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Summer 2018


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LORD OF THE FLIES The chilling story unfolds

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Head’s Welcome

Welcome to the Summer 2018 edition of The Independent. I love the cycle and rhythm of school life. At this time of year, we have event after event in which we say farewell to our leaving Upper Sixth, alongside coordinating visits and social occasions to welcome new students to our School.

Senior School Prizegiving was a wonderful example of an evening which encompasses all year groups. The eminent speaker, Old Wulfunian Dr Nicholas Evans, Associate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Southampton, remembered his WGS days fondly. Intriguingly he talked of his lacklustre academic record while at School, and the importance of resilience; believing in yourself, having the confidence to keep going and not sweating the small things. He spoke of the need for tenacity too, exemplifying it in his life with a tale about research into analysis for diabetes, which he struggled with for two years until his eureka moment. Nicholas reminded us that everyone shines at something, when the time is right. In that way, as I write this, I watch


Robert loved Wolverhampton Grammar School. He was a student from 1955 to 1962, following in the footsteps of his father and brother, and in turn, Robert’s sons also attended our School.

Of course in the educational cycle, people come and go. A number of the School’s Directors will move on to pastures new over the next few months, none whose contribution to WGS has been as great as that of

The staff work diligently to respond to the needs of our students and we listen and learn from parents’ perspective too. I hope you find the articles about our Parent Survey and Forum feedback interesting. Over the Summer, as teachers update schemes of work and rest from gruelling term time schedules, the support staff implement necessary updates and prepare for next academic year, for new students and staff. The cycle of school life continues. I wish you all a happy and enjoyable summer break. Kathy Crewe-Read Head

Robert was a familiar face around campus and held many roles including Director, Chair of our Finance Committee, critical friend, sportsman, but above all else, a faithful advocate for our community.

It was with great sadness that we shared the news back in April that Robert Purshouse, Old Wulfrunian and Director of our School had passed away.


a mix of students (none of whom were at Prizegiving) play fantastic cricket against an alumni team. Jazz Spec was a treat, showcasing some of our best musicians, and Dick Whittington was, as usual, a professional production by the Junior School. Who would have thought students of Big 6 capable of such a slick performance? The goings-on of the last two weeks of term have served to remind me of the myriad ways in which our young people can flourish. Evidence that we are transforming lives, as well as minds.

Robert Purshouse, about whom you can read below. I consider myself lucky to have known and worked alongside such a thoughtful, witty and incisive man. Details about other members of our community who for one reason or another are moving on will be in my end of term message emailed to all parents, alongside some background information on September’s new appointees, which was a suggestion of a member of the parent body and has now become WGS custom.

Robert was also Secretary of the Old Wulfrunians Association (OWA), and as a veteran international hockey player, he played a formative role in the recent replacement of the School’s astro turf project. The astro turf will now be named in his honour.

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At the request of his wife, Helen, a choir of students from School attended and performed at his funeral. We will continue to remember Robert (or Bob as he was affectionately known) and the legacy that he leaves behind.

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How’s your French? Mrs Patrizia Manzai tasked her Year 7 French class to write a poem about a favourite animal. See if you can spot the poems throughout this edition of The Independent and from the picture clue try to learn some useful descriptive words.


School's Out! Just because School breaks up for students - doesn’t mean that work stops on our historic Compton Road campus. Just as students depart, trucks of contractors arrive on site to embark on an annual maintenance plan that ensures not only the future of our much loved buildings - but also new and exciting facilities on site too.

From Barbie to Trump

The most outstanding individuals and institutions that the state and independent sector has to offer have been recognised in the shortlist for the 2018 Tes Schools Awards announced in May.

Debaters Zak Adnan and Jenny Chan took on Mr Yarnley and Mrs Clancy in Head’s Assembly debates. “America is the real public enemy, not Russia” and “Barbie should be banned” were the topics being hotly contested by both sides to a full Big School of Year 7 to 10 students.

NEED TO CONTACT US OVER SUMMER? Support and Technical staff will be on site throughout the Summer holidays. If you need to contact us: Tel: 01902 421326 Email: Call in: Monday - Friday 8.30am-4pm

Wolverhampton Grammar School was shortlisted for the Employer of the Year and Deputy Head, Nic Anderson shortlisted for the Maths Teacher of the Year award by the Times Educational Supplement. It’s been a year of national accolades for Wolverhampton Grammar School. The School won ‘Senior leadership team of the year’ at the prestigious Tes Independent School Awards 2018 in February and was judged “Excellent” in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate last year.

This August will see the next round of our laboratories undergo a complete refurb and students will come back to shiny new Chemistry Labs for September. The Sports Centre will have new changing rooms and windows will be replaced in the Languages block. Junior School will see a new reception area installed and even more new signage will go around our campus to help visitors and new students find their way around School.

Use any of our School social media channels to keep in touch. t @WGS1512 Students from all years are invited to take part in School debates verses teachers from all disciplines. If there is a particular topic you would like to see debated in assembly, contact Carrie Bennett email with your ideas. Good luck to all future debaters!

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Parents’ Survey Results Thank you if you were one of the 311 parents who responded to our Parents’ Survey this year. Parents have been surveyed about their views on School for three years now and as ever, the findings are fascinating. Informed by you, we’ll keep doing what works well, and improve further. We’ll also address areas where you think we could improve. Every survey includes questions that we benchmark every year, and every year we include new questions to ensure the survey is relevant to the experience you have in School.

New for this year’s survey: • Your views about how we communicate with you as parents • What you like and don’t like about School events • If you’re a parent of a Year 7 child, we also asked you to tell us if ordering an iPad from our supplier was straight forward and if your child is enjoying using the iPad in lessons.

This is what you told us…

Thank you to all the parents who took the opportunity to tell us in your own words what you feel about our School…

★★ That your child feels happy and safe at our School

★★ You want to know more about the subjects your child is studying

★★ The good relationships between staff and students

★★ You would like us to be more consistent in how we set and review homework

★★ The range of extra-curricular activities on offer ★★ The Parent Portal ★★ The Junior School Bulletin ★★ How the School communicates with you ★★ Our iPad set up guide and ordering process.

★★ You want more information about careers support available in the younger Senior School year groups ★★ If you’re a new parent, you want more information during the induction process ★★ You want SMS text messaging to be rolled out across the Senior School for urgent messages ★★ You want even more information on the Parent Portal.


t @WGS1512

Thank you to all the staff at WGS from two very grateful parents.

★★ The way we report student progress back to you


★★ The choice of subjects we offer


Both our children have had an amazing educational journey at WGS. They have developed into confident, self-assured people, well prepared to make their way in the world.

From what I have seen so far, the school well deserves its status of “Excellent”.

Thank you.

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And for some of you, this was also a great opportunity to tell us about things that you think could be even better… It would be useful to have more information about the curriculum so that we can see what topics our son is studying.

A martial arts programme would be good.

★★ “Don’t forget to ask” boards are on the kitchen counters reminding children to ask about ingredients and special meals ★★ We’re reviewing how the information on the curriculum is presented on the Parent and Student Portals ★★ Junior School parents of younger children will receive even more feedback about how their child is settling in to school life

Homework feels inconsistent - some weeks too little, some weeks too much.

★★ Our extra and co-curricular curriculum is being reviewed to ensure we offer the right balance of life, health, social and academic skills and we want to increase specialist provider activities ★★ We will increase the profile of Form Tutors and what they do.

★★ Our chefs are going to spend more time in our Junior School so that children get to know our catering staff and will feel more confident about asking questions

Lunch portion sizes vary too much and I’m worried there is nothing left if my child attends sports training during lunchtime

★★ Our nutritionist is also going to talk to Junior School children about their diet and what eating healthily looks (and tastes) like

Better labelling for vegetarian and vegan food please.

★★ The description of exam grades will be reviewed to ensure all parents and student fully understand how they work

Parents’ evening sometimes feels very rushed.

★★ Our Assistant Head of Academic Administration is reviewing all our reporting schedules and content for Long and Short Reports

★★ SMS text messaging to remind parents about important events is being rolled out across the Senior School and Sixth Form

★★ We will continue to ensure students know how to (and when not to) use their iPads ★★ Staff will get more training and support to ensure homework is set correctly and clearly ★★ The Parent and Staff Portal will see even further improvements made over the Summer to ensure you get even more information - relevant to you and your child ★★ We will review all information given to parents on what students are studying at GCSE and A Level ★★ Additional careers support is being introduced to the Year 8 ASPIRE programme


★★ New parents and students will receive even more information and support when they join our School to ensure they have everything they need

★★ All your comments were read by the Head, Kathy Crewe-Read and Dan Peters, Head of the Junior School, and the survey results discussed by the Senior Leadership Team

★★ Clear uniform guidelines for all students are being issued to parents and staff to help ensure our students always look  their best.

★★ The School’s Leadership Team have all been tasked with ensuring that areas for improvement are taken forward ★★ Heads of Academic Departments have met to discuss your views for areas of improvement around Reports, Academic Feedback and Homework

Our son couldn’t be happier. He loves coming to School.

★★ Parents’ Forum in June provided another opportunity for parents to share their views around Reports, Academic Feedback and Homework; catering and also to hear our ideas for video and audio lesson capture.

We know from the Parents’ Forum that you really appreciate the opportunity to come in and ask questions so we’ll be providing more drop in sessions during events, for example to help you navigate the Parent and Student Portals.

As a parent I feel really involved and really appreciate all support provided.

★★ Survey results were presented to Junior and Senior School staff.

★★ The survey findings were presented to our School Board of Directors

Let’s talk! We’ll keep updating you on improvements and if you have something to suggest - please don’t wait until the Parents’ Survey. You can get in touch at any time by emailing Carrie Bennett

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The Independent

FAREWELL CLASS OF 2018… HELLO OLD WULFRUNIANS 81 Upper Sixth students officially said farewell to their schooldays this term as they sat their final exams and prepared for the next stage of education and careers ahead. They celebrated in style with a traditional Leavers’ Breakfast, followed by a morning of fun on our own mini-fayre in the School’s Valley playing fields. Optional fancy dress was then transformed into more formal attire as students attended a final end of year assembly culminating with an emotional video of their school days together. Parents joined their children for a lavish lunch in Big School where Year Book memories were shared and end of year hoodies collected as the year group formally said their farewells to each other.

Our students go on to achieve great things and we have a growing worldwide alumni community of thousands in over 30 countries. There are a whole range of ways for School leavers to stay connected with us and with each other, so it's important to keep in touch. • Send in your news to Katie Guest and Gail Evans • Let us know about a change to your contact details • Complete one of our alumni profiles so that we can share your story • Receive our alumni publication (the Wulfrunian) and regular email updates from School • Come along to one of our events and reunions.

Don't forget to join our official alumni group on Facebook or LinkedIn. Search for Old Wulfrunians of WGS on Facebook (or follow Wolverhampton Grammar School Official), join Wolverhampton Grammar School (WGS) Old Wulfrunians and Friends on LinkedIn or stay engaged on Twitter @WGSOW.


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The Independent

Residential Challenge Learning shouldn’t be confined to a classroom. Venturing outside to explore the natural world is a great way for children to grow in confidence and to learn new life skills. At School, there are lots of opportunities to do just that, including residential trips. Our overnight trips start from as young as Year 3. Residential stays allow children to develop greater independence and confidence. For many, a residential trip may be the first time a child has been away from home and we work closely with parents to ensure this is a positive and fun experience. All students from the age of 7 to 12 will have had the opportunity to participate in a residential. As children progress further through the Senior School and Sixth Form, the choice of trips grows even further with annual opportunities to stay overseas including a Ski Trip, French and German Exchange, French Work Experience, Battlefields Trip, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and the annual international expedition - this year's trip is to India. Trips during 2018 also include a Rhine Valley German Language and Culture trip and a Portugal Football Development Tour. Good luck to all Year 7 who are off to explore the lakes and 175 acres of mature woodland at Oaker Wood in Herefordshire as this edition goes to print - we'll have pictures and an update from them in the next edition.


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To get a taste of life on a residential, this is the Year 3 blog from the Parent Portal from their recent three day trip to Laches Wood. Day 1 Credit is due to all the children for how eagerly they embraced this morning's departure for what was for many of them, their first time away from home. After a day of glorious sunshine, with temperatures in the 20 degrees bracket, the children enjoyed a full day of canoeing, climbing, den building and team building, all rounded off with the annual favourite - toasting marshmallows. A fantastic time was had by all. Day 2 Without a cloud in the sky, today provided the perfect backdrop for another actionpacked day, filled with exciting pursuits. Activities included switching with yesterday's groups, so more canoeing and climbing, but also orienteering and blindfolded trails. This evening ended with another favourite - songs and fun around the campfire. All are well and are having a fantastic time. Day 3 After a morning of bush craft and an awards ceremony in the afternoon followed by packing, some pretty tired, but very happy, children were ready for a weekend come 3:45pm today. Our grateful thanks go to the team at Laches Wood Centre, and also Mrs D'Arcy, Mrs Brown, Mr Cothey and Mrs Ralph for making the children's adventure possible.

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The Independent

Junior Record Breakers With stunning weather and great team spirit, Sports Day was another huge success this year for the Junior School. With over ten records broken (three by Year 3’s John Junior Addo alone), the children were most definitely at their best. The day was the perfect balance between celebrating sporting talent and inclusion.

This year’s Junior School records go to: John Junior Addo

Year 3 Boys’ Javelin


Danika Suresh

Year 4 Girls’ Javelin


Deeyah Gill

Year 4 Girls’ Overhead Throw


Daniel Ijaopo

Year 4 Boys’ Long Jump


Maria McHugh

Year 4 Girls’ Long Jump


Manmeet Sandher

Year 5 Boys’ Cricket Ball Throw


Heartfelt thanks must go to Mr Griffiths for organising another brilliant event, and thank you, to all our parents and the School catering team for creating such a brilliant Valley picnic.

George Margetts

Year 6 Boys’ Cricket Ball Throw


John Junior Addo

Year 3 Boys’ 60m race


John Junior Addo

Year 3 Boys’ 400m race

1m 23.94s

Ethan Muguta

Year 4 Boys’ 150m race


For more pictures from the Junior and Senior Sports Day see pages 26-27.

Magdalene Addo

Year 5 Girls’ 100m race


Harry Negrine

Year 5 Boys’ 600m race

1m 56.46s

Grass Roots Golf Students took part in the heats and the national final of StreetGolf at the 3 Hammers Golf Complex in June. Organised by the charity, The Golf Foundation, the competition was created as a way to get young people playing golf. Brendon Pyle Chief Executive of The Golf Foundation explained, “StreetGolf is designed to give children the chance to unlock a talent that they may otherwise never have been aware of. It’s such a joy to see the enjoyment they get from hitting a straight drive or sinking a putt.” Well done to Haydn Williams, George Brown, James Walker, Ava Wainwright, Bella Evans and Rachel Hamilton-Russell and special thanks to Miss Bradley and Mr Crust from the Sports Department for organising our team. We’re hoping opportunities to play golf will become a regular fixture at School.


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Ma super tortue

J’ai une super tortue

Qui aime aller au Louvre. Elle a quatre-vingt ans,

Elle aime la tarte au citron. Je voudrais aller En Australie,

Avec ma tortue,

Qui est très jolie! Devina Sharma 7JJM

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official

Festival of Sport

With stunning sunshine helping to make our wonderful grounds look even lovelier, the Junior School hosted its fourth annual Festival of Sport in June. Five local state schools joined us and danced, jumped and hit their way through a fantastic day of non-competitive sporting activities. Children were rewarded for determination, honesty, passion, self-belief, respect and teamwork. Many thanks must are due to the Sports Department and the Student Sports Leaders for running the activities with such passion and enthusiasm, and a special mention must go to Miss Trevor who organised the whole event.

The Greenaway Medal Well done to Sofia Molinari, Raha Nazifi, Mya Bharj, Nimrah Tanveer, Elinor Mahoney, Eve Smallwood and Ginny King - all members of the Junior School Book Club - for designing their own illustrated short stories and winning a book token prize. Inspired by the Kate Greenaway Medal for ‘distinguished illustration in a book for children’ the students produced illustrations of a very high standard.

Mes poissons J’ai deux petits poissons Et ils sont toujours vivants. Je les aime tellement.

Le girafon Il y a un girafon qui est un polisson. Il mange des gâteaux Et il habite dans un château. Je l’appelle Tom Tom

Favour Apata 7EW

Arfah Tanveer 7JJM

Ils sont très mignons!

Et il danse tout en rond. t @WGS1512

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official


The Independent

The future is digital and we’re here to help you navigate it!

Technology is here to stay. As educators, it’s part of our responsibility as a School to ensure our children are as prepared as they can be for the digital world ahead of them. iPads are a regular sight around School, with children and teachers from the Junior School to Sixth Form making use of ebooks and electronic resources. Last September, the rollout of iPads for all Year 7 children began and we will continue rolling out this technology with September's Year 7 students until all children in the Senior School have one. But with so many developments in digital technology, what can we expect from the year ahead? To help, we've produced this handy guide of what to expect from School and the classroom:

Junior School ✓✓ Children from Year 3 to Big 6 will continue to use our stock of School iPads as they do now. For example, Book Creator - the simple way to produce books on an iPad as well as creative tools to create movies, posters and animations particularly popular for presentations! Mindmapping proves to be another popular tool for Junior School children. ★★ New for September: Religious Education (RE) and PSHE lessons will be paperless with electronic workbooks and textbooks, homework for all years will also be available to view on the Student and Parent Portal. Year 7 ✓✓ Just like any form of technology, iPads continue to improve year on year and our Year 7 children from September will have a stylus (or electronic pen) as standard with their iPad as well as headphones giving them the opportunity to handwrite on the iPad screen and work independently. ✓✓ Year 7s will also have access to more information than ever before. They will have a unique library of resources, designed by their teachers and personal to them - all paperless and available anywhere at any time. Lessons will still include everything you would normally expect, from puzzles, experiments, discussions to group work, videos and music - just with the added value of a limitless library of resources. Your school bag will feel a lot lighter with fewer exercise and text books. Year 8 ✓✓ As iPad experts you'll continue to use your tablets as you do now in all subjects and will also notice more and more resources being made available to you online or via Apps.

Year 9 and above ✓✓ You'll notice teachers using our stock of School iPads more. You'll also notice teachers encouraging you more and more to make use of digital resources as your tech confidence begins to increase. • Don't forget - if you're replacing your smartphone or tablet, make sure you use an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad to ensure you are able to make full use of the School resources available. Don't worry if you don't have an Apple device - School will always keep a stock of iPads for your teachers to use in class. Are you a Digital Leader? School is looking for student volunteers to help support other students make the most of their iPads. If you think you would like to be one of our Digital Leaders - contact Mr Yarnley to learn more. Full training and support will be available and you'll also be at the forefront of how the School uses technology. What else can you expect? ✓✓ Classes across the Senior School will be trialling digital lesson capture. Instructional parts of lessons will be filmed and then available to download and view to help reinforce learning. It will also prove a useful tool for any students who miss a lesson - or any parents who want to support their child with homework or their learning. ✓✓ Staff, students and parents will see much more information added to the Firefly Portal. Any questions? If you're excited about the digital future ahead, or want to learn more about why we're using so much technology at School, contact Mr Alex Yarnley, Head of Curriculum email or pop in to see him at School.

Stuart Hill Helps Year 5 Discover Reading For many, Year 5 students who attend our Discovery Day, it is their first experience meeting a professional author. Award-winning author Stuart Hill joined us for the occasion and led a great session surrounding his work as both a writer and an archaeologist. All Year 5 children also took part in Mrs Rowley’s Horcrux Hunt, where they located hidden riddles around the Jenyns Library in order to unlock a secret code. Several students solved the puzzles and were awarded a signed book by Stuart Hill.

Linda Chapman Brings Magic to Years 3 and 4 As the author of over 230 books, Linda Chapman is a very popular children’s writer. As well as writing books under her own name, Linda is also a prolific ghost writer who has written many books under the names Rosie Banks, Daisy Meadows, Lucy Daniels and Amber Castle.

‘Lovely event’ @stewfoster1

Linda came to the Junior School to talk about her latest book, ‘Mirror Magic’. Linda’s talk, much like her books, was filled with magic, friendship and adventure, which perfectly captured the imaginations of our younger students. Linda also gave some fantastic creative writing advice to children which focused on planning and structuring stories. Children particularly enjoyed the activity where they were invited to create their own Star Animals! Thank you to St Mary’s CE First School in Wheaton Aston for joining us for this event.

Stewart Foster wins the Dudley Teen Book Award This term, WGS Book Club read and reviewed the nominated titles for the 2018 Dudley Teen Book Award. From the shortlisted titles, the group were most impressed by Stewart Foster’s latest book, ‘All The Things That Could Go Wrong’, and voted this as their favourite to win the award. The book carefully tackles mental health issues and, in particular, the struggles of

everyday life with OCD. Members of the WGS Book Club attended the Dudley Teen Book Award ceremony where they had the opportunity to meet with Stewart Foster. Stewart was back in School again this term to talk about his books to Year 7 and over 150 children from other visiting schools.

Congratulations Stewart!

Mon cochon d’inde

J’ai un cochon d’inde

Il n’est pas très grand Il mange une salade

Il fait une promenade Il est brun et blanc

Et il dort de temps en temps.

Catherine Chung 7JJM

t @WGS1512

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Thanks to all the staff WOLVERHAMPTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL PRESENTS involved in making DICK WHITTINGTON THE MUSICAL the Junior School performance TUESDAY 3RD JULY - FROM 5.30PM JUNIORof SCHOOL DickHALL Whittington so memorable. Well done to all students!


t @WGS1512

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Sixty Years of Memories It is always a privilege to spend time in the elegant surroundings of Merchant Taylors’ in London in the company of staff and former students of Wolverhampton Grammar School. Kathy Crewe-Read, John Johnson, Peter Hills, Chris O’Brien and Nic Anderson were joined by Old Wulfrunians spanning sixty years of WGS accompanied by the music of Oliver Clarke from the Class of 1983 and peripatetic music teacher here at School. The London Reunion is an informal evening of drinks and refreshment and is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends old and new and we are looking forward to next year’s event already. If you haven’t been able to make any of our alumni events to date, why not join us for our Northern Reunion at the Principal Hotel in Manchester on Wednesday 14th November 2018. An exciting new event on the alumni calendar.

t @WGS1512

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The Independent

By Royal Approval

Year 3 students had a surprise thank you card from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Personally addressed thank you cards arrived for Mrs Katy Brown’s class after they sent good wishes to the happy couple before their wedding.

Nicola Morgan Launches Wellbeing Competition for Schools Older members of WGS Book Club were challenged to read articles and books by multi award-winning author and international expert on teenage brains, Nicola Morgan. The group of students focused on Nicola’s book, ‘The Teenage Guide to Life Online’ - our students have gone on to enter the Ask Nicola competition with the following questions: 1. If someone had given you ‘Blame My Brain’ to read as a teenager, then what single positive change would you have made as a result? 2. Do you think your parents understood your behaviour as a teenager? 3. In our Book Club, we discussed how healthy social media is. What advice would you give to someone to help them overcome negative comments on social media? Look out for her answers on her website

Are you one in a million? What do Olympic swimming champion Nick Gillingham MBE; Radio 1 DJ Greg James, TV presenter Ben Fogle and Mr Mason from the Senior School all have in common? They are all backing the campaign to get another million young people in the UK signed up to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Here at School, we've been supporters of the scheme for some years now we're even recognised as an official licensed organisation which means we can manage the delivery of DofE programmes and verify Awards.


Mr Mason leads this work for our school and ensure that all students from Year 10 and above have the opportunity to work towards an award if they want to. Some of our Gold Award holders have even gone on to take the Expedition Leaders' Award themselves - as well as the opportunity to celebrate their award at Buckingham Palace.

If you are about to begin year 10 in September - why not speak to Mr Mason about what the DofE could do for you?

The DofE has a positive impact on young people’s lives, in terms of their personal development and employability, and on wider society, from charities gaining active and engaged volunteers to businesses hiring work-ready recruits.

t @WGS1512

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Lord of the Flies A sell out audience enjoyed three performances of the Lower School production of Lord of the Flies this term. Based on the 1954 novel by Nobel Prize–winning British author William Golding, students from Years 7 to 10 delivered the parable of a group of children stranded on an uninhabited island after an air crash. The dark story unfolds as the children quickly realise that with no adults around, they have to fend for - and ultimately govern themselves. Both girls and boys played key roles (Golding's original novel had an all boy cast) with the lead of "Jack" made her own by Emma Herritty in Year 9. Congratulations to Mr Benfield, Mr Payne and all the cast and crew who worked so hard to deliver an extraordinary and thought-provoking performance.

Cast RALPH - James Bebb PIGGY - Lydia Rudd JACK - Emma Herritty SIMON - Ewan Alexander SAM - Amelia Kelly ERIC - Daniel Middlebrook ROGER - Ed Pibworth MAURICE - David Osamudiamen PERCEVAL - Shane Kumararatne BILL - Isobel Street RICHARD/OFFICER - Ross Gibson ELIZABETH - Favour Apata ENSEMBLE - Manroop Basi, Olivia Billingham, Zac Brookes, Ella Dean, Ella Ferguson, Rachel Hamilton-Russell, Jaipal Uppal, Thomas Watson

Production Team DIRECTORS - Mark Benfield & Mark Payne LIGHTING DESIGN - Bob Hodges STAGING - Kevin Petford COSTUME - Mary Mullock SOUND - Mark Payne STAGE MANAGERS - Harry Ewen & Ashley Hand

t @WGS1512

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The Independent

Also This Term

Coast 2 Coast 2017 pass the baton to a record breaking 2018 squad Last year’s Coast2Coast team officially handed over this year’s challenge to a squad of Year 10 students to take on the continuous relay of 187 miles – all in aid of charity. The 2017 squad: Anya Stojanovic, Jordan Russell, Amrit Gakhal, Nina Sidhu, Freya Thompson, Ed Bill, Harry Froggat, Harry Calloway, Seb Jones and Theo Crewe-Read raised an impressive £4618.76 for Adoption UK and the team handed over their cheque to Becky Guest, Adoption UK Support Group Coordinator for the Black Country. Many thanks to company sponsors including Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd, the Blakemore Foundation, Premier Sports and Tarmac for their generous support. The 2018 squad: Sophie Alexander, Lizzie Anderson, Serina Basra, Katie Evans, Adam Gregory, Jed Hathaway, Samual Jones, Oliver Mason, Dominic Sage, Tom Wainwright and Ben Ward have chosen Promise Dreams as their charity this year. They completed the 16 weeks of gruelling training this term to prepare for the arduous 187 miles from St Bee’s Head in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire.


Escorted by a School support bus and a team of staff the squad ran in continuous relay at the beginning of half term and completed the challenge in 24 hours. A record for the School! You can still donate to congratulate this year’s squad here:

Big 6 Public Speakers

Staff take the challenge

Congratulations to Estherjoy Mohammed, Isobel Beasley, Edoardo Candido, Edward Williams, Eliza Tarrant, Isabella Hart, Matthew Gayler, Tom Calloway, George Margetts, Daniel Marks, and Mason Holles who all reached the final of the Big 6 Public Speaking Competition.

It’s not just Big 6 students who take on a residential to Towers in Snowdonia. Staff organised a get together for a weekend in the Snowdonia National Park in April and tried their hand at a variety of outdoor activities including gorge walking and orienteering.

With topics as varied as 'Safety in Formula 1' to 'Charles Darwin' the judges (Dan Peters and Kathy Crewe-Read) watched over by nervous parents deliberated hard to find a winner. Mason Holles was finally crowned champion, closely followed by runner up Daniel Marks.

Can you spot any familiar faces?

t @WGS1512

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official

What difference will you make? The School raises thousands of pounds every year for good causes. Staff and students from Year 3 to Upper Sixth get involved with fundraising to help local, national and international charities. The annual Junior School Charities Week in May helped push their annual fundraising total to over £3485 (£1026 was raised by Mr Griffiths completing the London Marathon!) and Coast2Coast runners from the marathon 187 mile challenge are still collecting money for what looks set to be another record breaking total.

MENTORING THE ENTREPRENEURS OF TOMORROW Eight teams of budding Lower Sixth inventors and entrepreneurs are preparing their pitches on a range of innovative product ideas for the 2018 Dragons’ Den Challenge. This year we have incorporated a programme of mentoring sessions led by local entrepreneurs and representatives from the University of Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre.

Mrs Manni Kaur is to take over the support of the Senior School Fundraising Committee in September and she wanted to write to you all to tell you a little more about her ideas and how you can get involved…

Dear readers

I am delighted to be taking on the charity

home, we also want to support the School

September - a huge thank you to Mr Kartar

Fund to enable families from any background

Uppal who has looked after the Fundraising Committee raising so much money for so

many good causes. A little about me - I have

Maxine Laceby, founder of Absolute Collagen and current parent, visited School recently to host the final two mentoring sessions. Absolute Collagen is Maxine’s first business and is already standing out in the beauty world due to its striking branding and the results its customers are seeing. Maxine’s insightful sessions fired up the students who are ready to pitch battle in the Dragons’ Den!

been running a charity since 2010 and

been in the charity sector for over 15 years, charity is not just about financial support although this plays a vital role - it’s about

time too. For me, it’s so important to ignite

the flame of compassion and give to the less fortunate.

We will be holding elections for our

student-led Fundraising Committee early

next term in the Senior School and I hope

to work with them to take our charity work to even greater heights - steered by the

students. This will include supporting a local and national charity as well as honouring

our commitments to our partner school in

Uganda and also charities working alongside our new partner school in Macau. Closer to

t @WGS1512

to raise funds towards the WGS Bursary access to a WGS education.

We would love parents to be involved too and if you have a cause or charity that

would benefit from our support please do

let us know. There will be regular activities and interform projects being introduced

throughout the year and more opportunities for our Drama, Art, Music and Sports Departments to get involved too.

Again, the students will give the ideas, lead and deliver the projects. I will support them

in every way including guiding them with the

required skills and tools to make it a success. We hope to get local companies and shops

support role for the Senior School from

involved and contribute their products. If you can support us in this way please do get in touch by email Thank you for your support Manni

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official


The Independent

Also This Term

Hana’s poem chosen for national Remembrance Concert Regular readers of The Independent will know that we will be joining other schools from across the country to perform at a Remembrance Concert at the world renowned Birmingham Symphony Hall on Sunday 11th November - visit the website events page for ticket details.

Row Upon Row by Hana Akram, Big 6 Row upon row the poppies blow, They line the fields with a soft red glow, Left to remind us of the old boys we lost, In our minds they will remain forever embossed.

Students from the participating schools were invited to write poems and short stories on the theme of ‘Remembrance and Hope’, with the winning entries to be performed at the concert. We are delighted to announce that Hana Akram in Big 6 won the Junior age group competition for her poem, Row Upon Row. Her poem will be read out as part of the national Remembrance Concert.

Remember the sacrifice they made, They marched on, even though they were afraid, With the fear of death in their mind, They were brave men who didn’t hide. I wear my poppy with pride, We so wish you would have survived. You put yourself at risk so we could be free, Even though we were at war, you were the key. My life without you would not be the same, Thank you for giving England its proud name. We will always remember you for what you did, Making the ultimate sacrifice before you closed your eyelids.

Pictured, Hana with Kathy Crewe-Read and Peter Magill, Master of the Merchant Taylors' Company and organiser of the Remembrance Concert.

Digital Learning Award Winners!


Congratulations to Mr Reddish and students from Year 8 and 9 who won Digital Learning Awards organised by Wolverhampton City Council.

of work from around the city were submitted, culminating in a fabulous ceremony at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton.

The Digital Learning Awards (The DIGIs) is a fabulous annual event which celebrates the achievements of learners and teachers in digital film and media creativity of all types. Over 500 pieces

Cian Gopal, Emma Herritty, Joshua Harris, Erin Deeley, Jenny Chan, Ria Batavia and Vishwas Kumar attended the stunning awards ceremony at the Grand Theatre to receive their awards.

t @WGS1512

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official

The Future of Technology The Design & Technology department and national Engineering Education Scheme work together to pair Year 12 students with local companies to help solve real life engineering and technology problems and projects. We asked two of this year's project leaders Morwenna and Niamh, to tell us a bit about their experience on the frontline of British industry.

My team was partnered with Ansaldo Nuclear who specialise in engineering within the nuclear industry. This gave us the opportunity to learn, not only about a specific sector, but also the extra precautions that someone in this field of work must account for to ensure the safety of their workers and the environment. In addition to gaining a first-hand insight into how the industry works, I have also developed my confidence as well as my ability to efficiently lead a team. Moreover, this scheme has taught me how to compromise and adapt to another’s way of thinking, which is a valuable skill to have in a working environment. For our project, we had to design and build a prototype telescopic arm which would represent the kind of automated mechanisms that this industry would require to move objects without compromising the safety of the workers. On top of producing the model, we also had to write a report and attend a celebration day where we were able to meet with schools from across the country.

Morwenna Hughes

My team was paired with HS Marston; an engineering firm specialising in aerospace engineering. As part of the scheme, we got to visit their offices and meet the team. We all learnt how to effectively manage our time to meet deadlines as well as how to appropriately split and delegate work to ensure everything was done on time. This also allowed us to play to our strengths according to the different subjects that we take. We learnt how to conduct ourselves in a professional manner as we had to frequently communicate with Marston’s engineers. The engineers were also able to offer advice on subjects such as university courses as well as industry placements, as two of them were on placements themselves. The experience gave us all confidence in our public speaking as we had to present our idea to a group of industry professionals at the end of the project. We also gained valuable report writing skills as we had to hand in a thorough report detailing our research and development of our product. The part that I found particularly interesting was calculating how much we could save the company with implementation of our project by mitigating risk which helped reduce days of work lost to injury. As part of EES, we got to attend events such as the celebration day where we were introduced to other great schemes for the future such as Year in Industry.

Overall, I found EES a valuable experience and would recommend anyone considering a career in STEM subjects to apply. Niamh Sharratt

t @WGS1512

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official


The Independent

Farewell to Mr & Mrs Hills Two well-known figureheads of WGS retire at the end of this term after over 60 years of combined service. We say a sad farewell to Head of Biology, Mrs Helen Hills and Maths Teacher, Mr Peter Hills. Having met on their PGCE course at Nottingham University in October 1982, the Hills came to live in Wolverhampton when Peter joined Wolverhampton Grammar School as a Mathematics teacher in September 1987. Helen followed in September 1998 to teach Biology – their son Michael had just completed his first year at the Grammar and their daughter Emily joined the School in 2000. They were interviewed for our alumni magazine, The Wulfrunian and we thought we would repeat the article here as a tribute to them and the impact that they have both had on our School. Did you always want to go into teaching? Peter: We both come from teaching families, my Mum was a PE teacher. Within a few days of starting my PGCE and being in a school, I knew it was the career for me.

We never cease to be amazed by the affection and fondness our ex-pupils have for the School. HELEN HILLS


Helen: Both my parents were teachers, but my father was originally a research physicist. His departure from his job at Dunlop Research Centre into teaching triggered my own interest and right from Year 9 I knew I’d like to teach. What attracted you to join Wolverhampton Grammar School? Peter: I didn’t realise when I applied for the post of Second in Maths at WGS that it was an independent school and as a state school boy I probably wouldn’t have applied! I didn’t get an interview for that post, but received a call from Patrick Hutton one Sunday evening inviting me in for a chat. During that chat with Patrick and Graham Lewis, Head of Maths, I let slip that I had an interview the next day at Queen Mary’s, Walsall, a state boys’ grammar, and closer to home. They turned to each other and said ‘well if we want you then we’ll have to offer you the job now’ – and they did! At that point I had worked in three schools in five years and this year I celebrate 31 years at WGS!

t @WGS1512

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official

The students have a unique desire to return year after year to share their news and experiences - not only with staff but our current students too. PETER HILLS

What have you most enjoyed about working at WGS? Helen: The friendships formed with staff and students over the years and we never cease to be amazed by the affection and fondness our ex-pupils have for the School.

What advice would you give students considering teaching careers? Helen: To take a degree in your chosen subject and then do a PGCE.

Peter: The students have a unique desire to return year after year to share their news and experiences - not only with staff but our current students too. The staff camaraderie has added so much pleasure to each day’s work.

Peter: Experience what it feels like to stand in front of a class, if you are in any doubt then do something else. However if you feel it is for you then there is no occupation so rewarding.

What have been your most memorable experiences? Helen: For me it would have to be the special events – Founder’s Day, concerts and plays – Godspell and Twelve Angry Men spring to mind, but they are all brilliant. It would also be the bond with the students in my form over the years. Peter: Head of Lower School (Years 7 and 8), which I did for 16 years. We were housed in what is now the Junior School and it was like being the Headmaster of a school within a school. At a recent London Reunion, Gavin Norville (OW 1997) reminded me of the time I sent him home with a razor line in his hair – I don’t remember being that strict!

t @WGS1512

What advice would you give today’s students? We understand that with today’s competitive jobs market, academic results and extra-curricular activities are paramount for university and job applications, but just remember to slow down sometimes and enjoy life. Once in a while stop, think and watch the world go by.

We also say farewell at the end of the Summer Term to Mr James Millichamp, Mrs Diane Birt, Miss Christina Chinn, Miss Helen Hocknell, Mr Greg Rollason, Mr Callum Underwood, Mr Andrew Austin, Mrs Mary Howard and Mr Kartar Uppal - thank you.

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official


The Independent

47th Annual Summer Art Exhibition The 47th Annual Summer Art Exhibition at Wolverhampton Grammar School is always an incredible experience. Huge canvases of GCSE and A Level work are displayed throughout the Art & Drama Centre, in the Hutton Theatre and The Viner Gallery, celebrating the amazing achievements of our exam students. A special thank you to students Emily Hunt - Chair of the Charles Viner Society, Anna Herritty - Vice Chair of the Charles Viner Society and Tom Pleydell - Vice Chair of the Charles Viner Society for their support and commitment to the Department and the School. This is James Millichamp's final exhibition at School before he leaves us for a new position closer to home in Shropshire. The staff, students and Old Wulfrunians will miss his skills, knowledge and humour. Thank you Mr Millichamp for making this final exhibition such a success.

JAZZ It’s a

An Evening of Shakespeare


Well done to all the Senior School performers who took part in the annual Jazz Spec at the end of the academic year. Performers include Max Patsiogiannis; Emily Aston; Ed Bill; Alice Morgan; Harvey Brown; Lexie Turner; Elly Darrall; Charlotte Wallis; Ellie Denton; Will Beards; Caelen Ferguson; Josh Joyner; Mia Seager; Alex Hickman; Hannah Saunders; Jada Joshi; Alex Smith; Zac Brookes; Noah Key; Joey Walters; Emily Bradley; Philippa Cawdell; Janey Harold; Matt Bill; Andy Austin; Ollie Wust; Annabel Rockett; Jenna Bailey; James Birch; Thomas Frith; Jack Hoof and performances by guest bands The Displacements; Bella and The Penguins…. and not forgetting of course, the Big Band performers directed and rehearsed by Jim Wynn and Nikki Guidotti. Many thanks to our accompanist and sound engineer Kathryn Morgan and Steve Swindon. It was Acting Director of Music, Melanie Cuthbert's first Jazz Spec this year and she really wants to hear from any students who would like to get involved in next year's event.


t @WGS1512

To coincide with the great bard's birthday Big School hosted, in collaboration with local MP Eleanor Smith, ‘An Evening with Shakespeare’, a celebration of the life and works of the great playwright, William Shakespeare. The event featured Senior School students Mollie Bate, Jason Battersby and Lexie Turner performing a selection of their favourite Shakespearean scenes as well as Emma Herritty from Year 9 and fellow dancers from Stagecoach. We also welcomed local poets, writers and storytellers who included John Edgar, Matt Windle and Paul Dowswell. With a packed audience of WGS students, their families, and the general public enjoying an evening of dance, music and theatre, we are delighted to see that the lure of the Bard remains extremely strong, ensuring that the evening was both a great success and able to raise significant funds for a local charity, The Haven.

F Wolverhampton Grammar School Official

Dr Nicholas Evans

‘Jacqui took a bullet for us’: the women with key World Cup reporting roles There were more women than ever before broadcasting to British homes from Russia at this year’s World Cup, largely thanks to former student Jacqui Oatley.

Former students congratulate Prizegiving and Speech Day winners

She is just one of many female presenters, pundits and commentators who will ensure that more women’s voices are heard in the UK from this World Cup than ever before. On the broadcasting team with Oatley, the reporter Seema Jaswal, Gabby Logan, Vicki Sparks, Kelly Smith and the England striker-turned-pundit Eniola Aluko.

Former students Jon Crawford and Dr Nicholas Evans came back to School at the end of term to congratulate prize winners at our annual Senior Prizegiving and Junior Speech Day celebrations.

Jacqui is a familiar face at School and in Wolverhampton. Life long Wolves supporter, Jacqui was Guest of Honour at our Old Wulfrunians Association Annual Dinner in Big School last year.

A packed St Peter's Church full of parents, senior students and staff welcomed back Nicholas who left School in 1995 and is now an Associate Professor in Bioengineering at the University of Southampton and leading academic in his field. He talked passionately about how the science of engineering when combined with medicine can improve everyone's health. He speaks regularly to the media and has a podcast called 'The Science Shed' to help demystify the world of science. Jon delivered an inspirational talk to Junior School students and parents at their Speech Day in Big School. He has completed a first class Honours Degree in Automotive Design at Coventry University and has just launched his own clothing range - VOYCE clothing. A regular visitor to Wolverhampton, Jon left School in 2014 and has become one of our first official "Fundraising Ambassadors" to help raise awareness of the resources needed to help us continue to offer bursary and financial assistance to families most in need. Perhaps you've seen the banners with his image around School or at events? Jon Crawford


The Independent

IT’S SPORTS DAY! Can you spot any familiar faces in the crowd? Thanks to all the staff involved in making the Junior and Senior Sports Days so memorable.


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