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a) Allocations We will: n Provide housing options advice including affordability of running a home. n Provide support and help throughout the whole process from application to bidding for homes. n Review your housing priority on request n Advertise homes available for letting including council, Registered Social Landlords (RSL) and Private Sector Leasing (PSL) properties weekly. n only contact you if you have been successful with your bid. n Provide information on previous homes advertised. n Arrange for you to view the property before completing the tenancy agreement. n Make sure your new home is clean, safe, secure and in reasonable repair. n Relet homes at the earliest possible date.

n Investigate promptly and thoroughly any possible housing fraud.

b) Tenure & rent We will: n Provide information on your responsibilities as a tenant and our commitment to you. n Provide a wide range of ways to pay your rent and other charges, including incentives to pay by Direct Debit. n Identify if you need any extra help and support before you move in and during any contact with you, and where needed, support you ourselves or help you to access support from a specialist provider. n Visit you after 4 weeks and again after 8 months of your tenancy starting to see how you are settling in. n Visit you periodically to check if you need any help to meet your tenancy conditions. If you live in a high rise flat we will visit you every 12 months. n Investigate promptly any breaches of the tenancy conditions to ensure all tenants and leaseholders can enjoy their home. n Contact you to arrange support, advice and payment if you do not pay your rent on time and write to you if legal action is required. n Consult you before any changes to your rent and give you four weeks notice of any changes.

d) Leaseholders We will n Facilitate and attend leaseholder groups, the leaseholder forum and any other resident association. n Provide a leaseholder reception at Merry Hill One Stop Shop. n Ensure full consultation takes place for all major repair and improvement works for which you have to make a contribution. n Develop leaseholder involvement. n Work with the leaseholder forum to develop and improve services. n Calculate your charges fairly & correctly. n Forward you quarterly repair statements. n Ensure that all service charge invoices show a detailed breakdown of any costs. n Provide help and advice on any matter relating to your lease. n Offer support to leaseholders who encounter financial difficulties. n Publish Leaseholder News twice yearly. n Benchmark our performance to ensure our services are among the best. n Provide annual gas servicing (that you pay for).

c) Homesales We will: n Provide you with help and advice on buying your council house or flat under the Right to Buy scheme n Reply to Right to Buy applications within statutory timescales using the statutory forms n Make sure our Valuers and Energy Performance Inspectors make an appointment with you before carrying out your home. n Send you an offer price using a section 125 Landlords Offer Notice n Once you accept the price we will carry out a boundary survey and forward the case to Wolverhampton City Council. n Make sure the sale goes smoothly.


Our Service Standards  
Our Service Standards  

This leaflet tells you about the services we deliver to tenants, leaseholders and other service users to meet the National Standards for Hou...