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a) Quality of accommodation We will: n Improve and modernise your home so that it, as a minimum, meets the Governments Decent Homes Standard. n Offer energy efficiency advice

c) Aids & adaptations n Wolverhamton Homes undertakes some of the work on behalf of Wolverhamton City Council who are responsible for the delivery of this service. Details of how this service is delivered are covered by a separate standard.

b) Repairs & maintenance We will: n Provide a range of ways for you to contact us about your repair. n Offer you an appointment for all nonemergency repairs. n Complete repairs as quickly as is possible, within agreed timescales, tailoring our services according to your needs. n Complete large repairs in a planned way ensuring that you get the best possible value for money. n Keep you informed about your repair. n Ensure that you and your home are treated considerately and with respect by our repairs teams and contractors. n Carry out an annual gas service if your property has gas supply. n Carry out an annual fencing replacement programme.


Our Service Standards  
Our Service Standards  

This leaflet tells you about the services we deliver to tenants, leaseholders and other service users to meet the National Standards for Hou...