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WHGL033 02/13

Service Standards This document outlines the services Wolverhampton Homes delivers to tenants, leaseholders and other service users to meet the National Standards for Housing. In addition we have various locally agreed standards, these are shown in italics on the following pages. For those not viewing this as a web document, highlighted text indicates a link to another document. If you want further information about these items please contact us. We will let you know how we’re getting on in the Annual Report, Tenants Update newsletter, monthly performance poster displayed in local offices and on our website Wolverhampton Homes performance is subject to tenant scrutiny by the Review Panel.


a) Customer service, choice and complaints We will: n provide a range of ways for you to contact us p by telephoning our contact centre, Homes Direct, on 01902 556789 Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6.00pm, Saturdays 9.30am - 1.00pm p by visiting one of our One Stop Shops p by email, p by text 60066 (start your text WHomes followed by a space) p by writing to one of our offices p by using our interactive web-site designed with tenant involvement p by phoning the out-of-hours service if you have an emergency when we are closed 01902 552999 n answer calls to Homes Direct and deal with face to face enquiries promptly within agreed timescales n respond to e-mails and letters within agreed timescales n resolve your enquiry at first point of contact n make it easy for you to raise any concerns with us through a clear complaints procedure b) Involvement & empowerment We will: n Make sure that there are opportunities for tenants to get involved at different times and in different ways so that every tenant has the opportunity to have their say. n Involve tenants in all service areas so that the service reflects tenants’ priorities. n Involve tenants in reviewing our services, including Tenant Involvement. n Use your feedback to identify what’s most important to tenants and drive improvement. 3

n Publish information on how your views have been used to influence services. n Offer training and development opportunities to help involved tenants to be effective in their role. n Pay out of pocket expenses to those who attend meetings. n Consult you on any proposed changes to our services including Tenant Involvement. n Provide an annual report setting out our performance against target. n Support Tenant & Resident Associations to promote Tenant involvement on their estates. n Work with tenant groups such as Wolverhampton Federation of Tenants Associations (WFTA) and All Cultures One Voice (ACOV) to promote and support tenant involvement across the city.

a) Quality of accommodation We will: n Improve and modernise your home so that it, as a minimum, meets the Governments Decent Homes Standard. n Offer energy efficiency advice

c) Aids & adaptations n Wolverhamton Homes undertakes some of the work on behalf of Wolverhamton City Council who are responsible for the delivery of this service. Details of how this service is delivered are covered by a separate standard.

b) Repairs & maintenance We will: n Provide a range of ways for you to contact us about your repair. n Offer you an appointment for all nonemergency repairs. n Complete repairs as quickly as is possible, within agreed timescales, tailoring our services according to your needs. n Complete large repairs in a planned way ensuring that you get the best possible value for money. n Keep you informed about your repair. n Ensure that you and your home are treated considerately and with respect by our repairs teams and contractors. n Carry out an annual gas service if your property has gas supply. n Carry out an annual fencing replacement programme.


a) Allocations We will: n Provide housing options advice including affordability of running a home. n Provide support and help throughout the whole process from application to bidding for homes. n Review your housing priority on request n Advertise homes available for letting including council, Registered Social Landlords (RSL) and Private Sector Leasing (PSL) properties weekly. n only contact you if you have been successful with your bid. n Provide information on previous homes advertised. n Arrange for you to view the property before completing the tenancy agreement. n Make sure your new home is clean, safe, secure and in reasonable repair. n Relet homes at the earliest possible date.

n Investigate promptly and thoroughly any possible housing fraud.

b) Tenure & rent We will: n Provide information on your responsibilities as a tenant and our commitment to you. n Provide a wide range of ways to pay your rent and other charges, including incentives to pay by Direct Debit. n Identify if you need any extra help and support before you move in and during any contact with you, and where needed, support you ourselves or help you to access support from a specialist provider. n Visit you after 4 weeks and again after 8 months of your tenancy starting to see how you are settling in. n Visit you periodically to check if you need any help to meet your tenancy conditions. If you live in a high rise flat we will visit you every 12 months. n Investigate promptly any breaches of the tenancy conditions to ensure all tenants and leaseholders can enjoy their home. n Contact you to arrange support, advice and payment if you do not pay your rent on time and write to you if legal action is required. n Consult you before any changes to your rent and give you four weeks notice of any changes.

d) Leaseholders We will n Facilitate and attend leaseholder groups, the leaseholder forum and any other resident association. n Provide a leaseholder reception at Merry Hill One Stop Shop. n Ensure full consultation takes place for all major repair and improvement works for which you have to make a contribution. n Develop leaseholder involvement. n Work with the leaseholder forum to develop and improve services. n Calculate your charges fairly & correctly. n Forward you quarterly repair statements. n Ensure that all service charge invoices show a detailed breakdown of any costs. n Provide help and advice on any matter relating to your lease. n Offer support to leaseholders who encounter financial difficulties. n Publish Leaseholder News twice yearly. n Benchmark our performance to ensure our services are among the best. n Provide annual gas servicing (that you pay for).

c) Homesales We will: n Provide you with help and advice on buying your council house or flat under the Right to Buy scheme n Reply to Right to Buy applications within statutory timescales using the statutory forms n Make sure our Valuers and Energy Performance Inspectors make an appointment with you before carrying out your home. n Send you an offer price using a section 125 Landlords Offer Notice n Once you accept the price we will carry out a boundary survey and forward the case to Wolverhampton City Council. n Make sure the sale goes smoothly.


a) Neighbourhood management We will: n Complete regular estate inspections with tenants, leaseholders and other interested agencies to identify any areas of concern and explore suggested solutions/remedy. During summer months hold these after 5pm. n Continue to allocate funding for minor work schemes identified during estate inspections. n Remove (or report to other agencies) all identified graffiti. n Remove (or report to other agencies) all identified fly tipping. n Provide a grounds maintenance service (grass cutting, shrubs, hedges, weed control, litter collection) on all Wolverhampton Homes managed land. n Maintain all communal area trees upon Wolverhampton Homes managed land. n Respond to ALL reports of dangerous trees within Wolverhampton Homes responsibility. n Provide a gardening and tree service (that you pay for) if you are unable to look after your own garden. n Undertake fire safety inspections of all communal areas within our blocks of flats. n Support residents to maintain the cleanliness within the communal areas of flats. n Provide a Concierge or Caretaking service within all blocks of flats with a communal area. n Provide access to a 24 hour service, seven days a week for blocks of flats with a concierge service, remotely at some sites. n Monitor CCTV and door entry systems where installed. n Develop and implement local parking schemes where you tell us it is a priority, and where it is possible and affordable to do so. n Work with local neighbourhood partnerships and other agencies to tackle difficult issues on estates.

b) Anti social behaviour We will: n Work to prevent and deter anti-social behaviour. n Investigate all complaints promptly and thoroughly. n Agree an action plan and keep in weekly contact with complainants. n Take early action to address anti-social behaviour. n Support offenders to change their behaviour. n Consider all available legal remedies where appropriate and where all other remedies have failed. n Provide a 24 hour telephone reporting service. n Work closely and share information with partner agencies such as the Police and the City Council. n Provide support, advice and protection for victims and witnesses. 6

Our Service Standards  

This leaflet tells you about the services we deliver to tenants, leaseholders and other service users to meet the National Standards for Hou...

Our Service Standards  

This leaflet tells you about the services we deliver to tenants, leaseholders and other service users to meet the National Standards for Hou...