference between using a cell phone and the Bluetooth. They both bring the same impact.  “It’s the conversation that distracts the driver–not the device,” according to the AAA Insurance.

Anissabel Diaz

favorite team,” said Steven Roxas. Some fans watch March Madness to cheer for their favorite team. Some of the teams are the well known UCLA, University of North Carolina, and the Florida Gators. “I think the NBA is better because the plays are better,” said Hernandez. Some people just don’t like college basketball from the NCAA leagues, but like professional basketball from the NBA league. Professional basketball supposedly has better action than college basketball. Many people are watching for UCLA which holds the record with 11 national titles, the University of Kentucky with seven titles, the University of North Carolina and Indiana University both with five titles. This year’s tournament will be the toughest of all because the records are tightly close. Some of the top teams are getting beat by some of the weaker teams.  

So why do people do it if they know that it can cause death or loss of life of innocent people? Most people say that it’s because they want to act cool and do what others do. Others just think that they just know how to drive.  “[They do it] to be popular, like going to parties and social events. They want to stand out,” said Alcala.  Some people say that driving while using the phone can affect us.  “It can affect the number of accidents and deaths around us, which is something we want to stay away from,” said Singh. In the end, is it worth driving with one hand, so you can text your friend with the other, even if it means jeopardizing your life and others? Think before using a cell phone.

Photo: Josephine Espinoza

Cell phones account for a majority of accidents while driving. Texting while driving is illegal and a distraction.




Tribunal: beneficial or not?

Find out what students really think of Tribunal Every other Monday Chronicle Staff afternoon, when the clock strikes three, members of Tribunal gather in the advisory room to render punishments for students who have allegedly broken the honor code. The representatives of tribunal decide punishments, and then Pamela Schulz, their advisor, gives those suggestions to Principal Michael Hall. Having a tribunal is a controversial topic, yet some students believe it can really help make SECA a more successful school. “Tribunal is beneficial because it limits a student from doing the wrong things,” said Priya Patel. Other students say tribunal is not fair and that the members are not as knowledgeable as adults. AnaMiguel Rodriguez has actually been sent to tribunal, and argued that, “Your peers shouldn’t be able to punish you, it should be your teachers and Mr. Hall.”

Geena Moreno

Although, Rodriguez believes this, some students think it is much better to have students be a part of the punishments. They may have a view point that older adults can’t see. According to Attorney General Jacob Crone, “tribunal is beneficial, because instead of one student making all decisions, a group of peers [are].” Many students may think that their peers aren’t at all qualified to be rendering punishments, but others, including an actual member of tribunal have different beliefs. “It is right for us to be judging others because the members of tribunal are responsible and understand right from wrong themselves,” said Vanisha Patel. Tribunal is a great program that may help make the school have a greater learning environment. Students have conflicting views about it, but it should lead students on the right track and keep them from breaking the honor code.

Photo: Geena Moreno

Tribunal members listen to the defendant’s case as they begin to render an appropriate punishment. Students recommend discpline in Tribunal’s “peer court” atmosphere.

TV from the 90’s and your childhood How your favorite shows have changed Walking down a street in the ‘90’s you could hear the cool anymore.” sounds of TV buzzing coming from most homes. Comical Whether it was just the shows themselves or what they stood for, many people sounds of Spongebob Chronicle Staff miss the television shows that once ran in the Squarepants’ nasal ‘90’s, during their childhoods. laughter and shouts “It was just good clean fun,” said Richard of “Scooby Doo! Where are you?!” could be heard Huynh, smiling as he remembered the old TV coming from boxes showing moving pictures we shows and his favorite, Popeye the Sailor Man. call televisions. A loud clang would be heard as “It was just plainly awesome. Something about Tom is hit in the head with an ironing board as it just struck me.” Jerry snickers and runs away, once again avoiding  Not all people now remember everything being eaten by the ignorant cat. Children sat in about the 90’s television but still have a show front of the screens, smiles spread across their that stuck in their memory. faces and laughter bubbling up from within when Pinky and the Brain once again failed to take over “I was really little so I don’t remember the world. Pokemon trading cards were stuffed it much,” Jasmine Fredericksen said, trying to into shoe boxes under beds of children across the remember a time in her childhood in the 90’s country. This is what was expected, and what was and what shows she watched. found in the 1990’s.  Some people when they think of the ‘90’s Most people’s childhoods are filled with television shows and what they watched as kids, memories of great TV shows, but now something they think of the old childrens shows that have is different. All those old shows we used to love now been replaced by the newer shows like are now changed, no longer running, or slowly Handy Manny and Imagination Movers.”[I liked] fading into nonexistence. Now people are finding Big Comfy Couch,” Fredericksen commented. “I the shows they once loved are no longer what liked Molly the doll, the huge couch, and the they were. clock thing. Just everything! I love that show.” “[My favorite show was] Dexter’s Laboratory,”     It seems like the shows of the late 1990’s said an excited Rebecca Palmer, smiling and Photo: Holly DeHonestis warmed many people’s hearts and brought bouncing in place. “It was freakin awesome! Dexter Some of the most popular television channels from the 90’s were Disney, laughter and joy to the children who watched Cartoon Network, and Nickolodeon. Shows on these have changed to try was my role model; he is what I am today.” them. Today they are still remembered by their and reach new audiences. original audience and are still being watched on But many people may wonder what the DVDs and the Internet. Though these television actual difference between the shows of the 90’s programs we all once loved may only rarely run on the air anymore, they are still and those of today. “Everything changes,” said student Robert Tamayo. “Like new Pokémon just isn’t appreciated by the audience that loves and remembers them.

Holly DeHonestis


Academics are w


Coping with college How are SECA students doing? It’s SECA’s second semester ever, and downstairs in Room 3, students are Opinion Columnist busy with their new college course— Introduction to Psychology. This is the third college class the students have taken this year, in addition to core classes, and electives. How can they keep up? After all, the students are ahead of much of the rest of the district even though they only have each class every other day. They have homework from each class and follow the same syllabus as the college students for their college classes. For many, it’s a tough workload. “[We’re] expected to handle rigorous challenges,” said Vanisha Patel. “The college classes are sometimes difficult, but by paying attention, you can get good grades.” And many of the students do get good grades. Recently, the third period Red day Psychology class had fifteen students receive an A on a psychology test, better than Delta College students usually do. Two weeks later, the teacher, Dr. Solomowitz, was surprised by an even better overall score on a more difficult test. “Many students strive and try their best,” Patel said. “But,” she added,

Emily Wilburn

scoreboard Emily Wilburn

3rd Place

Delia Davila

Students who need a little help:

Here’s how to improve your grades

ACADEC 3rd Place

“some of those people don’t get the best of grades.” After all, the students are expected to pass classes that are usually only taken by adults. “College students are smarter than a regular [high school] student,” Shearaz Khan said. Khan believes a SECA student would probably get a B in their college classes, and that a college student would receive an A. “College classes are tougher, and you have to pay more attention than in regular classes,” he said. In fact, some think it might be the structure of the classes that makes them different from core classes. “College classes are more fast-paced and independent,” said Patel. So far, the students seem to be dealing with the amount of work and the different class style. Can they keep it up long enough to get their college credits? “Some can, some can’t,” said Khan, shrugging.

Art, Language/Literature Interview

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place

Sarah Palmer

3rd Place

Angelynn Jose

2nd Place

Sucharita Yellapragada

2nd, 3rd, 5th Place

Rebecca Palmer

5th Place

Cindy Munoz


3rd Place

Jasmine Singh


3rd Place

Daryl Palafox


Language/Literature, Music, Art Mathematics Speech

Written Super Quiz, Language/Literature, Art, Mathematics, Music

Jhovany Gomez

Do you ever feel like you cannot pass your classes? During the year there are always a couple of students who need help improving their Chronicle Staff grades and do not know how. What students do not know is that there are many ways to help improve their grades. “You should take notes that can actually help you and listen to the teacher because they basically test you on the material they taught,” said Khushpreet Choumwer. Students use studying as a tool to do well. Studying is used in our everyday life, such as to do well on tests, or even to learn a new skateboard trick. If people do not review, then they will not succeed at what they desire to do. Some students wait too late to study and try to cram all the information all at one on the day of the test. Obed Galang, biology teacher said, “They should study in advance.” Even though contemplating might seem easy, some students might not know what to study. Andrew Ngai, who received a 4.21 GPA on his report card, said, “I study for an hour or two on my laptop, review my notes, and read my textbook.” Disliking a teacher should not be an excuse for why students do not do well in class. The grades of students should be more important because grades are what jobs and colleges look for while they are interviewing you. Many people agree with this statement about if a teacher who is not likable does not affect your grade. “A teacher that you don’t like does not affect your grades because you are stuck with the teacher and you have to deal with it,” said Choumwer.   Math tutors arrive Monday through Thursday from three to four o’clock to help students with their homework. Some students even go to teacher’s classrooms during lunch to either hang out or ask questions about their homework. Another way to have a good time studying is during a study group. If this does not work people should try bribing them by telling them they will provide food and drinks to snack on while at the study group. Not everybody can concentrate with a bunch of friends in a study group and like to crack the books by themselves.   “Tell your friends to give you a quiet place and not to disturb you,” said Choumwer. Use these tips and go ace your next test!




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why we’re here!



scoreboard Photo: Emily Wilburn

Benjamin Robles uses his lunch break to study his Psychology workbook. Psychology requires a lot of studying and reading.

MESA 1st Place

Andrea Fua & Sucharita Yellapragada

2nd Place

Shearaz Khan

1st Place

Rebecca Palmer & Priya Patel

2nd Place

Sarah Palmer

1st Place

Vanisha Patel & Geena Moreno

2nd Place

Fernando Hernandez & Adriel Escalera

Human Brain Model

Solo Math

Mouse Trap (accuracy)

3rd Place

Carlos Shelton

1st Place

Josephine Espinoza, Benjamin Robles, Alexander Salcedo

2nd Place

Emily Wilburn, Jorelyn Calam, Delia Davila

3rd Place

Carlos Shelton, Andrew Casarez

2nd Place

Vanisha Patel and Geena Moreno

3rd Place

Jasmine Frederickson and Andrea Mathis

Speak Out Manila Mechanics Egg Express Package

ating nutritious food and studying

nacking while studying makes learning easier

Studying and eating at the same time is normal here at SECA. Snacks are out on student’s desks while they are working. According to statistics, eating and studying can help Chronicle Staff your brain function better.   Most students think about getting ready for a test, and eating nutritious foods is always needed before studying.  do actually believe that is true [eating nutritious food] because it will give me more ion and energy,” said Dishanah Jackson. me students believe that it isn’t as important to eat before getting ready for a test or r a test; they believe eating is only for getting energy not to prepare themselves for a test. believe that it has nothing to deal with eating but how you learn the material,” said ang.  cording to an online article “Overcoming Your Fear of Taking Tests,” before taking a test to eat because it will make your brain function more easily.  o me, eating breakfast can help my mind develop knowledge,” said Jackson. students are doing homework, getting their daily meals is quite a struggle for them when too busy rushing to finis­h their homework. utritious food has been giving me energy, but I get too tired for the next day because I get up and eat breakfast,” said Melissa Jimenez. ost students had been studying for several days for the Psychology chapter test without eakfast, yet when their scores were returned to them, many weren’t satisfied. The problem students weren’t eating a nutritious meal, but instead continued to study until they got mation into their brain.  sed statistics, most students skip breakfast to get ready for school. The main excuse for ng to eat breakfast in the morning is that they are too tired from the previous day. don’t like getting up early in the morning to eat, it’s too much work,” said Yang. udents who eat breakfast pay more attention in class, retain more information, and are erested in learning, but this fact is the first study to show that variety at breakfast is also nt. cording to online article “Nutritious Foods and Drinking Daily Water”, water is needed y to rehydrate your body. Approximately, eight cups of water is needed to make cells properly. rinking water is important, I drink at least three bottles a day,” said Jimenez.

onathan Kwan

Some drink more to keep the body healthy and strong, but some drink less. “I actually do try to drink at least five cups a day,” said Yang. Whether it be nutritious food or snacks, students manage to get their daily nutrients.

Photo: Jonathan Kwan

Marissa Carpenter took out her green highlighter and began highlighting her Biology homework. She stared at the paper instead of eating her lunch.




Student Profile: Delia Davila

There’s more than meets the eye

Born on Sept. 12, 1995, Delia Davila is a student many of us pass by in the hall, but don’t know very well due to her reserved personality. Layout and Design For instance, most students wouldn’t have known that Davila is an artist if it wasn’t for her joining the Anime Club and winning the Slogo contest. The Slogo contest was for the Anime Club’s logo and slogan to represent the club. Davila is a big fan of anime and the base of it is in Japan. She says she would like to visit there someday. “[Japan] has anime and it has interesting clothing, tradition, and food,” said Davila. The reason why Davila likes anime is because it’s “not always super heroes but more realistic” than American cartoons. Plus, she says they have cute little actions and sayings which she enjoys. Davila is also part of the Academic Decathlon (ACADEC) team. She was the team captain for the Red team which helped lead the team to victory. At the award ceremony she won a bronze medal in Interview which shows she has great people skills. In addition to being part of ACADEC, she’s also part of Tribunal. Her role there is Madame Recorder. “I get to know what’s going on and it makes me feel important in a way,” Davila said. Davila is dedicated to her school work, but still has time to have fun. In the mornings, you can find her in the AVID room. She usually goes to the cafeteria at lunch time and then goes to the Academic Support Lab (ASL), where she spends a lot of her time studying. She is usually there after school until 3:30. One would see Davila hanging out with Anell Mendez Martinez or occasionally with her “second family”. Her “second family” consists of Jorelyn Calam, Emily Wilburn, Sarah Palmer, Rebecca Palmer, Holly DeHonestis, Jonathan Kwan,Vanisha Patel, and many others who were at a potluck for Patel’s birthday. Her first family consists of her father, mother, sister, and brother. Davila’s father teaches at Van Buren and her mother is a stay-at-home mom who volunteers at SECA occasionally. Davila would like to meet Cesar Chavez because her dad knew him and helped her dad raise his wages during a protest. She has two siblings, one older sister who is three years older and is a high school senior, and a younger brother who is a year younger than her. An extension to her family of five are her two cockatiels named Puca and Pacu and her cat Jojo. “Every Saturday [my family and I] always go to the flea market,” Davila explained. It’s

a tradition for her family to go every week. Davila enjoys making bracelets and so she volunteers at the library. “[I volunteer] to teach the community how to make bracelets. It’s a lot of fun, sometimes,” she said. In her free time she likes to watch movies. And her favorite movie is Ponyo, one of Hayao Miyazaki’s creations. Davila is a fan of Hayao Miyazaki who is a Japanese animator of anime. Her favorite anime is Hollow Fields. “I like the style [of Hollow Fields]. It reminds me of SECA[because] kids with the lowest grades go away,” Davila explained.


Personal computers

Apple which is preferred as Macintosh (Mac) is better than a Personal Computer (PC). They are easier to use because they come with Safari and Mozilla Firefox, which are web browsers. Apple has applications (apps) for games, music, and other program’s that PC’s have to download. Apple’s don’t have to have as many software updates as PCs. “It looks better than a PC,” said Alexander Salcedo. Even though Salcedo and other students use a PC, they would rather have an Apple instead. “I would prefer an Apple instead because it has interesting productions like their iPods,” said Javier Maya. Pheng Lor It can be pricey but it looks good, has a lot of Chronicle Staff free apps, and I guarantee that it’ll run faster than PCs. Also like Miguel Ventura said, “Apples are less prone to get viruses.” Even though Apples cost a bit more than PCs, Apples have more interesting programs unlike PCs. PCs are cheaper, so the material they are made of will break easily. PCs get viruses more often and require updates almost every month, but when you get an Apple you will barely have to update. Even though it is a bit more costly than PCs, it is worth it to store and download music.

Personal computers (PC) are inexpensive and are built to serve an individual’s needs. PCs are useful because they can connect to a local area network through cable or wireless connections. Since Macintosh (Mac) came out, many people have said it was better than a PC, but many computer users disagree. The students at SECA have been given some HP Minis (which are all PCs) to help them with their education.   “I like that it isn’t confusing and it is straight forward unlike Mac,” said Ashlee Cruz.    PC users have many reasons on why they are better than Macs.  “[I would buy a PC] because they are Alex Xiong cheaper,” said Desiree Palmer. Chronicle Staff PCs have a better gaming system. A lot of online gamers tend to buy a PC because it is the best and cheapest computer for gaming. Another reason is PCs have better media mechanics, meaning it is able to stream all the video content you want.  “[PCs] are easy to use and carry around,” said Fernando Hernandez.   The HP Minis are really helpful to students. Mac is very expensive and you have to buy software to download online games. Why buy an software when you can download online games for free on a PC? Perhaps wealthy people will, but the majority of the middle class would rather download games for free. Many SECA students love and adore their HP Minis.

Angelynn Jose

Easier, friendly, & more attractive than PC

Photo: Angelynn Jose

Delia Davila is caring and determined to get a good education. Davila is very studious and had the highest GPA last semester.

Why PC is better than MAC


New perspective Discover the mysteries behind our teachers

In a region of New England known as the Berkshires, on Dec. 15 Cathleen Hebert-Swartzer was born. She has a sister four years older than her, and was very close to both of her parents. Her father was an electronics engineer, and was the reason Hebert-Swartzer was exposed to math. Hebert-Swartzer did not do her math homework in fourth grade, so her father disciplined her by making her do an hour of math a day for four months. As a result, she learned focus and started to love math. “I really enjoy all the content areas, but math is an area in which I happen to excel,” said Hebert-Swartzer, “I am enthusiastic about math, and I want to help Cathleen others appreciate and master mathematics.” Hebert-Swartzer wanted to work in Hebert-Swartzer a variety of careers growing up including medicine and computer programming. However, after learning computer programming and having worked in a doctor’s office, then later in a bank, she later realized what career she really wanted to pursue: “I really wanted to teach math,” said Hebert-Swartzer. She found it enjoyable to contribute to the expansion of math. She moved to California, studied at Delta College, and later moved to the University of the Pacific, to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Education, emphasis in mathematics. She is currently in the process of receiving her doctorate from the University of the Pacific. “We must steer our future within reason,” said Hebert-Swartzer. Hebert-Swartzer, who already has a published article to her credit, not only teaches calculus at Pacific and is an adjunct mathematics instructor at San Joaquin Delta College but is also in the process of writing another article. Her current piece will be presented at the American Educational Research Association’s annual convention. Hebert-Swartzer wishes that she could match her nickname “Cat” saying, “I wish I had nine lives.” The more she lives, the more she realizes what is left to life, what is left to experience in life, and she wishes to have more time to experience it all. If HebertSwartzer could be a word, it would be vivacious. Four years younger than her sister Charlotte and three years younger than her sister Erin, Shannon Kelly was born on Shannon Kelly April 16, in Stockton. She has a close relationship with her mother and father, but her earliest childhood memory is only of her and her dad. She remembers playing tinker toys with her father and asking him to make a Ferris wheel. After he made the Ferris wheel, she stood on his feet and they danced. As she grew up, she held that close relationship with her parents. She went to Lincoln High School, and attended Cal State to major in liberal arts. She received her bachelor’s degree and went on to graduate from Cal State Northridge with her teacher credentials. Throughout her experiences in education and society, Kelly’s mind set has changed from when she was a child. “[I have had] experiences that made me more cynical,” said Kelly. She went through a lot of jobs, like selling Santa hats, being a Secretary, and working as a Police Dispatcher, but nothing could beat teaching. “[Being a Police Dispatcher] had exciting moments, and scary moments, and really a lot of boring moments in between,” said Kelly. Even through all of the practice of having other jobs, her mind was set on teaching. The person who inspired her to teach was her fifth grade teacher, Ms. Elliot. She was an encouragement to Kelly because she represented what a good teacher should be like. “Being a teacher makes me happy,” said Kelly. Since her childhood until now, Kelly has known what she wanted to be, and although she had to face some obstacles, she could still say that the word that described her most was “happy.”

By Sandra Mendez, Chronicle Staff



Born on Feb.26 in the Philippines, Obed Galang grew up as the sixth child of nine, with four older brothers and four sisters. Despite the size, Galang’s family was very close. He remembers going with his father to a farm when he was seven. “[My father would] work in the farm and I [would] bring [the workers] some food and water,” said Galang. After his elementary years, Galang went to San Pedro High in the Philippines, and, after graduating, attended Holy Angel University. He received a Bachelor’s and Master’s in biology and chemistry, his Obed Galang two majors. Throughout college, Galang worked as a sales representative in a publishing agency before going into teaching. In spite of his childhood desire to be a nurse, Galang has happily been teaching for ten years. “Since I took up education and teaching, everything has changed,” said Galang. Galang said teaching has taught him to be more social. He has to talk in front of students, go to meetings, have conferences, and socialize much more than when he was younger, “but I’m still that quiet and silent type of person,” said Galang. Although Galang lives and teaches in the U.S., he still visits his family in the Philippines. He went in 2008 and stayed for two months. He and his family went to church and had dinner together. “We do some cooking and eat, and that [lasts until] Sunday,” said Galang. It is days like these Galang treasures and remembers the most. Galang, although having described himself as the ‘shy type’, has another word that describes his personality as a whole. He sees himself as a flexible person, who has and can adapt to the changes life brings him. On Aug. 24, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stockton, Rachel West was born. She had a strong bond with her parents and the dictionary. Although West strove to be a doctor, her interest in literature and constant reminder of teaching would lead her down the path of education. “My whole life I was told I was going to be a teacher,” said West. During West’s last high school years, when she was editor for the school yearbook and had a passion for graphic design, and realized she found blood “disgusting.” She changed her plan for college and majored in communications and political science. She had her first teaching job at Franklin, after receiving her teaching credential. She focused on teaching English and Newspaper, and continued to teach at Franklin. West describes her life as a “simple” one, but tries to learn from the experiences she has gone through. Although she holds many memories of moments and events of her past, West thinks that every day is something to be happy about. “[There is] always something that makes me smile or laugh every day,” said West. As West looks ahead to the “best days that are soon to come,” she looks back and describes herself as open minded, which means free from prejudice and receptive to new ideas.

Rachel West

Pamela Schulz was born in Sacramento, CA on Nov 12. She grew up with a sister a year and a half older than her. When Schulz turned the T.V. channel to her show, she found a political case instead. After watching the case, Schulz realized that she wanted to be a lawyer. “[I] love the Bill of Rights,” said Schulz, “I think [the] first ten amendments are so important and so fragile.” Schulz wanted to protect those fragile rights, so she majored in political science at U.C Davis. She also minored in psychology, but received her Bachelor’s (B.S.) in political science. She then applied for Hasting University of California in San Francisco and received her Juries Doctorate, which is a degree in law. “College is great once you get through [your] G.E’s (General Education), [then] you get to concentrate on what [courses] you want to take,” said Schulz. For a semester during college, Schulz went to London to study historical art first hand. She would attend lectures, then be released to go see pictures. She lived in a house in a small town near London. Unfortunately, “It smelled like Pamela Schulz cabbages” in the house, but, “It was a very interesting, good time,” said Schulz. After graduating and becoming a lawyer, Schulz planned to teach for five years and return to law. Instead, Schulz stayed a teacher. Her love for teaching students history, and the desire to watch her classes graduate have kept her teaching.




The Harry Potter phenomenom: books vs. movies Magic can be found in many places and makes people think about different things. For many, the first thing they think of is the magical world of “Harry Potter.” With the extremely popular sevenChronicle Staff book series, and corresponding movies still being released, a franchise like Harry Potter can’t help but get a large fan following. Even those who are not die-hard fans have usually seen one or two of the movies, or perhaps read the first book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. With all the changes the movie adaption of the books have, it brings up the questions of which is better: books or movies, and what is it people like about Harry Potter? When it comes to books it seems like more and more of them, not just Harry Potter, are being turned into movies. To the movie-only audience, the movies can be great, but to the people who read the original books, the changes can be less than appreciated.   “It depends on the story,” said Nancy Valencia. “The books give you all the details and movies are made to entertain.” This year on Nov. 19 the newest Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,”  is scheduled for release in theaters.  With the release of each new movie there are high expectations from fans, and promises from movie makers that the movies will get darker and darker. As John Noe from the Harry Potter podcast “Pottercast” says, “the movies keep getting darker and darker, so by ‘Deathly Hallows Part 2’  it will be like a black screen and you’ll have to squint to see them moving.”  Many people were disappointed with the last movie, but they still plan on seeing the next. “It better be better than the last one,” commented Jacob Crone on his expectations for the next Harry Potter film. To some, there is nothing better than the original Harry Potter books. Starting in book one of the Sorcerer’s Stone (or Philosopher’s Stone to some) and going to book seven, the Deathly Hallows, the books are what started it all and brought magic and imagination to the millions of readers and now passionate fans. To the book purist, the movies can never live up to the magic of the books. “I like how [the books] leave you to imagine the situations and it leaves a lot in that the movies can’t because of time limits,” said Potter fan, Jasmine Fredericksen. “The books are definitely better then the movies, but I do enjoy the movies too.”

Holly DeHonestis

With all the characters in Harry Potter, it is only natural that fans would have favorites; or at least characters that they enjoy reading about or watching more than others. “For me it’s a tie between Sirius Black, because he’s really funny and brings a lot to the story, and Dumbledore because he is very wise and makes Harry’s life harder, which brings interest to the story,” said Fredericksen. Whether you are just a casual movie viewer, book purist, or lover of both, the Harry Potter series brings magic and fun to all its fans. And with branches of the fan community going from wizard rock music, fan conventions like Leakycon, and the sooncoming theme park, there is no lack of things to love and obsess about after the books or while waiting for the next movie.

Photo:Holly DeHonestis

Books versus movies debate continue between fans of both series. Book purists think only books are good and the movies co-uld never live up to them. Movie-only fans tend to only be casual audiences and don’t live up to die-hard fans.

An open book for an open mind The truth behind the novel, The Hunger Games In the novel, The Hunger Games, Chronicle Staff written by S u z a n n e Collins, the main character, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her sister’s place as the District Twelve contestant in The Hunger Games. This gripping tale is definitely a must read and experience the danger of the games. The Hunger Games are events that are thought to be entertainment, when in reality they are simply cruel and inhuman. Each of the twelve Districts are forced to send two children, one male and one female, between the ages of twelve and seventeen years old into The Hunger Games. The teenagers are thrown into an arena and forced to fight, and eventually kill, each other. When there is only one person left, they are declared the winner and become a celebrity. This book focuses on Katniss Everdeen and her struggles to stay alive throughout the game. With the help of her fellow District Twelve contestant, Peeta Mellark, she is soon a major threat. Katniss and Peeta use the audience’s own emotions against them, convincing the audience to believe what the two of them wish. But how long can it go on? Katniss knows her fate and has come to accept it. However, with her new alliance, she is not sure about anything. In this game, she

Jasmine Fredericksen

will do anything to stay alive, or so she thought. She soon faces more problems. Is she willing to stay alive, even if it means losing her own humanity? Will she put her life before love? This wonderful book brings many questions to the mind of the reader. How would you react if you were put in the Hunger Games?  Would you be able to fight and kill others your age? While reading  The Hunger Games, you never stop thinking about, not only the characters, but what you would do in their horrible situation as well. The Hunger Games is an interesting story with conflicts that are sometimes hard for many people to imagine. It is one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read. The events in the story are seemingly real and convince you that you are going through these horrible experiences with Katniss. Every page is filled with emotion.  Holly DeHonestis explains that, “[The Hunger Games] was so exciting and adventurous. It kept me wondering and had a little bit of romance.” She then said, “I would definitely advise others to read this book. It’s amazing.” From action to romance, Collins’s wonderfully executed story has something for all audiences. Don’t wait; find out what happens to Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

Photo: Jasmine Fredericksen

A heart was made from the pages of The Hunger Games. It symbolizes the love many people have for this New York Times bestseller by Suzanne Collins.


13 The boredom busters of our time 03.18.09

How to have the best Spring Break ever Mikey Aguilera

Spring Break seems to drag on forever, but whose Layout and Design fault is it but yours? This year, you should try to make a goal of creating a new boredom buster that nobody has heard of, whether it’s skateboarding, or even a new type of tag, to try to make this year awesome. This Spring Break, students should try doing something that will get them recognized, and represent for what their school can do like with Academic Decathlon people and their competitions, winning us all the gold. However, for those who aren’t on the team, they should try doing something new and extreme like bungee jumping, or even having a slip’n’slide in the mud! But if you’re a daredevil who likes to make others laugh at you while you’re crying desperately in pain, have extreme shopping cart races behind Wal-Mart- but only if you want trouble with the head honcho. It’s very fun, but emotionally painful when the security guard has to come chasing after you in his 25 mi/h scooter.  The point of vacation is to get time off school to relax, hang out with friends and family, and to have fun, rather than just stay at home all day and turn into a couch potato planted in front of the TV. For fun, most teens tend to hang out or “chill” with friends, just doing random things at each other’s houses. Some suggestions of getting out

of the “chill” zone are going out to Six Flags, Disneyland, or even Great America, but if you don’t like that type of stuff, stay home. “I like to sing, play piano, and hang out with friends,” said Amore Amato. For others, being on spring break is like being a hibernating squirrel because all they want to do is sleep all day. Spring Break isn’t only for going to amusement parks and to friend’s house, but you can also do other fun stuff as well. “During Spring Break, I look forward to going to Las Vegas to visit my friends there, and if up to me, I would buy a million dollars worth of clothes with my friends Stephanie and AnaMiguel,” said Sabina Pesoshina.  Others who don’t travel much, but still like hanging out with friends and family, can have fun at home. Some suggestions are going to the skate park, hanging out with friends, creating new freestyle tricks with bikes, scooters, or even skateboards, water balloon fights in the dark with mud, and hide and seek in the dark. Other types of suggestions are asking parents to take time off from that boring, tiring work and spending the day at an amusement park or even just “chilling” at a beach or a lake. Keep in mind the point is to have fun. No matter what type of fun it is, as long as its legal, let it rock.

Photo: Mikey Aguilera

A student “pop-shuvs” a 3 stair at St. George’s Church, engaging in a recreational sport. Finding ways to have fun during Spring Break doesn’t have to be expensive.

The magic behind the oasis

What was so special about the AVID room? “DINGGGGGGGGGGGGG,” the second period dismissal bell rings to mark a one-hour lunch. Chronicle Staff As the bell rings, Anell Mendez Martinez packs up her materials and makes her way into the Advancement Via Individual Determination room or, AVID room, with her backpack and three inch binder to quietly study and complete homework.                            However, she hasn’t been able to do this recently, because AVID teachers Shannon Kelly and Rachel West shut down the AVID room on Jan 29., after a few weeks of warning the students to clean up their mess.  “We posted them [notes] where people do tutorials so everybody had the chance to see and read what the rules were and read what they were doing wrong and they were given a week [to fix what they were doing wrong] and they still didn’t follow the rules,” said Kelly. Kelly expected them to follow the rules and be responsible for their own mess. “It’s not my job; it’s not Ms. West’s job, to clean up after people so we closed the room because they weren’t following the rules,” continued Kelly. The students, however, did not hold the teachers responsible for closing the AVID room. “We were messy and we left the AVID room kind of messy,” claimed Mendez Martinez. “Even though I tried to clean it up, there was no use because people still got it dirty.” After the room closed, Mendez Martinez and other students were forced to relocate. “It’s sad that the room closed because now everyone is going to [stay at either] the hall or the cafeteria,” said Mendez Martinez.

Jorelyn Calam

The AVID room became Mendez Martinez academic room because she was able to work by choice on what she wanted to work on. “I used to go in the AVID room to study or sometimes do my homework in advance,” Mendez Martinez said. Mendez Martinez was not the only person in the AVID room finishing up work. There were students like Sucharita Yellapragada and Alexander Salcedo. “Before, I used to go in [the AVID room] and do my work,” Salcedo said. To Yellapragada the AVID room was more than just a room to act like a goof ball or to do work like the AVID class itself. She viewed the AVID room as a place to relieve stress from the idea of work all the time. “I spent time there with my friends, hanging out and being my weird self,” said Yellapragada. According to the SECA website, the AVID class is actually an elective support class that aids in every content area course students take at SECA. The AVID class requires students to take Cornell notes and keep binders organized. “The room at lunch was not just a place to do work like the AVID class itself, but the room was more of a getaway,” Yellapragada said. The AVID room became a place for students to hang out. Yellapragada admits that there was something special about the AVID room that drew many of them in. “I guess you could say it was a weird, academic, crazy oasis,” Yellapragada admitted.  Kelly assumed studying took place before the closing of the AVID room, during lunch. “As far as I can tell they were there studying. I know that the ACADEC [Academic Decathlon] students used it to study a lot and I think non ACADEC students did too,” said Kelly.

Photo: Jorelyn Calam

Many students were warned through blue notes posted around the AVID room to clean up their mess during lunch. Sandra Mendez, Andrea Fua, Emily Wilburn, Holly Dehonestis, and Nico Brondial were just a few students who occupied the AVID room before it was closed on Jan. 29.

When Yellapragada’s “oasis” was closed, she looked for another chance to enter her “oasis” again. “I am willing to show the AVID teachers that we are responsible enough to have a second chance,” Yellapragada said. “After all, everyone deserves a second chance.”




Saving money is great on a sunny day

Fatten up your piggy bank for the future Desiree Alcocer

A small child walks through the sliding doors of his favorite store with Co-Editor his mother and father standing by his side. He takes a deep breath as he sees all the toys and gadgets surrounding him. The moment has finally come when he finds the toy he has seen many times in a TV commercial. Running straight toward the newly enhanced dump truck, he thinks he has found what he has wanted his whole life. He comes to the shelf and grabs the hard cardboard surrounding the small toy truck, but he does not realize how much money is being spent on it. Seeing the latest, greatest toy out there makes young and old alike want to go out and spend their money on it, just like this small child, thinking it is the greatest thing they will ever buy.  Starting now, wasting money can stop by taking a few moments to think about what is really important in life, for now and in the future.   Spending money may be even more important to some because not many know what the future holds.   “There are more people and it will be harder to go to school and get jobs,” said Aldo Guzman  Many students want to prosper in life and become something great to the world allowing them to spend the money they receive faster. Now that money is being printed every day, saving money can start with one penny going in a piggybank at home.  “Getting a job and saving up all the holiday and birthday money [can add up],” Delecia Velasquez-Stump said. Having a lot of money in your life can make a person feel like they are at their highest, though it is something that can be gone within a split second. Having just the right amount of money could make day-to-day life easier.

“I want to have a good job so I can pay for everything that I need,” said Alicia Sorensen. Money can be spent on many unnecessary devices or toys that could slowly make us lose the money needed for necessities. Any single dollar saved can help with the terrifying times that pop up in life. Guzman says he even has his own secret place to have his money. “I will have money saved for the future or just for emergencies,” Guzman said. Now that prices are on the rise, college has become harder to get into and pay for. “When you are in college, you have a lot of expenses, [including] your books,” said teacher, Obed Galang. Financial experts like Suze Orman can help with anything from spending to saving money, within any age range from teenagers to adults. She is a two time Emmy Award-winning television host, New York Times bestselling author, magazine and online columnist, writer/producer, and one of the top motivational speakers in the world today. Orman believes, “People first, then money, then things.” Instead of an expert, many students would rather go to their mom and dad for easy advice.   “My parents [are a good source] because they’re always saving money for important things,” Sorensen said. Though the economy is going through a rough patch right now, saving money will help us get through life in the future. Now the piggybank’s big belly can be smashed and put into an account to make our savings even bigger than we ever could have dreamed.

How to save money •

Keep Your spending under control: -The sooner you realize you don’t need the newest gadget that is shown on television, the sooner you will have money in your pocket

Earn whatever you can: -You can get a simple job like mowing lawns, babysitting, bagging groceries, or even learning a valuable hobby

Keep track of the money you earn and spend: -Have a budget. If you do this you can learn how to make goals and figure out when you need to make adjustments to get your money going the way you want it to.

Random Facts

Across 3. What were the first baseball caps made of? 4. What color are black whales born as?

8. Crayola is a french word that means ______ ?

9. Cats make over 100 different vocal sounds; dogs can make about _____ ? 11. The odds of being killed by falling out of bed are ____ in a million. Down 1. What were pretzels originally invented for? 2. What is the Big Dipper known as in France? 5. What is commonly served as breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Australia? 6. On every continent there is a city called _____ ?

7. What word is spelled the same in English, German, French, Swedish, and Portugese? 10. Aluminum used to be more valuable then _____ ?

By Monica Guzman




Feeling a little “bromantic”? Dude, that’s my boyfriend! Smack on the thigh, smack on the butt, wild “bromances” are going on around you and in your school. Chronicle Staff According to, a bromance is when two males have a relationship, but when asked by peers if they are homosexual they deny and say “no,” and continue as if nothing had happened. Many things may be done during these wild bromances, like students jumping on each other, carrying each other, or just holding each other. Students don’t get too into it, but when it comes to Victor Acosta and Joey Contreras it’s a different story. “We get too freaky, you don’t even want to know,” said Acosta. There are five bromances at SECA, the main one being Acosta and Contreras, which has been going on for approximately nine years! Several bromances are love triangles, including students such as Steven Roxas, Adriel Escalera, and Joseph Petty.  “I don’t see it as a bromance; I see it more as a very strong friendship,” said Contreras.   Acosta and Contreras have been inseparable since kindergarten and thanks to them, a rapid infection of bromances has affected other students. This wild infection is encouraging students to begin an adventurous bromance of their own.  Many have different ways of encouraging their peers into having their own bromances taking for example the ways of Contreras and Acosta.   “We mess around with every guy we see,” said Acosta. So far they have motivated Escalera and Petty to become a “couple”. Later, Roxas joined, making it the very first “love triangle” at SECA.   Many of the students participating in a bromance relationship have a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.    “Well he is like my brother [Contreras], so I don’t mind them having a bromance,” said Rita Valdez, Acosta’s girlfriend. Many girlfriends might not have a problem with their boyfriend having a bromance, some may want them to separate, and others don’t really mind. “They seem to enjoy having a bromance,” said Valdez. Photo:Sirenio Gonzalez Students in bromances do many different things in and out of classes. Who can stop these wild bromances that go on in this wild school? No one and no one will, because, Demonstrating love and passion, Victor Acosta and Jose Contreras carry each other and stand together. Their “bromance” has lasted approximately nine years, and will “they are hilarious for the students doing it, and for the students around those bromance hopefully be everlasting and prosperous. lovers,” said Escalera.

Sirenio Gonzalez

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e h



The building blocks of SECA

The purposes this building has served over the years You’ve walked down the hallways, up and down the stairs, and sat in the classrooms of the SECA building for more than six months now. Have you ever stopped to Chronicle Staff think how SECA ended up in this building? This building is part of Stockton’s Magnolia Historical District. The history of the building dates back to 1914, when it was a Catholic boarding school for girls called St. Agnes Academy. The Academy was originally located on the corner of San Joaquin and Lafayette Street, but railroad tracks were built across the street. The loud whistles of the train were too distracting for the school. Consequently, the academy was rebuilt at its current location on 640 N. San Joaquin Street and was reopened in 1914 to girls from first to twelfth grade. A year later, boys were also admitted to the school. The founder of the school was Father William O’ Connor, who also founded St. Joseph’s Hospital. The school cost $60,000 to build and much of the money was donated by Stockton’s own Captain Charles Weber, who founded Stockton in 1849, he helped beautify the building by tending to the garden. In the early 1980’s this building housed another parochial school called San Joaquin Middle School. Two of our own SECA parents are alumni of this school: Maria Vargas-Perez and Mark Palmer. Vargas-Perez remembers using another part of the building during her years at the school that is not currently used.     “It was nice and we used the basement as a girl’s locker room to change for P.E.,” said Vargas-Perez.   Palmer commented on the school grounds and what a good education he received there.  “I attended the school from second through fourth grade and then went to a public school fifth through seventh grade, but I came back in eighth grade. I stopped learning after eighth grade so I think what I learned through that time really stuck with me. They did an excellent job teaching. The building is originally the same as I remember in second grade. I can remember in second grade, playing kickball and going to the same water faucets that are still here now, to drink some water,” said Palmer. According to Steve Breakfield, coordinator of facilities for SUSD, on May 15, 2002 the Stockton Unified School District purchased the building from the owners at the time, Mr. and Mrs. David Warwick, for $1.2 million. The building was re-modeled to house the Urbani School of Language and Development. In 2007, the Urbani School moved to the Hamilton Middle School campus and the building became vacant. Fast forward: August 2009 and SECA now occupies this historic structure. The school will be occupying the building for another school year. Housing SECA will become another important part of history for this building.

Katie Perez

Congratulations to our art contest winner:

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From The History of San Joaquin County

This copy of a postcard shows the St. Agnes Academy graduating class of 1911. The old St. Agnes Academy building is the current home of SECA. The adjoining building (currently the Women’s Center) was built in 1920.

Photo: Vanisha Patel

Students hang out in front of the SECA building. Though the structure is new to the Timberwolves, it has been the site of various Stockton schools for one hundred years.

Wolves Chronicle Issue 2  

March 23, 2009